Dragon Ball Super [Episode 42] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Dream Fight-Monaka vs Goku

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 42 is –
“a Stormy Celebration! Monaka and Goku Finally Confronts”

Air date: May 8 2016



Previously, Champa lose battle and desperately tried to break up whole member.
At that moment Zen-Oh a man at the top of the whole universe appears.
He left after suggesting to have a fighting match involving 12 universes.

Summoned a Super Shenron with completed 7 Super Dragon Ball.
The earth in the 6th universe has revived by whe whish fulfilled by Beerus.
He owed a debt of gratitude for this.

Monaka returned to his usual job by finishing a fighting match.
He’s job is home delivery service.
Then Cube returned to earth with a member of 7th universe.

Episode 42 Trailer and Forecast

We can see Monaka with different lip color.
Usually its pink but it is purple in trailer!
Aura are also purple.

Im sure he is really strong since he actually fights equally against Goku.
But could be someone else who’s just disguised as Monaka, its because that usually Monaka is pretty weak.
It might be Beerus since aura are purple.

I can also see some ununderstandable situation such as like Krillin using Solar Flare, and Piccolo catching Goku’s feet using streching arm.

There is also possibility that Whis is giving a hallucination to convince Goku that really wants to fight against Monaka.
Can be just a dream!

The first half of episode 42

Bulma invites Whis to tomorrow’s celecration!
Bulma and Whis are pleasure to eat loads of treat food.
Bulma tells Whis to also invite Monaka, which heavily contributed for the victory.

But Whis and Beerus are worried to invite Monaka to celebration because Goku mignt appeal to fight against Monaka again.

He cant accept lie as a god, also Goku and Vegeta might lose motivation.
Zen-Oh’s evaluation also might decrease.
They decided to adsence Monaka for being busy on work.

Next day, many members gathered to Capsule Corporation!
Gohan will only be able to join celebration on afternoon.
Goku went to farm so he will not be able to come soon.

Bulma tries to start celebration even though all member isnt gathered!
Vegeta「Wait until Beerus will arrive!」
Vegeta told him to wait.
He wants to avaid Beerus’s evaluation will decrease.

Home delivery car arrives at that moment!
Seems like Jaco has ordered a popular sweets in universe.
The person who got off from car was Monaka.

Monaka is working on Home delivery company in universe.
Chi-Chi astonished because Monaka became strong and working very hard.

Monaka seems to be not notified that they will do a celebration.
And Mr. Satan appears.
He called Monaka as Kinako.

He were saying that he wants contract as a mascot.
Made a costume to advertise Monaka, the universe most strongest person.


Bulma「We dont have to talk about that now!」
Bulma softly treat Satan and told Monaka to enjoy celebration.

Trunks tried to eat sweets which Monaka brought.
Goten stops that.
Monaka gets thrusted by involving to that conflict!

Monaka cries when he got thrusted.
And everyone starts to doubt that Moanaca isn’t strong.

Krillin「Hey, is Monaka really a strong guy?」
Piccolo「W, Well… Not sure.」

Whis and Beerus arrives!
They both surprised that Monaka is there.

Bulma gets angry for not inviting Monaka.
Bulma「Maybe bacause that you guys don’t want us to realize Monaka is weak?」
Bulma make a guess!
Vegeta tries hard to stop quarrel.
At that time, everyone be certain that Monaka is weak.

Beerus really wants to avaid Goku to know this.
He put pressure on everyone!
But Goku just appears using Momentane Teleportation!

And instantly realizes that Monaka is here.
Negotiating to have a fighing match against Monaka.
But Chi-Chi told Goku to change his dirty clothes to gain time.
Beerus「She saved my life!」

Bulma「Hey? a God shouldnt say lie. 」
Vegeta「Stop it Bulma!」

Vegeta understand that Beerus are lying for Earth, making Monaka as goal for Goku and him self to keep motivation and tryhard for training.

Then Whis starts to explain everything.
If Goku knows that Monaka is weak, he will lose motivation.
Since universe’s God of Destruction are very fierce, Goku needs to be more strong to save Earth.
If he lose fighting match next…
Then everyone agrees and cooporates to hide the truth that Monaka is weak.

Goku comes back with exchanged clothes.
And ofcourse negotiating to fight against Monaka.


Beerus assign Goku to do situps for 100trillion times to fight against Monaka!
And Goku starts situp for serious!

Everyone tries hard to hide that Monaka is weak.
Goten suggests to disguise it, and everyone admire to that awesome idea.
Trunks suggests Beerus to disguise!
Beerus「What… I…? I disguise?」

The later half of episode 42

Beerus suffers that does he has to do that far!
Whis「Its the matter that you have meen made.」
Goku gets ready to fight against Monaka by finishing his 100trillion situps!

100trillion situps takes for 3million years even doing once per second!
Beerus concludes that its cheating!

Since Goku was counting once=1trillion so thats why 100trillion situps just finished so quickly.
Chi-Chi「Goku can’t count that amount of number properly!」

Goku pulls Monaka’s hand and forcely tries to start match!
Trunks and Goten brings Monaka’s mascot!

Chiaotzu freezes Goku using his Super Power!
Krillin uses Solar Flare to separata Goku and Monaka.


Beerus suffers a lot and finally decided to wear a mascot!
Stands in front of Goku!

Goku feels weird because Monaka became larger and feels simmilar Ki as Beerus.
But somehow Goku just managed to self-solving that!

Bulma forcely changes the battlefield to avoid party grounds will be messed!
Since Bulma have weakness on Beerus, he can be aggressive to Beerus.


Battle with Goku and Fake-Monaka beguns!
Fake-Monaka(Beerus) make a preemptive attack to Goku because he wants to finish this quick!
Mascot starts to break and his purple skin exposures.
Fake-Monaka that cares about mascot that he wears and gets bit pushed by Goku.

Vegeta fear that Beerus might say to destroy earth.
Bulma also regrets for being carried away too far against Beerus.

Mascot tear and head also starts to face other way!

Piccolo and Vegeta couldn’t stand to see that and help Fake-Monaka!
Piccolo hide Fake-Monaka and Vegeta fixes his head.

Goku「Hey! What are you guys doing??」
Vegeta「I… I even don’t know.」
Piccolo「Monaka seems having super power that controls other people….」
Fake-Monaka fixed his revealed purple skil while that.

Piccolo「 O, Oh.. Nooo my arms moving by it selfff」
Then catches Goku’s feet!
Vegeta「Damn you lousy actor!」
Then Vegeta also tries to stop Goku!


But both 2 of them gets thrown by Fake-Monaka!
Beerus be full of drive with Purple aura!
Hand-to-hand combat resumes!
Fake-Monaka continuously attacks Goku.

Beerus are actually having fun according to Whis.
The fight with restriction are fresh, and never attended on fighting match.

Fake-Monaka’s mascot gets tear and purple skin reveals!
Both keeps fighting without noticing that.



At the moment both punches hardly, Whis stops that!

Goku negotiates for continuing fight!
Whis「Even Beerus tells you to stop it?」
Puar that disguises as Beerus!

Fight gets interrupted!
Celebration will going to begin finally.

Yamcha「Monaka just fall down in a faint for seeing that terrific battle!」
There’s a real Monaka that stand still and gets fainted…
At that moment, Yamcha broke everything!

Fake-Monaka gets super angry with his purple aura!
Vegeta「Damn, Its always be like that…」

But Goku says!
Goku「Hey you! You can split like Buu or something?」
Fake-Monaka’s anger be settles since Goku seems not noticing that its real monaka.

Beerus「What a awful farce. I better not to lie anymore…」
Celebration resumes!


My personal review and thoughts

There was a guess that Goku vs Monaka are actually some Dream or its fake-monaka.
I thought there is someone conpletely different and new inside that fake-monaka but I’m surprised that it was Beerus!

Goku and Vegets’s padded sleeveless undergarment and combat clothes are reverted to its previous design.
It fits well and looke better! I prefer this design!

Vegeta didn’t surprised much even he realised that Monaka was weak.
He maybe already noticed about it.

This time we saw wuite a lot of sub-characters talking and using powers!
Also saw some good old Chiaotzu’s super power and Clilin’s Solar Flare!
Its awesome that those super powers actually did effected on Goku even it dosent against Nappa.

Piccolo and Vegeta’s poor acting was very funny.
I suppose Whis that easily stopped fight between Goku and Beerus have unlimited power level.

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