Dragon Ball Super [Episode 41] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Here comes! Zen-Oh & Ryujin Zalama!

【with Images】 The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 41 is –
「Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish pretty peas!!」

Air Date: May 1 2016



Goku VS Hit The battle, Goku vs Hit is finally settled. Hit won the battle! Goku lost the battle by going outside of the ring.
During the battle, Beerus and Champa were arguing. Goku wanted fight without any distraction, so he decided to settle this battle by losing himself from this match.
Seems like Goku’s kaio-ken was maxed up. There seems more critical skill that Hit kept for this battle battle.
Either way, Hit won this battle。

Final battle, Monaka VS Hit was revealed.
During the battle, Hit finds out that Monaka is not the strong opponent who fight with.
When he noticed the weakness of Monaka, Hit decided to get off from the ring and repay the debt to Goku.

The God of Destruction, Universe 6, Champa thinks all his members in this battle as a piece of game.
Now he is furious! He is mad about that Hit did not listen Champa’s order, the way of losing the match, and to others.
Now furious Campa tried to destroy all of his members in this battle.
Then the person who called Zen-Oh appeared.
The appearance of Zen-Oh made Beerus and Champa very upset.

The first half of episode 41

Because of the surprise guest, all the people in the stadium are panic!
According to Beerus, Zen-Oh is the person who is the reign of this entire universe!
Whis「Are you sure it is ok looking down from this place?」
Beerus「It is not OK!!」

Very upset Beerus jump out from the audience seats, and so as Champa.

Beerus and Champa stand straight in front of Zen-Oh and bow.

Beerus and Champa「Welcome! Zen-Oh!」

Seems like Whis hasn’t had seen Zen-Oh for a while.
Vados gives Zen-Oh proper greeting.
Zen-Oh only says「Okay」

All Supreme Kai gathered in front of Zen-Oh and bow.
Supreme Kai asked Zen-Oh why he is here.

Zen-Oh「I came here to warn you guys doing this battle thing without my permission。」
Zen-Oh is here to warn the God of Destructions not doing their job.
Beerus and Champa apologize to Zen-Oh with cold sweat!
Whis and Vados seem cool as usual. Seems like they are not afraid of Zen-Oh at all.

Whis「Listen, Zen-Oh. Beerus is into eating and napping instead of destruction.」
Vados「Champa is eating too much as you see.」
Whis and Vados tattletale.

Zen-Oh「Hmmm should I replace the God of Destructions?」
Beerus and Champa heard the Zen-Oh and panic.

But, guess that was just a joke. Seems like Zen-Oh enjoyed the battle of Universe 6 and Universe 7.

Zen-Oh「See? So, isn’t this good idea that we can gather all fighters from the whole universe and do the same battle next time?」
Goku「Serious? Seems so fun!」

Goku cut in the conversation and tried to come close to Zen-Oh, but stopped by Zen-Oh’s attendants.

Goku really wants to talk to Zen-Oh. But even Beerus stops him saying Zen-Oh is not the level of person that Goku can speak with.

But Zen-Oh let Goku to talk with him.
He gave Goku a compliment about the battle with Hit.

Zen-Oh「Let’s do battle sometimes soon! 」
Goku「Better promise! Hahaha」
And Goku tries to shake hand with Zen-Oh.

Looking at this surprised situation between Zen-Oh and Goku, Beerus and Champa lost their words!
「uh….」Zen-Oh has no facial expression, but he seems confused.
Everybody worried, and looking at Goku, even attendant from Zen-Oh.

Then, Zen-Oh finally give Goku a hand.
Beerus and Champa relieved.

Then, Goku holds Zen-Oh’s hand and lift him up!
Beerus and Champa「Ooooh my god!」
Attendant’s face changed as nervous.



Zen-Oh「It’s okay! It’s okay! You are funny! 」
「Well, I am going home!」

Goku「OK! See ya!」

Zen-Oh holds hand with his attendant.
Then they left.

All people in studium feel relieved.
Beerus says that if Zen-Oh want, he can destroy whole 12 universe in a second.
Goku was confident about Zen-Oh, is not a bad guy.

Because of Goku’s action, Beerus lost the feeling of victory.
Champa says the next battle Zen-Oh wants to have is the real battle, so he does not regret any of this battle.

As promised, Beerus got Super Dragonball.
Champa leaves with his members of Universe 6.

Cabba is happy to guide Vegeta to planet Sadla. Cabba calls Vegeta as his mentor. But Vegeta denies.

Goku promised Hit to battle again.
He said rebattle in 3 days, but he asked Hit if he could battle tomorrow.
But Hit says nothing and leave.

Majin Buu is awake.
Seems like Mr. Satan likes Monaka a lot.
Mr. Satan asks Monaka to be an image character for the gym he owns.

Bulma warns Beerus not to use the Super Dragon Ball for horrible thing. Then, she uses the Radar and finds out the location of the last Super Dragon Ball.
But the Radar is not showing the last Super Dragon Ball.

Android 18 looked at the Radar and noticed that all 7 Super Dragon Ball is already gathered in one.
Looking up the sky, there are only 6 of them.

Monaka gives Whis an advise to look them in three-dimensions.
He has a lot of opportunities to look map of universe at his work.
Whis noticed something by the advice.

The later half of episode 41

Whis put everybody in cube and out for universal space.

Whis waves wand. 「The nameless planet」where they were earlier start cracking and exploded.
The nameless planet exploded. The last Super Dragon Ball appeared.
The last Super Dragon Ball was buried in the planet.
Piccolo says it is because of when Dragon Ball scattered to the universe last time, it hit the planet.

Goku asked Bulma the words to summon Shenron.
Bulma warns Beerus again not to ask for something terrible!
Beerus gets sick of Bulma.
Vegeta warns Bulma.

Tell Beerus the word.
Bulma「Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish pretty peas!」
It needs to say in Gods’ language.

Whis is outside of the cube. Beerus tells Whis the word in Gods’ language.

There is no Gods’ language of “pretty peas.”
Whis recite the word Beerus taught him.

Red stars in Super Dragon Ball start growing!
Stars start moving. They start forming hexagon centering on 4th Super Dragon Ball.
Air vibrate. Unleash and scatter bright, golden light.

Then, the golden-sleeping dragon, surrounded by clear-cube, is now appeared in front of them.
The Super Shenron opens its glowing eyes, opening the wings and roar!

The Super Shenron flies around in the universe with spectacular BGM!
The Super Shenron is huge, gorgeous, and spectacular!


Goku and others realized that they are no longer in the same place where they were.
Piccolo says they are inside of the Super Shenron.


Inside, there is Shenron.
Beerus says this is more like core of its existence.

Super Shenron asks their wish by Gods’ language.
Actually, Beerus hasn’t thought of wishes yet.
Beerus thought of his wishes and tells Whis.
Whis tells Beerus’ wish to Super Shenron!


Super Shenron unleashed the dazzling light, and grants the wish, roar, and disappear its figure.
Super Dragon Ball appeared and scattered again.

Bulma and others are wondering about what Beerus wished.
The wish that Beerus asked Super Shenron was, to change his bed more comfortable one.
Even Bulma can make Beerus dream come true.
Now, Bulma is furious.

On the other hand, Vados and Champa is moving across the universe.
Vados’s wand glows.
The earth in universe 6 is now restored. The human life is again come back to life.
It also has the same culture as universe 7!

Actually, Beerus wished Super Shenron the restoration of the earth.
Champa heard the story from Vados.
Champa「Damn, he did such an unnecessary thing. So annoying !」
Champa says, but looks like he is happy.

Whis, of course, know what Beerus wished.
Beerus just gets Champa in his debt. Now, Champa, he owes Beerus one.

Arrived in Beerus’ Planet!
Goku really wants to fight with Monaka.
Monaka is tired.
Beerus promise Goku to battle with Monaka next time. Goku understood and left.

Beerus gives Monaka permission to go back to his work.
Monaka’s actual job is delivery.
Monaka is so happy to get some treasure as gratitude.
Beerus asks Monaka to work hard as Goku’s stalking horse.


Members are so excited about the universal battle.
The cube with members are now arrived at the earth.

My personal reviews and thoughts

The Goku’s attitude toward Zen-Oh was so casual and usual as Goku.
On the other hand, Beerus and Champa are so nervous toward Zen-Oh.
Whis and Vados were so cool.
The Goku’s attitude toward Zen-Oh was so casual and usual as Goku.
On the other hand, Beerus and Champa are so nervous toward Zen-Oh.
Whis and Vados were so cool.

I am so curious about their position in this story.

Zen-Oh’s voice and attitude seems like a child.
There may be a higher person than Zen-Oh!

I think the story got way too big. But I still excited about the battle held in with whole universe together!
Also, I am so excited about some new characters!
I really have the feeling of this series of Dragon Ball Super will continue further.

Super Shenron is so gorgeous and spectacular.
This is what calls Dragon Ball Super!
The gods’ language is just the way you read the spell in the opposite way !(in Japanese.)

Monaka’s regular job is a delivery man!
Monaka looks good in uniform!

From the preview of next episodeI saw Monaka and Goku are battling again!
He looks so strong!
Inside the Monaka could be a different person.
I am very looking forward to see next episode!

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