Dragon Ball Super [Episode 54] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Gowasu and Zamasu travel to the future! Trunks’s training begins!

【with images】Here is the title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 54
「A man of Saiyan origin, Trunks’s determination」

Air date August 7 2016



Zamasu, a disciple of Supreme Kai of Universe 10
and Gowasu, Supreme Kai made their appearance.

Zamasu was holding serious distrust towards human beings.
Gowasu told Zamasu to watch human beings with trust.

Goku, Whis, and Beerus came to the world of Supreme Kai of Universe 10.
Then they also witnessed the existence of 「Time Ring.」
Whis pried out of them whether it was the first time for Zamasu to meet Goku, and so on.

Because of Goku’s desire to fight with a strong one, Goku and Zamasu fought against each other.
Feeling “ki” from Zamasu, Whis and Beerus guessed that Zamasu and Black was the same person.
On the other hand, Goku feels that it is not correct.
Goku had better combat capability than Zamasu.

On the earth, Trunks met Android 18, Krillin’s wife.
And Pilaf was struggling to fix Future Trunks up with infant Mai!
The earth is peaceful as usual.

Goku’s party came back to the earth from Universe 10.
Goku’s words and the battle against him made Zamasu hold even stronger distrust towards human beings.

Episode 54 Trailer and Forecast

Watching the preview of this episode, you see that Vegeta gives training to Trunks.
Did you see an instant scene of Trunks’s body becoming muscular?
This is the body shape that Trunks transformed into at the battle against Cell.
This is a failure because he is dependent too much on his physical power.
On the internet, this muscular Trunks is a kind of funny material as memes.

This form is considered as Super Saiyan Third Grade.
In Trunks’s case, he is Third Grade for the state of Super Saiyan 2.

Is becoming this muscular only way for Trunks to raise his combat ability?
He cannot complain even if people think he did not learn anything from the battle against Cell.
But at least he must have learned something because he became able to transform into Super Saiyan 2.
Vegeta is in “blue” state of Super Saiyan.
Trunks endures this training to be able to transform into this state someday.

According to “TV Guide”‘s preview and spoiler, Trunks is shocked about the fact that he cannot hold a candle to Goku in terms of combat capability,
and he loses confidence and thinks that he will not be needed in the battles.
Vegeta gives a kick in his teeth,
and then decides to give training to Trunks.

And Zamasu and Gowasu will go to Planet Babari 1000 later using 「Time Ring」.
There are surely Babarians on the planet.
What will Zamasu and Gowasu witness there?

I guess the story finishes there this time.
I am slightly concerned that too many characters’ appearance may blur the concept of the story.

The first half of episode 54

At the dawn,
Future Trunks is walking in the yard of Capsule Corporation!
Standing on a surface of the pond, he closes his eyes.

Trunks「Soon I’ll be fighting against him…」
He visualizes a battle against Black,
and he bites his lips because he can never see himself defeat Black.

Time machine is under repair.
It is charged of its energy enough for one round-trip.

Then Pilaf appears.
He reads the program displayed on the computer!
Pilaf「Ha! What the hell is this uninteresting program?」
He starts to rewrite the program to make it more interesting.
Bulma finds out and scolds him for it.

However, when Bulma reads his program, she notices and gets surprised that his program actually looks very sophisticated.
Bulma「Who are you? Why are you so good?」
Bulma is suspicious about Pilaf.
Pilaf tries hard to chicane.
Apparently Bulma is not aware that he is a member of Pilaf Gang who was her opponent long time ago.

From the roof, Shu and Mai are looking down at Trunks.
Shu knows he is doing image training,
and tells Mai about it.

Hearing that, Mai imagines that she is kissing Future Trunks.
In Mai’s situation, it is an obsession rather than image training.

Whis’s party arrives at Capsule Corporation.
Whis excuses for his failure of landing to make a big hole in the yard, shifting responsibility to Beerus and Goku for arguing against each other.
But actually Whis failed it on purpose.

Time for breakfast.
Vegeta share a table with Bulma’s parents,
which is a little bit surprising.

According to Whis, there are no clues to associate Black with Zamasu.
Learning that Whis sensed Black’s “ki” from Zamasu, Trunks continuously asks him questions.

Black was a transformed figure of Zamasu,
Zamasu borrowed the god’s power to transform into human being.
Whis denies these guesses saying Zamasu and Black were way different from each other.

According to Whis, he felt tremendously evil spirit from Black.
Zamasu’s spirit was not as evil as that of Black.
And Zamasu did not know about Goku.

They concludes that they cannot tell Black’s identity is Zamasu just because Whis sensed similar “ki” from them.

Beerus「That’s just at this point…」
He explains that it is possible for Zamasu to have more dangerous thoughts from now on.

Goku does not think that Zamasu is that bad person.
Goku seems to have felt it from the fight against him.

Trunks is surprised at the fact that Zamasu and Goku fought against each other.
According to Beerus, for Goku who experienced the fight against Beerus, Zamasu is such an easy opponent.
It is just a piece of cake to defeat!

Trunks is also surprised at the fact that Goku has fought against God of Destruction before.
He starts to think that only Goku is enough to defeat Black.

Vegeta is looking at Trunks from a table far away, eating breakfast.
Although this is a serious scene, he shows his face with a comical expression which has been rarely seen.

After breakfast, Whis and Beerus leave for Beerus’ Planet.
Apparently Krillin and Piccolo already left there.

Trunks looks down and contemplates.
Vegeta「Come here. I’ll give you training.」
Trunks gets perplexed at these unexpected words.

At the world of Supreme Kai, Universe 10,
Zamasu is preparing a cup of tea as usual.

Gowasu is watching scenes of Planet Babari through his crystal ball.
On the Planet Babari, orange-colored, non-literal, and barbarous species are dwelling.
They do not even speak any languages.

Zamasu serves Gowasu a cup of tea.
Gowasu tells Zamasu the tea tastes something wrong.

Zamasu「I just used the same tea leaves as usual.」
Gowasu says it is not because of the tea leaves.
Zamasu insists that it is due to the leaves.
They are gradually holding distrusts towards each other.

They hear roars from the crystal ball.
Two Babarians are beating and fighting against each other.
Gowasu explains to Zamasu that human-like being were born on this planet.
Gowasu has been watching over Babarians’ evolution for a long time.

Gowasu 「Mmm… they are too ferocious.」
Zamasu「Why don’t we clean them while we can?」

Gowasu asks Zamasu what he meant by a word “clean.”
Of course Zamasu meant “to exterminate” by the word “clean.”

Gowasu is outraged at his response.
He did not expect that Zamasu would say such a word.
And it is a job for God of Destruction to exterminate enemies.

Gowasu suggests that they should watch over Babarians for another 1000 years.
However, Zamasu hits back Gowasu saying that he never thinks Babarians would create an orderly world,
for he has witnessed many similar situations on other planets.

Hearing this, Gowasu brings Time Ring to see the Babarian Planet of 1000 years later.

The latter half of episode 54

Zamasu and Gowasu comes to the Babari Planet at the present.
Two Babarians are fighting against each other.
Zamasu「So hideous…」
Zamasu expresses his disgust.

Zamasu doubts if the power of Time Ring is true.
Gowasu explains to him
that Time Ring enables them to travel to the future and come back to the present.
They cannot go to the past.
Even if it is possible, it is strictly prohibited to travel in the past.

Gowasu explains about an important fact.
Along with the silver Time Ring, there are four “green-colored Time Rings” inside the box.
According to Gowasu, those green-colored ones appeared because parallel universes were generated due to historical changes.

Zamasu「Historical changes… generated parallel universes…」
There used to be three green-colored Time Rings, but one more ring appeared several years ago.

After explanation, they try to head for the Babari Planet 1000 years later.
However, only Supreme Kai can travel to the future with Time Ring.
Zamasu learns that he cannot go to the future because he is still a disciple.

Zamasu is shocked.
However, Gowasu has some measures.
He tries to lend Zamasu one of his green Potara put on his right ear,
and tells Zamasu to wear it on his left ear.
This temporarily makes Zamasu become Supreme Kai and enables him to go to the future.

If Zamasu wears it on his right ear, he will unite with Gowasu.
If they unite together, they become one strong Supreme Kai.
Jokingly, Gowasu asks if Zamasu wants to unite with him.
Feeling pressed, Zamasu declines it.

Now they are both wearing Potaras on their left ears.

They imagine themselves to be in the world of 1000 years later, and then Time Ring is set in motion!
The two arrive at the Babari Planet at the future.
Although their culture is slightly developed, they are still ferocious.
They remain the same when it comes to beating and fighting against each other.


Zamasu and Gowasu stare at the ferocious scenes.
Gowasu「M… Mmm…」
Gowasu is at a loss for a word.

Zamasu「The universe will never see a peace unless human beings completely disappear.」
Zamasu’s distrustfulness towards human beings gets even more strong.

On the earth, Trunks is given training.
Trunks remembers that he previously had training in the Room of Spirit and Time.

These are newly added flashback scenes.
Vegeta「It’s still better to have you even though you’re still such a garbage, huh?」
Vegeta transforms, watching Trunks get out of his breath.

This is the scene that Vegeta transcended Super Saiyan.
For the first time Vegeta became Super Vegeta.

The flashback scenes end here.

Trunks transforms himself into Super Saiyan 2!
He asks Vegeta to fight in the form of Super Saiyan 3 without being soft on him.
Trunks「Why are you laughing?」
As soon as he finishes laughing, Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan Blue!

Goku senses “ki” from Vegeta and Trunks.
He wakes up from his nap.

Trunks is surprised at Vegeta’s transformation!
Trunks「His “ki” disappeared…」
But Trunks feels even more overwhelming pressure from Vegeta.

Trunks remembers that he heard the story of fight between Goku and Beerus before.
He realizes that Goku and Vegeta could clash with God of Destructions, with this blue “ki.”

Vegeta offers Trunks an easy deal.
If Trunks can hit Vegeta only once, it will be considered as Trunks’s victory.
It is the same thing Vegeta used to do on Trunks in his childhood.

Trunks「Don’t underestimate me.」
Trunks forcefully transforms himself depending on his physical power.
Like his appearance in the battle against Cell, his hair becomes long.
It is a bit strange that he has medium hair now although he had long hair at the time.

Vegeta gets disappointed at this transformation!
He is outraged at the fact that Trunks did not improve compared to the past.
Vegeta attacks Trunk!

This transformation is actually Trunks’ strategy to trick Vegeta.
All of this is Trunks’s plan.

Trunks let Vegeta come close to him!
Trunks immediately cancels his transformation and gives Vegeta a flurry of attacks.
However, none of his attack are effective on Vegeta in the form of Super Saiyan Blue.
Vegeta gives rating “C” to Trunks’s strategy.

Vegeta’s sequence of attacks brutally hits Trunks!
Trunks「Too strong…」

Then Goku brings Bulma to the scene by teleportation.
Goku wants to show her Trunks’s training.

Trunks is overwhelmed by tremendous attacks from Vegeta.
Trunks has no chance against Vegeta.

Trunks thinks that Goku and Vegeta, the two Super Saiyan Blues, can defeat Black.
Trunks「I didn’t need to be strong.」
Thinking about it, Trunks smiles.

Vegeta notices and becomes outraged at Trunks’s attitude!
Vegeta「Hey you!! What kind of thoughts make you smile while you’re fighting!?」

Vegeta tells Trunks that he should not consider defeating Black as his goal but be prepared for stronger opponents.
「As Saiyan and my son, I never allow you to be defeated by anyone!」 says Vegeta!
Trunks is moved by his words.

Bulma tries to stop their training, but Goku stops her.
According to Goku, this is the Saiyan way for education.

Vegeta cancels his transformation.
Pretending as if he bites his lip, Trunks thumps his head against Vegeta!
「I hit you. This is my victory!」
Trunks smiles.

Trunks promises that he will be better someday than Vegeta and Black.
Trunks’s face looks calm with a clear mind.
Vegeta leaves there, ignoring Trunks holding out the hand.

Trunks「I truly appreciate your lesson, my father.」
Trunks bows to a back of Vegeta walking away.

On the Beerus’ Planet,
Whis is cooking!
Then his scepter shines and tells that it got an incoming call.
Beerus answered on behalf of Whis.
Beerus「We can’t answer now! Call us later!」
But the call was from Zen-Oh!
Beerus is rattled.

Zen-Oh「I want to meet Goku.」
Beerus and Whis are surprised at the words.

My personal reviews and thoughts

In this episode, we can see Vegeta’s caring towards Trunks.
Though it is strict, he thinks about his son Trunks.
Also, new commercial bumpers are introduced.

It is a scene where Vegeta teaches Trunks how to shoot Galick Gun.
Trunks will be able to use Galick Gun someday!

Zamasu and Supreme Kai regard all Earthians, Saiyans, and Babarians as human beings.

And Zamasu finally put green-colored Potara on his ear.
We are getting close to Black’s identity.
But Gowasu also wears Potara on his left ear.
Will one of them become Black?
It is possible that Gowasu is Black.
Or it might turn out to be a completely different person.

Zamasu learns from Gowasu that there are other parallel universes from where he resides.
This will lead him to the fact that there is another universe where Future Trunks lives.

And another remarkable character is Zen-Oh introduced in this episode.
I personally want to see him mention something about Black.

Zen-Oh might take action in order to put together the several generated parallel universes.
I can’t wait to see lot more secrets to be unveiled!

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