Dragon Ball Super [Episode 57] Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion: Approaching the relationship and secrets between Goku Black and Zamasu!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 57 is –
“The god who has invulnerable body, Zamas came! ”

Air date Sep 4 2016



Goku, Vegeta and Tranks flew to Future World.
And then, Tranks was pleased to meet Mai who was still alive.
Vegeta showed his smile when he saw Tranks was loved by the citizens.

There was also Yajirobe in the resistance who was survive.
He changed his mind after the death of Karin.

And the, the fight to Goku Black was begun.
Brack transformed to Super Saiyan Rose who has pink hair.
He easily beat Vegeta as Super Saiyan Bule.
Goku has been hard time to fight with.

It was when Black tried to shoot Kamehameha to Goku.
Zamas came from the heavens!
He stood beside Black and looked down Goku and others!

It seemed Zamas was going to finish Son Goku. Off.
Goku was surprised to see Zamas beside Black.

Episode 57 Trailer and Forecast


I’m curious to see Black is very frustrated!
Goku uses Momentane Teleportation to fight with Black.
It seems Goku fights better than Vegeta.
Is Black frustrated about this?
Or maybe he was told something surprised.

Balck can use Momentane Teleportation in comic.
I wonder if he can use it on TV.

I’m worried about Vegeta who was not seen in the trailer!
Goku must be bring Senzu Beans which was presented by Karin in the past.
I want him to give them Vegeta soon.

Also, Zamas is very important to see in this episode.
It is very curious to find out which area Zamas came from.
Because he held a grudge against Goku, he more likely came from the past.
However, he wears Green Potara which was returned to Gowasu.
It also seems his body became invulnerable.
I can say that he didn’t simply just came from the past.
Didn’t he come through other world in the future before he came to this future world?

Black was already raging before Goku met Zamas.
This is the question where Zamas in the past know Black.
We have nothing to expect!
People are discussing a lot about this topic on the internet as well.

It seems Tranks fights to Zamas.
Goku as Super Saiyan 2 and Tranks are almost same on TV.
Tranks should beat Zamas if his power is the same as the past.
With the assumption, he is not invulnerable.

The first half of episode 57

Goku stares at Zamas!
Goku 「Zamas…」
Zamas「I came here to see you.」

Zamas and Balck are not friends but they are comrades.
Goku gets mad at him that no matter what he is just an enemy.

Tranks and Vegeta look up Zamas.
Dying Vegeta who only has small power left to speak.
He faints.
Tranks is relived because he can feel Ki of Vegeta.

It seems the ideal world for Zamas is almost created.
Goku face up squarely to Zamas in order to destroy his plan!
Zamas receives the attack by the sword covered purple aura on his right hand.
At the time, Goku felt something different than Zamas before.

Their offense and defense are very intense and the power is almost the same.
Zamas「We don’t need especially Siyan to be exist in our world. You have no moral character to beat gods.」
He can afford to talk like this during the fight.
Zamas pushes Goku as Super Saiyan Bule!

Goku was beat, and Zamas keeps shooting multiple Ki blast!
He dodges by multiple backflips.

Just after Goku dodged completely, Black attacks by his sward in purple aura from the sky!
But Goku just avoided!
Goku「Well, you attacked from a dead angle!」

Zamas came down to Balck.
Goku is a game of Zamas.
Black「My body is dying to get him. I cannot stop this desire.」
For this comment, Zamas answered 「Well, go ahead.」.

Zamas 「Saiyan, you are the poorest stuff in the world. You are still child in sprit but inversely earned very strong power.」
Two of them decided to kill Goku together.

Black and Zamas start to attack together!
Unguarded Goku!
And there, Tranks attacks!
Tranks stopped Black’s sword in purple aura.
Tranks「I will kill YOU this time!」


Offence and defense between Tranks and Black who both raise their Ki!
Tranks is slightly ahead of the game and fly Black out!
At the same time, Goku also fly Zamas out!

This is a combination fight of Goku and Tranks together.
Mai watches this fight from far by her binoculars.

Black「You! Idiot Saiyan!」
Goku and Black look each other!
This is the situation that Zamas who faces Tranks.
The silence has been kept to face each other.

Their fight begun by Ki blast of Zamas and Black!
Tranks came to help Goku who was flied out by Black.
Zamas bothers Tranks!
4 of them engage in a melee!
It’s very powerful to see the speeding fight!

Goku tries to finish Black by Momentane Teleportation!
However, Black also use Momentane Teleportation and counterattack!
He throws Goku down, and Goku has damaged.
It seems Black can also use Momentane Teleportation!

After several offence and defense, Tranks is finally able to pierce Zamas with his sword.
But Zamas shows a daring smile.

Zamas pulled the sword out strongly.
ZamasNot working to me.
And the, his wound was healed even he didn’t do anything!

Black attacks Ki blast to Tranks while he has been shocked!
Tranks’ sword was flew off!
Black comes toward Tranks to finish him!
Goku「I’m the one to fight you!」
This is the air battle between Black and Goku.

On the other hand, Zamas counterattacks to Tranks!
Zamas insults people by telling they use their wisdom given by gods for their personal gain!
Tranks argues back not to judge and insult people by your selfish sense of values!

And then, the counterattack by Tranks!
Zamas is pushed by his multiple attacks!
Tranks picked up his sword and shoot Zamas Final Flash!
He was taught it by Vegeta.

However, it has not damage Zamas at all.
Zamas「This is the invulnerable body. I am the god.」
Zamas feels comfortable with his body is the best and shows a daring smile.

The latter half of episode 57

Zamas is glad to see the strength of Super Saiyan makes his body more invulnerable.
Tranks realizes that Zamas has invulnerable body.
He is troubled not to beat Zamas by his strongest attack.

Zamas「Your attack is nothing. Saiyans are useless in front of the god. 」
Zamas challenges Tranks if he still wants to beat Zamas.
Goku came down and stood beside Tranks.

There are many rudeness done by Goku and Tranks to the gods.
Zamas told them to receive punishments for their crime.

Black prepares to attack Goku and Tranks with Kamehameha !
Black 「KaaaMeeeHaaaaMeee」

Goku「Go away! Tranks!」
Zamas catches and holds them from trying to escape!

Black 「Haaaaaa!!!」
They got Kamehameha directly with Zamas.
Both of them became barely alive and got into a desperate situation!
Couldn’t they escape by Momentane Teleportation?

Purple huge Ki blast which was made by Black and Zamas!
Goku and Trans are not able to move.
The moment Black and Zamas finish Goku and Tranks off, yellow Ki blast shot off their attack!
It was Final Flash made by dying Vegeta!

He brought his very last power.
Vegeta felt down.

Goku and Tranks has disappeared with fumes from Final Flash.
Black and Zamas expected they have no power left, and try to find them.
However, they finish Vegeta off first.
Mai and Resistance hide behind the rock.

In the different scene, there is a person who drags Goku and Tranks.
This is Yajirobe.
However, he has no time to save Vegeta.

Vegeta is in seriously danger and he is almost killed by Black and Zamas.
Mai threw a tear bomb.
Zamas and Black fly out in the sky with coughing!
Black「You! Impertinent human!」
They rescued Vegeta while they were hiding in a smoke screen.

Yajirobe waited them and hidden in a far place!
Mai could join with Yajirobe.
She starts time machine from the Capsule!

Black is finding their Ki.
Black 「They have almost no Ki.」
Addition to this, it seems hard to find them due to other people’s Ki bothered.

On the other side, Goku and others who all fainted were got onto the time machine including Mai.
Mai set the time machine to make them back to the past!
However, Mai got off from the time machine.

Mai is looking up the time machine and smiles!
Tranks realized it and yelled at her to come back together!

Mai 「I decided to leave here with everyone. You must be alive for the sake of this world..」
She said it to herself.

And then, the time machine flies up.
Black and Zamas who were looking for Ki found it!
Black chases them by Momentane Teleportation but Goku succeed to warp at the last minute.
Black 「Stupid Saiyan!」
Zamas anticipates that Goku will come back here.
Zamas would kill him in their ideal world if he came back.

Now there are back in the present age.
At the moment the time machine arrived, it felt down and Goku threw out.
Trunks found them!
Bulma and others are coming after they hear a noise!
Bulma「Oh noooo!」
Bulma screamed.

The present age, Universe 10.
Supreme Kai Gowasu watches the battle between Goku and Hit on TV.
Zamas make a tea for Supreme Kai Gowasu as always.

The is「God Tube」that Gowas is watching.
Gowas says a joke that he is going to be a God Tuber.
There is God Tube as Youtube in the world of God.

Zamas watches God Tube because Gowas suggested him to watch.
He can feel Goku is around Ki of God.
Does it mean they can feel Ki not only watching from God Tube?
Zamas「You mean a human can use God’s power?」

And then, Super Dragon Ball in on the monitor.
Zamas realized it and asked Gowas.
Supreme Kai Gowas explained hi that God of Destruction in Universe 6 fight against Universe 7 to get Super Dragon Ball.
Also he tells that the ball can make your any wish come true.

Zamas is very interested in Super Dragon Ball even if it is not true.
And the, he goes to Zuno’s planet.
Zamas flew Zuno’s attendants out and came to Zuno.
Zamas 「Tell me about Super Dragon Ball.」

My personal review and thoughts

Black and Zamas are in the same position.
They are comrade and no hierarchical relationship.
And the person who showed up in front of Black was not present Zamas.
If there is Zamas who has no relationship to the past, he should not have known Goku.
「I wonder if he is future Zamas who has a memory of past world or he is belong to a different plane.」

Their fighting strength has been changed a lot.
Zamas became stronger as being able to fight equally against Goku as Super Saiyan Bule.
Tranks is now able to battle better with such Zamas or Black in Super Saiyan Rose.
It shows the strengths of Tranks became much powerful.
Is it the result of his training with Vegeta?

They had to exit without using Senzu Beans nor Zen-Oh button which supposed to be given by Korin.
I assumed Yajirobe would do something important.
He caught Black and Zamas unguarded and rescued Goku and Tranks like Mr. Satan in the battle with Majin Buu.

There was a joke of God Tube
I didn’t expect that Zamas realized God’s Ki and know Super Dragon Ball by watching the fight with Hit.
He even force Mr. Zuno to tell the truth.
Zamas has been already steeped in evil.

He finds Super Saiyan Bule by watching God Tube.
This can be related that Black was not surprised to see Super Saiyan Bule.
I wonder if Zamas wishes to Super Shenron to make his invulnerable body.

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