Dragon Ball Super【Episode 56】Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion:!Super Saiyan Rose is stronger than Blue!!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super “ Episode 56 is
「Goku Black Rematch! Super Saiyan Rose Appear!!」

Air Date August 28 2016



Zen-Oh wants to meet Goku.
Goku, Whis, and Supreme Kai are going to see Zen-Oh!
They meet Grand Priest at the residence of Zen-Oh! Grand Priest is very strong, even Whis doesn’t reach his feet.

The reason why Zen-Oh invites Goku was that he just wants to be friend with Goku.
Goku promises to hang out with Zen-Oh sometimes soon. Zen-Oh gives Goku the botton, the bottun is the device that Goku can call Zen-Oh anytime he wants!

On the other hand, Zamasu kills one of the Babarian who tries to attack him.
Supreme Kai Gowasu warns. However, Zamasu starts feeling against him.

Finally, the time machine has been fixed.
Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks go to the future!
Goku is surprised to see the ruined towns in the future.
Then, Resistance launch the missiles to Goku.

Episode 56 Trailer and Forecast


In preview, Trunks holds Mai’s hands!
Looks like Trunks is delighted to know that Mai is alive.
Mai blushes her cheek…very pretty.

There is a Yajirobe . He is growing beard.
Is he one of the Resistance? I am not sure, but I am very curious about his presence.
There is a scene Yajirobe was killed by Andoroids in Dragon Ball Z.

Previous episode ended at the scene when Residence launch the missiles to Goku.
That’s because they just thought Goku as a Goku Black.
They can easily find out that Goku is Goku, not a Goku Black. Then Mai and Trunks meet.

I am wondering how future Mai will react seeing Goku again.
Goku and Mai used to fight over Dragon Ball in the past.
I want to know what’s happened to Pilaf and Shu!

Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and attacks Black. But seems like Black is enjoying the attack. Black has relaxed-smile.
He earns more power by getting damage!
That make him awaken into Super Saiyan Rose?
I want Vegeta to defeat Black to avenge Bulma’s death.

I have a feeling of him as an underdog again….

Thinking about Trunks’s strength, the battle will be over his range so Trunks won’t be able to join the battle.
I assume that he can focus on protecting Mai and Resistances!

The first half of episode 56

Goku realizes missiles are coming toward him.
Trunks uses his sword, destroys all missiles coming toward Goku!

Thanks to Trunks, now the Resistances know that Goku came to defeat Black!
They launched missiles because they thought Goku is Goku Black.
Because Goku and Goku Black are look alike.
Also, Vegeta’s evil-look is one of the reason for them to think as enermy!

Now, Trunks tries to introduce Goku.
But the Resistances already know that Goku came from past to defeat Black!
Only Trunks, Bulma, and Mai are supposed to know the plan to go to past for help.
Because of this, Trunks finds out that Mai is still alive!

Trunks and Mai meet at the base of Resistance!
Trunks holds Mai’s hands. Trunks is delighted to see Mai…he sheds tears.

Goku sees Trunks and Mai, and smirks.
Mai sees Goku, and bow.
The base they used to stay was destroyed by Black.
Scene of flashback!

Trunks 「You protected everyone.」
Mai 「I protected everyone?」
There are not many survivors.
Mai lament her powerlessness!

Seems like a lot of people are killed.
Goku cheers Mai up saying she did all she could.

Children see Goku and frightened.
Trunks makes funny-face. Children laugh!
Trunks 「These are the smiles you protected」
Trunks cheers Mai up.

Trunks is completely trusted by Resistances and others.
Vegeta looks Trunks and smiles.

Vegeta throw a capsule!
Inside of the capsule is lots of food.
Present Bulma prepared for the people in the future.

All Resistances are delighted.
Resistances and other survivors eat food.

Goku looks at the person who eats greedily…then he realizes.
The person was Yajirobe!
Yajirobe is so happy to see Goku! He thought Goku is dead!

He was nearly dead by attack from Androids.
Korin gave Yajirobe his last Senzu beans. That’s why Yajirobe could survive.

Because of the experience, Yajirobe is now fighting with Resistance.
But…according to the Resistance, he always hides somewhere during the battle.
Then appears only the time for food. Yajirobe is so embarrassed by Residence telling the truth!

Everybody smiles. Yajirobe creates good mood.
Mai 「It’s been long time to see them smile like that!!」
Mai thanks to Goku and Vegeta.

Goku warns Mai saying the real peace won’t come back until they defeat Black.
Trunks wants to join the fight, but Vegeta suggests him to observe!

Looks like Vegeta wants to fight against Black all by himself!
Goku wants to fight, too. But Vegeta doesn’t want him to!
Goku suggests to decide with rock-paper-scissors. But Vegeta denies.

Goku 「Rock-paper-scissors!!」
Goku tricks Vegeta, and makes him do rock-paper-scissors!
Vegeta wins!

Trunks insists to fight with, saying this is the world in which he lives!
Vegeta still says no.
Vegeta 「You have that girl to look after.」
Vegeta warns Trunks, if something bad happens, just go back to the past.
Goku tells Trunks how Vegeta’s been changed. Now, Vegeta can care about others.

Trunks and Mai blush and denies their relationship.
They left Mai and going where Black waits!
Trunks is coming also!

The latter half of episode 56

Black looks down the ruined town!
Black says how sad this world looks.
Black 「However, I can see the future of bright, shinny land, released from the pests known as humans.」

His utopia is about to complete soon!

Then, Black noticed the Ki blast in the sky!
Vegeta throw the Ki blast, so Black will know where they are!
Black appeares with dark cloud, just like when he first come out!


Black 「I thought I destroyed the time machine.」
Vegeta 「I am the one who defeat you, with this Super Saiyan Blue!」


Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, but Black doesn’t seem to be surprised.
Trunks notices about it.
Black is not surprised about Super Saiyan Blue. It’s like he’s seen it before.

Black 「Excellent. This is how it looks like when warrior race have Ki of the god.」

Black comes right in front of Vegeta and point his fingers to Vegeta’s neck! Black was too fast for Vegeta to see.
Black gives Vegeta compliment saying he is well-trained.
「You are just a human. 」 Black seems more confident.

Vegeta tries to get a distance!
Looks like Black has become stronger since last time when he fought with Goku!

Vegeta attacks!
Black blocks Vegeta’s attacks!
Vegeta attacks Black repeatedly!

Goku watches Black is beaten up by Vegeta. Goku says watching a same face get beaten up feels strange.
You are just a human…Trunks remember what Black says earlier, and think that Black is the god, Zamasu!
Goku agrees.

Vegeta continues to attack Black!
Black, crashed into the wall, but still repeatedly gets attacked by Vegeta!
Black still smiles while he is repeatedly punched by Vegeta!
Vegeta notices Black is smiling. He take a distance!


Black stands up and walking toward Vegeta. He shakes out the dust.
Looks like Black hasn’t got any damage.

Vegeta and Black, face each other.
Blacks’ sudden knee-kick hits Vegeta’s abdomen!
Vegeta is blown away by Black, but he is ok.

Black 「I am surprised that a human has reached that point. I will show you something as a reward.」
Black says and elevates his Ki!
Black transforms into Super Saiyan. His hair stands on end in pink.


He names himself Rose, in style of Goku!
Super Saiyan Rose appears.

Seems like Black has completely mastered Goku’s power.
Somehow, black has changed the way to call himself.

Black 「You have reached the top of the beauty at my hand.」
Goku has no idea what he is saying.

「My desire. My beauty. Whole my existence is vastly superior…..」
Black feels drunk on himself. Goku thinks he is creepy.

Vegeta sees Black and yells!
Vegeta 「Where are you looking?! Your enemy is here!」

Black says that Vegeta’s turn is over.
Black 「You should know your place. You were just an opening-performance.」
Vegeta is humiliated by Black.

Vegeta throw a punch, but Black dodges!
Vegeta catches Black’s counterattack!
Black surprises.
Then, Vegeta starts attacking Black repeatedly!

Vegeta 「Go to hell!!」
When Vegeta tries to attack, Black’s knife-hand passed through Vegeta’s body!
Black has a hand shaped like glowing sword!
Vegeta 「What….can’t be!」


Black 「Sorry Vegeta, I said you are just my opening-performance earlier. But I correct that. 」

「You are just my appetizer. It was a good appetizer.」
Vegeta truns back to normal and falls.

Black says the appetizer makes him stronger!
Now, Black’s main dish is Goku! He tried to defeat Goku to reach to higher!

Goku transforms into Blue!
Normally, Goku does’t show his full-power though, but this time is different. Goku is ready to fight with his full-power!
Trunks is amazed!
Black is that strong.

Black told Goku that pain makes him stronger. Now Goku understands what that mean.
Black says that he is in the place where human can no longer reach.
The battle, Goku VS Black begins!

Black’s power is superior!
Goku is pushed away.
Goku 「He is strong!」

Black tries to shoot Kamehameha to Goku.
「That’s far enough!」
「I won’t allow any more unauthorized fight.」

Zamasu appears from the sky with brilliant light.

Vegeta 「Zamasu…! No way!」
Vegeta barely survived.

Zamasu come down to Black and looks down Goku and others.
Trunks 「Black and Zamasu are not the same person?」

Zamasu 「We promise that I could finish off Son Goku.」
Goku has lost the word looking at Zamasu.


My personal reviews and thoughts

There are lots of attractive part to watch this time! You can see some progress of the story, too!
Super Saiyan Rose is named by Black.
Because Black mastered Goku’s power, he became stronger.

I was thinking that Vegeta is underdog for Rose.
But Vegeta caught Rose’s punch and conterattacked!
Vegeta’s counterattack was surprise, but he was still an underdog….
I really wanted Vegeta to do good this time, so I really feel sorry for him.

I am not sure how it goes next, but I really wish that Vegeta or Trunks defeat Rose!
I can’t image Goku defeat Rose. I only think about the person who needs to avenge Bulma’s death is Vegeta or Trunks.

Zamasu’s sudden appearance!
He has a green Potara in his left ear.
If he wears the Potara in his right, Black and Zamasu will fuse together!

Zamasu in present returned his Potara to Gowasu.
That means, this is the Zamasu in the future?
I thought that future Zamasu has never met Goku before. But seems like he know about Goku and also holds grudge against him.
It is getting very interesting.

Looks like Zamasu is higher position than Black.
If you think that way, Goku Black is not a Gowasu for sure!
Black could be a new character!

I don’t see Vegeta in preview of next episode.
Trunks needs to hurry up and give Vegeta a Senzu Beans.

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About Super Saiyan Rose, who appears in the next show!
Super Saiyan Rose is here! The hair of Goku Black is pink rather than white!?


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