Dragonball Super [Episode 29] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Vegeta is a gofer! Monaka’s name gets mentioned!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 29 is:
「It’s Settled, We’re Holding a Martial Arts Match! The Team Captain’s Even Stronger Than Goku!」

Air date: January 31 2016

Previously Champa and Vados made an appearance.
They appeared in front of Goku and Vegeta who are training on Beerus’ Planet.
Champa is a Universe 6 God of Destruction and Beerus is his twin brother.
And we now know that Vados is Whis’ older sister don’t we!

Champa finds out that the food is delicious on Earth of Universe 7, where Goku and his friends are from.
A martial arts match will be held between Universe 6 and Universe 7 with Earth being the grand prize!



The first half of episode 29

Champa suggests to Beerus that the match should be held at Nameless Planet which floats in a neutral zone.
According to Vados that apart from being close to the sun, there’s nothing on this planet. There’s not even any atmosphere…
In a rush Champa claims that he’ll sort it out.

Goku says the rules of the match should be just like the rules of World Martial Arts Tournament.
If you fall off the edge you lose and of course the use of weapons are forbidden!
Vegeta suggest there be a paper test as well!
His reason is that there would be issues with having monsters who don’t even understand the rules compete!

The match will commence in 5 days time in Earth time!
Upon leaving Champa throws an egg of a Dondon Bird to Goku!
Goku, who is struggling to move due to the heavy suit, only just manages to catch it. Then, before leaving, Champa says 「It’s a farewell gift」 to Goku.

While on the move, Vados and Champa are talking.
Vados 「Are you sure? If we lose, what about the six wishing balls we’ve collected…?」
Champa 「Haha, You saw how he moved just then?」
They believe Goku is weak after seeing him in the heavy suit! Champa thinks it will be an easy win.


Back on Beerus Planet, Goku and Vegeta have taken off their heavy suits.
The suits crumble the ground beneath them. That’s how heavy these are!

Vegeta claims the match is just a route for him to get the Number 1 spot!

Goku is curious about which 5 people Beerus will pick for the team.
Vegeta 「I alone will beat all of the Universe 6 guys」
He is full of confidence.
Beerus and Whis interrupts their conversation.
Beerus 「Hey! Hurry up you guys! We’ll leave you behind!」
Vegeta 「Oh! Y..Yes! Right away!」
Goku 「Hahahaha…」

The group heads back to Capsule Corporation.

Back on Earth, Bulma is astonished by the story about building a Dragon Radar!
As Super Dragon Balls are big, if they just increase the sensitivity of the current Dragon Radar, it should work!
Once completed, they will be able to find the Super Dragon Balls!
But Bulma suggests that they use Earth’s Dragon Balls to ask Shenron.

Beerus 「So you are a just a stong-willed old woman…」
while saying this Bulma whacks Beerus on the head!
Vegeta and Goku are surprised!
Whis 「I’ve never seen a human raise a hand against Sir Beerus」
Beerus 「Why you! Oh well. I’ll forgive you due to your good suggestion.」

Beerus glances over at Vegeta.
Beerus 「Hey! Vegeta! Make a dash…」
Vegeta 「Yes sir!」
As though to make up for Bulma’s inappropriate behaviour, Vegeta borrows the Dragon Radar and flies off.
Bulma is amazed at Vegeta’s change of attitude.

Meanwhile, Champa and Vados have arrived at the planet where the match is to be held.
Champa renames 「Nameless Planet」to「Planet of Nothing」!
Vados says Champa has such a destructive personality.
Champa takes that as a complement.

Vados rebuilds 「Nameless Planet」 to a planet where they can hold the match.
He creates a clear hemisphere around the venue and inserts an atmosphere!
And with a power that seems supernatural he builds a stage in an instant.
Vados can do anything!

The Super Dragon Balls are what surrounds「Nameless Planet. 」

Meanwhile back on Earth, Bulma is trying to summon Shenron!

Vegeta had just now flown around to collect 7 Dragon Balls.

Vegeta is breathless!
Beerus 「 “You’re quick at getting the job done. That’s why you’re my personal gofer.”」
Bulma 「Do you have to call him that?」
Bulma is angry.
Bulma rewards Vegeta with a kiss on the forehead.
Vegeta 「How dare you when I’m caught off guard!」
Vegeta blushes!
Then Shenron appears!

The latter half of episode 29

Shenron 「I will grant you any three wishes!」
Beerus 「Hi!」
Shenron is surprised!
He wonders why he stays on Earth.

According to Beerus, right now the Earth is a very important base for both Universe 6 and Universe 7.

Bulma 「Tell us where in Universe 6 is the last Super Dragon Ball!」
But Shenron doesn’t respond and stays silent.
Shenron 「I can’t. The universe is huge! My powers aren’t strong enough to find just one thing.」

Whis has learnt the limits of Earth’s Dragon Balls.
Bulma quietly acknowledges that it can’t be that easy.
Beerus yells at Shenron that he is useless.

Shenron 「I’m sorry… Any other wishes?」
Beerus 「Go home! That’s our wish!」

Shenron panics, and is speechless.
He vanishes in a veil of light!
Vegeta 「Shenron’s gotten pretty soft…」

Goku 「I feel like we’ve forgotten something…」
It seems they’ve forgotten about bringing back King Kai.
Bulma brushes it off saying they can wait till next time!

Back at 「Namelss Planet,」, Champa and Vados are having a conversation.
Champa is excited that he might be able to see Beerus cry with disappointment.

Vados asks which 5 he is going to pick.
Champa knows that Goku and Vegeta are Super Saiyans.
Champa 「We must have Super Sayans too」

Champa is not impressed with the image of himself on the stage. He’s more handsome and not as fat. Once this is corrected, he’ll go and pick his team!


On Earth, Whis and Beerus are having a meal.
The two are satisfied by the delicious food!

Whis says she is going home to tell Monaka about the match.
Goku asks Whis who Monaka is.
Whis explains Monaka is a contender on Universe 7’s team.
Goku exicitedly asks Beerus if Monaka is strong!

Beerus 「Monaka is the strongest out of everyone I’ve fought.」
Turns out Goku is number 2.

Goku is excited that someone that strong exists.
Goku asks if he could fight Monaka but Beerus refuses!
Goku’s opponent isn’t Monaka but the members of Universe 7.

Goku realises that even if they lose, the Earth will merely be transported to another universe and nothing else will change.
Beerus 「What! Have you forgotten my favor of not destroying Earth!?」
Beerus was grumpy.
Goku declares that he will always do his very best!
And with that, Beerus and Whis left.

By the next morning the Super Dragon Radar was complete.
Goku is impressed that Bulma made it overnight.
Bulma is rushing and says we can’t afford to be so relaxed.
Bulma remembers the conversation Whis and Beerus were having as they were leaving.

In a flashback Bulma thinks Champa and Vados are stupid.
This is because Bulma thinks Champa could just wish upon Super Dragon Balls to take over Earth, or wish for delicious foods everyday.

According to Beerus, Bulma is thinking like a mere human.
For Gods, Super Dragon Balls are nothing but a trigger for a fight.
And besides, Gods don’t make wishes.
He means that if they wish strongly, they could wish 「to make all the worlds disappear!」

Goku 「But if you do that, you won’t be able to eat delicious things!」
Vegeta 「What’s the use in having a world without anything?」
Beerus 「That’s a good point… Hahahahaha!」
Beerus left with an excessive grin.


It seems Bulma’s not been able to clear the image of Beerus’s grin from her thoughts since yesterday. And this is why Bulma is rushing.

She’s concerned about what Beerus is going to wish for when he collects all 7 Super Dragon Balls.
She believes Super Dragon Balls exist in Universe 6 as well.
She wants to find them before Beerus to prevent him from getting his wish granted.

Vegeta tries to calm Bulma down!
Vegeta 「Beerus has his own logic for his actions! He won’t make worlds disappear fro no reason!」
Goku 「You’re right… After all he didn’t end up killing any of us.」

Ignoring Goku and Vegeta, Bulma makes a phone call.
She is phoning her older sister, Tights!
Goku and Vegeta are surprised that Bulma has an older sister!

It seems Tights and Bulma are having a discussion about Jaco!
Jaco contributed to the battle against Frieza.
And Bulma knew that in doing so, he was given a latest model of spaceship.
She says to ask Jaco if he could to come to Capsule Corporation.

Tights calls up Jaco and asks if he can meet Bulma’s request to come to Earth.
Jaco is not keen, but Tights threatens him and forces him to promise he’ll come to Earth.

At Capsule Corporation, Goku and Vegeta are testing out the Super Dragon Ball Radar!
But there is no response.
According to Bulma, Earth is on the edge of space so it’s impossible to search through the entire space!
First they must get to the centre of the universe!

Bulma says that she won’t let Beerus do as he pleases and exclaims that she is going to get to the Super Dragon Balls before him!
Goku and Vegeta doesn’t seem concerned about Beerus at all.

Goku requests for Bulma to not interrupt the match!
Bulma is amazed that Goku is more concerned about the match than the entire universe.

Goku 「Hahahaha! I just really want to meet this Monaka who is supposed to be the strongest!」

My personal review and thoughts

So the story progressed just as in the manga version!
And there were the addition of original scenes to bulk it up.
I like that these original scenes had meaning and it wasn’t just a matter of drawing things out!

You have to feel sorry for Shenron…
This wasn’t in the manga version and has been added as original anime content. It did seem like Earth’s Dragon Balls would be able to solve this one!

I’m sure Vegeta being Beerus’ personal gofer would have been unpopular with the fans!
They’re really fine tuning Vegeta’s cowardice side.
The scene where Bulma kisses Vegeta was excellent!
I don’t think there’s ever been a scene like this in either the original or the anime series!
Vegeta is awkward with his feelings as always!

Where Bulma thinks that 「Champa could just wish upon Super Dragon Balls to take over Earth, or wish for delicious foods everyday.」 is also an original scene for the anime.
It’s as though they’ve cleared up the points that were questionable in the manga.

Bulma, disturbed by Beerus’ grin.
The panic and stress Bulma expresses in wanting to find the Super Dragon Balls as soon as possible, also wasn’t in the manga version.

And just as the title promises, we find out the identity of the one who is stronger than Goku!
Unlike the manga version, we also find out that his name is 「Monaka」 at this stage.

The previews for next week’s episode shows Gohan training with Piccolo. I’m definitely looking forward to this!

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