Dragon Ball Super [Episode 52] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Zamasu’s true character!? Reunion of Gohan and Future Trunks!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 42 is –
“Reunion of master and pupil – Gohan and Future Trunks”

Air date: July 17 2016



Trunks became unable to go back to future since Goku Black destroyed time machine!
But then, Bulma realized that there’s time machine that cell used before.
If we can fix that time machine, He can go back to future again!

Trunks tells what happened on future to Child Mai!
Mai were a central figure of resistance army on future world to fight against Black.
Resistance army were thinking hard to fighting against Black.

Future Mai were important person for Trunks that helped a lot while encouraging him.
And tells to Child Mai that Future Mai got killed by Black.
Not sure either Future Pilaf and Shu are alive.

Bulma starts to fix time machine cooporating with Dr. Brief, Trunks and else in order to go to future.
On the other hand, Seems like Child Mai be charmed to Future Trunks which is very gentle man.

Beerus and Whis seems to know something about Black.
They are going investigate more about it.

Episode 52 Trailer and Forecast

Future Trunks will going to meet with Gohan in present age!
Furure Gohan were very sturdy and I personally like his characteristic.

Well.. which Present Gohan are not. Completely.
Are scholar and Father at the same time.
Already transformed to Great Saiyaman.
He could be weaker than current trunks!

Im sure he will be shocked by looking at such Gohan!
Gohan are person that Trunks really respects than Goku.
But he could also get relieved by looking at Gohan which is living in peace.

I can also see that Future Gohan and Trunks together.
I guess he is remembering Gohan which is really strong and sturdy!
The moment that Gohan got killed and he firstly awakening as Super Saiyan!

And that moment will be revived in Dragon Ball Super.
That will be very interesting!

And Beerus and Whis will going to meet to Zamasu of 10th Universe with Goku.
Zamasu are also appearing at opening.
Black’s Ki seems to be similar with Zamasu’s Ki.
Im looking foward to hear Zamasu’s voice and tone of voice!
Well, it could just be meeting each other and talking will be broadcasted in next episode.

The first half of episode 52

Bulma are analyzing time machine!
Were pushing Pilaf Gang around.
Hearing loads of technical terms!

Mai are told to bring square wave amplifier from 2nd lab.
Child Trunks follows to guide and help Mai.
Mai got disguised to Trunks since he was not able to recognize machinery.
Seems like Pilaf Gangs know well about machinery since they were making Pilaf Machine for Pilaf!

Child Trunks imitate Future Trunks while pretending coping saw as a sword!
Mai gone away without having interest.

Vegeta are training at gravity room.
Getting raged because Future Bulma got killed by Black!
Vegeta「Because of him.. My family….!」
Being angry to Black.

The sound of training getting leaked outside.
Goku notices that he is angry.
Beerus are waiting for dinner.
Whis were watching battle between Black and Goku that wand’s memory!

Future Trunks having a nightmare on his bed.
Wakes up for watching a dream that Black are killing Mai!
Since his swords are placed at bedside, I can imagine that it’s always prepared for battle in future.

Trunks goes to room which everyone is working to fix time machine.
Seems like he found material which will be energy of time machine according to Bulma.
Its called 「Blue 15th electric liquid」 according to Trunks.

Looks like it was exactly same thing that Burma were inventing it.
Were letting Monaka to help previously.
This will be energy for time machine.

It will be full charged with 1 day!
Trunks surprised with that.
It usually takes half year to just charge half in Future world.
Future world were lacking with such machinery.

Trunks tries to help but seems like its fine because they already have Pilaf Gangs to help with.
And were told to change clothes before that.

Piccolo and Krillin were fixing a garden which has hole.
Well I guess they can fix it without using shovel..
Future Trunks comes at that time.
He sais that he wants to meed to Gohan.

Since Gohan became scholar, He completely left over martial arts according to Piccolo.
So, he says that its not the Gohan that you imagine.
Trunks are glad that hid dream of scholar became real.
Trunks reminisce old days that Gohan were master if him.


Piccolo and Krillin didn’t noticed that Gohan were a master of Trunks.
Piccolo should noticed that because he actually hear about it before.
Piccolo tells Trunks that there is academic meeting that Gohan attends, so he decide to go there and meet to Gohan.

The later half of episode 52

Trunks waits Gohan at exit of academic meeting.
Gohan appears but Trunks didnt notice that.
But Gohan notice him.

Gohan「Trunks? Hello there!」
Trunks cant believe that he’s gohan!
Trunks「I cant feel that spurt power from you.」

Eats ice cream together at bench.
Reminisce battle with Gohan and cell.

Trunks can’t believe how Gohan has been changed.
Reminiscing Gohan while cell part.

Gohan invites trunks to his home to introduce family.
Introduced Future Trunks to satan and Devil.
They both can’t understand situation that Future Trunks came from future.
Trunks were memorizing Satan which has been met before.

Pan romps while spiting milt to Trunks.
Since she can use Flight ability, she’s not going to go down.

Gohan turned into Great Saiyan and tries to warn Pan!
Flying around to stop her!


Trunks staggers while looking at that.

Trunks「What am I doing here.」

Satan left after tells Trunks to take care of Pan.
Pan are so naughty that Trunks even cant take care of it.
Gohan that gets in to room and helped.

Gohan and Trunks rides on swing.
Gohan pacifying Pan.
Trunks「I didn’t noticed that Gohan does these kind of face.」
Trunks smiles while saying that.

Trunks remembers about Future World while looking at this peaceful family.
Trunks「My future won’t be like that if Black weren’t existed!」
Trunks says with tearful eyes.


Trunks treats dinner.
He left after saying thanks to them.

Gohan forgets to ask Trunks why he came from future.
On the other hand, Trunks experienced peaceful day in old world.
He conscious the truth reason for fighting against Black.
Gratitude the meaningful day with Gohan.

Members are having meal together at rooftop of Capsule Corporation.
And Future Trunks with changed his clothes appears!

Piccolo pointed that Trunks look better. He’s changes in his feeling were reflecting to his face.
Goku weren’t there at that time.
He’s not here to go 10th universe with Whis and Beerus.
The reason is that Black’s Ki that Whis analyzed were very similar with the one who lives in 10th universe.

Screen switches to rich nature place in 10th universe.
A green person that brings tea with cart appears!
He is Zamas, the trainee Supreme Kai!


My personal review and thoughts

I felt this was the episode that draws a peaceful day.
I feel a bit poor for Child Trunks.
Were having very good relationship between Mar, but it just completely freaked out because of appearance of Future Trunks.
Well I must say woman’s fickle are pretty scary!

Changes in Gohan are pretty shocking for Trunks and also for us.
Since he’s not talking anything related to Future World and Black, Gohan will not going to fight anymore.

I guess he will be described as peaceful family more of like combat character.
He were taking lessons from Piccolo awhile ago but..
Since He don’t likes fighting much, He will going to fade out from combat.

Gohan and Trunks on Future World remains huge disappointment.
I think photographs and direction can be improved more for the scene.

Since video below are too well made, I guess I was expected too far.
The video were the one which has been broadcasted February 24th 1993, the title is ”Dragon Ball Z – Resistance against Despair!! Remained super warrior Gohan and Trunks”
Comparison with 23years old video and this time’s video!

But this episode were meaningful for Trunks that decided strongly for bringing back peace in Future World.
I got impressed for tear of Trunks that imagines peaceful moment that Future Bulma and Mai having meal together.
Trunks and Mai are probably couple since they have relationship involving whole family.
Time machine’s energy were collecting clue found on 44th episode.

In the next week we will see trainee Supreme Kai, Zamas!
Were carrying tea but we can see 3 cups.
Maybe they already have some visitors.
…Or they already noticed that Whis, Beerus and Goku are coming and were preparing for that?

Check out below for more about Zamas!

Video that Future Trunks and Future Goku are confronting against Android!
It is highly recommended cause its more serious than current “Future Trunks” story.


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