[Dragon Ball Super] New characters introduced! Vados, Champa, Monaka, Hit, Cabba, Frost, Botamo, Magetta and more!

Here are the characters of a new chapter of Dragon Ball Super.
The anime version started on January 24 2016!
The comic version started in late 2015!
「Universe 6 Arc」 is a sequence of stories about martial arts tournament of warriors from Universe 6 and 7.

Name and appearance of the new characters for the arc were completely unveiled.
They were introduced for the first time on V Jump where the comic version was published.
This character introduction preceded the story itself of both the anime version and the comic version.
By the way, it is a manga artist Toyotaro who draws the comic version.
Mr. Akira Toriyama designed the characters.
Name and appearance of the characters designed by Mr. Toriyama are now unveiled!

This article was modified and edited after Universe 6 Arc ended.
I added comparison between the comic version and the anime version.



Unique characters from Universe 6

New characters are now set for the martial arts tournament.
Please enjoy the colored illustrations by Mr. Toriyama!
He added his comments about the characters, too.
It is very exciting to see colors of characters which we could have no way to tell in the comic version.
Here are my personal thoughts about the characters.
I will introduce them one by one.


He wears a purple battle suit.
His face is purple, but his arms are blue!
Unique color combination!
And he looks very strong.
According to the comment, he is a dangerous character, like people can imagine it from his name “Hit”!

【The anime version】
He is the strongest and the most feared legendary assassin in Universe 6.
He is able to stop the time for 0.1 seconds by his ability called Time-Skip!
He defeats Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta by the ability!

In order to match with Goku who became dominant in spite of the ability, Hit improves his ability to stop the time for more than 0.5 seconds.
Now he equals to Super Saiyan Blue Goku with Kaio-Ken x10.
He has some assassin’s techniques which he did not use in the tournament because of its rule.
He is stronger than Goku.

【The comic version】

As well as the anime version, his occupation is an assassin.
His ability called “Time-Skip” to stop the time for 0.1 seconds is also the same,
but it does not improve to 0.5 seconds like the anime version.
It turns out to be ineffective to Super Saiyan God Goku because of difference of combat abilities between them.

Even in his full power, his combat ability is inferior to Super Saiyan Blue Goku.
He has some assassin’s techniques which he did not use in the tournament because of its rule.


He is Saiyan in Universe 6.
He wears a different combat suit compared to Vegeta and others.
He was introduced in the comic version previously.
His combat suit looks very similar to that of Vegeta and others before they got called in Freeza’s force.

He is a polite Saiyan and white-hat.
Saiyans in Universe 6 are all generous and friends of justice!

His stronghold is not Planet Vegeta but Planet Salad.
(It is called “Planet Sadla” in the anime version, while “Planet Salad” in the comic version.)
Later, it is changed to “Planet Sadla” in the comic version, too!
This name obviously derives from a word cabbage!

【The anime version】
He has no tail from the beginning.
Therefore he is not capable of transforming into Super Saiyan, and he does not even know what Super Saiyan is.

His combat ability matches with Vegeta in normal state.
He awakens to be Super Saiyan through the battle with Vegeta.
Experiencing strength of Super Saiyan Blue, he is instantly knocked out.
He begins to respect Vegeta as a teacher for showing him the strength and pride as Saiyan.

【The comic version】
His combat ability almost matches with Vegeta in normal state.
He awakens to be Super Saiyan through the battle with Vegeta.
The setting is the same as that of the anime version.


His appearance looks very similar to Freeza!
Overall, his color looks blue.
In the comment, he is described as the monarch of Universe 6.
Piccolo says that he does not feel any ferociousness from him.

【The anime version】

He pretends a sheer good man.
He is a hero to save a lot of planets and children from wars.
His generous character even makes Bulma and Krillin back him up when he becomes on the back foot in a match with Goku.

However, he is actually the very person to cause wars with behind-the-scenes syndicates and solve the wars with legitimate organizations.
He is such an arch-villain, even worse than Freeza, to earn money out of the intrigue of his.

He tries to win the matches with Goku and Piccolo by pushing them off the field using stingers,
and ends up losing by being caught up his foul to use the stingers.

Eager to fight with him, Vegeta forcefully cancels his foul.
Super Saiyan Vegeta’s single blow knocks him out, blowing him off the field.

After that, he covertly tries to steal the treasure and the cube as 1st prize of Universe 6.
Then Hit finds it out and instantly defeats him.
He fainted and never wakes up even after the tournament.

【The comic version】

Basically, he gives great first impression,
but reveals his real character when he becomes on the back foot during the fight.

He transforms into the ultimate form during the fight against Goku.
As well as the anime version, he loses by committing a foul using stingers, but he fights against Vegeta who canceled his foul.
Despite that Vegeta goes easy on him, he instantly loses the match, blown off the field, by getting Vegeta’s knee and impact wave.

Unlike the anime version, there are no scenes that he pretends like a good man.
He committed a foul because he felt very browned off about the tournament which did not give him any money for prizes.


He looks like Winnie-the-Pooh.
He is very big bear.
According to Mr. Toriyama’s comment, he has no hair and his whole body has its bare skin exposed.

【The anime version】
He has an ability to absorb attacks by an opponent.
According to Jaco, he teleports all those attacks to different dimension.
Goku throws him off the field, and he loses the match.

【The comic version】

He has a body which can absorb any kind of attacks.
He never gets hurt even by Goku’s attacks,
but he eventually loses the match, thrown off the field.


He looks like a robot whose head sprays out smoke.
But actually the comment describes that he is a space alien categorized in species called Metalman.
Therefore, he is not a robot.

【The anime version】
He has a robust body and also holds extremely high heat inside.
He plunges Vegeta into oxygen deficiency by using his heat.

He is strong enough to endure Vegeta’s Final Flash or Galick Gun.
But he is mentally weak, and gets discouraged being called “a piece of junk”!
Vegeta destroys the stage and wins the match making him off the field.

【The comic version】
He has a robust body and Vegeta’s attacks can never be effective.
His body which weighs 1000 tons is too heavy even for Vegeta to lift up.
He is strong enough to be dominant to Vegeta.

He is mentally weak and becomes discouraged being called “scrap steel.”
He gets hit by energy bullet, and loses the match blown off the field.

Members of Universe 7!

Universe 6 members form a team of 5 warriors and fight against the team Universe 7.
The team Universe 7 includes Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Buu and Monaka.
Monaka is a new character!


His name derives from Grand Ponta.
By the way, “ponta” means “nipples.”
So it means giant nipples.
Yes, he’s got huge ones!
Color of all his skin is pink.
He is considered second to Beerus in Universe 7 in terms of strength!

【The anime version】
He is actually a novice fighter and very weak.
With fake reputations of his strength, he was summoned only as a morale booster for Goku and Vegeta

He fights against Hit at the final match.
He wins the match because Hit lost purposely in order to pay his debt to Goku.

His real job is a home-delivery guy.
After the match in Universe 6, he meets Bulma and others when he works for delivery.

【The comic version】

He is actually a novice fighter and quite weak.
Unlike the anime version, his real job as a delivery guy is not mentioned.

God of Destruction in Universe 6

Here are Champa, God of Destruction in Universe 6, and his assistant Vados.
Champa and Beerus are twin brothers.
Beerus has better combat ability than his brother.

Vados is an elder sister of Whis.
In the comic version, it is mentioned that Vados was stronger than Whis 1000 years ago!

Other characters

There are a lot of side characters along with main ones,
so I introduce them here.


Bulma’s elder sister.
She appeared in Mr. Toriyama’s other comic 「Jaco」.
World setting of this comic shares with that of Dragon Ball whose time period is preceded by that of Jaco.
You see an appearance of Bulma in her infant stage.

So she is Bulma’s elder sister!
Her hair is blonde!


A wise character who is mine of information!
He has two assistants who exactly look like him!
Jaco and Bulma came to meet him in order to acquire information about genuine Dragon Ball, “Super Dragon Ball”.

He has keen sense of guessing Bulma’s bust size!
He tells them about an origin of Dragon Ball.
Dragon Ball we have seen in the previous episodes and series were made by Namekians, carving Super Dragon Ball.

Supreme Kai

He is Supreme Kai of Universe 6.
His fat appearance looks similar to Buu!
You might think the skinny character next to him is also Supreme Kai, but he is actually just an assistant.
They both wear green-colored Potaras on both ears.

The referee and the singer!

He is a referee of the tournament between Universe 6 and 7.
He looks exactly like an alien Grey.
He judges the games fairly!

He is a singer who was suddenly introduced before the tournament.
As for singing the anthem of the universe, he sings only one phrase 「Space is V~A~S~T」 and gets off the stage.

Even Whis and Beerus straighten themselves when they saw him.
He is very mysterious character!
He sings by his low male voice!

Here is Dragon Ball Super original comic version!
Dragon Ball Super: the comic version【Episode 8】Spoilers! Review and discussions! Botamo vs Goku! The secret past of Saiyan is revealed!

Here are the details about Universe 6!
New characters of Dragon Ball Super are revealed! The universe 6 arc begins!

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