Dragon Ball Super [Episode 46] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Goku VS Copy Vegeta Fight!Who’s gonna win!?

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super “ Episode 46 is –
「Goku VS Copy Vegeta! Who’s gonna win!?」

Air Date: June 5 2016



Vegeta got his power sucked by the purple-coloered Superest Super Water and copy vegeta appeared!

Original Vegata will dissapear in 3-5 minutes.
The only way to keep Vegeta alive is to defeat the Copy-Vegeta.

The power of Copy-Vegeta is same as original Vegeta!
Gotenks transformed into Super Saiyan 3 and try to defeat Copy-Vegeta! But, of course, Vegeta is way too stronger!

Finally, Goku arrived! He sensed the Ki of their battle.
Goku VS Copy-Vegeta! Their battle has began!

Episode 46 Trailer and Forecast

The intense battle of Goku VS Copy-Vegeta is held!
The power of Copy-Vegeta is exactly same as real Vegeta.
Copy-Vegeta has purple-colored body. But I am wondering what color would it be after it becomes Super Saiyan Blue.
In the preview, Goku and Copy-Vegeta are both in normal condition.

Goku has Kaio-ken as his critical skill, so I think Goku has more potential than Vegeta. !
Goku is just recovered from delayed onset Ki disorder. So he should be able to use Kaio-ken.

It’s been so long since these two have serious fight. I think the last time was when they are facing Majin Buu. Goku fought with Majin Vegeta!
At the time, Vegeta was controlled by Babidi.
This time is Copy-Vegeta.
When Goku can get to fight with real Vegeta?。
Only the time Goku fight with normal Vegeta was, only the time when Vegeta came to the earth first time.

If you see the preview, looks like when the Copy-Vegeta start loosing, the real Vegeta start helping copy one. Is it just Vegeta’s pride makes him doing?? or some kind of his statistic? Very curious!

There is a scene that Vegeta is sucking pacifier!
(See the preview of next episode; about 25 second where next title appears)

Are they trying to protect not to disappear by the Superest Super Water?
If it’s so, it can add more time to defeat instead of disappearing in 3-5 minutes!

The first half of episode 46

There is a scene that Copy-Gryll turned to liquid who has defeated by Copy-Vegeta.

Goku and Copy-Vegeta facing each other!
The battle in the air.
The battle is very intense. Their attack clash each other , gives huge shock wave!
Seems like Copy-Vegeta is in the lead.

Goku makes Copy-Vegeta confused by repeating momentane teleportation.
Goku gives Copy-Vegeta critical hit!
Goku uses faint tactics. Now, Goku is in the lead.

Real Vegeta sees the Copy-Vegeta getting damage by Goku’s silly faint tactics. Now, real Vegeta is furious!
Vegeta「You!You can’t dodge the attack?!Are you kidding me? Are you really call yourself me?!」
Copy-Vegeta flew Goku away!
Real Vegeta is happy though, he would die unless Goku defeat Copy-Vegeta.
Trunks warns Vegeta!

Vegeta「Kakarot!Why are you struggling?!He is a copy!」
Vegeta yells against Copy-Vegeta who is getting damage by Goku「Can’t even dodge the attack!」 He yells!
Vegeta, himself doesn’t even know which side he is on.

They both know each other very well.
Jaco says he is not sure which is gonna win.

Vegita watches the battle, and frustrated.
Vegeta「I can’t stand this!I will beat Kakarot!!」
Vegeta cut in, trying to attack Copy-Vegeta.
But Vegeta’s attack pass through the body of Copy-Vegeta.

Basically, Vegeta is dissapearing now. His body is see-through. He can’t even touch anything
Copy-Vegeta is fighting like a caward. Vegeta is so frustrated.
Vegeta says he would rather die than watch himself lose.

Vegeta「Hi, copy!Hurry up and defeat Kakarot!」
And to Goku「Don’t you dare lose to this copy!」 He yells!
Goku and Copy-Vegeta weren’t sure which side Vegeta is actually on.

Vegeta warns Goku and Copy-Vegeta and go back to where Trunks stands.
Trunks and others look Vegeta!
Vegeta「I know…..don’t say anything.」

Goku transform into Super Saiyan Blue.
And so as Copy-Vegeta!


Vegeta’s body see-through more than earlier.

Potage says「Key to seal the Superest Super Water」 and hand out a pacifier to Vegeta.
Sucking this pacifier may be able to earn more time for Vegeta.
Vegeta puts pacifier in his mouth without any hesitation.
Trunks and Goten are not expected Vegeta sucks pacifier. They are shocked and lost their words.

Jaco is happy to see Vegeta sucks pacifier! He tries to take a picture.
Unfortunately, the camera has no battery left.

The later half of episode 46

Super Saiyan Blue VS Super Saiyan Blue!
The fierce fight is held in the air!
Still, the power is quite even.

Then Potage says.
The copy will be weaken by destroying the core of the Superest Super Water.

Why Potage didn’t mention this earlier.
Copy-Gryll is the main body of the Superest Super Water.

Trunks and others go to look for the main body but leaving Vegeta and Monaka.
Trunks and others arrives at the place where they are expected to see the main body. But they don’t see the main body there.

The main body was hiding, and now trying to attack Goten from his behind.
Trunks Ki blast hit the main body, then saves Goten.
But Ki blast doesn’t work for the Superest Super Water!

Trunks and others start running away!
Just by touching, it sucks their energy.
The Superest Super Water chases them.

Jaco fell down. Crisis!
But the Superest Super Water pass through Jaco.
Is that mean….Jaco’s power is so little..it is not worth to take ?

Goku and Copy-Vegeta, their fight is quite even and still continued.
Goku is so excited.

Vegeta watches their fight from far away.
He feels bitter about he is not in the fight.

Trunks notices that Vegeta’s Ki start disappearing!
He rushes toward Vegeta!
Vegeta is still ok. Trunks feels relieved.

Goku and Copy-Vegeta elevate their Ki!
This one shot will decide evertyhting.




Goku and Copy-Vegeta crash! Bright light burst!
Trunks doesn’t notice the Superest Super Water is trying to attack him from his behind!
Vegeta notices Trunks in danger!
He forgets his pacifier is coming out from his mouth, but tries to save Trunks!
But Vegeta is see-through. He can’t hold Trunks’ hand.
Vegeta still opens his arm and tries to protect Trunks.



Then, Monaka loses his balance and accidentally steps on core of the Superest Super Water!
The main body of the Superest Super Water and Copy-Vegeta scream at the same time!

The core was destroyed, but seems like it is too late. Vegeta is about to disappear.
Vegeta smiles at Trunks.
He is ready to die.

Goku shoots Kamehameha! Copy-Vegeta is defeated completely.
They made in time! Vegeta is saved.

Eventhough the core got destroyed, Potage seals the Superest Super Water again for just in case.
Thanks to Monaka. Potage is happy!
Thanks to Trunks and Goten,too.

Looks very peaceful.
Goku thinks Monaka defeat the Superest Super Water!

Goku「Hi, Vegeta!I remember, you were chewing pacifier!」
Vegeta「What do you mean!?」

Everybody go back to the earth safely.
Videl holds Pan in her arms. Pan has a pacifier in her mouth.
Vegeta sees Pan’s pacifier. Now, Vegeta is in shock!

Chi-Chi cries. She is so happy to see Goten!
Bulma warns Trunks!

Vegeta had no idea what the pacifier is until he sees Pan sucking the pacifier.
Goku「You didn’t know?」
Vegeta「Of course!If I knew, I would never tried that on!」

If he died, they wouldn’t be able to fight each other again.
Their battle haven’t settled yet.
“I’m gona win!” Vegeta insists.

Situation changes from present to future.
Whole town got destroyed. There is Trunks running, breathing hard. Seems like he is running away from something.
He run inside to hide. When he tried to take a moment to calm him down, there is bright light come in his sight!?
「Next. New chapter start!」

My personal reviews and thoughts

Interesting part of this episode is Vegeta.
They showed the funny part of Vegeta in this episode! Such as Vegeta tries pacifier

The color of Copy-Vegeta when it transformed into Super Saiyan Blue was ugly.
Eventhough Copy-Vegeta fight with Goku with same power as real Vegeta, copy is still copy.
I understand why Vegeta agitates.

The reason why Vegeta didn’t hesitate to put pacifier in his mouth was…..he didn’t know what the pacifier is.
Of course, this is Vegeta. He’s never had experience to take care of baby Trunks.
At the episode of android, Vegeta was saying that he cares about neither Bulma nor baby.

But now, Vegeta acts as a father. He will protect Trunks at the risk of his life.
I am so excited about the Vegeta’s reaction when he meets future Trunks again.
At the episode of android, Vegeta was quite cold man!

Anyway, what was the point of this episode?
It doesn’t seem like connecting to the next chapter.
Are they just trying to show family ties between Vegeta and Trunks before future Trunks appears?
Or just want us to re-think which is stronger between Goku and Vegeta.
If Goku didn’t use momentae teleportation, Vegeta seems stronger in normal condition.

Future Trunks will come out from next episode! I am really excited to see him again!
The hair-color of future Trunks is light blue as official home page revealed. It was light purple before. It has been changed.

They changed future Trunks hair-color. There could be some reason why.

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