Dragon Ball Super [Episode 32] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Cabba is Saiyan from Planet Sadla!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 32 is –
“The game begins! Let’s go to the ‘Nameless Planet’!”

Air date: February 21, 2016

Previously, the new character “Mr. Zuno” was appeared!
Bulma and Jaco visited him to meet!

It was made clear about the Super Dragon Ball, and there are 7 of them including in the Universe 6 and Universe 7.
The wish you can make it come true is only one!

Also, Bulma’s bra size was revealed in this episode.
In the flashback of Jaco, there was a scene of little Bulma and also the appearance of his older sister Tights was showed.

ドラゴンボール超[ 鳥山明 ]


The first half of episode 32

The scene is in the castle of god.
Dende and Mr. Popo are playing tennis!

Also, Goku and Vegeta are training in The Room Of Spirit And Time!

Goku is satisfied that he can see his weakness while fighting with Vegeta.
Vegeta also feels in the same way!
He feels comfortable with getting the reaction of growth.

Goku wonders how Monaka like is.
He is very excited as usual.
Vegeta 「Are you a kid!? Think how old you are!」
Goku 「You tell me Saiyan is a young man until they are 80 years old!」

Vegeta refutes that he was talking about spirit of Saiyan not how they behave young!
The training restarts against each other.

On the other side, Whis is in Capsule Corporation!
It seems Whis takes everyone who is gathered to the place of the game!
They will transport by translucent cube instead of using the space ship!

All the members including Mr. Satan, Chi-Chi and Oolong who appeared by this time are here!
Of course Jaco is here, too!
Jaco even brought a great person Galactic King!

However, because they are friend of Supreme Kai and God of Destruction, Bulma and others were not surprised when they saw Galactic King came!

Later, Goku and Vegeta arrive by Momentane Teleportation!
They showed up with ragged clothes and even a mustache!
They are also very smelly and stinks!

Immediately, Goku and Vegeta take a shower and get changed!
Krillin is arrived later and now they depart!

They all are off to Beerus’ planet to pick up Beerus and Monaka!
Then, Beerus shows up with taking Monaka!

Goku 「You are Monaka? Nice to meet you!」
Monaka 「Yes.」
Monaka nods her head!
Goku is highly pleased to meet her!

Beerus tells Goku not to talk to Monaka easily because she is a reading player of his team!
Goku does not listen to him and keeps talking.

Goku 「Mr. Beerus told me Monaka means great ponta, isn’t it?」
Monaka 「Yes, it is.」
Goku asks her how great the ponta is.
Monaka 「It is my nipple. Because I have big nipples.」
Goku gives a sour smile.

He offers Monaka to have a bout but Beerus stops it!
But Goku catches Monaka unguarded and punches her when she passes through!
His punch hits into Monaka’s face!

Goku is surprised because he thought Monaka was going to move out!
Beerus 「I told you no!!!」
Beerus scolds Goku and hit his head!

Monaka is almost crying.
Goku apologizes her.

Monaka 「Ah…I’m fine!」

Transporting by cubic ship again.
Chi-Chi cooks yakiniku barbecue!
And offers Vegeta to try a meal!

Vegeta 「It’s been 3 years since the last time I ate! Thanks! I’ll have them!」
Vegeta eats like a pig!

Goku comes toward Monaka.
Monaka 「I don’t eat meat a lot…」
This is a surprise for Goku how Monaka keeps her in good shape.

They are almost arriving to the game place.
Super Dragon Ball as huge as a star is floating.
Everyone is surprising to see it.

The latter half of episode 32

As of Bulma, the size is not a star but is almost the same size as planet.
And finally they arrive to Nameless Planet.

They are surprised about the stage than how they expected.
Goku 「This! Mr. Champa made this by himself? 」
Beerus 「God of Destruction does not create anything. If he made it, it must be sucks!」

The person himself shows up whey they speak in dispraise of Champa!

Champa and Beerus use abusive language.
Beerus brings up that Champa came to Universe 7 and took Super Dragon Ball without asking!
Champa is irritated.
Beerus 「I forgive you! We are brothers!」
It means Super Dragon ball is going to be his.

Observing members say they want to sit on better seats.
The seats are fixed by Whis’ ability!
Observation seats became nicer and now floating in the air!

Fighters enter the stage for the writing exams.
Then, there was a person who talks to Goku.
Supreme Kai who separated from Kibito showed up.
Old Kai and Kibito are also there.

They asked Dragon Ball of Namek to separate them from combined to individually.
Goku could not find Ki of Kibit Kai before.

It seems that was because they were separated.

There were two people who watched the conversation between Goku and Supreme Kai and felt it was too over-familiar. It is Mr. Supreme Kai of Universe 6 and his attendant.
Goku 「Nice to meet you! 」
Goku talks to them friendly.

Goku goes toward the stage by Piccolo’s reminder.
Now he is on stage!
The members of Universe 6 are already sitting.

Goku surprises how people are unique!
Robots and yellow bear looking person are there!
And surprisingly there is a guy who looks very similar to Freeza!
Goku 「Freeza! He is there in that side of universe!」

Then, a mystery man talks to Goku!
It is shown as Cabba on his name tag.
Cabba 「Aren’t you must be Saiyan, are you?」
Goku 「Ah, how you know that?」

Cabba reveals he is Saiyan.
Surprising Goku and Vegeta!

Goko wonders why he has no tail.
As per of Vegeta, the way Cabba looks is very similar to Saiyan before they are took out by Freeza’s army.

It seems Cabba is not familiar with Freeza.
Vegeta asks Cabba which planet he is from.
It is found out that is Planet Sadla!

Vegeta 「Is the Planet Sadla still exist!?」
Vegeta is surprised to hear that Planet Sadla is still there!

Vegeta says that Planet Sadla was disappeared because of their internal discord.
He explains that they took other planet and name it as Planet Vegeta.

Cabba 「Wait, wait! What you mean by they took the planet???」
Cabba is very surprised!
Vegeta 「It is what it is.」

As per of Cabba, they are fighting people like Vegeta but they are very kind.
It is hard to believe that they took other planet.
Their main job is been hired and attack bad people.
Goku surprised how they are very different from Saiyan in Universe 7.

Vados 「Hi, there! Exam is staring soon!」
The exam starts now!
Vegeta tells Cabba he would like to visit Planet Sadla if he has a chance!
Of course, I will not take your planet out
Cabba will welcome him!

Now the exam begins.
Vados explains that they will pass with 50 scores and a time limit is 10 minutes.
It seems the exam is easy and it is just to see they have just little intelligence.

Goku confuses about the math questions!
And now the exam is over!

Beerus 「What are you guys doing!? There are only 4 people left now!」
Beerus suddenly yelled at them!

Actually, Buu is the only person who failed.
It was because he slept during the exam.
Goku says Buu never wakes up once he gets asleep.

I was disagreed to make Buu as a player! Vegeta was regret.
Now, 4 other players need to fight for Buu.

They are deciding the orders!
The strongest Monaka is the last.
Others decide by rock-scissors-paper!

Finally, the fighting game is started!
「Universe 6 and 7! God of Destruction’s choice! Fighting Game!」
Announcer 「Now, let’s sing a song of planet!」
Getting dark around.
The audience is surprised!

A character looks like a penguin is coming on stage with the music!
He sings a song under the spot light!
Singer 「Planet is very biiiiigg♪」
The song was only one phrase!
「Too short!」 Everyone arsis over elbow.

The announcer announced who fights at the first game!
Yellow bear Botamo versus Goku!

They see each other and smirk.
Announcer 「Play!」


My personal review and thoughts

The story goes quit fast than what I thought.
Now, it already came to the scene of Botamo VS Goku!
It went through whole one story of the comic, and it even catches the latest comic which was came out last month.

Goku and Vegeta are training in The Room Of Sprit And Time.
I expected they would be transformed to Super Saiyan Bule like the comic version, but they would not!

I was quite surprised to see Goku and Vegeta who are wearing mustache. It is very rare!
Vegeta looked like a king of Vegeta which gave me nostalgic feeling.

There were a lot of different scenes from the comic.
It was spectacular to see Goku attacks Monaka!
Monaka even cried not to be able to avoid from his punch.
In the comic, Whis said that Monaka is very scary when she is mad.
Even Beerus cannot stop her.
Monaka is usually kind but when she gets angry, this is the time of show off her power.

This is also an original story that Buu failed his exam because he felt asleep!
He is awake until the end of the exam in the comic version.

The name of the planet where Cabba is from was interesting!
It was Planet Sadla but it used to be known as Planet Salada in the comic!
Salad just means salad, and it was renamed.
The name was changed to Planet Sadla in the anime.

There was a scene that a singer of penguin was singing.
Whis, Beerus and others sat up straight on humbled in the comic version.
However, it seems the scene was cut.
I also surprised the singer sung a song with lower voice than what I expected!

The story goes fast and I am very looking forward to see the next episode!
It will catch the comic if they keep moving on this tempo!
I am assuming that there will be some original stories!

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