Dragon Ball Super [Episode 31] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Zuno makes an appearance and about Bulma’s boobs!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 48 is –
“Off to Zuno! Let’s hear out where Super Dragon Balls are!”

Air date: February 14 2016

The previous episode had many recollection scenes!
I think we were able to review Dragon Ball Super enough.
Now we know members fighting against Universe 6.
Besides Monaka, it will be Majin Buu and Piccolo.
Goku and Vegeta will train in the Room of Spirit and Time.
Beerus and Whis headed off to Monaka’s.

ドラゴンボール超 DVD


The first half of episode 31

Jaco is transporting in space!
Because he is a patrol of the galaxy, he receives an emergency call over the radio.
He wants Jaco to find Geppuman that ate and ran. That must be a frog shaped alien!
But Jaco is annoyed!
Because Bulma is trying to make him come to Earth even though he is on break!
He was threatened by Vegeta’s name.

Annoyed Jaco destroyed a small rock by using the radar on the spaceship!
Right after, he gets an emergency order from the galaxy patrol headquarter! ”Natural Treasure of the Galazy”has been destroyed.
Apparently, the rock Jaco destroyed was a natural treasure of the galaxy!
He blamed it on Geppuman and got away with it.

And so he arrived at Capsule Corporation.
Bulma explains to Jaco that he wants to go to the center of the universe!

Jaco“The galaxy is ridiculously big enough, the universe containing numerous numbers of these galaxies is humongous!”
Jaco refuses relentlessly because of this reason.

On the other hand, Goku was about to ask Supreme Kai.
But because he can’t read Supreme Kai’s mind, he can’t teleport.

Piccolo“I guess you can’t even handle a galaxy patrol.”
Vegeta“I told you he won’t be any help!”

Hearing this, Jaco stands up to leave.
But goody tow-shoes Bulma stops Jaco.
Jaco”You think that’s gonna stop me?” Jaco says.

Jaco gets beaten up!
And then he remembers this person named Zuno

Apparently Zuno knows everything and he can guess the color of underwear of a person he’s never met!
He tries to head to Zuno with Bulma!

Vegeta“Hey! Don’t do anything weird to Bulma!”
Jaco”What?! Haha”
Jaco strikes a pose that assures it!
Bulma hits him again!

Goku”Your wives are both strong!”
Vegeta”Yep! But I don’t mind!”
Goku“If you say so, I like Chichi as well!”
Vegeta「“It’s the blood of the Saiyan where there is only strong women!”
And Piccolo was very convinced after hearing this conversation.

Bulma and Jaco fly off into the space.
Jaco is interested in Universe 6 and fighting sports!
Jaco seems like he wants to go see!
By the way, his girlfriend broke up with him.

He starts to remember the first time they met.
And he gets lost in reminiscence!
It’s the scene where young Bulma is flying Jaco’s spaceship at full speed!
Tights”She is a genius…”
Jaco”That’s not the problem!”

Jaco is done recollecting old stories.
Jaco was amazed by Bulma’s strength and he thought that she could become a pilot because of her good sense of flying.
But now, Bulma is satisfied being the wife of Vegeta and the mother of Trunks.

And now they have arrived to Zuno’s planet.

The latter half of episode 31

They both arrived at the planet of Zuno.
They greet 4 people dressed as samurais after going up the escalator.

You can’t meet him unless you have a reservation!
If you book now, it will be 7 years later!
They both beg to see him.

And then appeared Geppuman.
He must have booked 7 years ago and came today!

Jaco realized Geppuman and Geppuman recognizes Jaco, a patrol of the galaxy!
But they both hide that they recognized each other.

If Jaco arrests him, he may be able to meet Zuno.
But if he does, during the investigation, they are going to realize that Jaco destroyed the”Natural Treasure of the Galaxy””
Jaco worries greatly.
Geppuan doesn’t want to get caught, so he decides to leave without recognizing Jaco.


This is when Bulma tells Jaco.
Bulma “Let’s leave! It was Beerus’s joke to erase the universe!”
She decided to think so.
Bulma “I’m sorry for all the work you did. And thank you.”
She stands up to leave!

Jaco, moved by her attitude, decides to arrest Geppuman.
Geppuman realizes he has been made!
He takes Zuno’s attendant as a hostage!

What Geppuman wanted to ask Zuno was a way to get away with eat and run!

Jaco, who is stronger than he looks, arrests Jaco in an instant!
And now, he has been praised of his work and they allow him to meet Zuno.

Zuno appears.
Zuno”I am Zuno. I know every answer to the question in this galaxy.”

His servant a tribute please! And so kissed Jaco.
He is told that he can only ask one question because he is a man.
So teach Bulma about what an amazing person Zuno is, he asks about the bust size of Bulma!

Zuno “83.4 cm. Used to be 87 cm but it shrank a bit.”
Bulma is shocked!

Next up is Bulma’s turn.
She kisses Bulma on the check.
Zuno “You are a girl but a bit old and not my type, so you get 3 questions!”
Bulma“What?! I’m this beautiful but only get two more questions than a guy?”
Zuno”Oh yes.”
She already used one of her precious turns on this question.

Returning to the start, she asks about super dragon ball!
Zuno“It is also called as the wish ball and was created by the Dragon God Zalama. There are a total of 7 perfect balls with radius 37,196,2204 km in Universe 6 and 7.”

” On these 7 balls, they are numbered from 1 to 7 on a red starfish. This red starfish looks like a starfish due to refraction from any angle. It is an original structure Zalama created and he received a patent for this in New Era 42.”

Bulma takes notes furiously.
The secret word after collecting all balls is,“Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish, topknot” in God’s language.
By doing so, it will grant you one wish.

Bulma “You need total 7 super dragon balls from Universe 6 and 7?
Bulma accidently, which ended her turn of 3 questions.

But Bulma wants to know if you really need to say, ”grant a wish, topknot” because it sounds like a joke! She kisses Zuno on the cheek a few more times and asks the question, but she is pulled apart!

And so Jaco and Bulma returned to Earth.
Jaco is telling Goku about Bulma’s boob size!

On the other hand, Vegeta and Bulma are talking over tea in distance!
Bulma explains that there are 7 super dragon balls in total!
Vegeta learns that Champa came to this universe involuntarily!
Bulma worries that if Beerus learns about this, he might get angry!



Jaco is about to leave.
Bulma gives him milk and cheese, two of his favorite things!
And off goes Jaco.

Vegeta”Hey, he didn’t do anything weird, did he?”
Bulma”Weird, like what?”
Vegeta”Dang it!”

Goku”Bulma! I heard your boobs got a bit soggy!”
Vegeta is very surprised to hear this. S
he screams at the spaceship that left ”Jacooooo!!”

Jaco is talking to himself on his spaceship that is carrying Geppuman.
He is wishing that an apology letter is enough to cover up for the destruction of ”Natural Treasure of the Galaxy”

My personal review and thoughts

At first, when Geppuman appeared, I thought they were trying to detain the story.
But in the end, this was not the case, so I was relieved.

Now you know why Vegeta and Goku’s wives are both very aggressive!
The fact that Saiyan women are all very strong became very clear!
They are fighting tribes.
I was convinced as much as Piccolo!

And Bulma is adorable like a heroine!
The goody two-shoes is still clear!
She is supposed to be over 40 years old though!

And the roots about super dragon ball became clear as well!
It was so long that it was hard to write the explanation.
In the previous anime, Goku promised he would give Buu one wish!
From this episode, we know that super dragon balls only grant one wish!

The story is the same as the comic book.
With this pace, you can watch it satisfied!
In the next episode, there was a scene when Goku and Vegeta are training in The Room of Spirit and Time.
In the comic, they turn into Super Saiyan Blue!
I’m excited to see blue hair, Super Saiyan!

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