Dragon Ball Super [Episode 43] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Appearance of Arare and other nostalgic characters!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super”Episode 43 is –
「Goku Can’t Control his Ki !? A Struggle to look after Pan」

Air date: May 15th 2016



The previous episode was about their everyday life after they finished the martial arts competition.
This episode was about convincing Goku who was so desperate to fight with the universe 7-strongest Monaka!

Everyone except Goku knew Monaka was weak.
But in order to keep Goku’s motivation high, they kept it secret!
Reluctantly Beerus in a Monaka’s costume fought with Goku!

It was a pretty rough match.
Whis stopped them eventually with the match unsettled.
It was great that Goku was satisfied and Beerus lie was not found out.
We had lots of fun scenes like a mishap of Yamcha and a transformation of Puar.

Episode 43 Trailer and Forecast

It is another ordinary day for them.
This time, we have Korin and Yajirobe.
Pilaf Gang from 「Revival of Frieza Series」 has reappeared.

There has been a rumor on the internet about the Appearance of Arare
The rumor spread from the voice actor of Arare who announced her appearance on the show at her blog site.
You can’t see Arare in this trailer.
It’s so exciting to see how they will feature her!

In the fight against Hit, Goku used Kaio-ken x 10 and Super Saiyan Bule simultaneously. He seemed to lose control of his Ki because of that.

It looks like Goku can’t teleport well in the trailer.
Maybe this defect leads him to teleport into Penguin Village?
And then encounter Arare?

There the Pilaf gang appears seeking revenge against Goku who can’t control his Ki well!
It looks like it’s going to be a comedy including Pan.
I guess Pan would be strong enough to beat up the Pilaf gang even though she is just a baby because of her family blood line.

The first half of episode 43

Goku is having a meal at home.
But it seems he has little appetite, eating half as much as usual.
Chi-Chi and Goten are worried about him.
It doesn’t seem he is ill from fever, nor another death.

According to Goku, he couldn’t handle Flight well either.
He told them he actually crashed during the Flight on the way to get his groceries.

Chi-chi suggested him to see Kaio-sama!
Goku didn’t want to worry them so he kept it to himself..
Looking at the uneasiness of Goten and Chi-Chi he decided to see and talk with Kaio-sama!

So he left by teleportation!
But he ended up finding himself in Bulma’s bedroom.

He bumped into Bulma fresh after her taking a bath!
Of course, she screamed out loud!
Hearing her screams, Vegeta rushed in!


Goku「I wouldn’t bother to go to someone else’s house to see their saggy boobs」
Goku innocently spoke what he thought.
Vegeta and Bulma flushed into rage!
Goku teleported again after saying sorry.


Next stop, he teleported to the Police box Krillin works in.

Next stop was Penguin Village!
Arare「Poke poke, poke poke」
There he bumped into Arare poking a poop!
Arare 「N’cha! (Hi)」
She saw Goku and said hi but Goku ignored her and kept teleporting.
There was no interaction between them.


Next, he teleported on the top of Korin Tower.
Goku「Gee wiz…I’m much sicker than I thought!」
Then Goku teleported again.
The camera flashed to Korin and Yajirobe looking up at Goku’s teleporting.

He managed to make it to where Kaio-sama lives after so mcuh teleportation!
According to Kaio-sama, it was diagnosed as 「Late-Onset Disordered Ki Syndrome」

It was a syndrome caused by some irresponsible way of using Ki.
Definitely from Kaioken x 10!
It is similar to muscular pain so it will pass on its own in a short time.

Kaio-sama warns Goku it is dangerous to fight by foreseeing time ,Time skipper technique
Without realizing it, it separates his consciousness from his sense and makes him unable to fight.
Kaio-sama gave Goku some advice to give up fighting and start taking care of his grandchild.

Goku is nervous and worrying about not being able to fight anymore.
Kaio-sama seemed rather happy being mean to him.
It seemed he still had some grudge about when he got trapped to death because of Goku in the past.

Back at his home,Chi-Chi was worried about him while Goten was asleep.
Goku flew back home after teleportation.
Sure enough, he failed Flight again and crashed into his own house.
Chi-Chi raged!

Next day, Gohan and Videl appear!
A great professor and his wife appear!
They have an important talk at a restaurant.

Seems like the professor is interested in hiring Gohan as an assistant.
Gohan got his praise about his presentation at a conference.
Then he receives a call from Goku!
Gohan left the table without understanding the situation.


Goku told Gohan about his visiting Gohan’s home on the phone.
Goku explained how he lost the control of his Ki.
Goku told his temporal stay at Gohan’s place.
The conversation was heard by the Pilaf gang!

Chi-Chi was so excited 「A diligent Saiyan is born!」
The damaged house seemed to have been repaired with 100 million zenny from Mr.Satan!
It was her lie she already spent all a while ago.

Piccolo is about to leave!
Piccolo「I promised I’d watch the house and babysit when nobody else was available, but now you do it. 」
Before leaving, Piccolo is making sure if Chi-Chi can make baby food!
He confirms the places of her toys and picture books!
He gives advice to sing her songs in case when she cries at night!
Her favorite baby food recipe!
He knew everything about Pan already!

Pan is so shy that she would cry if anyone but Piccolo holds her.
Piccolo is leaving, saying ‘ Call me if you REALLY need help!

Piccolo seemed to want to stay with her longer so he was returning with more excuses!
He cares about Pan so much.

The latter half of episode 43

Goku is feeling a bit melancholic stargazing with Piccolo and Pan up on the roof of Gohan’s house.
He is not feeling right about skipping his daily training..
He says if he fought Piccolo now, he’d probably lose!

Next day, the Pilaf gang appears in Gohan’s house with the Pilaf machine into which they’ve poured all the money from their part time job!

Mai and Shu are against the revenge since they had fun in doing their part time job!
Pilaf’s stimulating shout forced them for revenge!

Pilaf was telling his details of his plans to them. First, ‘winning the lottery’ to lure Chi-Chi and Goten out,’ next, reimbursement from his bank’s overcharging him’ to lure the green guy ( Piccolo ) out.

The operation was about getting Goku alone!
The luring plan seems useless and going nowhere!
While they’re discussing the plan, Pan crawled to them!
They were stunned!

Piccolo’s yells are heard from the house!
Piccolo「How come you took your eyes off her!!」
Pan is missing!
Goku was scolded by really loud voice you could hear even from outside the house.

The Pilaf gang was stunned by the loud scolding voice.
Without doing anything bad, they get into their Pilaf machine and begin to run away!

Mai took Pan with them by accident!
Not knowing what to do to her, the Pilaf gang gets confused!

Pan took a poop in the Pilaf machine!
All of the gang suffers from the bad smell!
Especially Shu, a dog, seems most affected!

Shu almost pukes from Pan’s headbutt!
While Pilaf punches some control buttons he scolds Shu!
The hit made the machine go out of control and it started rising suddenly!
It is impossible to get out because they aren’t any windows!
Mai「Never mind us but just spare this baby」

Goku and Piccolo are desperately seeking Pan!
Piccolo punches a wall from irritation!

The Pilaf machine finally reached the space!
Pan broke the machine with her Ki!
She successfully escaped with the Pilaf gang!

Pan saved the Pilaf gang in the space!
For some reason, all of them have no problem breathing in the space!
Pan flew back to the earth.
The debris of the Pilaf machine burned up in the atmosphere!
But Pilaf and his cohorts are not injured at all for some reason.

Pan was back at home when Gohan and Videl got back.
Around her, there were exhausted Goku, Piccolo, Chi-Chi.

When they came home after their desperate search for Pan, she was already back at home sleeping.
According to Piccolo’s assumption, she had been either under the bed or inside some closet from the first place.

Pan was able to recognize Goku as 「Grampa」 at last.
Kids grow up so fast!
Goku expects her to fly in no time.

Gohan turned down the offer to work as an assistant if you remember.
It was because he would hardly have time to go home, resulting in him not getting to spend time with Pan!
Such a fond father!
Chi-Chi was disappointed.

My personal review and thoughts

It was a peaceful everyday life episode, wasn’t it?
It was only a flash to see Arare!
It was just as expected.
It was a bit disappointing since I wished they had actual conversations.
It’s been a while since we saw Korin and Yajirobe as well!

Personally, this episode was full of awesome highlights.
The appearance of Bulma after her bathtime and the following dialogue with rashed Vegeta for her scream.
It is rare to see Chi-Chi letting her hair down!
….Though it was only in her sleeping.
If my memory is correct, it was first ever to see Goku talking on the cell phone.

It was so lovely of Piccolo to babysit Pan perfectly
He was much different from when he was looking after 3-year-old Gohan ( his training ) !
He was calling Gohan as stupid brat then.
Piccolo has changed more than anybody could ever imagine since then!

It seems like this kind of everyday life episode continues until the future Trunks comes.
In the next episode, Goten and Trunks will be featured first time in long time!

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