Dragon Ball Super [Episode 44] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Combat power of Superhuman Water, Goten and Trunks!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 44 is –
「The secret of unsealed Planet Potaufu’s “Superhuman Water”!!」

Air date: May 22 2016



Previously, there was a lot of thing going on with an old characters involved!
Arale, Korin and even Yajirobe showed up!
It was kind of disappointing because they only showed up for a second.

Piccolo’s love towards Pan were seen!
It was rather heartwarming seeing Piccolo act like a babysitter!
Pilaf Gang is the best choice for a slapstick!
Pilaf Gang kidnapped Pan on the natural course.
Pilaf machine went out of control so Pan and Pilaf Gang went out to the space!
Pan came back to the house flying from the space

Everything were fine since Pan came back safely.
Latent power might be beyond Gohan!?
Pan now calls Goku「pop」 and it looks like she grew up in many ways.

Episode 44 Trailer and Forecast

Trunks and Goten got on Monaca’s car, and without Monaca noticing that, Monaca went to Planet Potaufeu, the next delivery designation.

On that planet, there was a Superhuman Water!
It looks like the story is about a person who wants to unseal it against a person who wants it kept sealed.
Fights goes around Superhuman Water, a drink which you will get a hundred times more power if you drink it.

Sacred Water and the Superest Super Water came up when we talked about water, and they both had power to power up. Sacred Water was just a water, and the Superest Super Water was a poisonous water. It let the character’s latent power show up if the character had strong mental power to endure it!

I wonder what Superhuman Water is!
Hope fusioned Gotenks will show up since he hadn’t came up lately, and I want him to change into Super Saiyan 3!
Well, I feel like this episode will end with comedy!

The first half of episode 44

The episode start on a scene on a somewhere planet.
There is a training old man named Potage, who has a pacifer around his neck.
He’s trying to go up against Gryll from another planet.


On Earth, Monaca is delivering something to Capsule Corporation.
Bulma was ordering a dessert she had at the victory celebration.
Monaca is going to Planet Potaufeu, the next delivery designation, but Monaca were made to help Bulma’s investigation because she had no one else to be helped.

Goten and Trunks came back from playing and finds Monaca’s car.
Trunks find cool sword on the truck bed.


Stuffed toy that Goten found suddenly expanded, and from that impact, truck bed’s door were closed and the two were locked up.
They can break the door to get out side, but they felt bad for Monaca so they decided to stay until Monaca gets back.

Monaca, who has no time since he was helping Bulma, came back in a hurry.
Trunks and Goten’s voice didn’t reach him, and Monaca starts to go to Planet Potaufeu, next sending designation.
Since it’s refrigerated courier service, the truck bed is really cold!

They go to Planet Potaufeu listening to a radio.
Monaca seemed to be happy since his mail was read.

Securing safety, Monaca drops down to Planet Potaufeu.
When Monaca opens truck bed, he finds Goten and Trunks freezed.
He uses hot water to unfreeze him.


Potage, who was running away, ran into them.
The pacifer goes somewher by the impact, but no one notice it.

Potage and Monaca know each other, and Monca hands Potage 「Monthly Space Martial Art」 which he ordered.
Potage was impressed to see Monaca!

Then, Gryll and the gang shows up trying to chase Potage.
It looks like Potage is really weak so Goten and Trunks beat the gang for him.
Gryll and the gang falls back for now.


According to Potage, Gryll is a bad guy trying to find out sleeping power on this planet.
Potage is protecting it, but he notices that the pacifer which protects the power is gone!

Potage asks Goten and Trunks to act along with him.
On the other hand, Monaca is passed out from the battle.
Leaving Monaca, the others go to find the pacifer.

Gryll and the gang finds the pacifer and takes Monaca as a hostage.
Gryll and the gang shows up in front of Goten, Trunks and Potage, filled with confidence.
Potage「Oh no! Superhuman will be…」

They were tied with rope since Monaca was taken as a hostage.

Gryll「Superhuman Water, a miracle water in which you can get hundred times more power if you drink it.」
Potage warns Gryll that if he unseals it, they will only get sucked in.
Ignoring waring, Gryll insets pacifer in the key, and finds a water bottle.


Looks like Superhuman Water is in it.
Gryll screams right after he held the bottle and looked into it.

The latter half of episode 44

Vegeta was at Capsule Corporation.
Bulma knew that Trunks and Goten got on Monaca’s car by looking at a security camera.

Vegeta「It’s because you ordered worthless trash!」
Bulma「What? You make it my fault!?」
Vegeta gets flinched by Bulma talking back.

There is Jaco too because Bulma called for him.
Looking at the two fighting, he thinks he’s not in need and trying to go home angerily.

Bulma trys to prevent Jaco from leaving acting cute, and she asks Jaco to pick Goten and Trunks up for her, but Jaco rejects.

It looks like Jaco is accidently working to capture Gryll, but at that time, Jaco doesn’t know that Gryll is in Planet Potaufeu.

Bulma forces Jaco to go to Planet Potaufeu by saying she’s gonna tell that Jaco drew on Galantic King’s picture.
Vegeta「Hah! Being used as planned!」
Bulma「You go too Vegeta」

Jaco and Vegeta goes to Planet Potaufeu by Bulma’s words.
The two didn’t talk at all in the spaceship.

Bulma explains Chi-Chi what happened.
On the other hand, Goku is training on King Kai’s planet.
Looks like Goku’s illness is gone!

On Planet Potaufeu, Gryll and the gang were turned into purple, and they were chasing Goten and Trunks.

Vegeta shows up in a crisis moment.
Jaco finds sudden changed Gryll.

Vegeta beats the gang easily, leaving Gryll.
Vegeta「Weaklings. Your only left.」
Gryll is smiling with a breeze look.
Enemy Vegeta beat up turd into a liquid and it wraps Vegeta up from behind.
Vegeta is struggling because he can’t breath.

Vegeta burst flying from the liquid.
He out of breathe, but he seems alight, except that he can’t put strength to his body.

Sudden;y, a voice saying 「You always have poor endgame!」 were heard.
The purple liquid turned into Vegeta form!

My personal review and thoughts

The scene where Trunks holds a sword makes me think about Future Trunks’s entrance!
At first Vegeta goes strong against Bulma, but when she fights back at him, Vegeta gets flinched.
Jaco, Vegeta and Bulma’s conversation is always interesting to watch!

Does Superhuman Water make clone of someone who drank it?
It sucks in the power of oponet too.
It sucked in Vegeta who had a breeze look on his face.
Vegeta always has a poor endgame!

On the next episode, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks apears!
Goku shows up too, and I hope for an interesting battle!
I wonder if Goku will take all the good parts!

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