Dragon Ball Super [Episode 47] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: In the new series, Trunks runs away from Goku Black to the past!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 48 is –
“SOS from future! A new black enemy showing up!!”

Air date: June 12 2016



In the previous episode, their fight came to an end between Goku and Vegeta who is duplicated by Super human water.
Although both of them turned into Super Saiyan Blue, they were on par.

Then, in order to prevent from disappearing, Vegeta put a pacifier into his mouth!
This new joke came out.
There was parent-child love to be seen from Vegeta who protected Trunks even though he was getting disappeared.

Monaka coincidentally broke the core of the body of Super human water and won over duplicated Vegeta.
They got back to the globe and the episode comes to an end with calm atmosphere.

Afterward, the story continues in the future world!
Here is Future Trunks who runs away from something!
What is actually going on?

Episode 47 Trailer and Forecast

Furthermore, here is a trailer about Future Trunks, which is showed in Dragon Ball Heroes.
Slightly different from the animation trailer and there are some scenes that cannot be seen in the above video.

We all are excited even at the line “Long time no see. I am Trunks.” that shows in the very beginning of the trailer.
Very exciting, isn’t it?

There is a strong enemy, Goku Black, shows up!
It seems that he is called simply as Black and looks similar to Goku.
The rough story is that Trunks who seems not able to win at all asked Goku and others in the past for help.
They are trying to get back to the past as the time machines are getting charged.
But at that time, Goku Black seemed to get in their way.

Goku Black seems to hate Saiyan.
It may not be Saiyan.
Tuffles might be related.

Person who is fighting together is Mai from Pilaf Gang.
There is one scene where Trunks is shedding a tear.
Would there be any possibility that Mai or Bulma got killed?

This time is difficult to guess.
Takeshi Kusao, who is the voice actor of Trunks, also commented that there are many highlights to be made in the first new episode!

The first half of episode 47

It started in the devastated future world!
Shadow only with shining red eyes is flying all over the sky!

They are destroying the city with bullets of energy!
Future Trunks was running away very hard not to be found by them!

The place Trunks reached is the plant where Bulma does her research.
Both of them are excited at their meet after long time!
Bulma looks younger than before.

Energy in the time machine seems to be fully charged.
It took a year but only for one way.
Trunks got surprised and felt disappointed, but there is another way to come back according to Bulma.
Nevertheless, it will be a long shot.

As it requires prompt actions, he is trying to bring energy to Capsule Corporation!
Just in case, Bulma is going with him.
If anything happens and energy gets broke, it would mean that they wasted a year.

It seems that many people were sacrificed to create this energy.
Bulma “You have to complete this whatever happens.”
“You are everyone’s hope!”

When Trunks tries to go meet Mai as Bulma told that she is waiting!
The plant was attacked and exploded!
Trunks protected Bulma!
Machines in laboratory were broken!

Bulma, who felt something, left energy to Trunks and guided him to go first!
Additional attacks came and the plant exploded!
Then, Trunks saw black shadow grab Bulma by the collar!

Trunks “Mother!!”
Bulma “Just go!! Please go…! Fast! Trunks!”
Bulma screamed at Trunks, who is trying to help her!
Trunks got very upset!


After seeing black shadow trying to shoot energy bullets, Trunks immediately started to run away!
But, blown off by additional explosions!

What Trunks who just woke up saw was Bulma getting disappeared just like as she was melted by being captured by the black shadow.


Trunks run hard with the energy held by him to be away from the fire in the explosion!
Trunks “Mother! I will be back! I will save this world for sure!”

The story continues in the current peaceful era!
There are tons of lettuces growing up in Goku’s farm!
Also, there are Chi-Chi, Goten and Piccolo.

It seems like they will harvest these many lettuces!
Piccolo was forced to do so together as others explained that this is a discipline that needs to be gone through.

Goku and Piccolo are getting very fast by chopping with their hands!
Piccolo was already convinced that this is a discipline as the move of legs, waist, shoulder and arms all together is required.

As such timing, Krillin showed up!
Talks to Goten and Chi-Chi!
He talks about Vegeta that he went to Whis’s for disciplines.
Goku heard them talking!
Started to look for Vegeta’s Ki!

Whis and Vegeta are in discipline by fighting on Beerus’s Planet!
Became Super Saiyan Blue!

Goku felt the Ki!
While their harvest, he teleported to Beerus’s Planet!
Now Krillin needs to help their harvest instead of him.

Vegeta got surprised by Goku who showed up in front of him all of sudden!
Goku envies Vegeta as only he was on the discipline.

Lettuce turned into the souvenir as Beerus was asking for!
Beerus loves it from the first bite!
This world was peaceful as always.

Again, the story continues in the future world.
The place where Trunks reached by his running was an old apartment.
He found Mai at that place.
There are two of them looking into each other’s eyes with smiles.
They are relieved that both of them are arrive.


Mai “Where is Bulma?”
She asked with her face looking troubled.

Trunks “In order to save me…Black! That bastard! He was able to read my Ki.”
Trunks, with tears to shed, regretfully told that the plant was destroyed.

Also, explained that they can go to the past with the energy that Bulma saved by sacrificing herself!

The latter half of episode 47

The scene is on Beerus’s Planet.
There are 4 people waiting for huge instant nodules.
Vegeta explained Beerus that it is miso and butter flavored.
It seems like that Vegeta brought this.
On the other hand, Goku brought lettuce.

Vegeta said “No thank you” thus, Goku are thinking of giving it to Zen-Oh.

Beerus looked scared when Goku said Zen-Oh.
According to Whis, Zen-oh is the most superior position in the world and no one is higher than that.
No wonder why Beerus is afraid of him.
According to Beerus, Zen-Oh never fights, but he is the strongest person.

If he wants to, he would be able to destroy the universe in an instant.
It used to be 18 universe, but 6 out of 18 seemed to be destroyed.

Goku promised to fight with Zen-Oh in whole universe.
Goku was excited that he can fight with 12 enemies in whole universe.

The story continues in the future world again.
Trunks and Mai are relaxing in an apartment room.
Mai found something good and took it out, which was a canned fish!
It was shared between Trunks and the cat of which they are taking care!

Trunks tried to gave Mai the rest but she declined it.
However, Mai’s stomach growls and ends up eating!
She seemed to be patient with her hunger as she was eating greedily.

Also, explained that energy in the time machine was only for one way.
Mai “Only one way? So we cannot get back?”
It was told by Bulma that there is another way to get back, but it has yet to be discovered.
Trunks whispered that he believes his mother, with his determination.

Mai “Firstly West City…it is 17 years ago…”
Trunks “I have friends in the world, where I have been before.”
And there was a flashback scene.

Two people and the cat came out from the apartment while watching out.
Only the cat left for somewhere first.
Then, Trunks and Mai ran and headed for Capsule Corporation!

They arrived close to the place!
Checking if there is any Ki from Black around them, they proceeded further!

But, Trunks started scowling.

The sky is getting darker with many clouds, which doesn’t look it’s going to be well.
Trunks scowls more.
It seems like Black is getting closer.
He left Mai the energy!

Out of clouds, black shadow came down to them!
Trunks confronted them and pulled the sward from his back!

Trunks dodged energy bullets from the enemy and swung the sword!
A flash came out from the sward, but didn’t hit!
Many energy bullets attacked Trunks consecutively but he repelled all of them!


But, he was blown off by the punch right after that, even though he guarded himself by his sword. The enemy was stronger.

Mai was running to Trunks!
Trunks “Don’t come! You should go!!”
Mai “What the hell are you saying! I can decoy instead of you! You are the one that has to survive!”
Mai handed the energy to Trunks and confronted with a gun!


The enemy dodged all bullets and she got a direct attack by the qigong bullet!

Mai was blown off. She collided with the building and finally fallen down.

Although Trunks embraces, she is already gone.
Trunks was totally overwhelmed, and opened his eyes as much as possible without a word, feeling regret!

Black shadow came down on the building.
Trunks “You bastard…!!!!!!!”

Trunks looked up and there was someone who showed up from the black shadow and repelled the fire around him.
It was somebody looks very similar to Goku and he was looking down.
This is Black.

Black “Eventually. Today is the day when you will stop breathing. Saiyan.”

My personal review and thoughts

There are many highlights and too many shocking events.
Bulma was gone and disappeared. Mai was killed by the qigong bullets.
The story about Future Trunks is too serious!
There is a huge gap between too peaceful current life inserted and the future world!

They harvest carrots and lettuces in the farm.
Carrot is the original word for “Kakarrot”.
Lettuce is the original word for “Turles”.
Would it also mean that Turles is related to Goku Black?
I would like to know the truth.

There was also a rumor that Mai would be Future Trunks at the era that the current Goku lives, as she was young.
However, from the flashback of Trunks, it became clear that she is the same person as Trunks who did well in the story about Cell.
Then, if that is the case, why is Mai in the future world young?
At this era, she is supposed to be older than Bulma, as she hasn’t rejuvenated yet.

I wasn’t able to expect that Mai got this serious as she used to play a role for joke in Pilaf Gang.
Clothes are the same as the time in Pilaf Gang.
I wonder if the cat that they shared a can with was the same as the one on Dr. Brief’s shoulder.

The voice for Goku Black was acted by the same voice actress as Goku, which is Ms. Masako Nozawa.
I personally like the voice for the villain’s part, which sounds a little bit cold!
It’s same as Turles and Bardock.
Earing like Potara, which I was interested in, was only for one side.
If it were Potara, he would be looking for somebody who he can merge with.

In the trailer for the next episode, Trunks were back to the past!
I cannot imagine how they would be back from the hopeless situation.
Very Excited!

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