Dragon Ball Super [Episode 49] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Goku Black uses the time ring to jump a timeline?

【with Images】The title for Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 is –
「A Message from the Future! Goku Black Invades!」

Air date: June 26 2016



Trunks was in a rage when he saw Mai being killed!
He fought against Goku Black, but was easily beaten!
He threw his master Gohan’s Masenko, then, in the smoke, successfully ran away!
He got into the time machine, headed to the past.

Meanwhile,Goku Black wondered at the sudden disappearance of Trunks.
“I’ll find him.” He was very confident.

Trunks returned to the present. But he was unconscious in the time machine.
Kid Trunks found him and Bulma took care of him.
Bulma contacted Goku and Vegeta, and they came to see Future Trunks together with Whis and Beerus .

Future Trunks got better thanks to the senzu bean.
As he woke up, he mistook Goku as Black.
Then, he threw a strong punch towards Goku.

Episode 49 Trailer and Forecast

It’s getting more interesting!
There is a scene that Goku and Future Trunks are fighting as Super Saiyans.
I think Trunks needs to calm down – first, he threw a punch to Goku, and then, fighting?
Once cool off, he should know the man is not Black: Because Goku is not wearing black clothes, and he is able to transform into Super Saiyan.

Future Trunks may be just checking Goku’s power, like when he first came to the past?
Obviously, Goku is much stronger than Trunks. He is nowhere near Goku’s ability.

And, Goku Black’s ringseems to have an important role to play.
It shot light, created purple clouds.
Is it for time traveling?

On the Net, some people say images were sent to the present, and Trunks are still in the future.
Because the title says, “a message from the future”.

In my opinion, he is in the present.
In the beginning of the trailer, the sky is blue, but when Black appears, it’s filled with black clouds.
In that clouds, there is a scene that Goku becomes a super Saiyan.
Are they going to fight?
That’s why, I think Future Trunks is actually in the present, not just images.
Goku Black might have time travelled with the help of the ring.

The first half of episode 49

Future Trunks throws a punch towards Goku!
Goku「What’s the matter Trunks? It’s me.」
Bulma 「What are you doing!!」
Bulma gives him a slap. Now Trunks seems to understand the situation.
I’m glad this scene did not drag on.

Future Trunks realizes he is real Goku, not Black.
He looks at Goku in wonder, because –
He thought Goku died when he fought with Cell. But he was told that Goku was revived.
On hearing this, Future Trunks apologizes for attacking him.


“Hey Trunks, what’s going on?” Trunks now sees Bulma, and calls her “mother”.
He gets down on his knees, sobs.

Now, he is sure that he is in the past.
He sees Vegeta, and calls him “father”.
Vegeta only looks at him silently.

The Pilafs still think that he is Vegeta’s illegitimate child, panicking.
Bulma silences them by punching them, giving them bumps on their heads.
She explains that it’s the same person, but from the future.


Kid Trunks 「That person is …me from the future!?」
Two Trunkses greet each other.
When the Pilaf gang is going outside,
Future Trunks sees Kid Mai, passing before him.
But he says nothing –
just stares with mixed feelings.


Future Trunks takes his sword.
Veteta says that he doesn’t need it for now.
But Trunks says “Putting it on, helps me to calm down.”

They are all gathered around the time machine.
The Pilafs and Kid Trunks are surprised to see a real time machine!
Future Trunks tells Kid Trunks that they met before, when Kid Trunks was a baby.


Whis and Beerus are surprised to see a time machine, because –
According to Whis, it was thought to be impossible to make one.
He warns that messing with time is a serious crime.

Meanwhile, Goku Black is searching for Trunks’ Ki.
This is the same way searching for Ki as Goku does, when he makes an instant transmission.


He is still wondering at Trunks’ disappearance.
Just then, his ring emits a light towards the sky.
ブラック「My time ring・・・」


Now, the present again, at Capsule Corporation.
Whis explains again why a time travel is a serious crime.

For example, picking just one flower might cause a butterfly effect, and the whole planet could be destroyed by it.
Even among Gods, time travel is prohibited.

“Gods” – Future Trunks is confused.
Kid Trunks tells him that Whis and Beerus are from Gods’ world.

Beerus says that Bulma and others have to be destroyed as a punishment for messing with the time.
But, Bulma says that it was not her who made the machine, it was Future Bulma.
Here, Future Trunks apologizes, thinking his mother’s attitude was rude to the God.
Only, he seems to think Whis is the God.

Whis「He, is the God.」
Future Trunks「Oh, I thought you were.」
Beerus was annoyed.
Trunks apologizes on his knees.

Goku suggests that they should be forgiven, and Beerus agrees to it, if he can eat something yummy.
Luckily, Bulma has some fish sausages.

The god finds the sausages very tasty.
It must be strange to Future Trunks that in the present time, everything seems to be merry and fun.
This is very different to the future time!
Future Trunks’ last meal was a tinned food which he shared with Mai, he must have been hungry.

Meanwhile, Piccolo and Krillin are relaxing at the farm.
Then, Goten and Chi-Chi come to the scene.

Goten says that a time machine has arrived.
Piccolo soon understands that it is Future Trunks.
Piccolo and Krillin hurries to Capsule Corporation!
Goten has to stay though, because Chi-Chi says he must study.

Now Bulma examines the time machine.
The Pilaf gang takes an interest in it, watching her progress.
Bulma finds it difficult to know how to start the machine. The Pilafs are disappointed.
Pilaf seems to want to use the machine.
He wants to go back to the past, where he dropped 100 zeni, when he was going to use a vending machine…

According to Bulma, the machine will not work because it is out of fuel.
The machine is very complicated she can’t understand it.
With frustration, she bangs the machine. Then, something falls.

The latter half of episode 49

It’s a diary.
Inside, the structure of the time machine was written by her future self.

Elsewhere, the others are talking about the future,
the future enemies.

Vegeta asks if it was Majin Buu.
Dabura and Babidi were in in the future.
It was a hard battle, but thanks to Supreme Kai’s directions, Trunks was able to beat them.
He bounced Dabura’s saliva back with his hands,
covering them with Ki, preventing them getting calcified.

With an energy wave, Dabura and Babidi were killed!
Majin Boo’s Resurrection will never happen again.

Future Trunks now talks about the future enemy.
He said his name was Son Goku.
Goku and Vegeta are surprised.
Because he was wearing Back clothes, he was called Goku Black, explains Trunks.

Although Goku thinks the name is cool,
Bulma criticizes that the name is too predictable,
But, it was Future Bulma who named him.
Bulma has to laugh.

Future Trunks explains how Black first appeared.
He arrived recently in Future Trunks’ timeline and said kill everyone on Earth for justice.
He already destroyed many planets and people living there.

Towns had been reconstructed, but destroyed by Goku Black!


It has been a year since Future Trunks met Goku Black.
There are only few people left on Earth.
Future Trunks also explains that Future Bulma was also killed just before he came to the present.

Vegeta「Shame! Is that the reason why you came to the past?」
Vegeta blames his future son, running away from the enemy.
Goku「Vegeta, that’s too harsh.」

Vegeta is frustrated because being a Saiyan, a proud warrior race, Trunks ran away.
Trunks says it was not like that.
But, Vegeta will not hear an excuse.

Then, Bulma intervenes!
Bulma「You are mistaken, Veteta!」
She shows a note that has been written by her future self which tells everything.

The note also includes a recovery software for the time machine in case it is damaged.
Mathematical formulas and theories that are not yet established in the present time was also written.

But, the most important thing written in the note was:
Refuel the time machine. Future Bulma wants Goku and the others to come to the future!
Vegeta agrees to it.
Bulma declares that she will avenge her future self.

Goku now wants to have a spar with Trunks.
He wants Trunks to show Black’s strength.
Trunks transforms into Super Saiyan 2.。
I wonder. He didn’t reach that level before, so when did he master it?

Goku also becomes Super Saiyan 2!
Due to their strong Ki, a strong wind begins to blow around.
Bulma switches on a remote, and surrounds them with a transparent sphere, lest no damage will be done to nearby towns.

Trunks is now strong, pushing Goku.
Goku praises him, but Future Trunks says Black is much stronger.
After each fight, Black gets stronger!

On hearing it, Goku shows off becoming Super Saiyan 3!
Trunks 「You went beyond the Super Saiyan which, surpasses the regular Super Saiyan. 」

Trunks is impressed with Goku’s level, he begins to attack him seriously with his swords!
The sword cuts the ball-like protection at once!
Goku blocks Trunks’ full power blow with just his fingers.

Goku pushes Trunks down, and the spar is over!
Goku praises Trunks’ improvement.
Trunks says that Black is equal to Goku’s Super Saiyan 3, or perhaps stronger.
But, Goku looks rather happy, as if,
he is looking forward to fighting with him.

Then, Piccolo and Krillin arrives.
Piccolo askes what happened in the future.

Just then, thunderclouds fill the sky.
The clouds split, and Black makes his appearance.
Black「What, where am I?」
He does not seem to know where he is.

Black「Trunks…in a place like this?」
He looks around then finds Goku!
Black「So, you’re Son Goku?」
Goku「And, you’re Black?!」




Black has arrived in the present.
Things are getting very serious!

My personal review and thoughts

This is an exciting development.
Black came to the present, instead of Goku and others going to the future.
Black does not seem to be surprised at seeing Goku.

See the pictures below. The backgrounds are different in the trailer and the real episode.
Backgrounds are not very reliable source for forecasting.

【Veteta, in trailer】

【Veteta, in episode 49】

It was Future Bulma who named Goku Black.
However, Black called himselfSon Goku.
Has Black improved since the last time, because he takes a different posture now when searching for Ki.
He takes the same pose as he makes an instant transmission.

Trunks says that Black gets stronger after each battle. This means, he has the Saiyan traits.
Black looks down on Trunks because he is Saiyan, but it is still possible that Black himself is a Saiyan too.
I am pretty sure he is Son Goku from another universe or dimension?

Whis pointed out the danger of messing about the time many times.
Could this be the reason for BAD Son Goku?

Whis says that even among Gods, time traveling is prohibited.
Prohibited? Then, they have the ability to time travel if they choose?
And who are gods? Like Supreme Kai or God of Destruction level or higher level?
Black might be Son Goku who stole the time ring or potara earring from one of the gods along his timeline.

I didn’t expect Trunks’ improvement that he can now become Super Saiyan 2.
His hair stands just like a regular Saiyan.
There were no sparks last time I saw a transformation of Super Saiyan 2,
But in this episode, there were sparks.

It was a surprise that the plot also mentioned Majin Boo.
On the Net, it was often discussed what happened on him in the future.
It now became clear.

Trunks alone killed Dabura and Babidi.
Here, he looks a regular Super Saiyan.
And no sparks.
Dabura had equal battle power to Super Perfect Cell State – it means, only above Super Saiyan 2 level can beat him.
At this battle, Trunks was already Super Saiyan 2?

Vegeta’s harshness to Trunks has been the same!
But, it is no big deal to Trunks, as he knows his father’s character.
In the next episode, we’ll be able to see Goku vs Black. Check it out!

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