Dragon Ball Super [Episode 51] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: The recollection of mystery and first meeting of Mai and Trunks!

【with Images】The Title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 is
“Beyond the time of heart. Trunks and Mai”

Air date July 10th 2016



Goku Black came to past by using the Time Ring.
He knew Vegeta and God of Destruction Beerus.

Goku who wants to fight strong person gives the battle to Black!
Black talks with honorific words.
He said that he use the Goku’s body and it involve his identity.

Black is as strong as Super Saiyan 2 Goku!
Furthermore, Black has a mysterious deposition that he becomes stronger when he got damages.
They are not giving their 100% yet.

When the distortion of space-time closed, the Time Ring reacted again!
It tries to inhale Black forcibly.
At that time, Black destroyed the Time Machine with Ki Blast.
And he deported to the future.

Trunks lost the Time Machine and he can’t go back to the future. He lost the hope.

Bulma realized that she has a Time Machine which Cell got on to come present.
Hope again! Everyone become lively!

On the other hand, Black is so exult that nobody is here who against him.
And the fact is discovered that Mai is still alive.

Episode 51 Trailer and Forecast

I have an expectation perhaps Mai still alive.
And she alive as I expected!
Mai appears flashy in the opening, so she must not dead in this episode!

There is a scene that Trunks became Super Saiyan in the future. Maybe it’s a recollection
At this time, the scenes of the recollections of Future Trunks will increase I think.
It seems to reveal about meeting to Mai.
I hope that the mystery why Mai is young in the future will solve.

Properly speaking, Mai didn’t become younger and older than Bluma in the future.
And I also wonder about Pilaf and Shu!

There is a resistance of people to Black at there.
Perhaps, Mai is a leader of that.
I wonder that who Black is, but I also excited about the scenes of recollections.

There is a scene that Little Mai blushes the cheek.
It’s funny if she falls in love with not Little Trunks but Future Trunks!

The first half of episode 51

Everyone astonished at the Time Machine which Bluma has!
Whis and Beerus astonished too.
Beerus 「Hey. How much will they pick a fight with gods?

Krillin and Trunks realized that the Time Machine is Cell’s which Bulma takes
Goku and Vegeta seemed not to know.

Bulma explain to them that the Time Machine is got on by Cell in the past.
The scene of recollection at that time is going on.
The new images which written down mixed.


Bulma also explain why the Time Machine which Cell got on is here now!
At that time, Trunks back to the capsule the Cell’s Time Machine.
Then she asked Trunks to leave it it her when Trunks go back to the future,

She tried to analyze it but she couldn’t. And finally it had been left by now.


They can go to the future again with it!
Trunks say thank you to Bulma!
Bulma smiles back to him! Trunks makes his eyes shine at her smile.


Goku tries to go to the future to chase Black.
Vegeta is also enthusiastic about going to the future.

「Don’t go yet!」 Bulma stops them.
The Time Machine haven’t repaired yet.
They are too impatient.

Bulma fixes the Time Machine with using the note got from Future Bulma.

There is a time, so Goku asks Whis to get with the training.
Goku「Master Whis. Get with the training! Please!」
Whis looks different today!

Goku restates in honorific.
Goku「Please get with the training for me. Please, ahh, ahh…」
He speaks unnatural with using honorific as usual.
Whis says「I don’t feel like it.」, because the Time Machine comes out one after another.
Whis also concerns about the ring which Black wore so she doesn’t seem to get with the training for Goku.

Beerus asks Goku to get with the training with Vegeta.
Goku is scared and impatient with Vegeta’s expression.
Vegeta goes away.

Goku says that he can’t do that with Vegeta now.
Goku seems to do training at the place of King Kai.
Then he goes to the King Kai’s planet by Momentum Teleportation!

On the other hand, Vegeta goes to the 「Gravity Room」.
Vegeta「I won’t forgive…」 He mutters and goes into there.
It is a rage to Black who killed Future Bulma.

GOku reached King Kai’s Planet.
「Go away! Please…」 King Kai is said it suddenly and bad mood.
King Kai’s Planet became tattered by Goku when he get with training before!

On the other hand Black remembers the fight with Goku in the future.
Black「The memories of fighting is taking my remark to heart and body.」
Goku’s motions adapts to Black’s body.
There is similar scene as it in the opening.


After his saying, Black shoots Ki Blast to the city.
「I want to know about Son Goku more」
And he looks down the city which is flare up!

The latter half of episode 51

At the Capsule Corporation, Bulma’s parents appear!
They seem to come back from the trip.
They are surprised at the garden which is bashed!

They met Future trunks before.
Bulma’s mother says「Nice to see you again!」to Future Trunks.
She is over- familiar as usual and Trunks becomes stagger.

Dr. Brief stares and interested in the Time Machine.
Bulma shows him a note which Future Bulma written and help to repair!

Bulma also has Pilaf Gang who pays nothing for room and board helps her to repair.
At first Pilaf refused it, but he plans to steal the technology of the Time Machine and use it for world domination!

Trunks attracted interest to the girl who called Mai.
He checked her name again and he is sure that she is a Future Mai!
He holds her hands.

Little Mai wonder that how she will be in the future.
Trunks answers evasively.

They maintained steady eye contact and it good mood.
Bulma reads between the line and goes to repair the Time Machine.
She asked Piccolo and Krillin to repair the garden which is bashed.
Piccolo thinks it positively that It is one of the training for him.

Mai asks Trunks to tell about her in the future.
He tells her that she is as big as him.
Then the recollection from Trunks cut into here!

Most of people are dead by the attack of Black.
Needless to say, the army from each country couldn’t do anything.

The people who survived from Black go to the underground and organized resistance!
Mai is the leader of it.


Trunks told about the battle scene of Black and resistance in the future!
Resistances shoot the bullet to Black!
Needless to say, it doesn’t work.
They seem to lure Black and fit into a trap.

They lured Black to the place surrounded by skyscrapers.
The strategy is that they collapse the buildings with bomb and bury under it!

It was an impressively success!
Needless to say, Black uninjured!

Future Trunks tried to go in for the kill Black and added insult to injury!
They stand face to face.


Black「I see everything from much higher than you, the World, the Universe and the Truth of all things.」
Then I realized that it’s better to destroy the people.
The people is the only failure in those which made by gods.

Black「I will eliminate the people to become the world and the universe more beautiful Utopia.」
He will impersonate the god who won’t admit the mistakes!

Trunks rises up by that words.
He challenged Black to a fight but it doesn’t work!
Trunks and Mai runaway by using Flash bombs somehow.


They reached to the hiding space.
But there are no Senzu beans because Korin doesn’t here.
Trunks thinks tamely that Mai helped him many times, even though he is the hope of people.
Mai always cheer him up.


The scene of recollection finished.
Trunks tells little Mai that he always helped and cheered up by Future Mai and children.
Little Trunks asked him that why he didn’t come with Future Mai to here.

Trunks tells that Future Mai dead.

Little Mai and Little Trunks get shocked.

Pilaf and Shu also wonder themselves in the future!
Trunks「Oh…I didn’t see you guys.」
He answers frankly.

Little Trunks also wants to helpsrepaired.
At that time, Goku comes back by Momentum Teleportation because King Kai is feels bad.
Goku advised to Trunks to be relaxed and have a rest.

Bulma and Dr. Brief and his members start to repair the Time Machine!
Mai is out of it.


Mai「He has shade mood and handsome…Cool.」
She seems to fall in love.
Little Trunks seems shaken up.
Pilaf Gang is upset because Bulma said that Mai talks not as child but aunt.

On the other hand, Beerus and Whis seem that they had felt that Ki which they felt from Black.
They seem to have met him at somewhere before.
Whis will sound out about it.

My personal review and thoughts

Vegeta’s rage which is by killed Bulma portrayed in this episode.
Perhaps, it was good way for Vegeta to fight with Black first.

There was no depiction about meeting of Mai and Trunks in the future.
Mai was the core member of the Resistance to support Trunks.
The bullet must not work to Black even though the bullet also doesn’t work to Little Goku.
But, I think the people fought well.
The depiction is vey nice that there are people who against and fight to Black in the future.

Finally we couldn’t know how Pilaf and Shu going on in the future.
And also we couldn’t know why Mai is young in the future
I really concern about it.

Goku Black said that he see from much higher.
He also said that he impersonate god.
Black is near to god but not a god. Is this his identity?

There is a rumor that his mind is Apprentice Supreme Kai Zamasu who appeared in the opening.
If that is the case, the mysteries and contradictions come up.
We can’t know the identity of Black not yet.
I’m so excited about next!

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