Dragon Ball Super [Episode 58] Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion: Whis expects the relationships of Goku Black and Zamasu!

【with Images】The official title for the Dragon Ball Super is Episode 58 is!
「Zamasu and Black. The more their mystery deepens!」

Air Date September 11 2016



It turned out that Goku Black and Zamasu is comrade.
The fierce battle has occurred by 4 except Vegeta who is moribund!

Zmasu’s power becomes stronger that he can fight equally with Super Saiyan Blue Goku.
Trunks becomes stronger and he can stand up to Super Saiyan Rose Black and Zamasu!
But, he has no way to do with Zamasu who is immortal.

Goku and Trunks took a direct hit of Kamehameha by Goku Black because of Zamasu’s interference and they become moribund.
Vegeta unleashed Final Flash even though he is moribund and it helped them.

But the fact remain that they are in the desperate situation.
Yajirobe took advantage of the chance of Black and Zamasu and helped Goku and Trunks!
Vegeta was left behind but he is also helped by Mai who used grenade.
Then Mai sent them back who are moribund to the past.
Meanwhile, Zamasu in present pour a cup of tea to Gowasu as usual.

Zamasu know about the Super Dragon Ball and Suoper Saiyan Blue by Gowasu.
Zamasu really interested in the Super Dragon Ball and visits Zuno.

Episode 58 Trailer and Forecast

Goku, Vegeta and Trunks came back to the present.
Whis builds up the hypothesis for identity of Black from the information that the incident in the future and the fact that Zamasu in present examined about Goku and Super Dragon Ball.

Zamasu has to reserve and kiss to cheek to hear from Zuno.
He will get angry about that and wring out of Zuno.

In the trailer, he has already got the Super Dragon Ball, even though The God of Destruction Champa struggled with it.
Furthermore, he already called the Super Shenron.
It seems that it easy to get it even though he is an apprentice Supreme Kai.
Did he also wring the place where the Super Dragon Balls are strewn out of Zuno?

Will he wish to be immortal?
I think he will wish entirely different thing.
I have no idea that Zamasu in present wishes to be immortal.
「Make the world where the no one is there」It much fits with his wish
If he will be immortal, I think he will use another way.

From the previous story, Super Dragon Balls are strewn in the Universe 6 and the Universe 7.
It unmentioned whether these are in the Universe 10 or not.
Will Zamasu also come to the Universe 6 and the Universe 7?
In that case, Beerus and Champa won’t take it lying down and Zamasu needs to Cube to move.

Zamasu also heard about Goku from Zuno.
Perhaps, he will know that Goku has already dead in the Parallel world.

Whis , Beerus and Supreme Kai came to the earth.
They talk about Super Saiyan Rose and Zamasu in the future, then Whis build the hypothesis about Black’s identity.
It seems to go closer to his identity.

Zamasu is getting everything his own way and uncontrollable.
Perhaps he will be purged by Zen-oh or Gowasu.
It’s a scene that Zamasu defeated by somebody in the opening.

The first half of episode 58

It starts with the scene that Zuno talks about Super Dragon Ball.
He tells that it created by Ryujin Zalama in Year 41 of the Divine Calendar and strewn in the Universe 6 and The Universe 7.

While he is talking, Zamasu grazes the chop to his neck!
Then Zamasu threatens that he is a King Kai so he can vanish Zuno with second.
He didn’t ask the summary but the way to use.

Zuno tells Zamasu to gather seven all which is strewn in the Universe and the Universe 7. Then he tells the watchword to grant the wish.

Zuno「Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish pretty peas!」
Zamasu「P, pretty peas you said?」
That part bothers Zamasu.

While Zuno frightened, his talk going on.
The Dragon of God appears and grants one wish whatever you want.

Zamasu asks him where the Super Dragon Ball is.
Zuno「The question is dismissed.」
Zamasu「Let’s not talk in silly anymore.」
He feeds the chop and threatens Zuno!

But it has already used recently, so it will take time to use again.
Zamasu asks how long it will.
Zuno tells that it will take from the cradle to the grave of combat.
It means one year.

He said that there is only way to wait patiently.
Zamasu wrings about the place that Super Dragon Ball strewn.
And he also asks about Son Goku.

The scene switched from it to the earth, so we can’t know what he said.
Goku, Vegeta and Trunks recovered with Senzu Beans.
Goku「Let’s go to fight back!」

Bulma gets angry with his saying!
She gets angry with them that they forgot to take Senzu Beans even though they go to fight!
Goku seemed to leave Senzu Beans at the toilet.

Trunks tells about the future everyone.
He told that there are Black and Zamasu as an enemy and their Ki are similar but they are different person.

The fact that Zamasu is immortal is told by Vegeta to them..
And also Goku told that Black became Super Saiyan Rose to them.
Bulma doubts Black’s sense of names that he named Super Saiyan Rose by himself.

Goku tries to go to the future right away.
Bulma and Vegeta ask the way to fight even though Zamasu is immortal!
For that, Goku tells that we become immortal too!
Vegeta asks how they will be immortal.
The answer for the question is “To take Senzu Beans continuously like *Wanko Soba”! He is the type who answers such a thing.
*The soba noodles in broth served continuously so that the guest or customer never has an empty bowl.
But Vegeta and Bulma told angrily to him that there are not so much Senzu Beans.

At the evening, Trunks comes out of the Capsule Corporation.
He tells Mai that Future Mai is still alive.
But he feels regretful that he can’t take Future Mai to here.
He swears to defeat Black and Zamasu for Mai who return him to here.
Whis, Beerus and Supreme Kai come.
Supreme Kai seems to have a thing that he really wants to tell Goku.
Bulma says that she has a bad feeling about it only.
Everyone gather to the rooftop of Capsule Corporation.

Supreme Kai「Actually, I had a contact from Zuno who is sage.」
A person who asked about the Super Dragon Ball and Son Goku visited him.
Beerus tells that is Zamasu.

Vegeta has to tell something.
He tells Whis, Beerus and Supreme Kai that Zamasu is enemy and immortal.
He also talks about the Super Saiyan Rose to them.

Bulma asks them the way to defeat the god.
Whis says that Bulma asks so terrible thing without hesitation.
Finally Whis didn’t answer for that.

Beerus is surprised that Zamasu and Black is different person.
He has no idea why their Ki are similar.
But Whis seems to make a prediction to some extent.

Zamasu desired the power which he can stick to his justice.
Then he comes into his mind the way that he can get a supporter who has a great power.

And Goku realize!
Goku「The Super Dragon Ball, right?」

Goku predict that Zamasu wished Super Dragon Ball to make Goku Black!


The latter half of episode 58

Whis estimates that he is right.
But it’s only conjecture at the moment.

The scene which is Whis’s prediction cut in.
Zamasu「Give me the servant who has same body and power as Son Goku!」
It seems reasonable to think that.
Maybe he had strong impression for Goku who fought before. This is why that he made a person who looks like Goku.

Furthermore, he seemed to wait for a year and wish to become an immortal by himself.
Zamasu「Give me the power of immortality!」
And finally Zamasu and Black attacked the future. This is all of Whis’s prediction.


Bulma is surprised that Zamasu has endurance that he could wait a year.
Beerus predicts that he used the Time Ring to go to the future and he granted his wish, then he doesn’t have to wait a year.

Bulma and others think about where Zamasu got the Time Ring and Green Potara.
Whis says that Supreme Kai Gowasu in the Universe 10 is in danger of his life.

Goku doesn’t realize and make any sense even though he heard that.
Bulma made him realize that!
She tells him that Zamasu killed Gowasu and took the Time Ring and Green Potara.

Goku tries to go to see Zamasu right away.
And there is one more mystery left.
The reason is unclear why Ki is similar to Zamasu even if Black is copy of Goku.
Whis and Beerus seem to go together.

Supreme Kai seems to take Goku to Zamasu
Zamasu in present didn’t do anything yet, so Supreme Kai asks him to bring the matter peacefully.
Vegeta doesn’t seem that he is interested in Zamasu in present.
Vegeta「As far as I heard, Zamasu is top-heavy and argumentative person.」

On the other hand, in the future world…
Mai goes back to the base with Yajirobe.

Resistance members are anxious that reinforcements from the past couldn’t defeat.
Furthermore, the fact that there is Zamasu too except Black makes them more anxious.
There are some members who are nearly given up.
Mai said them to believe Trunks and survive for our life.

In present Whis, Beerus, Goku and Supreme Kai reach the Universe 10 and meet Gowasu.
Beerus says that he wants to Zamasu as soon as possible.
But it seems that Zamasu doesn’t here from the morning.
And also, Gowasu has no idea where he is.

Goku「Zamasu is out of control in the future…」
Beerus hits his head and says “Shut up!”

Beerus asks Gowasu that there is anything to be worried Zamasu, for example about justice.
Gowasu says that he is worried about justice.
But Gowasu also says that he has already solved it and feels refreshed now.
Gowasu「Zamasu is worried about his justice, but he paved the way of enlightenment to be Supreme Kai now.」

Zamasu has already come back and hear that secretly.
His face becomes so steep.

Zamasu opens the door and appears as if nothing had happened.
Zamasu「Here is your tea, Master Gowasu」

My personal Reviews and Thoughts

I was surprised that Mr. Zuno tells easily when he is thereatened.
You can find from the last scene that Zamasu became a bad person entirely!
In the trailer, there is the scene that he tried to kill Gowasu by poison.
In this story, the theory will blow over that Gowasu is Black.

Goku left Senzu Beans at the toilet that is why he didn’t use Senzu Beans in the future.
At that time, they thought that Black is not as strong as them and they might have not paid much attention.

I felt the contradiction from the prediction of Whis.
Zamsu who lost Goku wished to Super Shenron to make Black to get great power.
And also, there was one more prediction that he wished to become an immortal by himself. Then he went to the future and destroyed the world where Trunks lives.

Black has already existed and rampaged before Goku and Zamassu met.
Goku had already dead and didn’t meet Zamasu in the future.
Goku has never to meet Zamasu if Trunks didn’t come from the future.
It means that Trunks changed the past.

The world of Dragon Ball is Parallel world, so the future won’t be change if the past changed.

The prediction of Whis will make sense if Black come into the world in the route where Goku is alive.
But it doesn’t make any sense that black come into the world in the route where Goku was dead.

The episode of Androids in the original, Trunks mentioned about the Parallel World
If he defeated Androids in the past, they don’t disappear and keep on existing in the future where Trunks lives.
He returned to the past and helped Goku who had to dead by Heart Disease.
But it remained that Goku was dead in the future.
There is a similar explanation in the comic of the episode of Future Trunks.

This story is just Whis’s own prediction.
I think personally that it might be deviated!
In the comic, it mentioned clearly about the Parallel World.
If it didn’t set in the animation, some of the predictions are overturned and conflict occurred.
I hope that this story will end that the fan will be convinced.

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