Dragon Ball Super [Episode 35] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Hit and Magetta finally reveal themselves!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 35 is –
「Change the anger into power! Vegeta’s full blast battle」

Air date: March 20, 2016
Previously, Piccolo VS Frost fought in the battle!
Frost won with his mysterious attack!
However, it was actually a foul, as he used hidden needles!

Frost was an extreme villain and had earned money by repeatedly bringing war and revivals although he acted as if he was a good-man.

Frost lost the battle because of his foul and instead, Piccolo won.
However, Vegeta instructed the judge to revoke Frost’s disqualification, and force Piccolo abandon the fight.

Vegeta really wanted to knock Frost down!
Finally the battle of Vegeta VS Frost was about to start.


First part of the story, episode 35

Vegeta and Frost faced each other.
Frost was feeling that Vegeta was looking down on him as a traitor who cannot do anything unless he uses a low blow.

Frost 「A foul play is the very weapon for me!」

Frost had been hiding the best weapon.
However, he confidently said he would use it!
Then he exposed the poison pin!

His manner made the judge furious!
Vegeta, however, warned the judge not to disturb the battle!
He was not willing to concede Frost’s disqualification.

Vegeta「I cannot accommod this disgusting scum by disqualification!」
His words impressed Tranks!

The rules of this match changed allowing it to proceed using poison needles but it would be a foul if one killed the other.
Frost「What will it happen if he died because of an unexpected accident?」
He tried to threaten Vegeta.

The judge gave a signal and the battle started.
Immediately Vegeta transformed himself to Super Saiyan!
Frost 「Breaking rules and murder! Welcome to my territory!」
Frost had a fearless smile and charged to Vegeta!

Vegeta 「You, bastered!」
Vegeta’s intense punches were exploded onto Frost’s stomach.
Frost was vigorously blown!



Frost crashed into the dome and fell down.
He lost because he was outside the battle hall.

Vegeta 「Don’t worry! I held back! I don’t want to go down at the same level as him.」
The judge checked Frost’s pulse.

Vegeta won!
Beerus was checking Goku’s body!
He found the scar of the poison needle.
Goku’s previous loss was cancelled.

Goku is full of enthusiasm to fight after Monaka.
Beerus panicked.
Beerus 「You go after Vegeta. Monaka will definitely go last!」
Goku could not understand it.
Beerus seemed that he really wanted to let Monaka fight last.

Goku was so impressed to see the dignity of Monaka
Whis whispered.
Whis 「Actually, Monaka has been unconscious since he saw Kamehameha in the first round.」
Beerus distracted Goku so he could not hear.

It looked like Beerus was hiding Monaka’s true character!
Goku spoke to Monaka!
Beerus panicked, and cut off Goku!
Beerus 「Monaka is very dangerous when he is concentrating!」
He threatened Goku by saying that Monaka had changed all enermies and sides to ashes and Goku gave up!

The judge announced the change of rules.
They changed the shape of the barrier which covered the tournament arena, from a dorm to a cube.
Anyone who touched the barrier would lose the match.

Beerus complained to Champa about his selfish change of rules!
Their usual argument started.

At the same time, Frost walked away from the arena.
Far from the arena, there were a big cube and treasure.

It seems to be a reward for members of Universe 6.
Frost 「Here is Champa’s cube! As long as I get it, nobody can catch me, even God of Destruction or Galactic patrol.」

Frost reached out to the cube with his hand!
Suddenly someone approached.
Hit 「Stop it.」

Last part of the story, episode 35

Frost 「Freeze!」
He said with some fear.
Maybe Hit is a hit man.

Frost 「By Champa’s order, you came to kill me…. Or got money from survivors in the planet I destroyed?」
Ice run through the ground!
Then Frost ejected light from his whole body!


Frost fell down without knowing what had happened.
Hit 「I got the contract to get tha cube….」
Hit went back with carrying Frost.

Next match begans!
Vegeta VS Magetta

Magetta 「Hisssssss!」
Magetta held a cup of magma.
He dashed to the ring.

Magetta drank all the magma!
According to Supreme Kai in Universe 6, it is the species called Metal man!
It sounds like there is the same species in Universe 7.

The judge starts the match!

Magetta threw the strong punches!
Analysis by Piccolo showed that Magetta offset his slow speed with his power!

Vegeta fended off all attack from Magetta.
Vegeta 「I have both speed and power!」
He kicked Magetta’s head again and again!
An annoying sound echoed through his head!

Magetta, it seemed, didn’t to have got any damage.
Madly, he began to hit his own head!
His head became dented!
Then, he straighten out his head with his hand!

Magetta ran to Vegeta again.
Vegeta felt Magetta’s speed and power was rapidly increasing!
Vegeta tried to avoid close fighting.
Magetta spun his body as a tornado, and headed to Vegeta!

Vegeta flied into the air.
Magetta looked up him.
Just behind Vegeta was the barrier, which he would lose if touched.

The barrier was actually for Magetta who had an disadvantage of an aerial battle.
That was why the rule was changed!
Vegeta thought he was in the best position to fight against Magetta!

Vegeta attacked with continuous energy beems.
Maggeta replied by emitting magma from his mouth.

Beerus 「He has a weapon in his mouth!! That is a foul!! 」
The judge announced that it was saliva of lava and not a faul!

Vegeta still continued his attack with the energy beam!
Magetta attacked back by splashing his saliva of lava!
They fire lasts for a long time!

Vegeta stopped fighting and stepped away.
Piccolo pointed out that Vegeta’s movement is smaller than normal because he worried about the barrier too much!
Vegeta kept diverting the emerged magma in the cube barrier.

Vegeta was driven into making a last ditch attempt and transformed into Super Saiyan.
Vegeta 「I’ll show you! The crushing power of Super Saiyan!」

Magetta got an extra boost from storing the heat into his body!

Whis 「It doesn’t look good.」
The mutter let Goku and Vegeta notice an abnormal difference in Vegeta!

Vegeta was wheezing and sweating a lot.
It was because of the heat.
Vegeta「The heat….」



My Personal review and thought

Dragon Ball Super last week was not broadcasted due to the live of 「Nagoya Women’s marathon」
It is 2 weeks since last episode was on TV.
I am really looking forward to seeing what will happen next, because the story in TV has already been beyond the one in the comic!

Frost was beaten at a moment by Vegeta who was not in full power.
Vegeta showed his overwhelming strength!
He also said really cool words as if he was a main character.
I can say that he became a hero of justice for sure.

One thing I really concern is about Monaka.
He has been in unconscious even whey the first round started….
He might be really weak, in fact.
Otherwise, he would be really strong when he was in anger?
Something important is hidden about him, which makes Beerus panic.

It was revealed that Hit is Legend hit man.
He spoke at the first time.
His voice is so cool!

He has such strong power that Frost knocked down in an instant!
It is obvious that he is the strongest one in Universe 6.

Frost is not dead, which is curious.
After that happen, we could see he sat on a seat in the reserves’ area.
A preview for next week also showed he was sitting on a seat.

Regarding Magetta, it is important to consider how to beat him.
The sphere of activity in air is limited due to the barrier.
It seems that Vegeta might be suffering from heat stroke or carbon monoxide poisoning.

I guess Vegeta will lose this match.
We need Piccolo just now as he is really good at battles of the mind.
But, it would be hopeless because he gave up one match already.

In the trailer next week, it was said that Vegeta will use dangerous move.
It might be Final Flash.
We cannot wait to see how Vegeta will fight this battle, can we?

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