Dragon Ball Super [Episode 36] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Vegeta’s out-of-bounds loss? Final Flash explodes!

【with Images】The official title for the Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 is:
「An Unexpected Tough Enemy! Vegeta’s Explosion of Anger!」

Air date: March 27 2016
Previously we saw the fight Vegeta VS Frost
Frost lost due to being out-of-bounds with one hit by Super Saiyan Vegeta.
Later, he tries to grab the prize and gets knocked out by his team mate, Hit.

Next up, the Vegeta VS Magetta match begins!
A new rule as been added where you lose from being out-of-bounds in the air.
If you touch the cube surrounding the arena, you’re out.

Vegeta’s power and speed are both increasing.
But with Magetta’s heat attack, the arena’s temperature is rising! Casting a dark cloud over Vegeta’s path to victory!


First half of Episode 36

Vegeta is out of breath and has stopped moving!
There seems to be something other than the heat causing this.

Champa smirks excitedly.
Seeing this, Beerus becomes suspicious!

Goku「Vegeta! Come down right now!」
Whis observes that Vegeta is unable to breathe properly.
It seems there is very little oxygen near the cube shaped barrier.
Beerus blames Champa for this!

According to Champa and Vados, they made sure oxygen can get in to the cube.
They claim that Magetta’s heat has overwhelmed the passage way.

Ignoring Goku’s warning, Vegeta is refusing to come down.
Magetta attacks again with his lava spit!
Vegeta notices there’s an opening around Magetta’s head!

And just then a steam sprays out from Magetta’s head!
Magetta spits his lava towards the steam, making it ignite!
Vegeta gets blown away!

Vegeta manages to save himself.
He was just about to touch the sky barrier.

Trunks claims that this attack was foul play.
According to the referee, the last attack was Magetta’s fart.
The fart was ignited to create an explosion.
It’s not using a weapon.

Goku 「These Metalmen sure have an interesting way of fighting.」
Goku thinks about how he would fight against them.
Piccolo says something must be done about the lava spit.
He doesn’t seem to have a strategy at this moment.

Vegeta prepares for a Galick Gun attack!
He charges up his Ki!

Magetta also surrounds himself in a red hot aura!
The temperature in the cube has risen to an unbelievable point!

Magetta’s lava spit collides with the Galick Gun!
They press on for a while until the lava solidifies in to stone!

And Magetta spits a ball of lava spit!
Vegeta slices it with his hand!
But while spitting, Magetta has grabbed hold of the stone pole like a club.
Goku notices this.
He warns Vegeta but it’s too late.
Magetta gets in a hit while Vegeta’s still cutting through the lava spit.

Vegeta gets blown away.
But manages to adjust his position for a safe landing.
But, he lands outside the arena.


Latter half of Episode 36

Goku and his friends are shocked that Vegeta has lost.
Beerus 「Aaaaarrrgghh!!」
Beerus lets out a scream!

The referee runs to where Vegeta is.
Ref 「Safe! Safe!」


Vegeta is standing on a fragment of the arena.
Apparently Vegeta is still safe.

Champa is furious!
This makes Beerus laugh.
But it seems Vegeta feels humiliated.
Vegeta 「How… could I have been saved by some stupid rule!?」

Vegeta checks again that he’s safe as long as he doesn’t touch the barrier.
Magetta attacks again with a lava spit!

Vegeta quickly builds up an aura and deflects the attack
He continues to build up his Ki.

The barrier cracks!
And the cube-shaped barrier is blown up and destroyed!

The fragments scatter with incredible power!
Cabba guards and pulls back!
Hit stops a piece with two fingers!
Goku and Piccolo both dodge!
Whis has guarded Bulma and friends!

And by chance the fragments have stabbed the area around Monaka.
Goku is impressed, 「Amazing!」 Monaka hasn’t moved an inch.


With the barrier gone, so is the heat.
Vegeta is confident now that he can breathe!

He builds up Ki!
Magetta also builds up heat with his red aura!

Vegeta 「Final Flash!!」
Magetta spits out a lava spit!


The two attacks collide!
Magetta manages to hold on!
But he is just about to be pushed out of bounds!

He’s dizzy but manages to hold on!
Vegeta gets in close for a punch!

Magetta guards using both hands and holds his ground!
Vegeta 「You piece of scrap metal!!」
Magetta’s taken aback!
The ground crumbles and Magetta is out of bounds!


Vegeta wins!
Vados 「That was an exciting match」
Magetta is sobbing.

According to Whis, the Metalmen are mentally very weak.
Insulted, they lose the ability to fight.
Being called 「scrap metal」 seem to have had a big impact!

Goku 「You would have won sooner if you were fighting seriously.」
Vegeta 「Humph!」

Vegeta looks over at Hit.
He’s been on Goku’s mind too.

Cabba 「Now it’s my turn!」
Finally it’s Cabba’s match!

My personal review and thoughts

So we saw that Vegeta not only struggled with the heat but with breathing!
We got to see both the Galick Gun and Final Flash!
It was worth shooting the Galick Gun to Beerus!
We haven’t seen Final Flash since the Cell Episode.

I didn’t think that Final Flash was an attack that could be retaliated.
It shouldn’t be possible to deflect this move.

We find out that the Metalmen have a funny weakness.
This match wasn’t just about force but required tactics. What a great battle.

It looked like they were gearing up for a 「Vegeta VS Cabba battle」 towards the start.
But with the many twists and turns, I predicted Magetta was going to defeat Vegeta.
For a moment I thought I was spot on!
But Vegeta remained safe as he was standing on a fragment of the arena.
There are definite pros and cons to this strange rule!

Next up is the Vegeta VS Cabba battle!
In the previews we see Cabba as a Super Saiyan, which is a big surprise.
He was saying that he didn’t know how to transform in to a Super Saiyan.
Will he do it for the first time in the next episode?
We see Vegeta’s hair turn blue.
It must mean that Cabba is a very strong opponent.
It’s sure to be an exciting episode!

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