Dragon Ball Super [Episode 53] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Ki from an apprentice of Supreme Kai Zamasu is Black!?

【With images】Here’s the title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 53
”Reveal Black’s True Identity! Now We’re Off to the Supreme Kai’s Realm of Universe 10!”

Air date July 31 2016



Restoration of the Time Machine have been going well.
As a fuel for the Time Machine, the energy which Bulma was developing can be used, so there’s no problem about it.
Besides, it takes only one day to fill it up.

Future Trunks looks worried about Gohan, who was his master in the future timeline, how he is doing in the present timeline.
He asked Piccolo where Gohan was and he is going to see him!

Gohan has become a scholar and made himself a father.
That is completely different Gohan from the person Trunks used to know.
Trunks is totally amazed at the big change of his looks.
”I don’t feel any energy surging from him.”
He realised and is surprised that Gohan lost his power.

But he sees Gohan and his family living happily and thus he reconfirms the meaning why he continues fighting.
“I will get back the world where everybody can live smiling!” He swore firmly.

Meanwhile, Goku headed to the Supreme Kai Realm of Universe 10 with Beerus and Whis.
There’s someone who has Ki similar to Black’s Ki.

That owner of Ki is an apprentice of Supreme Kai, called Zamasu.
The episode ended in the scene that he was bringing tea.

Episode 53 Trailer and Forecast

Goku challenges Zamasu to a fight!!
I’m sure that Goku tries to fight with him to make sure if Zamasu was the very same person because he has actually fought with Black before.
If he can sense Ki coming out from him at the fight, he can get closer to the true identity of Black!

As Zamasu is a genius and elite in the battle, I also think he is simply excited to fight.
And he has already transformed into Super Saiyan 2.
Zamasu avoids Goku’s attacks calmly and easily!
The way of his offence and difference looks different from Black’s.

There is a person with yellow face who looks like Old Kai.
Is he the Supreme Kai of Universe 10 at the present timeline?
On the table in front of him, there is a case where ”Time Rings” are placed.
There are one silver ring which Black was wearing and also a few green rings.

I am interested in what these green rings are.
I assume these are not rings for apprentice of Supreme Kai because Zamasu is not wearing any rings.

The first half of episode 53

Goku and his companions are heading to the Universe 10.
They want to know What sort of man Zamasu is.

According to Whis, Zamasu was formerly the King Kai of Universe 10.
His genius ability is highly evaluated and so, he’s been trained to be the next Supreme Kai.

The scene is now at Universe 10.
It was the Supreme Kai, Gowasu, who Zamasu was serving a cup of tea.
According to Gowasu, tea served by a person with clean and pure heart is very nice.
Gowasu made Zamasu promise that he was going to continue training himself and watching over humans’ living and working.

However, Zamasu is not trustful of humans.
So far, he has been watching humans’ living and working.
He knows the fact that humans repeated conflicts and destructions.

He doubts if humans are really deserved to be protected.
He says to Gowasu that wrong living and working should be ended!

But Gowasu says the role of King Kai and Supreme Kai is a creation. So they can’t do anything about it.
Zamasu objects that he can’t be patient anymore with overlooking them.
Gowasu insists it’s not overlooking but watching over and fostering.

According to Gowasu, it’s only the God of destruction who can carry it out.
Gowasu says Zamasu should learn his place and try to know more about humans.
It doesn’t look Zamasu assented to it.

At that time, Beerus and his companions have arrived!
Of course Gowasu knows about Beerus and Gowasu greeted to him.
Gowasu introduced Zamasu as his apprentice.

Goku was very interested in Zamasu.
Whis Looked at Zamasu’s behaviour and realised Zamasu has never met with Goku before.

Goku is told to greet neatly.
Goku “Son Goku. Nice to start.” *1
Whis “Haha! You are not talking about cold ramen noodle in summer, aren’t you?” *2
Whis knows very old gags.

*1 “Nice to meet you” in Japanese is “HAJIME MASHITE”. In this scene, Goku said “HAJIMEMASHITA” which actually means “I’ve just started.”

*2 In Japan, when summer comes, Ramen noodle restaurants starts to advertise that “They have started cold ramen.” which is in Japanese “Hiyashi-Chuka HAJIMEMASHITA.”

Afterwards, Goku continued awkward greeting using his strange expression.
Beerus explained that he was a Saiyan living on the planet called Gourmet Earth.

Zamas is wondering who Goku actually is as he is travelling with the God of destruction.
Goku touchs Zamasu’s body abruptly in order to know his physique.
Zamasu”don’t act too familiar with me! Human!”
I can really feel he hates humans.
But I think this Goku’s attitude is problematic, too.

Gowasu says ”Stop it!!” to angry Zamasu.

Goku wants to fight with him.
And Zamasu gets more angry by that.

Beerus wants to talk something beforehand.
He explains that the person who appeared in Universe 7 was wearing a Time Ring” and that person was not Supreme Kai.

He wants to make sure if the “Time Rings” of Universe 10 are all safe.
Beerus and his companions are invited to a shrine.
According to Whis and Beerus, Zamasu didn’t know the existence of Time Rings.

Gowasu has brought Time Rings.
There are one silver ring and 4 green rings placed inside the box.
The rings are all completed.


Gowasu asked the reason why they came to the Universe 10 even though things actually happened in the Universe 7.
He makes an excuse that it’s because he was travelling around all universes.

Goku still wants to fight with Zamasu.
Zamasu is angry and says to persistent Goku, ”Get off!!”
Zamasu “Watch out for your language, human!”
I see he really hates humans.

Gowasu can not bear to watch it anymore and orders him to fight!
He says it’s going to be a good opportunity for Zamasu to know better about humans.
There is also a purpose to confirm how far Zamasu can control himself.

The latter half of episode 53

Meantime, here’s the scene at Capsule Corporation.

Trunks and Krillin are having a chat.
They are talking that Goku looked very happy.
And then they start to talk about Krillin as his child age.

Krillin tells Trunks that he is married.
Trunks wants to know who his wife is.

Krillin’s attitude makes Trunks realize it’s someone he knows.
Then, Android 18 appears!

Trunks is surprised and tries to draw his sword!
Krillin stopped him in a flurry!

Krillin “Android 18, why are you here, Miss?”
She came to check if Krillin was fine as he was late to get back home.
Trunks was again surprised that Krillin was talking to the Android 18 in a respectful manner.

Android 18 comes to Trunks.
Android 18 ”I’ve heard that you killed me in an alternative world. You owe me a compensation.”
He looks a bit confused.
But that was the Android 18’s joke.

Trunks can’t hide his surprise after seeing Android 18 and Krillin.
He seemed uncomfortable to be there and said he was going to see how his mum was.
And he left.

Trunks comes to see how Bulma is doing.
It looks restoration of the Time Machine has been going well.

Trunks holds a sword in the garden.
Mai is looking at him in secret.
And Mai is being watched by Pilaf and Shu.

Pilaf and Shu are now convinced that Mai is in love with Future Trunks.
They want to help her in some way.

Shu falls over deliberately and unnaturally in front of Trunks and gets scratches on his body!
Mai treated his injury with a Band-aid.

Pilaf ”She has an aspect of not only a warrior of resistance army but also a young lovely girl.”
Pilaf tries to impress Future Trunks with Mai’s charm.
However, Future Trunks is too dull to understand it.

Young Trunks was listening to their conversation.
And he has fallen love with Mai!
What is more, he clearly said “I like you” to her!

Pilaf said, after all, it is all ok because they are the very same person!
Mai said she didn’t want them to help her at all and slapped Pilaf in his face.
Dull Trunks thinks they are doing a rehearsal of some drama play.

And the scene is now at Universe 10.
Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 2 all of a sudden.
Gowasu was surprised by his sudden transformation.
Whis explains he is a Super Saiyan.

Zamasu hears it, too.
Zamasu notices that his “Ki” got swollen up several times more.

Goku has not fought against the Got since he had fought against Beerus.
Zamasu dodges Goku’s attacks quickly and easily.

Zamasu ”This is the end!”
He tries to hit his knifehand strike toward Goku’s neck.
But Goku stopped it!

At that moment, they sense Ki coming out from Zamasu
Goku thinks his Ki is very similar to Black’s Ki.
Whis and Beerus notice it, too.


Goku drives Zamasu to bay.
He tries to avoid Goku’s punches but he struggles as they were stronger than he expected.

Zamasu ”Incredible. Human can fight so strongly!!”
Finally Goku defeated Zamasu.

According to Goku, he is by far stronger than the Supreme Kai of Universe 7.
Goku says he wants to fight again. He wishes re-fight unilaterally.
Goku offers his hand to Zamasu but Zamasu shows his murderous impulse.
Gowasu restrained it.

Beerus is satisfied that he could confirm all rings were there but regrets he forgot to eat dessert of the Earth.
And everyone is on the way home.

Whis “That cold spirit of him and that Ki representing his spirit.”
These are enough evidences to prove the truth that Zamasu is Black.
Beerus thinks he should be destroyed before it is too late.
But Goku says his Ki was similar to Black’s Ki but slightly different.
Things are still cloaked in mystery.

Zamasu says he has deepened his understanding of humans by fighting with.
Gowasu notices that Zamasu could eradicate distrust feelings towards humans.
Gowasu orders him to prepare a new cup of tea.
Zamasu “As I expected, humans are dangerous existences. Son Goku, I will never forget you.”
Tea he served is cloudy.
Zamasu has deepened his understanding of humans in the different way from what Gowasu thinks.

My personal reviews and thoughts

Zamasu and Gowasu, two of their names come from the end of Japanese sentence.
I guess there may be Yansu or Dagaya as well.

In this episode, we start to see a little bit of the true identity of Black.
A colour of the Supreme Kai Gowasu called Potala is green and which is same as Black.
And Gowasu and Zamasu have different thoughts about humans.

Zamasu is obedient now but isn’t it possible that someday he might rebel against Gowasu?
Then he would take Potala and “Time Rings” by force.

Zamasu learned many things through this incident.
Now he knows the existence of Son Goku, Super Saiyan, Time Rings, Beerus and also the Earth of Universe 7.
Consequently, there is a possibility that Zamasu will turn to be Black in the future.
But it’s a story in the present world line.

In the original future Trunks’ world, Goku and Zamasu didn’t meet each other.
Beerus or other fellows didn’t come to the Earth either.
It doesn’t link to the reason why Black was there.

Here’s my expectation.
Zamasu will kill Gowasu and get Potala and Time Rings.
Zamasu will understand that Goku is very strong.
He will have some clues which lead him to know that there is a world where Goku is dead.
He will go to that future world to rob the body of and then Black will be born.

But if so, it’s strange that Potala is only one side.
Black talked to Goku in a polite language but Zamasu didn’t talk that way.
Many mysteries remain.

I have always wanted to see how Trunks and the Android 18 react to each other.
I’m personally delighted that it has been reenacted this time!
I liked Trunk’s puzzled face.

Anyway, Krillin still calls the Android 18 with Miss and talks to her using honorific expression.
And I guess it’s a bit late to mention this but let me tell you that the Android 18 has a name which is Lazuli.
A name of the Android 17 is Lapis.

Considering the last scene, there is no doubt that Zamasu is going to be opposed to Gowasu.
And I’m still thinking what Goku meant by saying Zamasu’s Ki was slightly different from Black’s Ki.

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