Dragon Ball Super [Episode 48] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Trunks travels to the past! Two Trunkses meet!

【Image available】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 48 is –
“Hope Again!! Trunks Awakens in the Present”

Air date: June 19 2016



Previously, the story went back and forth between the time, the destroyed future and to the peaceful present!

The present, where Goku and his friends live, is indeed very peaceful.

On the other hand, the future where young Trunks lives is very different.
Trunks was running away from the mysterious person, called Black.

He went back to the past, to ask for Goku and his friends’ help.
But before that, Bulma was killed in a flame by Black.

Trunks managed to escape, but again, he faced Black.
Black was too strong.
Mai volunteered to become a decoy, to send Trunks to the past!
Mai died from Black’s Ki blast.

The flame went out, and Black revealed himself. He looked just like Goku.
Black vs Trunks – The fight will now begin.

Episode 48 Trailer and Forecast

Now, the battle between Trunks and Black begins!
Trunks has been running away from Black, so I don’t think he can beat Black.
In the previous episode, he did not transform into a Super Saiyan.
This time, he might.
Still, I don’t think he can beat Black.

In the trailer, Trunks was in the past.
How did he do it? I wonder. He was in a terrible situation.

Then, Kid Trunks met Future Trunks.
Kid Trunks must have been surprised at seeing himself from the future!
The future was destroyed.
No Goten, mother and all his friends were dead. Oh, how shocking this would be to Kid Trunks!

How did Trunks go back to the past? Here is my guesses.
Trunks was beaten badly by Black.
Black thought Trunks was dead, so he left.
But, Trunks was alive, though, near-death. He got in the time machine, then, went to the past?

Another guess is that Mai was alive.
She could have been just unconscious.
Was May involved in sending Trunks back into the past? Yes, it is possible.
And remember the cat? It may have had some roles to play.

Trunks came back to the present again.
How will Vegeta react?
Last time, Vegeta was indifferent to Trunks.
Vegeta is mellow now, so his attitude to Trunks is interesting.

The first half of episode 48

Trunks grieved, holding Mai’s hand!
Black threw a cruel look at Trunks!

Trunks found out that Capsule Corporation was undamaged.
This gave him a thought – Black does not know the existence of the time machine.

Trunks was ready to fight!
Black 「…wants to fight a losing battle. Saiyans are interesting!」

“Go to heaven, where Mai is.” Black provoked Trunks.
Trunks transformed into a super Saiyan.

Trunks stood against Black, attacking with blow after blow!
Black received the first punch, but showed a relaxed smile!
Black was stronger!
He blew Trunks away, by attacking blow after blow, adding continuous Energy Bullets to give him further damage.



Black 「What a miserable end for a proud warrior race.」
Black looked down on him.
Black was going to finish him, giving him an Energy Bullet one more time.

Just then, Trunks threw his sword!
Unexpected, the energy bullet did not reach Trunks, it exploded!
The sword bounced on Black’s arm, and came back to Trunks like a boomerang!
Then, he soon shot Masenko-ha!

But, Black guarded himself, no damage was done!
When the blast of smoke disappeared, Trunks was nowhere to be seen.
Black 「Where did he go?」

Trunks, now successfully got away from Black,
He was hurrying to the underground of Capsule Corporation.
He was injured, but got into the time machine, stated to operate it!

Black was now focusing on finding Ki.
Just then, he saw a time machine ascending into the air!
Black saw Trunks!
Black 「Escape in that airplane isn’t gonna work.」
The best opportunity to kill Trunks.
Black threw a Kamehameha wave but, the time machine teleported and disappeared, just before the wave hit it.

Seeing such a disappearance, Black searched for Ki again, with astonishment!
Black 「Gone! Completely!」

Trunks was in the middle of teleportation.
He was suffering from his injury.
He recollected Bulma and Mai!
He swore that he would not waste this one way journey.
Then, he became unconscious.

Now the present.
Kid Trunks was studying with his private teacher!
Trunks could not solve the math question!

Emperor Pilaf helped him.
Pilaf gang and Trunks seem to study together.

Pilaf gang had nowhere to stay. Trunks invited them to his house.
Mai thanked Trunks again!
Trunks was embarrassed, so he –

-pulled Mai’s hand, hurried to lunch!
Pilaf and Shu were surprised because Mai was generally shy, and she was holding a boy’s hand!
So Mai began fancying Trunks!
They were both embarrassed. How romantic!

In Dragon Ball Z movie,「Battle of Gods」they already fancied each other.
Finally, in Dragon Ball Super, we can see their romance.

Trunks and Pilaf gang were on the roof top terrace of Capsule Corporation, eating.
Then, Trunks felt something.
The time machine arrived!

Kid Trunks found someone was inside, unconscious.
An alien! Panicked Pilaf gang.


The machine said “Capsule Corporation”. So, Bulma was called!
Pilaf said Shu should fetch her!
Because he was a dog, can run fast!
Shu「What! I’m an old dog!」

Bulma hurried in.
She checked the word, HOPE!
Bulma「The unconscious person inside is… a young man with blue hair.」

This dialogue indicates that his hair will remain in blue. His hair used to be ash color.
Bulma was sure he was Future Trunks. She laid him on bed.

Bulma said, “I’ll call Vegeta!”
She hurried away, saying there was a better way than to see a doctor.

Pilaf wondered at the relationship between Vegeta and this young man!
The Pilafs concluded that he must be his illegitimate child!
Mai said this young man and Trunks were very alike, so it was quite possible that he really was Vegeta’s illegitimate child!
Kid Trunks was shocked!

The latter half of episode 48

Bulma was looking for something in a hurry!
It was a communication device to contact Whis!

Now she contacted Whis.
She said that she needed Vegeta.

Bulma showed Future Trunks through the devise!
She explained that he was injured, and now in the present.


The Pilafs and Kid Trunk now realized that this young man was also named Trunks!
How shocking to find out that the brother had the same name!

Bulma asked if Goku had a senzu bean, but he did not. Vegeta said he should fetch it straight away.
But Goku said too far to pick up Korin-sama’s Ki from where he was.
Vegeta advised that Goku should head back to Earth first!

Vegeta said that Kid Trunks should raise his power level.
And Goku caught his Ki!
“Sounds interesting.” So, Whis and Beerus were coming too!
Goku, Vegeta, Whis and Beerus were instantly teleported to Earth!
And from there, using Instant teleportation again, arrived in Korin’s.

And the future scene again!
Black questioned himself about the sudden disappearance of Trunks!
Black「I will find him! Who do you think I am?」

Now back in the present. At Korin tower.
Korin-sama and Yajirobe were enjoying limbo dance!
Here, Goku and his friends arrived.
Goku was told that he could take all senzu beans in the pot.
Yajirobe asked if there was any present, and wanted to play games with them!
But Goku said they were in a hurry.
I paused the video, and actually counted the beans! There were eight of them!
These will keep them going for a long time!

Bulma fed the bean to Trunks.
He was badly injured. She was worried.

Trunks awoke slowly!
His vision was blurry first, then gradually, he saw Goku.
He got mixed up with Black and Goku.
He had a flashback of Bulma and Mai being killed!


As Trunks got up, he threw a strong left punch!
Everybody was surprised!
So strong that it created a shock wave. But, Goku stopped this easily with his one hand.
Trunks 「You, bustard!」
Receiving the punch, Goku looked at Trunks innocently.



My personal review and thoughts

The story moved very fast, so I enjoyed it very much!
Black calls himself “Watashi”.
When he shot, he took Kamehame wave posture!
Considering the dialogues, I don’t think Black is Saiyan!

And even the clip image has been changed to Trunks and Black!

Well, my guess was wrong, how Trunks got into the time machine from that situation.
Trunks used Masenko’s smoke to run away. This was clever.
I am glad Gohan’s Masenko was used! (Gohan taught this to Trunks.)
I also thought, Mai may be still alive, but it was not the case.

Black search for Ki in a unique way!
He said that he can find it anywhere, so I think he has some special power!

The time machined had to ascend into the air first, then teleported.
Black could have shot it, it was close.

Waking up in the past, Trunks got mixed up with Goku and Black!
How easily Goku stopped Trunks’ sudden strong punch with one hand!
The attack was unexpected and this proves how strong Goku is!

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