Dragan Ball Super [Episode 50] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Goku Black is not equal to Goku? The reason for his time travel!

【with Images】The title for Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 is –
「Goku VS Black! The road towards the future is sealed.」

Air date: July 3 2016



Trunks has safely arrived in the past!
He mistook Goku as Black and threw a punch at him.
Bulma gave him a slap, and then he understood the situation.

He explained what happened in the future.
To revive Majin Buu, Dabura and Babidi were in the scene.
Trunks was able to beat them, because he had been powered up by then.

After this battle, the next enemy appeared. It was Goku Black.
He called himself Son Goku, and he destroyed the future world for justice!

Trunks told Bulma that his future mother was hoping that Goku and others would come to the future and kill Black, and save the world.
Everyone agreed to go to the future by fixing the time machine!
Just then, Black himself appeared in the present time.

Episode 50 Trailer and Forecast

In the trailer, Goku is fighting as Super Saiyan 2 with Black!
He is giving Black some damages.
Goku in Super Saiyan 2 shows more power than Trunks in Super Saiyan 2!

There is a scene that Goku is pushed by Black. This suggests that Black might be stronger?
But, we know that Goku can become more than Super Saiyan 2. : Super Saiyan 3 → Super Saiyan God → Super Saiyan Blue.

Personally, I would like to see Black panicking. He always looks calm and confident.
It will be interesting to see how he will react on seeing Beerus and Whis.
Black cannot beat these two.

The title says “future is sealed”. Does this mean the time machine will be destroyed?
Yet, Future Bulma left a note how to rebuild it.
It can be made again.

I can guess that Black used 「a time ring」to come to the past.
In Shonen Jump magazine, it was revealed that only Supreme Kais are allowed to have it.

Is Black a Supreme Kai?
He used be a Supreme Kai, now he is a God of Destruction?
Or, he stole the ring and potara?
Or, he was given these?
On the net, some people say that Black is a “time guard”, only trying to fix timeline, because Trunks messed it up.
‘I hope that the plot reveals these things.

I think, the battle between Goku and Black will not conclude in this episode.
I guess that Black will return to the future for some reason.

The first half of episode 50

Black looks at his ring.
Black「I see… it was time travel.」
Bulma and others find that Black really looks like Goku.

Whis and Beerus notice the ring.
Black looks around.
Black「Vegeta… The God of Destruction, Beerus.」
He seems to know them.

Whis and Beerus do not seem to know who Black is.
Trunks questions Black how he got here!
It seems that he came through the same time path that that Trunks went through.
Black provokes Trunks!

Trunks gets angry, but Vegeta stops him!

Meanwhile, Goku wants to fight with Black.
He admits that Black really looks like him.

Black「Nice to meet you, Son Goku.」
Goku does not know who Black is, but
Goku heard that Black is strong, so he wants to have a fight with him.

Black「It’s an honor. I’d like to fight with you too, in this body.」
Black speaks politely to Goku.
What he said here, seems to suggest that body is not his own?

Goku wants to know what he meant by “in this body.” But Black refuses to answer.

Without any motion, he throws a strong energy bullet.
Goku receives it, but he is slammed against a wall.

Piccolo asks who Black is!
Bulma says he is her enemy.

Vegeta and Piccolo fly to see if Goku is OK.
Beerus and Whis are still relaxing.

Goku is crashed into the wall. Black looks at him.
But, no damage is done. Goku is fine.

Goku knows that Black has not shown his full power.
Black「I’m happy. You are evaluating me against you.」

Goku becomes Super Saiyan 2, and begins another fight.
Black knows about Super Saiyan.

They resume the fight aggressively,
Goku stops Black’s punch between his legs, and throws him down to the ground.
But, Black twists in the air, and lands safely, coolly.
Goku throws continuous energy bullets to finish him!

Bulma and others are watching the battle through Whis’ monitor.

Black is not yet hurt.
He looks rather happy, praising Super Saiyan’s power.
Just like Goku, Black gets excited when the opponent is strong.
Black powers up by creating black aura.
Just after that, displays purple aura.


Bulma realizes that something strange is happening on the space time Black came through.

The fight resumes again!
Black’s Ki is now increased, Goku struggles a bit!

Trunks wonders why Goku does not become Super Saiyan 3.
Vegeta says this is a bad habit of him, not showing his full power from the start.

They both throw a punch at the same time. The fight stops briefly.
They seem checking out each other.

Goku「What are you waiting for?」
Black「I can ask the same from you.」
Goku is waiting for Black’s full power.
But, Black says there is no rush.

Whis praises Black’s power.
Beerus thinks Black Goku is not exactly Goku.
Because he feels something strange in Black’s Ki.

Goku and Black stare at each other!
Goku wants Black to fight in his full power!
Goku continues to attack!
He receives a punch in his stomach!

Just then, Black displays black aura, and throws Goku!
It seems Black has got more powerful, because he has had a damage.

In the sky, the space time Black came out, begins to distort more.
It is reacting to Black.


Black is distracted by the space time, then, Goku’s kick strikes Black!
Black is thrown away, and nearly fall into the space time.

Black’s face is twisted in pain.
Black「Great! This pain makes me stronger!」
Black shows an evil grin.
Goku thinks his smile weird.


Black again powers up his Ki!
Perhaps thanks to the pain he has received, he is powered up more!
He throws a strong Ki bullet!
Goku bounces the bullet, but then, Black gives Goku a strong kick!

Goku is smashed against the ground. This impact tips the time machine over.
Trunks「Time machine!!」
Now, Black understands how Trunks came to the past

The latter half of episode 50

Black is now distracted by the sight of the time machine.

Into his stomach, Goku gives him a strong punch again!
「UGG!」It must have hurt him!

They continue to fight,
Just then, time ring shines!
Black is drawn back to the black portal of space time.

Black「Distorted space time, returning to normal?」

He realizes he cannot resist the power of space time.
The last thing he can do, is to destroy the time machine!
And he did. Then, he disappeared into the darkness.


According to Whis, when a time machine travels, it leaves a path in the space time.
The time ring reacted to that, and brought Black to the present.
Just like a wound heals itself, the twisted space time returned to its normal shape.
The time ring reacted to that too, and got Black back into his timeline.

Now Black is in the future.
Due to the damage caused by Goku, he falls on to the ground.
Looking up the dark sky, he says,
It will make my powers even more perfect!

The black portal of space time is now gone.
Black「I can’t go back to that era, anymore…」
But, Trunks’ time machine has been destroyed.
Meaning that Trunks is stuck in that time.
Black「Finally, I have no enemy!」
He gets up, laughs loudly.

In the present, everyone is looking at the burning time machine.
Kid Trunks looks at his future self, anxiously.
Frustrated, Future Trunks hits the ground.

There is no one left in the future, who is strong enough to fight against Black.
The remaining human will all be killed.

Goku asks Trunks about the fight.
He wants to know if Black was stronger, when Trunks fought in the future.
Trunks answers, he was stronger in the future.
Goku「Stronger a bit, but not a lot?」
Trunks nods.

Goku is about to reply, but here, Vegeta interrupts.
Vegeta「In that case, there is nothing to worry about. Kakarrot’s real power is far greater than this!」
「and just for the record, same goes for me too.」

Trunks asks what has happened, but,
Vegeta simply answers, “Well, a lot of things happened.”

Piccolo worries that Black’s Ki got stronger as he fought with Goku.
Goku agrees with it.
Goku can’t figure out his potential.

The Pilafs, dressed as fire crews, now appears!
They are going to put out the fire.

Kid Trunks asks Bulma if she can rebuild the time machine.
But, she says it will be impossible to rebuild it from the scratch even with the help of the note.
They hopelessly stand there for a bit.
Just then, Bulma remembers something, and hurries away!

The time machine was the last hope. Says Future Trunks.
On the other hand, Beerus is happy because human can no longer manipulate time.

Whis says that the ring Black was wearing is called “Time ring”, and only Supreme Kais are allowed to use it.

Is Black a Supreme Kai? Piccolo asks.
But, Beerus says no Supreme Kais look like Goku.
Even Beers and Whis can’t figure out who Black is.

According to Whis, the time ring only let you go to the future, and return to your timeline.
It is impossible to go back time beyond your timeline.
Something impossible must be happening.

Trunks asks Beerus that if he can borrow his time ring.
He doesn’t need to go to the past,
He only needs to go back to the future.

Beerus gets annoyed because Trunks seems to think time travel no big deal.
Beerus is a God of Destruction, not Supreme Kai, so he can’t use it.
To him, Trunks and Black are really troublesome.

Goku hopes that Black may come again.
But Whis says that is unlikely since this time, he did not come of his own will.

Krillin remembers that Whis manipulated the time before.
But he says he can only rewind the time for three minutes, not to the future.

Now the fire is extinguished completely.
They smile, expecting some favor for return.

Trunks is sad, looking at the burnt time machine.
He remembers Future Mai and his mother.
He is frustrated.
Vegeta「Don’t give up. We’ll find a way.」
Trunks, not expecting his father’s kind words, nods.

Beerus coolly says that it is important to know when to give up sometimes.
He does not seem to care.

Now, there is only one fish sausage left.
Whis「It’s important to know when to give up?」
So, Whis enjoys the last sausage.

Now, Bulma hurries back.
There is one more time machine!
The one that Cell used before!
Now, everyone feels things are not so bad!

In the future,
Mai lays on the ground.
Her left hand twitches a little.
She seems to be alive.

My personal review and thoughts

We got one step closer to know who Black is.
Black spoke as if he was using Goku’s body.
Is he using Goku’s dead body in the future?

Black holds his chest with pain.
Then, he remembers the battle that Goku damaged his heart.
Does this mean, his heart pain is due to Goku’s attack? Or, is he using Goku’s dead body who died from heart disease?

It is now clear that there is no Supreme Kais who look like Goku.
Beerus seems to know Supreme Kais’ faces.
It is still possible, that the person who is using Goku’s body is a Supreme Kai.

At this moment, Goku is stronger than Black.
Black gets more powerful when fights with a stronger enemy.
Trunks said that too.
But, Black said that PAIN makes him stronger.
This is similar to Saiyan trait, but not the same.

Black cannot time travel freely.
He only came through the space time path that the time machine made, with the help of the time ring.
I found this plot was quite good.

Now, for the future episodes, some titles have already been revealed.
I knew Black would withdraw somehow.
But, he did not do so by his own will, he was forced.

And, as I expected, Mai was alive!
She appears in the opening theme song, so she can’t just die in the first episode.

I thought the time machine would be rebuilt because Bulma had a note. But, it seems very complicated.
They are going to use the time machine that Cell used.
I’m sure many viewers remember that that time machine is still kept.
But, I didn’t expect Akira Toriyama remembered that himself.
Perhaps his staff remembered?

In the next episode, I think the story will be set in the future time.
Look forward to seeing Mai too!

The new ending theme song has started.
「Batten Shōjo-Tai」sings「Yoka Yoka Dance」
I’m not sure this song suits Dragon ball.
I prefer the previous song.


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