Dragon Ball Super [Episode 28] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: New story about Beerus VS Champa( not from original script )!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 28 is –
“The God of Destruction in Unuverse 6 is called “ Champa”.”

Air date: January 24 2016

“That was amazing !! Goku and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Bule power!”
we conquered Freeza!
Once the earth was destroyed, but Whis’s power to go back in time saved us!
It is back to a peaceful world now!
Brand new story is coming now!
Universe 6 “God of Destruction Shampa” will start!
And More!!


The first half of episode 28

Whis is relaxing while drinking a cup of tea from Bulma in Beerus’ planet!
Beside him, Goku and Vegeta are doing push ups with one finger!
They are done forty nine thousand !

And they are wearing a heavy suit!
According to Vegeta, it seems likethe suit is heavier than a supergravity equipment!

Something came down from the sky when sounds like a big explosion .
It seems like a bit far away from the area where Goku is.

Whis says, “ He always shows up suddenly….!”
Goku says, ” what? Is that somone?”

Beerus is awaken from his nap by this huge sound of an explosion .
He is grumpy because he is awaken from his nap by the sound of the explosion.

Beerus thought Gogu and Vegeta did it.
So he fires Energy cannon balls!
Since Goku and Vegeta are wearing a heavy suits, they can hardly move.

Goku and Vegeta are running for their lives!
Goku says “ we got to hide somewhere, otherwise we will die.”

However, they are just standing there by the explosions.
Vados and Champa are responsible for this explosion.
They came to Beerus’ planet.

Vados says, “ We could have landed nicely at a closer place….”
Champa says, “ Hero should show up dramatically.”

They are walking toward Beerus!
As Chamap is overweight, he is sweaty and exhausted.

They manage to come to a big door.
The shock waves attack them from inside when they try to break in!
Champa manages to avoid it!
On the other hand, Vodos avoids it easily.

The shock waves come from Beerus!
He is looking for Goku and Vegeta who are hiding.

Beerus doesn’t even notice Champa looking for him!
And now he is firing shock waves torward Champa!

It made him mad!
Champa says, “Hey! Stop it!!”
It was loud enough to make people freeze!
It scared Goku and Vegeta too!

Beerus notices Champa!
However, he doesn’t remember Champa…..

When Beerus hears Champa’s name, he recalls now!
“ You almost killed me” Champa says angrily.
“Yea! You should die” Beerus responds!

They can’t get along with each other!
Vegeta and Goku are watching beside it.

They move to somewhere inside a room.
Champa is wondering about their relationship!
Champa asks Whis “ Are you his sidekick?”
Whis answers, ” Yep. Kind of! I am not good enough yet though…”

Goku and Vegita have the exactly same questions as Beerus.
Goku asks, ”Hey! Who are you? You look like chubby Beerus!”
Vados responds, “Hey! Don’t be rude! This is Beerus’s twin borther.”

Goku is surprised by the twins!
Vados says, ” Be careful what you say! He is the god of Destruction.”

Vegita is surprised by two gods of Destruction.
Vados explains that they are not for this universe. They are the gods for universe 6.

Goku is wondering which one is stronger???
Vados told Goku that if you look at the physique, you can tell!!

Beerus yawns with boredon!
He asks them why they come here!

Champa wants to totally destroy Beerus .
And he smiled with revenge.
Beerus also looks into Champa’s eyes.

Vegita notices the funny atmosheres.
Vados takes out a ball from her staff as Champa orders him.

The latter half of episode 28

There is an green egg from the ball that Vados takes out from her staff!
New discovery , Don Don Bird’s egg!

Champa braggs and introduces it.
Champa tells Goku and Vegita to go for it!
Vegita thinks” It’s just a nomal egg!” in his mind.
Goku enjoys it!

Champa says “ I win! This universe 6 has more delicious things. And it’s heaven!”

This time, Beerus takes out a cup noodle!
Wait for 3 minutes and dig in!

Once he tries it, he falls in love and finishes it all!
Vados also likes it .

Beerus “ How is it?”
Champa “ It is OK…”
Beerus “Even so, you finished it all!”
The noodle is so good and too good to be true for Champa.

Champa keeps thinking about this food!
He hears that Beerus gets it from earth.

Champa insists that there is an earth in universe 6 too.
He lets Vados find it!

Vegita is wondering about universe 6 that they are talking about and asks Whis!
Whis starts to explain.
There are 12 universes in total. Now, the universe where Vegita lives is universe 7.
And the universe that Champa came from universe 6.
Universe 6 and 7 are just like twins.
If you add universe 1 and 12, then it will equal to universe 13. Just like that!

When Goku doesn’t understand it, Vegita usually explains it later.

Vados is looking for the earth with her staff.
Whis “No! Look lower in the universe, Sister!”
They discover the earth with Whis’s help.

Goku is surprised when he hears that Whis is calling Vados a sister!
Vegita also notices about their relationship.
They assume Vados is strong as much as Whis.
Goku is happy about finding out that there are more stronger people than him!

Vados shows everyone the universe that she discovers!
However, it is a brown planet and it doesn’t look like the earth.
It seems like they can see the future with her staff!
When you look back with her staff, you can see the facts that universe 6 people destroyed their world by fighting each other!

Beerus is happy about the fact that Universe 6 is destroyed!
Because Champa can’t get delicious foods.

Goku “Well, our earth was about to be destroyed many times….”
“I think Vegita didn’t mean to…”

Vegita “ Don’t remind me!”
Vegita tells Goku!

Champa encourages Beerus to do fights?
What kind of fights is that? Beerus asked.

If you win, winner gets the looser’s earth!
The word “ fight” makes Beerus laugh!
He laughs louder when he looks at Champa’s chubby body.

That makes Champa angry!
They are staring at each other with tension.
And they approach each other while staring angrily.

The ground is shaking and undescribed atmosphere.
They approach each other and fight from the
standing point!

Crossing position!

As the fight is heating up, Whis and Vados break up the fight.
Fighting between Universe 6 and Universe 7’s gods of Destruction means that destroying both

Now we will talk about the details of the fight!
The fight will be held between people from each universe. Not between Beerus and

Champa susggets that each group is consists of 5 people.

Beerus rejects it.
There is no way to exchange the universe.

However, according to Champa, there is a way to do it!
Champa “ There is a wishing ball that will be corrected throughout a long time.”
If you wish on it, your wish will come true!

If you get seven of them, that is good enough. And Champa has six of them already.
If Beerus’s side wins, they will give six of them to Beerus.

Goku thought it looks like Dragon Ball.
When Beerus hears about it,
Beerus says ” we have them in our universe!”
Champa says , “Dragon Ball? It must be made by Namekians?”

According to Champa, a long time ago, Namekians were making them from a big wishing ball.
Therefore, there is a limit for wishes.
It seems like exsiting in 6 universe.
The wishing balls are huge. And they are big as
much as the stars!

And any wish come true.
In the Goku’s world, it is the Super Dragan Ball!

According to Beerus, since he has only six of them, it’s not worth it!
Goku declares that Bulma can find them!
This time, I enjoy the rhythm
Vegita agrees with it too.

Goku and Vegita wish to fight with strong fighters!
Beerus says, ” Do you want to fight?”
Goku answers,” Of course! “
Vegita also agrees and thinks that fighting is better than practicing.

Beerus says “Let’s do it!!”
Whis and Vados sigh by the mess has turning into.
And Goku is very happy about it!
Goku says “ Yeah, OK!!”

My personal review and thoughts

Basically it was almost the same as the Dragon Ball Super comic version!
On the original comic version, Goku and Vegita fought and practiced.
And they also transformed into Super Saiyan Bule!
On this animation, they were doing push-ups instead of fighting!
There were some differences between this animation and the original one.

And I find it out strange that Champa is exhausted by just walking!
I thought he was weaker than us!
However, when he fought with Beerus, he seemed fine.

You might find out a new fact!
The Dragon Balls from Namekians are made from a big wishing ball!
It sounded like a con-man!
Like they said, it was a limit for wish!

On the original script, it was an expression that
Vados is stronger than Whis.

Therefore, the most powerful person is Vados in the Super Dragon Ball!
However, they didn’t mention it in this animation!
I started wondering,,,,,

And Vegita was reminded of that time when he used to destroy the earth a long time ago.
It was a very sensitive issue for Vegita.
He has become a better person now.

This one animation shows the whole one original episode!
It was painful to see the Dragon Ball Z to finish it! Never ending!
It happens quite often that one episode in animation drags for long time to finish it and never
finish the Original scripts pages…
The Dragon Ball Super used to be like that too.
This time, I enjoy the rhythm of this story and it finishes nicely.

This is the” comic” version of this story!
Dragon Ball Super Episode5 Super Saiyan with blue hair is called Blue!

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