Dragon Ball Super [Episode 37] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Cabba awakens! The ending theme song changes!

【with Images】The official title for Dragon Ball Super Episode 37 is:
「Don’t Forget Your Saiyan Pride! Vegeta VS Saiyan of Universe 6」

Air date: April 3 2016
Priviously the Vegeta VS Magetta match came to a close.
Vegeta had difficulty breathing and was the heat was causing issues.
He was so close to losing by landing out-of-bounds!

Vegeta used the Galick Gun and Final Flash.
Ultimately, being called 「scrap metal」 affected Magetta the most!
The ground beneath him crumbled, and he fell out of bounds.
We learned that Metalmen are very sensitive!

And finally the battle of Vegeta VS Cabba is about to begin.
There is so much focus on this fight between two Saiyans!


First half of Episode 37

The damaged arena is being rebuilt by Whis and Vados!

In the waiting room, Bulma and Trunks are fussing over Vegeta!
In the audience seats, Goten and Oolong are eating watermelon and relaxing.

This bothers Champa!
Beerus fires back!
They argue over whether the arena is hot or cold!

The arena has been repaired.
They have made the venue even bigger!
And the aerial out-of-bounds rule has been eliminated!

Finally Cabba takes the arena!
Vegeta and Cabba face one another.

Seeing Cabba, Yamcha is reminded of Goku when they first met.
He is reminiscing.
He also wonders why Cabba doesn’t have a tail.

The Supreme Kai of Universe 6 explains that Saiyans are heroes of justice.
Old Kai claims that their Saiyans are also protectors of Earth.

Bulma and Chi-Chi learns that the other Saiyans are working hard.
Chi-Chi is frustrated that Goku is nothing like them.

Cabba 「Let’s have a nice match!」
Vegeta 「Don’t hold anything back! Give me your best shot!」

Piccolo wonders whether Cabba could transform in to a Super Saiyan.
Goku stares at Hit, not noticing the question.

Cabba sets his stance!
The stance is the same as Vegeta’s was when he invaded Earth.

The gong signals the start of the match!
Cabba dashes straight in for for an attack!
An intense battle begins!
They seem on par with one another!
Cabba gets a punch in to Vegeta’s stomach!

With a feint attack, Vegeta pushes Cabba back!
Out of stamina, Cabba is out of breath.

But then, Cabba gets in a stance just like the Galick Gun!
Vegeta also uses the Galick Gun and the two attacks collide!
In normal form, it seems they are evenly matched.

Vegeta says that the match will never end this way.
He stops the attack and tells Cabba to be serious.
Vegeta 「Hurry up and transform in to a Super Saiyan!」
Cabba 「No, I can’t…」

Cabba 「Please! Mr. Vegeta, Please teach me how to transform.」
He wants to become stronger for the sake of his family on Planet Sadla.

Vegeta gets mad at Cabba for requesting help during a match!
Cabba is frightened.

Call yourself Saiyan? The aggravated Vegeta transforms in to a Super Saiyan!
He beats Cabba up!
Instead of letting him go down, Vegeta continues to hurt him.



Bulma is surprised by Vegeta’s unusual behaviour.
Yamcha 「Hey… Maybe he’s turning back evil. 」

Unable to retaliate, Cabba continues to be beaten up.
Cabba 「I surrend…」
Vegeta hears this, but won’t let him quit.

He grabs Cabba by the chest.
「Once this match is over, I’ll destroy your Planet Sadla!」
「I’ll slaughter your entire family!」

Hearing that, Cabba slaps Vegeta’s arm away.
Cabba 「Planet Sadla has nothing to do with this…!」

Latter half of Episode 37

「If you dare touch Planet Sadla or my family… I won’t forgive you!」
And with that, Cabba transforms in to a Super Saiyan!

Cabba 「I will never forgive you!」
Cabba charges and gets a punch in to Vegeta’s stomach!
Even with his guard up, the attack goes through Vegeta!

Cabba attacks like crazy!
According to Piccolo, Cabba has the upper hand.

Moving with incredible speed, Cabba gets right behind Vegeta!
Cabba knocks Vegeta down!

He pours down a continuous energy attack!
While guarding, Vegeta grins.
He blows away the energy attacks all at once!

Vegeta closes his eyes and smiles.
Bulma 「Why aren’t you paying any attention, Vegeta!?」

Cabba runs in for a punch and strikes!
But Vegeta has blocked his punch with his forehead!
Vegeta 「That’s good. Don’t forget this feeling. 」
Cabba 「So…」
Cabba transforms back to normal form.

Anger is the trigger to transforming in to a Super Saiyan.
Vegeta commands that Cabba transforms in to Super Saiyan once more!
Cabba is apprehensive.
「Hurry up and transform!」
And with that, Cabba transforms!

It seems Vegeta was threatening Cabba in order to get him to transform in to a Super Saiyan.
Cabba realises this.
Bulma and Trunks are relieved.


And then Vegeta hair changes to blue.
Vegeta 「This is the latest form, Super Saiyan Blue.」

Hit opens his eyes and looks at Vegeta!
Then he looks over at Goku.
Hit closes his eyes again.

Vegeta 「Within you lies the potential of getting to this level.」
Cabba 「I could have such powers…?」
And right at that moment Vegeta strikes!
Vegeta 「Don’t you ever forget this pain.」

Cabba falls and loses consciousness.
He is knocked out. He has lost.

Vegeta wins three battles in a row!
Vegeta splashes water on Cabba’s face to wake him up.

Vegeta lectures Cabba for bowing down during battle.
Apparently it’s the same thing as giving up.

He warns Cabba to never forget the pride of a Saiyan!
「Strength」 is the pride of a Saiyan.
Cabba promises to become as strong as Vegeta!
Vegeta tells Cabba to surpass him!

Vegeta 「Although, I’ll never let you surpass me.」
Vegeta grins. He walks away.

As Vegeta walks away, Cabba says to him.
Cabba 「The king of Planet Sadla is strong and proud, just like you.」
Vegeta 「Is that right. I hope you’ll introduce me one day.」

Goku marvels at Vegeta for training a stranger.
Piccolo suggests that perhaps Vegeta felt nostalgic and wanted to train a fellow Saiyan.

But Goku is a Saiyan too. He wonders why Vegeta doesn’t train him.
Piccolo says it’s because Vegeta hates Goku.
But Goku says he doesn’t hate Vegeta.


And finally Hit takes the arena.
He is the last member on Universe 6’s team.
Champa 「Our last member is Hit, we have nothing to worry about.」

According to Vados, Hit agreed to be a contestant with the promise of getting a Cube for transportation if he wins.

Champa is shocked!
The Cube is a vehicle of the Gods.
With the Cube, you can travel anywhere, even to other universes.

But Champa said to use whatever means to get Hit on the team.
Vados was just following orders.

Vegeta and Hit face one another.
The match is about to begin.

My personal review and thoughts

The ending theme song has changed this episode.
「Czecho No Republic」 sings 「Forever Dreaming」
The artist’s name is pronounced Checo No Ripaburikku.

It’s been a while since Yamcha’s had some lines!
This was quite exciting!

I predicted that Vegeta was going to awaken Cabba to transform, and I was right!
He said some threatening things to Cabba.
If this was the old Vegeta, he likely would have acted out those threats!
He used to be so evil.
But he really has changed since then.

The term Super Saiyan Blue has previously only been used in the manga version.
It looks like they have introduced it to the anime too.

Unlike Frost, Cabba didn’t have another side to him. He is a good person with a pure heart.
In normal form, he’s on par with Vegeta. Even his stances were the same.
The King of Planet Sadla that Cabba mentions at the end is very intriguing.

This episode revealed that Frost wasn’t after the prize, but the Cube.
He did say 「So long as I have this, no one can catch me.」
The Cube is the Vehicle of the Gods and can travel anywhere.
No wonder why Hit would be so interested!
We see Frost in this episode too, but he was still drooped down.

In the previews for the next episode we see Vegeta being beaten up by Hit.
It seems the attacks can’t be seen. They must have an incredible force.
With a boxer-like stance, the punches keep coming.
It would seem that Vegeta will lose.
Hopefully he will at least gain some kind of knowledge before losing.

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