Dragon Ball Super [Episode 45] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Copy-Vegeta VS Goku! Gotenks is an underdog!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 45 is –
“Is Vegeta disappeared!? The threat of Copy-Vegeta! ”

Air date: May 29 2016



Goten and Trunks were shut in Monaka’s car and came to Planet Potaufeu!
They were involved to the argument about Superhuman Water which gives you a few hundred times more power once you drink.
The two of them succeed in the argument finally.

Saute-jin who plans to get Superhuman Water, Gryll, and his friends received the power of Superhuman Water!
They changed their color to purple and try to catch Trunks and others!

Vegeta showed up when they were in trouble!
He beat purple colored Saute-jin very easily.
However, Vegeta was took into a liquid of scattered Saute-jin!
Saute-jin through Vegeta up and could come out but it seems he has no power.
Then, purple liquid turned into the shape of Vegeta in front of them!

Episode 45 Trailer and Forecast

The purple colored Vegeta which showed up last time is called as Copy-Vegeta.
It seems that real Vegeta has no power and he is almost disappeared soon.

We don’t know how Gryll was colored by purple because the scene was cut.
I think it will be clear on episode 45.
Real Gryll could be already disappeared and turned into Copy-Gryll.

If we think that way, could purple Saute-jin and Gryll be Superhuman Water?
I feel Superhuman water is more like organisms instead of just a water!
Will they multiply like an amoeba which replace somebody?

Gotenks and Goku were appeared in the trailer!
Gotenks transformed to Super Saiyan 3 for a long time.
Because Goku also showed up, it is easy to think Gotenks is just an underdog and will lose it!
I hope he will change to Super Saiyan Bule and fight again!
I am very looking forward to see the fight of Vegeta VS Goku!

The first half of episode 45

Vegeta asks purple Vegeta, which showed up suddenly, who it is!
It seems that all his power took out by purple Copy-Vegeta.
Vegeta is just a cast-off skin now.

He gets angry and try to shoot Galick Gun but nothing happened.

Copu-Vegeta「Did you try to do this?」
He said that and shot Galick Gun!
Purple Gryll is excited of the power of destruction!

He told Copy-Vegeta to assimilate Trunks and others.
Copy-Vegeta shortly hesitated.
Vegeta realized that.
Putting out a tentacle toward Trunks!


Jaco got over a pinch by his shooting!
In the moment, Trunks and others escaped!
Jaco was late but he produced smoke from his feet and flute out like a rocket.

Vegeta and others took a rest from far away.
Jaco also joined them.


Vegeta is asking what is going on!
It seems Potage will explain about Superhuman Water.

People from other planet named it as Superhuman Water with no reason.
In fact, it is called Commeson.
It is a weapon created by Potage and other Potaufeu-jin for their protection.

They found a liquid which can make everyone lose their power for long time ago.
The liquid took power of aggressors and became them as replacement.

Commeson bought his own mind because he absorbed bad power of aggressors too much.
And then, it became organism which keep absorbing to get more power.

It can be destroy whole universe if Commeson keeps increasing his power.
Potaufeu-jin was sacrificed themselves and sealed Commeson.
Potage is only one person left.
And they have been keeping the seal more than 100 years.

People talk wrongly about Superhuman Water that is miracle water which gives you a few hundred times more power because it can be seen they receive more power once they are taken into Superhuman Water.
In fact, the real person will be disappeared.
And then, aggressors who try to get Superhuman Water has never ended to come.

In a flashback of Potage, Gryll was also taken into Superhuman Water as same as Vegeta.
Copy-Gryll took other Saute-jin in and everyone turned to purple.
Copy-Gryll is Superhuman Water.

Vegeta asked the reason why Copy-Vegeta hesitated to aggressor Trunks.
As per of Potage, Superhuman Water copies not only their power but also their spirit!
The spirit of Vegeta, which doesn’t want aggressor other people in order to get more power, stopped him.

Vegeta continued asking what is happened to the person who was taken out his power!
Potage hesitated to answer it!
Vegeta realized that he was going to die.
Potage told them they will disappear in 3 to 5 minutes after their body becomes transparent.
At the same time, real Gryll turned transparent and disappeared.

Jaco is impatient that Bulma would make it Jaco’s fault if Vegeta was disappeared.
According to Potage, there is no choice rather than defeating Copy-Vegeta.

Goten and Tranks wait for Copy-Vegeta and other enemies!
They used Fusion and transformed to Gotenks!


The latter half of episode 45

Goteks attacks miracle punch! Also miracle kick!
Copy-Vegeta makes a dodge them very easily!
Gotenks is attacked and flying away!

Gotenks transforms to Super Saiyan 3 because he realizes he could not beat Copy-Vegeta.
Monaka faints because she was shocked to see the transformation.

Exploding Great Special Rolling Kick!
Nothing can damage him!
Attacking Super Special Crush Hammer!
It cannot beat him, either!
Copy-Vegeta 「Is there a mosquito on?」
The impact was great but they didn’t give any damage to Copy-Vegeta at all!

At the same time, Vegeta’s body is turning pale and disappearing.
Copy-Gryll told Copy-Vegeta to absorb Gotenks soon!
Copy-Vegeta is hesitating!

On the other side, Goku is training in King Kai’s planet.
King Kai and Goku feel Ki of Gotenks and Vegeta.
They realized about the battle.

Gotenks is beat by Copy-Vegeta!
Finally Gotenks’ Fusion is released!
Goku is arrived just before Copy-Vegeta is finishing blow Tranks and Goten!
Goku 「Stop Vegeta? Are you trying to kill Goten and Tranks?」

Goku is surprised to see two Vegeta, one is purple and the other is sheer.
Goku is wondering what is going on!
Vegeta「You never understand with the explanation!」

Vegeta told him to just beat Copy-Vegeta in 3 minutes.
Goku cannot beat him because Copy-Vegeta is complete copy. Vegeta shows his composure.

Copy-Gryll is excited the appearance of Goku who has extraordinary power.
However, Copy-Vegeta doesn’t absorb the power.

Copy-Vegeta 「This is a real fight! Dead or alive! Kakarot! I will beat and kill you!」

Copy-Vegeta keeps ignoring the order of Copy-Gryll (Superhuman Water)!
He is given an electric shock and made enforced obedience.
Vegeta 「You give ME an order!?」
Copy-Vegeta 「I’m not following anyone!」
Both of original and Copy-Vegeta’s thoughts are the same!

Copy-Vegeta said that and beat Copy-Gryll!
He was out of controlled by Superhuman Water!

Goku shows extra fighting spirit because Monaka is watching him!
He still thinks Monaka is the strongest in Universe 7.

Goku and Copy-Vegeta face each other!
Their kick striking both!

Goku mutters it seems he is fighting with real Vegeta.
He was taught that Copy-Vegeta is Vegeta who took all the power of Vegeta.

Goku is full of confidence to beat!
Vegeta 「Well, this the question if you beat him.」

Their desperate war begun!

My personal review and thoughts

The secret of Superhuman Water became clear.
It was organism as I expect it.

「Copy-Gryll is Superhuman Water.」
So that means is Copy-Vegeta also Superhuman Water?
I’m not sure but it seems Copy-Gryll is the parent because it was created the first, and then absorbed Copy-Vegeta is like a child.
Copy-Gryll is more secure than Copy-Vegeta.
Now, because Copy-Vegeta beat Copy-Gryll, he will probably become most important person in Superhuman Water.

「I thought the reason why Copy-Vegeta hesitated to absorb Tranks is because he is a son.」
However, the reason was he doesn’t want to be stronger with absorbing other power.
I was slightly disappointed even though he has a memory of original Vegeta.
He used to be controlled on purpose and became Majin Vegeta before.

I don’t know why but original Vegeta is calmed for the fight between Goku and Copy-Vegeta.
He even says “I wonder Kakarot is able to beat my alter ego” something like that!
I think Goku is definitely stronger because he can use Kaio-ken.
I want to know why Vegeta is so confident on his power.

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