Dragon Ball Super [Episode 34] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Frost was a real bad man worse than Freeza!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 34 is –
”Piccolo VS Frost Give all the power to Special Beam Cannon!”

Air date: March 6 2016

Previously, There were two fights, Goku VS Botamo and Goku VS Frost
Both fights came to a conclusion.
Botamo absorbed all attacks.
Botamo was defeated in the outside of battle area by Goku´s one-arm shoulder throw.

Frost, who looked very much like Freeza, was a champion of justice in the Universe 6.
Goku´s strength was overwhelmingly higher.
But Goku got fainted because of a mysterious attack by Frost.
He was kicked away to the out of the battle area and unbelievably he was defeated!

The pace of the story was very fast and the story got ahead of its Manga version.
From this episode, the battles become unsure how they are going to be!


The first half of episode 34

Everyone was thrown into an uproar when Goku was defeated outside of play area!
Members from the Universe 6 were very excited!


Piccolo supposed that his brain had got damaged because he had received too many attacks by his opponent.
Beerus was angry about the defeat of Goku.

Chi-Chi jumped down into the battle area and went down to Goku!
Chi-Chi”Goku, wake up!”
She was very worried.

Goku woke up finely by Chi-Chi’s call.
Chi-Chi was crying and relieved because Goku was safe.

Frost came down and talked to them.
Goku”You, Good fight! I didn’t know what technique you used!”
Frost”I didn’t know either. I was too desperate!”

It seemed Goku had pushed up Frost’s limit.
Frost”Thank you for a tough and also a nice fight!”

Said that, Frost held out his hand for a handshake.
Receiving applause from the audience of both Universes, Goku and Frost were very pleased.


Goku headed to the audience’s seat where Beerus was.
Goku”I am ashamed of myself!”

Beerus was angry and said Goku could have easily won if he had gone with all his strength.

Goku was expecting to win in the state of the Super Saiyan.
Goku “There’s nothing we can do about it! Next time I won’t lose anyway!”

Beerus got angry and said this fight was important, not the next one.
Champa was looking at their argument from the distance.
Champa”Hey, Beerus! Are you angry? Are you angry huh?”
Making sarcastic remarks!


Beerus smiled it away even he was actually angry inside of himself.

The next opponent was announced by the judge!
It wasPiccolo VS Frost

Piccolo asked Goku if he had a chance to win!
Goku”Not at all!” He flatly replied.

Piccolo”You reply me so directly! So, am I gonna withdraw?”
Goku declined it.
Because if they could rob Frost of his energy, it was going to be easier for Vegeta at the following fight.

Piccolo”Do I have to take on that role?”
Said so, and he went down.

Piccolo”Are you going to fight as your final form? Why don’t you try to be more merciful?”
Frost didn’t have enough energy left to kill piccolo!
But he had no intention to lose.

Piccolo was angry being underestimated.
And he threw his cape away.


Vegeta was feeliing a dark side of Frost!
He was wondering that Goku lost his consciousness by that level of attack.

Jaco came down to Vegeta.
Because this place was better to watch the fight!

Then, the fight between Piccolo and Frost began!
He dodged Frost rushing toward him and he set himself to be ready for the Special Beam Cannon!
He boosted his Ki until his face couldn’t be seen!

Goku was very excited with a great technique.
But Vegeta wasn’t.

Vegeta”To me, It looks a shitty technique with a weak point.”
The weak point was to take too much time to boost Ki.
And of course, Frost had already knew that weak point.

While boosting his Ki, he kept dodging attacks from Frost!
Piccolo fought back by giving off the light beam from his feelers!
Even he received some damages, he didn’t stop boosting his Ki!

And Piccolo made numerous alter-egos of himself.
Champa criticised Piccolo for only escaping and making his alter-egos and insisted he had to get a yellow card!
According to the judge, this is tactic but not an offence!

Frost started to attack Piccolo’s alter-egos!
But Piccolo was still continuing to boost his Ki.

Frost”I neither like at all that you are playing for time nor that your face can’t be seen because of the light.”
Said that and he vanished the alter-egos by Shock-ha!
He started a blow attack against Piccolo who returned to be just one person!
Piccolo defended himself by his one arm desperately.

Frost´s attack hit Piccolo and Piccolo was blown away!
The Ki he had been boosting disappeared!

Frost became confident of his victory and then became careless.
At that instant, the arm of Piccolo reached to and twined around the body!

The Ki was still being boosted at the forehead!
Piccolo”Got you! I was thinking while I was boosting my Ki how to hit this to you!”

The second half of Episode 34

Frost was confident of his victory and become careless!

Piccolo received attacks from Frost on purpose.
He did so to create this situation.

For sure, in this situation, his technique would be a direct hit.
Frost talked calmly.
Piccolo was acknowledged as a wise person in the Universe 7!
Piccolo”The cause of your defeat was your ignorance of my fight style!”

And finally, Piccolo tried to shoot the Special Beam Cannon!
Frost inserted his right hand into Piccolo´s arm twined around him!

At that moment, an abnormality occurred to Piccolo.
Same as Goku’s time, his eyes got blurred.
Piccolo”Gu….! kuuu, guaa!
He was dizzy but tried to shoot the Spacial Beam Cannon!

He took advantage of that moment and he got the best position.
Frost”If I got that one, I’d be defeated!”
Said that and he blew Piccolo away!

Special Beam Cannon was shot in the air meaninglessly!
It also went through the sphere on the roof which Vados created!

The judge ran up to Piccolo and placed his hand on Piccolo’s neck.
He had pulse so he was alive.
The winner was Frost!

Vegeta”I’ve no idea! What technique did he used?”
Suddenly, Jaco stood up!
Jaco”Objection! That was an offence! Frost used a weapon!”

According to Jaco, he was charging a needle on his right hand.
He had good eyesight.

The members from the Universe 6 protested.
Cabba had fought with Frost together before on the planet mayonnai.
He was a hero who had protected citizens from the Universe pirates at the risk of his life.
He objected that Frost couldn’t be such a coward!

Frost’s right hand was checked by the judge!
And he found out a needle coming out from a small hole!

The judge became dizzy because he touched it.
Frost”This isn’t a weapon. This is part of my body.”」
The judge”No! Apparently, It had a trace of some tricks!”
“Mr. Frost! You are eliminated by reason of a breach of regulations!”


Frost’s loss on a foul was determined!
The winner was Piccolo!
Members from the Universe 6 were all shocked that he had played a dirty trick!


Vados, who spotted and recruited him, actually knew Frost’s true nature.
vados”The truth is that the Universe pirates which attacked the planet Mayonnai was a secret organization leaded by Frost.”
Frost was smiling.

Frost”I start the war, I solve it myself and I buy that land devastated by the battle at a bargain price. Then I make a large profit on the interests of redevelopment and reconstruction.
This was the real nature of Frost.

Goku and people were disgusted.
Whis analyzed he had been playing a thoroughgoing good man’s role to disguise his offence.
Vegeta”Hump! Freeza can’t be a good man even in the other Universe!”

Piccolo woke up and stood up.
He realized he was actually taken in by the trick.
Frost”You didn’t know my fight style. That’s the cause of your defeat. Wise man.”
Piccolo received the same words what he said to Frost.

Champa objected Vados who had recruited Frost.
He didn’t care about his conduct but just chose strong opponent as Champa had requested.

Frost was intending to walk away without any sign of compunction!
Champa was furious because he was unexpectedly embarrassed.
He tried to destroy Frost!


Then, Vegeta called out to stop.
Vegeta”There’s no need to destroy him nor disqualify him! Now this is my turn!”
Vegeta wished to defeat Frost by himself.

The judge objected because Piccolo’s victory had been already determined.
But Vegeta interrupted it and sayd,
Vegeta”Piccolo´s gonna drop out!”
Vegeta and Piccolo stared at each other.
Piccolo”Yes, I am gonna do.”

Champa didn’t like that they had decided things without him!
As a result, he accepted the victory of the Universe 6 after Vados admonished him.

He said he would forget that he had been embarrassed if Frost won the next fight.
Champa also ordered Frost to win the fights later on then he would think about money support.

Frost smiled when he heard it!
According to Beerus, that was a kind of smile by person who underestimates everything.

Finally, Vegeta was going to fight!
He came down to Frost.

FrostYou´ve let me win. I see you are so confident with yourself.”
Vegeta”Your voice! It’s harsh!”
They stood face to face.



My personal review and thoughts

I didn’t expect that Frost was very bad man because I thought He was good.
It seems he underestimated Champa and Vados as well.
After watching last episode and this episode, my opinion of Frost has become the exact opposite!
He is much worse than Freeza on the point that he does destruction and restoration by himself!

Now I understand the reason why Goku got suddenly dizzy last time!
There were many debates about it on the internet.
Many people already knew there had been a small hole in Frost’s right hand.
That was exposed in some comments to the previous page and in some internet pages.
I didn’t realized it at all.

The needle coming out from this hole is possible to take it in and out freely.
When the judge checked his body, the needle was inside.
So his cheat was impossible to be exposed if he had kept it inside.
But I think Frost took the needle out on his purpose to be found out.
It also looked to me the needle was out because the judge rubbed Frost’s arm.
Small question remains.

I guess Piccolo could have won if there hadn´t been the needle which was an offense.
I enjoyed watching Special Beam Cannon after a long time and his technique to shoot a ray beam from his feelers.
Well, in the version of Saiyan, He was shooting Special Beam Cannon from his both hands without taking care of Nappa.

Vegeta wished to defeat Frost by his hands.
He forced Piccolo to drop out from the fight.
I was surprised that Piccolo accepted it.
Did he have an intention to let Vegeta defeat Frost?

Next time is Vegeta VS Frost.
I saw Vegeta turned to be a golden Super Saiyan same as Goku.
Does this mean he is enough strong to defeat without turning to be a blue hair as Goku says?

I assume he never be as careless as Goku but I want a blue hair and things settled at onece!
We are looking forward to their next fight how it’s gonna be like!

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