Dragonball Super [Episode 33] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Fast tempo! Finished Frost VS Goku!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 33 is
“Be surprised Universe 6! This is Super saiyan Son Goku!”

Air date: February 28 2016

The development of previous story was so fast.
Monaka , the character of Universe 7, finally appeared!
And eberycharacter arrived at Nameless Planet, the place designated as the contest.
The appearance of Universe 6 members, who will be counterparts, revailed.
A new character of Saiyan Cabba was a good one.

Buu failed to pass the trial as a condition for the contest!
The member on Goku side decreased to four.
Then the first match Goku VS Botamo is going to start now!

ドラゴンボール超 地球を守る超戦士たち!


The first half of the episode 33

The battle started!
Botamo bounces, and his footwarks are so active!

Botamo thrusted with bouncing!
Goku was attacked and nearly fell down to the outside of the ring!
Botamo provoked Goku to come and fight!

Champa indeed looked down and said Goku is not so strong!
He only knews Goku wearing heavy suit.
Beerus”What’s up, Goku!”
Goku claimed he ate meet too much.
He began an exercise to digest the stuff.

Botamo”Nufufu! Let me help your digesting”
As saying, he exhaled Ki bullet from his mouth and attacked Goku!
Goku run and avoided it without difficulty.

Seemingly finished his exercise, Goku took back side of Botamo!
And Goku shot Kamehameha to Botamo1
But Botamo had no damage.

Goku shifted his attack to impact, gave ceaseless punching!
But Botamo’s body seemed to absorb Goku’s attack without any damage.

The audiences on the sheets got confused.
Jaco ”Botamo may transfer his damage to another dimension to nullify Goku’s attack.”
He said it without his confidence.

Goku confused because he could not know how to do!
Vegeta” Kakarot! You should think carefully!
Goku butted his head to Botamo!
Botamo”He did not say like that?
However, Goku knocked down Botamo without stopping!
Goku grabbed botamo’s legs and dragged him!

Botamo attacked Goku by Ki bullet being dragged!
Goku avoided without problem!
And he released his hands from Botamo.

Goku did One-arm shoulder throw when Botamo came and catching his body!
Botamo threw out to the outside of the ring!

Goku winned the match!
Botamo lost by being the outside of the ring!


Goku”I may lose if this is not the contest.
Champa did not receive the result!
He got anger on Goku’s attitude pretending weak on purpose!
And he argued Kamehameha was a kind of projectile and Goku violated the ruleby using a weapon!

He said the match should do again!
The judge persuaded him there was no violation on the rule!

Champa showered by booing from surrounding!
And he chagrined as a child!

Vados”Mr. Champa, we do not have to win all matches.”
“We still have four fighters on the rest.”

Champa was persuaded by the words.

Finally Frost completely resembled to Freeza appeared.
Goku”You came, Freeza of Universe 6!”

The latter half of episode 33

Goku and Frost stood face to face on the stage.
Frost”Hello, how are you!”
Goku was surprised to hear Frost had same voice as Freeza!

Frost”You fought nicely! I am glad to make a match with you such as a good fighter!”
Then he offered his hand to Goku!

And Frost gave his salutation to Bulma and other audiences!
He redretted we were separated friends to foes.
This is just the fighting contest.
He hoped we could be in a good relation saying this was a good meeting with clingning hand to hand.

Bulma”He seemed to be really different from Freeza known to your aise?”
Goku went out of tune seeing good Freeza.

Struck a gong, the match started!
Frost tried to attack Goku!

Frost avoided Goku’s blow and made Goku fallen down trapping legs!
Goku was surprised by unpredicted attacks.
Frost said light fighters have their own methods to fight!


Then Goku stood against Frost and gazed him.
Frost” What is happened to you?”
Goku”You! You gauge my power don’t you? Trnsform yourself. The final form.」

Goku guessed Frost would gradually change his body as checking enemy’s power.
Frost was surprised by the question.
Goku told him he met and fought with one who really looked like Frost in his universe.

Frost understood it, and transformed to final form!

Standing firm with his power !
Then Frost turned into the final form!
Champaand the others were surprised to his transforming!

Vegeta” Bastard! What is the final form! Kidding me!”

Vegeta did not worry about the form of Frost which is little bit different from the one Goku imagined.

Frost”Did I in your universe defeated you?”
He thought how the battle between Goku and Freeza came out.
Goku” You should not ask it.”

Goku and Frost started buttle in full contact!
They are almost evenly matched!
Frost gave his attackto Goku braking out Kamehameha!

Feelers of the judge reacted and flushing in red!
There might be incoming information about Frost.
The judge explained the audience about Frost!

The current form of Frost was said to be Storming form!
His usual work isleading Peace Keeping Opration Company to eliminate the tragedies of the wars in the universe and tackles in conflict zone!
He uses the Storming form at that time.

by the way, He helps children and gave his supports after the war.
He is a good one who received Universal Peace Award three times.

Champa ”He is a really good man!”
Vados scouted Frost by a promise to support his activity if he wins the match.

If Champa side lose, there is no support.
Champa said it would be so pity.
Vados”The god of the destruction should not say like that.”

Krillin could not decide to cheer which one because Frost was too good to be an enemy.

Goku and Frost continued giving attacks and defenses each other!
Frost was going well!

Goku seemed a slow starter, then he got his hearts into his mind eventualy.
Goku”You! You are so trickster aren’t you!”
Goku understood Frost concealed his transforming one more!

Frost” What is based on your remarks?”
Goku”I am the same as you!”

Saying that, Goku changed to Super Saiyan!

Champa was surprised by the transforming!
Cabba also did not know Saiyans could transform!

Frost transformed again urged by Goku.
Frost said the final mode is so hard to be controlled.
He concealed it because he killed a villain not to be killed.

He judged there must be no problem to exercise his full power with Goku!
Frost gave his blow in maximized power!
Frost”This is my full power!”
However Goku received it without trouble.

Frost was hit by Goku!
Goku paid back every attacks!
Frost suffered from damages!

Goku”You may be nice and I never want to give you fatal blow.”
Saying that, Goku recommended Frost to give up!
Frost said”I am so glad to feel your kindness”
Showing his thanks, but Frost rejected to give up.

Frost”I have to get Champa’s support bywinning the game to eliminate the war from the world.”

And he tried to attack!
But Goku received all attacks and revenged, Frost got beaten too much!
Bulma unintentionally cheered Frost!


Frost”Never give up whatever the things happen!”
“I own responsibility for saying like that.”

Saying that, Frost stood up in unsteady!
And he is against to Goku.
Goku parried weak blow from Frost.
A strange thing happened on Goku at that momnt!
Jaco was aware of that!

Goku seemed to get sleepy face and dizzy!
Frost”Chinck in the armour!”
Then he kicked off Goku!

Goku fell out to the outside of the ring.
He fainted and resolved Super Saiyan mode.
Frost gazed Goku, out of breath.

My personal review and thoughts

The development was so fasterthan the previous week!
The story finally went beyond the comics!

The comics has just developed the story by Frost’s final transformingand!
The animation has already proceeded to the conclusion of Goku VS Frost!
The animation will broadcast at least two times before the next episode in the comics.
We could not predict how it goes and so fun!

The voiceactor of Frost was Mr.Takamasa Nakao, as same as Freeza.

Botamo was easily defeated by Goku.
There is no extention.

And the character and job of Frost revailed.
I was surprised by his nice and good character.
It was so pity for me he is beaten by Goku.
I felt the same feeling as Bulma.

Some predicted Cabba transforms to Super Saiyan on the internet.
Cabba said he did not know the transformation at this anime episode!
Cabba must not transform to Super Saiyan.
He might be awaken on the match by some chance!

Piccolo will fight against Frost in the next episode!
I predict there must be the battle of wits of which Piccolo is well on the next match!
I am really looking forward to next episode because the comics does not draw it yet!

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