Dragon Ball Super [Episode 38] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Hit’s powers and Monaka’s identity are revealed!

【with Images】The official title for Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 is this:
「Universe 6’s Most Powerful Warrior: Enter, The Assassin, Hit!」

Air date: April 10 2016


Previous episode

In previous episode, we saw the battle of two Saiyans in Vegeta VS Cabba.
Vegeta’s strength is far greater than Cabba’s.
Vegeta awakens Cabba’s Super Saiyan powers by making him angry!
Cabba fought a good match, but Vegeta was still stronger.
Vegeta transforms in to Super Saiyan Blue and knocks out Cabba with one hit.

The mood was good after the match.
To Vegeta, Cabba is one of his kind.
To Cabba, Vegeta’s strength is an inspiration.

And finally, Universe 6’s last member will take the arena!
So begins the battle of Vegeta VS Hit!

First half of Episode 38

Hit and Vegeta face one another!
Vegeta can sense that Hit is a very powerful opponent.

Beerus seems to have heard the name ‘Hit’ before.
He asks Whis who he is.

Whis explains that Hit is the best assassin in all of Universe 6.
He has never missed taking out his target.
He is known as a flawless Hit!

Beerus expects to see a good match and is excited.
Beerus fires at the gong and marks the start of the match!
Monaka is woken up by the sound.

Vegeta immediately transforms in to Super Saiyan Blue!
Hearing this sound, Monaka faints again.

Hit takes a stance like a boxer.
It’s a small stance.

Vegeta and Hit stare at one another, but Vegeta doesn’t go in for an attack.

Piccolo and Goku notices that there is not a single opening in Hit’s stance.
It seems Vegeta realises this as well, and can’t make his move.

Vegeta goes in for an attack!
Hit moves exactly at the same time!
Vegeta 「He’s fast! But I can still handle this speed!」
But Hit’s fist smacks right in to Vegeta’s face!
He is hit in a weakness point called philtrum below the nose!

Vegeta 「I couldn’t see him throw that punch!」
Hit 「Surrender.」
Hit right away tells Vegeta to surrender!


Vegeta goes in for an attack!
Hit dodges!
Vegeta can see Hit’s movements, but cannot see his attacks and gets blown away again!

It seems Goku and Piccolo can’t see his attacks either.
Vegeta 「No matter how fast he is, if I spot when he starts his attack, I should be able to block it!」

But Vegeta gets repeatedly beaten by Hit!
As he can’t see the attacks, Vegeta is struggling.



He doesn’t have a chance in this close proximity.
He moves away from Hit and takes a stance for an Ki blast.
For some reason Hit puts his hands in his pockets.

Just when Vegeta is about to release his Ki blast, Hit moves in close in an instance and pulls out his fist!
Vegeta 「He’s moved in for an attack from that great distance? Without showing any movement!?」

Vegeta is blown away and is down.
Hit 「Now you see, surrender.」

Goku goes to Jaco.
He checks to see whether Jaco can see Hit’s attacks or not.
Apparently Jaco can’t see them either.


Vegeta is out of breath.
Vegeta 「How is it that I can’t even put a scratch on him!? 」
Vegeta concludes that he won’t be able to see Hit’s attacks.
But notices that he’s able to stand after taking so many blows.
He analyses that Hit’s weakness is that his attacks are so light.


Vegeta prepares for another attack!
Vegeta gets hit in the stomach, but manages to grab Hit’s right arm!


Vegeta goes for a punch!
But before Vegeta’s punch reaches Hit’s face, Hit’s left-handed punch digs in to Vegeta’s stomach!
Vegeta 「That’s… hea…vy…」

Vegeta returns to normal form and crashes to the ground.
It seems Hit’s attacks aren’t so light.
Hit looks down at the fallen Vegeta.

Latter half of Episode 38

Hit 「It’s against the rules to kill right?」
He asks the referee.
Vegeta can’t even say that he surrenders. Looks like he has lost.

Hit「You are the first to still be alive after receiving so many of my attacks.」
And with that, Hit walks away!

Trunks runs up to Vegeta, towel in hand.
Goku asks Krillin to take Senzu Beans to Vegeta.

Jaco says there is something unusual about the fact Hit’s attacks can’t be seen.
He claims Hit disappears completely during an attack.

Vegeta is revived by the Senzu Beans.
He angrily smashes the ground!

Galactic King suggests Hit is using 「Time-Skip」
It seems that he can stop time for 0.1 seconds.

Bulma jumps in and says that controlling time is against the law!
But Jaco refuses to arrest Hit, too afraid to be killed.
Whis is surprised that there is someone other than him who can control time.

And so the long-awaited Goku VS Hit match is about to start!
Goku asks Galactic King what he should do, but he doesn’t know.
Goku passes Vegeta on the way to the arena. He asks for advice.
Vegeta 「I have none. Good luck.」
It seems that there are no way to counter Hit’s attacks.

Beerus tells Whis to tell Goku how to retaliate Hit.
Whis refuses.
Finding a way to retaliate Hit is part of Goku’s training.

Beerus panics, saying if Goku loses, that’s it!
Whis 「But we still have Monaka, the strongest fighter of Universe 7, don’t we?」
Beerus 「You know the truth… 」

Whis says that Monaka is nothing special at all, a complete amateur.
It was a lie told to Goku and Vegeta to motivate them.

Piccolo 「So it’s as I suspected…」
With his good hearing, Piccolo overeard their conversation.


So begins the Goku VS Hit match!
Hit points out that Goku hasn’t transformed.
Goku says it uses up a lot of energy, so he’s saving it for later.

He reveals that he wants to buy as much time as possible to find Hit’s weakness.
Hit 「You must be young and naive to reveal your tactics.」

Goku says that he’s pretty old, despite how he looks.
Hit is over 1000 years old.

Goku bows again and the match can begin!
Goku is on the offence!
With super speed, he makes a feint move and attacks!
But Hit’s attack gets in first!
It’s the same as it was with Vegeta!

Goku continues to attack, but Hit strikes first every time!
Just as he did with Vegeta, Hit tells Goku to surrender!

But of course Goku doesn’t surrender.
He says he is starting to figure it out.

And at last he blocks one of Hit’s attacks!
Then Goku’s attack brushes Hit’s cheek!


Hit thinks it was just a fluke!
But Goku manages to guard against another attack!

The viewers are all amazed.
Vegeta is speechless.

Goku says he is simply predicting what Hit will do in the next 0.1 second.
Hit takes his hands out of his pockets.

It seems he is serious too.
Goku 「Then I’m going to give it my all too!」


Personal review and thoughts

As predicted, Vegeta lost the battle.
We find out that Hit is using time-Skip.
He can stop time for about 0.1 of a second.
Someone else has very similar powers in another manga.

Vegeta lost after being horribly beaten up.
I wonder how Cabba felt, seeing that he has so much respect for Vegeta.
We don’t hear Cabba say anything at all this episode.

And Monaka’s true identity is revealed.
I did wonder, maybe he’s weak?
Not only is Monaka weak, but a complete amateur! What a surprise!
This must mean that Goku is in fact the most powerful in Universe 7!

It’s predicted that Goku will ultimately win the Goku VS Hit battle.
In next episode, Goku is also transformed in to Super Saiyan Blue!
It looks like it is going to be an intense fist fight.
Not only that, Goku apparently has a new move!
This is curious indeed.

We get a glimpse of a black and white fight scene.
It could be that Goku and Hit are fighting through time.

It reminded me of the scene in the film where Goku and Meta-Coolers fight using Momentane Teleportation.
Even though that wasn’t in black and white.
Perhaps Goku’s new move involves Momentane Teleportation.
We can anticipate the battle of Momentane Transportation VS Time-Skip!

According to TV Guide’s synopsis with spoilers, the seal of Kaio-ken gets broken.
After all this time, it seems Kaio-ken will make an appearance.
Will the new move be an upgraded Kaio-ken or a different attack altogether?

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