Dragon Ball Super [Episode 30] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Much of additional scenes and recallings! Inviting Buu and Piccolo

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 30 is –
「Summarizing for grappring contest Who will be the two of rest!?」

Air date: February 7th 2016

Previously, the date and place of the fighting contest was decided!
Vados finished the stage of the contest!
Tights, sister of Bulma appears as a new character on the earth.
Moreover, we recognized Monaka is the next stronger one to Beerus.

Bulma invented Super Dragon Radar
However, the rader did not work because the earth is on the edge of the universe.
They cannnot search Super Dragon Balls unless they go to the center of the universe.
And, Goku was so excited and wanted to meet Monaka as soon as possible.

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The first half of episode 30

Goku and Vegeta tolked about who should be the two of rest, flying in the air!
Krillin joined there!

Krillin heared there must be the picnic in the univerese from Chi-Chi!
He thanked for inviting!
Vegeta 「the picnic in the univerese!?」
Krillin was terrified by his reaction.

Chi-Chi called Android 18 on the phone, and Android 18 told it to Krillin!
Krillin will take a vacation for going picnic with his family!

The story seemes to be told wrongfully.
Vegeta asked Goku how he told the matter to Chi-Chi!
Goku failed to give the truth to Chi-Chi.
Goku let Vegeta explain the fact to Krillin.

Landing on the ground at once, they started the explanation for Krillin.
Recalling Previous story inserted into the explanation scene.
An instruction added to the movie.
Goku joined into the explanation and gave the detail.
Goku seemed not to understand about Universe 6 as usual.

After remembering, they brainstormed who should be the rest!
Majin Buu must be in the member in Goku’s opinion.

Vegeta「Bad Majin Buu has gone, it is problem isn’t it?」
Goku「Do you know?Bad Majin Buu reincarnated, as a good human boy.」
King Yemma taught it to Goku!

Vegeta completely understood Goku pleaded the reborn!
And Vegeta mumbled that he is not eligible to join just after the reborn.

Then they thought adding Piccolo to the member.
But Vegeta suggested to take Gohan in the member!
Vegeta thought Gohan has the best potential and it should be reasonable!
Goku「No way・・・. He lost his fighting uniform by doing just study.」
ベジータ「Sigh・・. Regrettable.」
They tturned down Gohan.

They went to Mr. Satan’s house and negotiated with Buu!
Buu read the book of Nekomajin!
Buu「Hmm. I hate that guy!」
Buu rejected the offer!
He hated Beerus because he totally bullied by Beerus in the past!

Goku told Buu he yieled a wish of super dragonball to Buu without any permission!
Vegeta「How comes when Beerus is aware of your deed.」
Goku「 Never mind. Never mind.」

And「I accept your offer!」 Buu agreed.

Mr. Satan listened to it.
Mr. Satan worried about whether Buu would make a wish of something bad or not.
However, Buu said everything he need was given by Mr. Satan.
He also said he will give a wish to Mr. Satan.
Mr. Satan heared it and became happy to embrace each other.

The latter half of episode 30

The story began by the scene in Beerus’ planet!
Beerus was so happy to eat Cupnoodle
He ate considerable amount of cup noodle!

Whis thought about Beerus’ character changed.
He mumbled that Goku accepted to join to a fight for his desire but no gain.
Beerus objected to him that he just wanted to do that.

You permitted to reward the time without hesitation when Freeza destroyed the earth!
He objected Whis said that in the beginning.

Whis considered again how Beerus changed his own character so much.

Remembering scene started from here!
The rememberance of Whis about Beerus’ awaking
It was a brief summary of the story from meeting Goku to concluding their battle.

Beerus asked Whis after recalling the scene why he trained Goku and Vegeta.
You deliberately trained Vegeta firstly, then you trained Goku, It is obvious!

Beerus asked whether Whis has the will to train the two fighters for fighting with him!
Whis negated and said he does not think about such a thing.
Then he was going to pick up Monaka.

On the other hand, Trunks and Goten arrived at Goku and fellows on the earth.
Both begged their permission to join to fighting contest of Universe 6!

However,Vegeta rejected their petition because Fusion violates the rule!
Also Vegeta said to them they have to be strong enough on fighting without Fusion!

Gohan and Piccolo trained each other through fighting.
Goku and fellows arrived when their training got stopped as an interval.

Goku offered Piccolo to join to the fighting contest of Universe 6!
But Gohan said he wanted to be enlisted to the contest by his will!
Gohan「I have been trained by Mr.Piccolo from the starting point!」
He realized that he has to be strong for defending really precious one at the battle against Freeza.

Goku accepted and allow gohan to join to the match.
And the contest will be held four days later!

Gohan was anxious that the contest will be held four days later!
Gohan「I have to participate an academic meeting・・・. But the ourcome of training・・・or・・・」
He could not join to the contest because he could not miss certain conference.

Goku let Gohan participate the meeting and said Gohan should leave from the contest And he offered Piccolo as he planned.

Then they go to Capsule Corporation!
Bulma got frustrated because jaco could do nothing.

Piccolo checked Super Dragon Radar.

Goku was going to train himself in The Room Of Spirit And Time!
Vegeta surely predicted it!

Piccolo was invited.
Piccolo「No thank you. My body cannot bear the trainig with Saiyans.」

Goku invited Vegeta.
Vegeta「I do not want to be with you.」
Goku「Do not say like that.」
Goku reccomended the training vegeta because they can train themselves as 3 years by spending just 3 days.
Vegeta said that we have already got the power which mostly reach the limit.
So, they could not grow further even tough there may be a little developments.

Goku invited Vegeta again as though there are few of improvements, we should train to close to the strongest Monaka.
Vegeta reacted the words Goku will be only more stronger by the training as much as 3 years.
He decided to train in The Room Of Spirit And Time together.

Piccolo「Vegeta does not like Goku gets stronger by getting the jump on ・・・Great.」
Goku got so excited because he can do sparring if there are two fighters in the room.

Whis and Beerus were heading to Monaka!
Whis「Are you sure of that?」
Beerus「No problem. Leave it to me.」


My personal review and thoughts

This episode started in unusual manner!
There was no summary of previous episode.
The main part began without pause!

Narrator of recalling scenes is Naoki Tatsuta.
Goku intervened in his narration and analysis!
The narrator got angry and upset about it.
This episode was different from ordinary stories!

Remembering was so long.
Remembering universe 6. And rembering of whis, there were two times of such scenes.
This is the arrangement not to catch up with the original story.

It added inviting scenes of Buu and Piccolo, which were not included in the original story.
Moreover, Goku and Vegeta suddenly started their training in The Room Of Spirit And Time on comic version.
The history of them was described in the animation at this time!

By the way, there was a rule in the original story, the capacity of The Room Of Spirit And Time is just 2 persons, and users can use the romm only twice in their life.
The rule has completely disappeared・・・.
It was said that the capacity was modifird by Dende・・・.

I fell something about Piccolo.
He frequently touched Super Dragon Radar.
And there were many scenes which Piccolo took it before him and hide his face.
It is just a kind of assimilation of green color・・・・.

Android 18 spoken, but her voice actoress seemed to change to another actoress!
I could hear her voice is surrogated by Mayumi Tanaka, who is in charge of Krillin.
Chi-Chi might be surrogated one and like Tanaka’s voice!

This episode animated the scene which was not included in the original story.
Zuno would appear on the next episode, so it will ce along with the original story!

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It should be the latter of this article!
ドラゴンボール超【漫画版】第6話 感想とあらすじ!ブルマの姉タイツ登場!

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