Dragon Ball Super [Episode 40] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: The end of Universe Tournament! New development with Zen-Oh showing up!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 40 is
「Finally coming to an end! Who has won, Beerus or Champa?」

Air date: April 26 2016




Goku and Hit started to fight with there real strength!
Goku breaks the Time-Skip and started to push Hit!
But Hit, who has started to evolve during the fight, increased the ability of the Time-Skip!
Hit is now able to stop time until 0.5 second!
That drives Goku into a corner.

Goku uses Kaio-ken which he was sealing in order to beat Hit!
Puts 10 times Kaio-ken on top of Super Saiyan Blue!
Shoots Kamehameha to Hit!

The first half of episode 40

The dome gets destructed by the Kamehameha.
Everyone almost get sucked into the space from a crack that kamehameha made, but Whis restores the dome and saves the audience.


Hit was standing still as if nothing had happened, and Goku was safe too.

It first look like as if he is out of arena, but it turned out to be alright because he is above the arena.

Hit「Strong enemy’s existence allows me to grow」
Hit increased the length of Time-Skip even more in order to avoid Goku’s attack.

Hit「I can still get stronger!」
Goku「If that’s so…」

Goku holds out his fist toward Hit with a smile.
Looking at that, Hit smiles back.
Universe 6 Supreme Kai can’t help to hide his surprise to Hit’s smile.
Hit answers to the fist being held.

They both spread away from each other and takes a distance!
Fighting position of Hit changed because of his development.
Whis praise Hit for how his action is so reasonable.
It is rather too reasonable that it is almost scary.
Goku「It’s unbelievable such a guy existed!」

Goku’s body is hurt because of the Kaio-Ken he used.
Champs finds that out, and orders Hit not to face Kaio-Ken straight and to run away from it to buy time!
Cabba「Wait a moment please. If Hit wins like that, then his pride would be…」
Champs gets really mad against what Cabba said.

Champs「Listen! You guys are just a piece of a game!」
That voice reached Goku and Hit, and they both gave strong gaze toward Champa.


Champs being flinched by the gaze, he falls heavily on his butt.

Vados dissuade Champa’s anger.
It looks like Vados wants to keep looking at the fight.

Goku feels really happy to fight with a strongest guy on Universe 6.
The two gets pumped up and starts to attack each other.
Just that spirit may even break the dome.

Hit increases the length of the Time-Skip even more and attacks Goku continuously.
Goku takes every attack Hit makes and starts to fall down.



But in middle of that Goku brace his feet!
Hit「How can he!!」
Goku increases his energy and gives hit a counter attack at once!
Surprised by that, Hit takes a direct hit of the attack, crashing into the wall and gets a lot of damage.

It looks like Goku’s body is at its limit because of the Kaio-Ken he used.
Goku then asks Beerus to call off every rule of this competition.

The latter half of episode 40

According to the rule, ”killing” is prohibited.
Goku thought that if the fight goes on with the rule, Hit can’t give all he can.
Hit’s profession is a hitman, and he must have a lot of way to kill.

Goku might have lost if the continuous attack he took before were made with a killing intent.

Goku apologizes Hit for not noticing that till now.
Hit「Aren’t you afraid of being killed?」
Goku「Well… I won’t get hit next time!」
Hit「I can’t believe a guy like you existed in this world.」

Champs pleased with that saying “that’s the sportsmanship!” and allows the rule change.
But Beerus is against the rule change which will make Champa more profitable.
Beerus and Champa snarls at each other.
Goku and Hit watches it.

Hit「It looks like were just a piece of game huh?」
Goku「Well… for now, right?」

Goku is amazed at Beerus and Champa still fighting.

Goku came up to a thought.
Goku「Hey! Let’s fight next time where we don’t have any disruption.」
Saying that, he started to walk.
Whatever he thought, Goku just out of the arena.

Beerus and Champa were both being astonished.
The rules haven’t changed, so it’s Goku’s loss because he step out of arena!

Goku came back to the arena.
Smiling at Hit, Goku releases the Kaio-Ken.
The effect of Kaio-Ken turned out to be very strong, it looks like Goku’s body really hurts, and collapsed to the ground.
It was Piccolo who took care of Goku.

Hit「Goku… you surprise me every second.」
Saying that, Hit left.

Finally, Monaka against Hit!
Goku came back to the audience seat.
Of course, Beerus is really angry.

あのまま続けていても界王拳の時間切れで負けていたと判断した悟空。Goku decided that even if he kept on fighting, he would have lost because Kaio-Ken wouldn’t have last long.
Champs and Beerus arguing for a long time was a part of reason too.

Goku says that there is no problem because there is Monaka who is stronger then him, Beerus couldn’t say anything to that.

Looking at Hit, Monaka gets frightened

His legs are shivering.
He some how jumped down to the arena, but with his head sinked into the arena because he landed on his head.


Beerus「Oohhh no! It’s the end…!」
Monaca and Hit stood against each other, with Monaca being frightened as he possibly could.
Hit「I understand…」

The match begins at last.
Monaca try to throw a punch against Hit with nothing to lose.
Monaca’s punch reached Hit making a 「Poco!」 sound!

Hit makes no reaction, and it looks like the punch didn’t give Hit any damage!
Hit went flying suddenly making a loud sound.

Hit flew to the space out of the arena.
Monaca doesn’t know what had happened.

Hit is out of the arena, so the winner is Monaca!
With this. every match is finished!
The winner is Universe 7

Beerus couldn’t believe it.
Goku「Amazing! He’s strong!」
Burma and others were cheering!
Universe 7’s side is in a harmonious mood.
Goku thanks Hit for letting him know the Time-Skip before hand.

Hit「Now we are all square!」
Whispering it, he went back to where Champa is.

Hit「I don’t want the cube anymore. Let me go home.」
Champa doesn’t even have a little thought of letting him leave
Champa makes an energy ball on his hand, but Hit knew this would happen.

He is angry at how fighters disobeyed his order and how the last battle ended!
He is also mad at members other than Hit too.

He’s about to destroy everyone.

Goku wonders at Champa’s action.
Beerus stops Goku saying not to get too cocky.

The time that Goku and other were the star is already over.
From now 2 God of Destruction, Beerus and Champa is in charge.
God of Destruction is the rule.

Only way to change the rule, is to fight God of Destruction.
Champa laughs highly.
At that time, Vados finds someone on the arena!
Looks like Whis found that out too.
Beerus「you got to be kidding me…」

Vados calls Champa many times but he doesn’t notice at all.
Finally Champa notice

Champa「That can’t be… He’s…」
Beerus and Champa both being frighten as they could possible could.

Champa, Beerus「Zen-Oh!!」

My personal review and thought

Episode 40 enjoyed me a lot as usual.
It didn’t go as I predicted but the story betrayed me in a good way!

Previous story ended with a enormous kamehameha, but Hit was standing unharmed as if nothing had happened.
I thought Goku would win, or at least tie against Hit.
I was rather sorry to make a wrong prediction because the way Goku lost was out of my mind.

As Goku said, if he continued to fight, Hit would have probably won the fight.
Kaia-Ken is at its limit and Hit have some more killing technique that he haven’t showed yet!
Sometime we can see Hit’s killing techniques!

It turns out that Monaca is really weak.
On manga, Whis said that if Monaca gets mad, even Beerus have hard time beating him.
Monaca may be strong if he gets mad! Nobody would know the truth!

It looks like Goku still thinks Monaca is really strong, just like how people living on Earth thinks Mr.Satan is strong.
Can’t believe he doesn’t notice that.

New character Zen-Oh arrives.
From the way Champa and Beerus was frightened, he’s probably greater than them.
Can he be the master of all the Universes?
In the next story, they gather all the Dragon Balls and Dragon of the Gods is showing up.
I wonder what Universe 7 wished for after their win!

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