Dragon Ball Super [Episode 59] Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion: Destruction of Present Zamasu! Gowasu survived!

【with Images】The official title for the Dragon Ball Super episode 59 is
「Save the Supreme Kai Gowasu – Destroy Zamasu!」

Air date: September 25 2016



Zamas were noticed about Super Dragon Ball by Zuno.
On the other hand, Goku and other revived by using Senzu Beans.

Beerus, Whis and Supreme Kai arrived to Earth and makes a hypothesis about Goku Black’s identity
Whis guesses that Zamas wished Super Shenron to make a Goku Black.
After that, people will be unable to use Super Dragon Ball for 1 year.
But Zamas used Time Ring to jump 1 year after and wished to make him invulnerable.

Zamas thinks how did he managed to get Time Ring and Potara.
Whis and Bulma guessed that He killed 10th universe’s Supreme Kai Gowasu and stole from him
Goku and others immediately rushed to 10th earth.

Gowas were alive. But Zamasu weren’t there.
Accorging to Gowasu, Zamasu’s doubt became clear.
But Zamas are already back and seems to be plotting something with severe face.
Appears in front of Gowasu and Goku like usual.

Episode 59 Trailer and Forecast


I got a bit scared with Zamasu’s fearless smile.
Gowasu might got killed with sword or poison in tea..
I can see that spilling a tea makes me imagine that way.

But Trailer just make people imagine that way and it can be completely different.
Since so, I just made a exaggerate guess for this.

Gowasu are trying to eat rice cake.
Rice cake probably wont kill hum, but he might just simply clogged rice cake and spills a tea.

Zamasu can also see like trying to kill Gowasu with karate-chop.
But there is also some combat scene with Goku, I guess thats just a part of combat scene against Goku.

There are also possibilities that rice cakes are poisonus.
And Whis and others might perceive that happens.
Can’t wait to see!

I’m wondering what are that gloves like with cat design?
Could be something that made everyone notice that Zamasu might kill Gowasu.
Its too late after Gowasu are dead.
I personally thinks that Gowasu will not going to die with this episode.

Zamasu seems already noticed that Beers, Whis and Goku will arive.
He maybe already taken some a countermeasure that he can revive in someway.
I want some information about 10th universe’s God of Destruction and attendant.

The first half of episode 59

Zamasu feels whe Goku and others are here in his mind.
Asked why did they came here.
Confirming that they previously looked for mysterious people who wears Time Ring to Beerus and others.

Zamasu just talks a lot since he has something guilty.
Zamasu spills tea leaves.
Trying to act normal, but it really does look weird.

Gowasu tells Zamasu that he has something to talk.
Beerus improvise reason for coming here as Goku wants to fight with you again.
Zamasu acceps that while feeling something weird.

Beerus interrupts when fight is about to start.
He says that he don’t want to obstacle tea time.
Also says that he wants to take a nap.

Whis suggests to leave since its already time.
Lastyly, Whis gives Earth’s tea and daifuku to Gowasu.

*Daifuku=a rice cake stuffed with sweetened bean paste

Whes and others stops at universe space.
Accorging to Whis and Beerus, they are pretty sure that Zamasu really planning to kill Gowasu.
They felt it firsthand.

Goku and Supreme Kai didn’t felt it at all.
Gowasu ofcource don’t knew that.
But he needs some conclusive that is he really going to kill him self.
Decided to check video with This’s wand.

Zamasu poured tea for Gowasu.
Supreme Kai doubt that tea is poisonous.

Gowasu drinks normally and gives some impressions.
Supreme Kai feel relieved.

On the other hand in future World.
Black and Zamasu are at pension with nature.
Skies are blue and I can see its really rich in nature.
Black being frustrated that he was not able to finish Goku!

Zamasu relaxes by having tea.
Zamasu「If you kill Goku, you will lose feed to make combat power increased.」
He says that we can kill him slowly.

Zamasu told him that he made his body immortal by using Super Dragon Ball.
He suggests to same thing to Black.

Black transforms to Super Saiyan Rose.
Says that he is fine with his power!
But he feels insufficient for being immortal.
Desires to be more strong.

Zamasu and Black’s plan requires some power increases infinitely.
Zamasu「Zero-Human Plan. Such sarcasm.」
They need help of human to make Zero-Human Plan came true.

Scene switches to base of Resistance.
Everyone’s mental and body are reaching to extreme limit.
Children brings foods that Yajirobe concealed to Mai.
Mai gets encouraged with their smile.

Scene changes to Present Earth.
Veteta are having training using Gravity device at Capsule Corporation!
Trunks gets depressed by running away from Future World for 2 times.

Pilaf Gangs watching that from behind.
Pilaf and Shu plans to make Mai encourages Trunks to make favor to him.
They both impressed by making a plan by them selves.
Mai「Gey away~!!」
Pilaf and Shu rushed away by hearing that.

Appearance of Child Trunks.
Gets raged for Future Trunks’s hesitant attitude!
Future Trunks ignores by saying leave me alone.

Child Trunks say that Future Trunks were not able to save Mai because of such attitude!
Future Trunks gets offended.

“Come on! Beat me!” Child Trunks provokes!
Transforms to Super Saiyan.

Child Trunks「Here! Come on! Bring it on!」
Child Trunks get close since Future Trunks don’t move.
Child Trunks Beat off Future Trunks!
Spit up “Even so you are Saiyan?”

The latter half of episode 59

Gowasu relaxes while eats daifuku and having tea at 10th universe.
Goku and others watches that from universe.

Zamasu talks.
Seems like he reconsider about “Balance of good and evil”
Agree that Gowasu were right .
Gowasu relieved.
Zamasu naturally goes behind Gowasu!
Holds a sword.

Goku and Supreme Kai gets panicked by watching.
But Beerus and Whis still watching.

Gowasu’s complexion suddenly changes!
Looks like daifuku choked!
its a faint for viewers!

Zamasu holds sword again!
He drives sword to Gowasu!
He finished him.

Whis reverses time while looking that.
Now we got conclusive.
Going back to 10th universe’s Supreme Kai’s world.

From the scene that Zamasu drives sword to Gowasu.
But Zamasu’s hand were switching to Cat Gloves!

Zamasu steps back for this insensible situation.
Beerus was there.
Gowasu gets surprised since members which returned came back again!

Beerus「You, almost got killed by Zamasu」
He definetly got killed if there was not Cat Gloves that Whis swapped.

Gowasu questions to Zamasu.
Zamasu gets trapped but he turned defiant.

Supereme Kai explains to Gowasu.
Zamasu’s purpose is to steal Time Ring, be immortal by using Super Dragon Ball’s power, then make fake Goku and ruin whole humanity.

Gowasu「You didn’t reformed yet?」
Zamasu「Reform? I’ll never.」
He asserts that he just follows justice to ruin vice!

Zamasu「But I’m impressed how you guessed everything by just noticing I’m going to kill Gowasu」
He no longer call Gowasu as “Mr.”Gowasu.

Goku explains everyone what happened on Future World.
Zamasu be delighted that he’s dream came true.
swings a sword down and be enthusiastic!

Beerus holds Zamasu’s hand!
Beerus「Don’t get carried away!」
Zamasu and Beerus stare eathother.
Beerus raises hand.
Zamasu looks at his hand.

Zamasu screams and gets extinct right after Beerus says “destroy”

The Present Capsule Corporation.
2 Trunks facing eathother.
Future Trunks were fighting in normal form.

Seems like he got encouraged by Child Trunks.
He promised to win against anybody.

Whis comes back at that time!
They fails to land as usual!

Tells Trunks that Zamasu got destroyed!
Beerus sais that Future World should now get back to usual.

Also says that eliminating Android in present does not effect to future world.
Thats just a human logic.
Beerus「God destroying God will always effects to time and space.」

Bulma and Trunks doubt it.
Goku asserts that its true because Beerus says like that.
But Trunks still seems to be worried.

My personal reviews and thoughts

Eye catching were changed.
Both looks good!


The usage of cat gloves were pretty funny.
I guess cat gloves that Whis prepared were made of extremely tough material.

They managed to get conclusive of Gowns murdering by using This’s time reversing.
Whis said while vs Freeza fight that she will not be able to use time reversing power for a while when used once.
I’m surprised that she were already able to use that again.
That was ht only way that they could get conclusive.

Black and Zamasu’s camp seems to be like small pension in rich nature.
They simply hates humanity but still loves nature!
Zamasu’s Zero-Humanity plan are just begun.
Black needs help of Goku in order to be more strong.
They might also need a power to murder Zen-Oh, and Grand Priest

And the theory about parallel world.
The one that people believed even we change past, future will never change.
Beerus completely denies.
Seems like it affects when it relates to God.

But we can still see Zamasu and Black at next trailer.
That means Beerus was wrong.
But something might have been changed even so.

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