Dragon Ball Super [Episode 39] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Goku’s new finisher – Kaio-ken Kamehameha!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 39 is –
「Counterattack of Evolved Time-Skip!? Goku’s new finisher!」

Air date: April 17 2016



Last time, we saw Hit’s special ability.
”Time-Skip” – a ability that can pause time for 0.1 second!
He defeated Vegeta by using this ability!

Whis revealed that Monaca are just a ”normal layman”.
Piccolo only know about it aside of Whis and Beerus.
Monaca were a person which has been chosen to just to increase Goku and Vegeta’s motivation.

Goku VS Hit’s fight has also begun!
Goku overcame “Time-Skip” by predicting Hit’s movement.
I guess he is quick‐witted than Vegeta!
And fight between serious has begun.

First half of Episode 39

Goku transforms to Super Saiyan Blue.

Piccolo gets angry about Goku revealing cards to them.
Hit might try unpredictable move from next time.
But Goku judged they people can’t easily change habit.

Goku attacks!
Its really aggressive battle while both moving all time!
Seems Hit and Goku are both at same level!

Goku hits intense hook!
Hit barely takes hit with one hand.
悟空「Come on! Why don’t you time-Skip?」
Another intense kick to Hit’s side!
Drives upper after that!
Hit blown away after taking final right hook by Goku!

But Hit still bear and stands.
Goku smirk while looking at that.

Hit「Thats my… limit….」
Goku「Then, use it. Time-Skip.」

Hit stares to Goku.

Hit attacks while using Time-Skip!
Video’s color turns to Black-and-White.

But Goku’s powerful attack hits to Hit’s stomach!
Hit gets blown away!

Bulma and others delights!
Champa「That unbreakable Time-Skipping…!?」
Vados「Has been broke..」

Vegeta「He used my previous battle as stepping-stone! He completely predicted Hit’s habit movement.」

Goku broke Time-Skip completely.
Now Goku suggests to surrender.

Hit stands up and looks down silently.

Hit suddenly shouts!
Raising he’s Ki with purple aura!

Hit gets back to normal.
But he seems to be upgraded.

Hit attacks to Goku!
Continuously attacking, yet Goku are still fine.
He’s Time-Skip are also completely predicted.
Goku feels that Hit does not appears to be upgraded at all.

Champa are getting worried for looking at it.

Goku tries to finish him!
Goku「I got this!!」

Strong shock sound resounds!
But Hit’s punch were hitting to Goku’s stomach!
Goku fall down by taking counter attack by Hit.

Goku shows agonized face.
Judgment「Are you okay? Can you continue?」
Goku can’t answer well because is his painfulness.

Judgment「g.. game se…」
Goku「W.. wait!!」
Goku stands up that he says that he can still fight.

Hit that can’t power up just like Saiyan only have one way to be strong.
Piccolo「Hit just simply grown while this short period of time.」

Hit never thought about growing and be stronger.
He noticed that he has to grow in order to be strong.
He can increase his limit.
And he has been succeeded to increase Time-Skip duration to 0.2 seconds.

Later half of Episode 39

Goku look up at Hit with tough face.
Champa delights for that!
Indicates Hit to finish him.

Hit ignores Champa’s indication!
Stares at Goku that look anguish and trying to stand up.
Hit「Stand up.」
Goku barely stands up.
Hit「You made me strong. I repaid you. But this is last overlook.」

Hit changed his posture to utilize his potential at highest level.

Hit stares at Goku calmly!
Goku stares Hit with severe face.

Attack by Hit has been damaged him severely.
Goku predicts that he will only be able to take few more shots remaining.

But thinks that is he managed to bear Hit’s attack, he can predict Hit’s 0.2 secs Time-Skip.
Vegeta believes that Saiyan will learn and improve whilst battle.

Hit perceive Goku’s plan!
Hit makes series of attacks!
Goku failed to avoid attacks and takes all of them.

Hit says after that.
Hit「I’m always growing.」
Goku fall down.

Time-Skip duration were increased to 0.5 seconds.
Hit were evolving again.

Hit「Murdering against rules, right?」
Asks to Gudgment while looking at Goku which cant stand up anymore.

But Goku stads up!
Hit cant believe he still can stand!
He thinks its persistence for vistory.
But goku denys that.

Goku seems to have a incomplete finisher trick.
He were not purposed to hide this, but this one is just simply unstable.
It appears to be a work in progress trick for fighting against Beerus.

Goku「If failed, My body will be heavily damaged!」
Goku severely raises Ki.

Champa indicates Hit to attack it while that!
Vados also surprising that there is one-rank higher than Super Saiyan Blue.
Hit stares at Goku that keeps raising his Ki.

Hit wants to try his best to be stronger as Goku!
Goku’s raising Ki is calmed, and all aura has been disappeared.

Blue and Red aura surrounds around body with that shout.

He might have died if he missed Ki controlling even a bit.
But he managed to control Ki and succeeded!
Goku「Kaio-ken! Thats my last and strongest card!」

Goku starts attacking!
Hit can’t see Goku’s movement.

Scene switches to Vegeta’s reminisce scene.
A fight on earth that both Galick Gun and Kamehameha against.
That was reminisce of Vegetal that got blown away with Kaio-ken×4.

Vegeta knows well about threatens of Kaio-ken.
Its a trick that significantly increases power instead of draining staying powers all at same time!

Old Kai「Using this while Super Saiyan that forces own body are crazy idea that might make him dead.」
Thats the reason that Goku has been sealing this stick.

But Goku predicts that its possible while Super Saiyan Blue with its power and gentleness, can perfectly controls his Ki.
Vegeta gets frustrated since Goku always goes more than him.

Hit gets surprised and confused by looking at its crazy Ki explosions!
Goku「Its ×10!! Kaio-Ken×10!!!」

Drives attack to Hit’s face!
Hit also resists with counter attack!

Its battle with Time-Skip VS Kaio-Ken!
Dragon Ball Super’s Opening song being played at background.

Goku breaks his evolved 0.5 secs Time-Skip again.
Goku「I’m standing at further far away than your Time-Skip!」

Aggressive combat goes on.
But Goku finally overcome and beats Hit, and Hit got blown away!

Goku aware that Kaio-ken mode for Super Saiyan Blue won’t last any longer.
Decides to drive Kaio-Ken Kamehameha to finish match quick!!


Tries to hold down while shouting, but made to avoid shots with speed moving!
Goku「Right there!!」
Goku chase Hit inside Kamehameha!
Hit tries to take that with left hand!


Kamehameha destroys dome covering whole arena!
All around getting covered with dazzling light.

My personal review and thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode.
Hit’s Time-Skip were evolving in a row, 0.1, 0.2, then 0.5 secs.
Seems like it grows faster than Saiyan!

Vegeta were already mentioning, but Goku already watched battle against Vegetal and Hit.
Thats also one fact that he were able to do well against him, Since he understands Time-Skipping before starting battle!

And the new finishing trick were Kaio-Ken as previous spoiler mentioned.
I was expecting what color of Aura is for Kaio-ken, but it appears to be Red and Blue!
I personally like moving sound effect for Kaio-ken, but I was not able to hear that with this episode, and it was just an normal sound effect.
That was bit unfortunate for me.

It appears to be Kaio-ken have limitation of ×10 when Super Saiyan Blue.
We also noticed the reason he sealed this trick.
It just pressures body too much.
Maybe Kaio-ken were unable to use is regardless of multiple.

Goku shoots Kamehameha at very last.
Hit tried to old down but avoided shot with rapid move, then Goku shoots finishing?
It looked weird that both of them were in Kamehameha.
To be honest, I still can’t understand whats going on there.

Maybe Goku tried to fire another attack since Hit avoided?
But Hit also seems to be tried to take attack.

This fight finally ends in next episode!
Rumors says that Goku will going to win at the end.
I’m looking forward how they will going to finish match!

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