Dragon Ball Super [Episode 55] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Zen-oh is the strongest! New characters have also been released.

【with Images】Here is the title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 55
「I wanna see Goku  A call from Zen-oh!」

Air date August 21 2016



Goku and company came back from Universe 10.
They ended up with no evidence showing if Zamasu and Black are the same person or not.
However, they have a clue, their Ki was very similar.

Zamasu hated humans as before, he had just come back from Planet Babari where humans were fighting all the time.
Zamasu and Supreme Kai Gowasu went back to Planet Babari after 1000years.
Zamasu became Supreme Kai at this time because he borrowed one Potara from Supreme Kai Gowasu.

In Planet Babari, humans were still fighting even 1000 years later. The unevolved appearance cultivated Zamasu’s sense of dislike of humans.

Meanwhile, on the earth, Vegeta trained Trunks.
Trunks witnessed Super Saiyan Blue and the strength.
Therefore, he thought that he didn’t need to be stronger because he could rely on Goku and Vegeta.

Trunks was scolded by Vegeta, who saw Trunks’s true feelings.
Trunks was tempted by Vegeta’s words and reconfirmed the pride of Saiyan.
Trunks swore an oath to put on strength beyond that of Vegeta and Black.

After that, Beerus and Whis got a call from Zen-oh.
They were aghast at the demand of Zen-oh that he wants to see Goku!

Episode 55 Trailer and Forecast

There are 2 trailers this time.
The top trailer is 15seconds long.

The bottom trailer is 30seconds long.
Some scenes are only available here.

We can see a mystery man with white hair in the trailer.
This might be a new character.
The light blue ring behind his head seems to be same as Whis.
He may be an attendant on God of Destruction in Universe 10?

His belt has the letter 「大」, which means Big/Grand.
This makes me curious!
He might be the Grand King Kai, Grand Supreme Kai in Universe 10 or Grand Zen-oh?

In the bottom trailer, we can see the scene where Zamasu gives a Green Potara back to Gowasu.
I totally expected he stole the Potara.
So far, there have been many scenes which hint that Zamasu at the present world will become Black.
However, a different ending might be waiting for us.

The author, Mr Akira Toriyama has already mentioned that Zen-oh will be key to the ending.
If Zen-oh is right behind them, he can snuff out Black and it will be all solved.
The planet looked like a jelly fish may be the home of Zen-oh.

Zen-oh may start going into actions for the number of parallel worlds was increasing
I hope he talks about Black.

The first half of episode 55

Beerus was sweating and unsettled.
Goku was called by Beerus and came to Beerus’s planet.
Beerus told him that Zen-oh wanted to meet him.

Goku refused to go because he was busy and he was yelled at by Beerus!
According Whis, it would take 2days to go to the palace of Zen-oh!
However, they could go there in a split second if Supreme Kai uses his power.

Beerus didn’t want to follow Goku since he was scared of Zen-oh.
Beerus was extremely worried about Goku’s behavior.
He instructed Whis to go along with Goku!
He advised them not to incur the displeasure of Zen-oh.

While at the same time, the scene moved to Capsule Corporation.
It looks like the time machine was ready.
The only thing they need to do is fill up with Energy!

The scene shifted to Beerus’s planet again.
Beerus told Goku to dress-up.
Goku was too lazy to change his clothes, so Whis said he would offer an apology to Zen-oh!

Beerus suggested to make a secret of Black and the time machine.
If they mentioned them, it would spark fury.

Also, Beerus told Whis to make sure Supreme Kai behaved himself.
Goku was surprised at Beerus because he was worrying about Supreme Kai.

Whis「hehehe. Supreme Kai and God of Destruction are a set. If Supreme Kai is passes away, God of Destruction also perish.」
Supreme Kai and God of Destruction are in the same boat!

Beerus’s face was as never seen before, since his weakness was revealed to Goku.

Beerus became furious with Whis because he carelessly said such an important thing!
Goku promised to keep the secret!

At the same time on Planet Babari, Babarians were still fighting each other!
Gowasu and Zamasu were watching the situation carefully.

Zamasu「They have neither justice nor order. Wisdom brought from the God has not been any use at all.」

One Babarian tried to attack Zawasu and Gowasu!
Zamasu softly received the blow of the Babarian’s heavy bat with only one hand!
He blew at the Babarian with a shock wave!

The Babarian ran to Zamasu.
Zamasu concentrated his Ki to his right hand, and was totally willing to knock down the Babarian!
Gowasu「Stop! Zamasu!」
Zamasu cut the Babarian in two with a single stroke of his hand, and killed the Babarian.

Gowasu「Oh my…. Zamasu!」
Gowasu aggressively turned Zamasu around!
Zamasu seemed insane!
Though he soon broke the spell soon.

Zamasu forced to return the Potara when he went back to the world of Supreme Kai.
Gowasu warned that there may have some influence on Planet Babari, in the future, because Zamasu killed the Babarian!

Goku and Whis came to the world of Supreme Kai!
They asked Supreme Kai to take them to Zen-oh!
Supreme Kais was dismayed.
Even Old Kai had visited there only 3times before.
They advise Goku to be careful when interacted with Zan-oh.

They warped to the residence of Zen-oh using the power of Supreme Kai – 「Kai Kai」.
The palace looked like a jelly fish!


One man welcomed them.

Whis and the others greeted him.
Goku 「Hey man!」
Supreme Kai hit Goku with his elbow, who greeted him casually!

Whis apologized for Goku’s costume, because it is not formal as he was in hurry.
The man said it was no problem since the uniform Goku wore is actually formal for Goku.

The man guided Goku and others into the palace.
According to Whis, the man is Grand Priest.
It is said that the Grand Priest is one of the 5 strongest in whole universe!
Even Whis cannot begin to compete with him.

Then, Whis and others arrived at the room of Zen-oh.
Zen-oh 「Mr. Goku. Welcome. Nice to meet you again.」
Goku 「Hey you!」
Goku greets him casually again.
Supreme Kai let Goku notice him with a harrumph, and Goku greets politely.
Goku 「Why did you call me in here?」

The latter half of episode 55

Zen-oh 「Well, I …want to have a friend.」

He found he liked Goku, and wanted to be friends with him!
Goku 「That’s ok, but is it the only reason why you called me in here?」
Zen-oh 「Is it not good?」
Supreme Kai replied supporting Goku, but Zen-oh said 「Shut up!」. He was at his wits end with the conversation between Goku and Zen-oh.

Goku allowed Zen-oh to call him Goku, without his formal title.
Zen-oh asked how he will call Zen-oh.
Goku 「Ummm, Zen-chan?」
Zen-oh liked it!
Zen-oh immediately asked Goku what they are playing.
Goku, was busy however, and asked Zen-oh to play next time!

The guard of Zen-oh approached Goku saying 「Watch yourself!」.
Zen-oh 「Shut up of I will vanish you!」
The guard「I am sorry, sir.」
Zen-oh let the frighten guard go back.

They promised to play together after Goku finished his work!
Goku also promised to bring a friend who will suit Zen-oh better than Goku!

Zen-oh had enjoyed the hand-shake with Goku after the battle game with Universe 6.
He asked Goku to do the hand-shake again as a confirmation of the promise!

According to Zen-oh, others could not do the same.
They maybe thought it too rude to do the same hand-shake as Goku.

Goku invited Zen-oh to come to the earth next time.
He got a push-button which he can use to call Zen-oh anytime.

He pressed it straight away.
It had no meaning because Zen-oh was already in front of him.
Goku was so clumsy.

Goku and others left the palace after promising to play with Zen-oh.
Grand Priest seemed to like Goku, as well.

They arrived at the world of Supreme Kai.
Supreme Kai asked Goku who he would take as a friend of Zen-oh.
He actually did not have any idea, but he just said the first thing that came into his head, his remark was irresponsible.

Supreme Kai was beside himself with worry for Goku, because of the reckless remark he made to Zen-oh.
Goku didn’t take it seriously and said he would think about it later.

Goku and Whis came back to Beerus’s planet!
Beerus was stunned that Goku called Zen-oh as Zen chan.

The scene moved to the world of Supreme Kai in Universe 10.
The tea in the cup, which Zamasu poured, became cloudy.!
Gowasu said tea is the mirror of spirit.
He asked Zamasu whether this cloud is fear or doubt.

Human beings can learn from their mistakes. This is what Gowasu believes.
He will wait until they learn.

On the other hand, Zamasu summarized that human beings do not learn anything at all.
He poured forth his feelings, he thought he could learn what justice was.
He contradicted himself, as it was not justice to only sit and wait!

The cloud of the tea became darker.

Gowasu asked Zamasu about good and evil.
Zamasu「Evil is to die out. To make good flourish, we need justice.」
However, Gowasu’s thought justice was something to create a balance between good and bad.

Zamasu cautioned Gowasu not to surrender to evil.
He spoke against Gowasu that evil is arrogance such as the Babarian or Goku who tried to attack God.

Their opinion remained conflicted.

Zamasu was instructed to make more tea.
Zamasu「Sir. Gowasu, only observing is unacceptable.」
He muttered.

The next scene is at Capsule Corporation!
The completed time machine appeared!

Goku and Vegeta went into the machine and warped into a world in the future!

They arrived in the future!
Trunks put the time machine into a capsule immediately, so it doesn’t get destroyed this time!

They were astonished at how desolated the world was.

Trunks soon ran away.
Vegeta followed him.
They arrived at the place Mai died!
However, Mai was not there but only her hat.

Goku walked toward Trunks.
Then some hidden people shot a missile at Goku!
Goku noticed it!

My personal reviews and thoughts

A new has been revealed in the recently published comic, it became clear in the TV animation, as well!
The fact is that Supreme Kai and God of Destruction are the set, and if one dies, other one also dies.
In Goku’s world, there should be 5 Supreme Kai, including Grand Supreme Kai.
I wonder if all are a set with God of Destruction.
Or, to begin with, the fact that there are 5 may vanish.

The opinions of Gowasu and Zamasu remain different.
Zamasu lost his mind at a moment when he killed a Babarian.
His hand at that time had the same aura as Black.

The assumption that Black = Zamasu is becoming realistic!
I wonder if Zamasu may kill Gowasu soon.

Goku got a push button which he can call up Zen-oh.
If he is in a pinch, he can call up Zen-oh.
I hope to see how Zen-oh will react when he meets Black!

Also, a new character, Grand Priest, appeared.
Apparently, he is much stronger than Whis.
It means that he is a stronger character than Vados and Whis, who used be the strongest in Dragon Ball Super!
That is, Grand Priest is the strongest character!

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