The reason why Future Mai is young, what the age of Trunks is and how they met! Extra edition of Dragon Ball from Jump Victory Cernival

There is an”extra edicion” of Dragon Ball Super.
It’ printed in a special present you can get at Jump Victory Carnival!

In this edition, a question why Mai in the future worlrd is young is solved.
Mai in the present world has become a child by a power of Dragon Ball.
And the reason why she has become younger in the alternative parallel world is not revealed.
That mystery is clarified in this extra edition.


Jump Victory Carnival

In the summer of 2016,”Jump Victory Carnival” was held.
It took place in the Intex Osaka in July and in the Tokyo Big site in August.

It’s an exiting event where you can see the authors of manga or play games.
And you can get limited items or original items as souvenirs.

There, you can get an”Official Guide Book”, and in it, the extra edition is printed.
Of course, this is an article not for sale.
Various mangas written by other famous authors are also printed in it.

About the age of Future Mai!

In the movie “Battle of Gods”, Mai fudged on her age as 41.
Aside to that, Bulma also fudged on her age as 38.

We reckon Bulma should be 45 y.o.
I checked the picture in volume 1 and then it is certain that Mai is older than 46 as she is older than Bulma.

As Trunks’ future wolrd is 17 years later from that time of volume 1, she must be at least 63.
She looks in her twentieth but actually she is elderly.
I wrote this in “my impression” later. Her body age should be around 31.

The age of Future Trunks

We reckon Future Trunks of Dragon Ball Super is around 30 years old.
He is a Saiyan so his appearance hasn’t changed from his young age.

Trunks was born in Age 766.
Both future Trunks of future world and Trunks of present world were born in the same year.
Now the Age is year 779 as Pan was already born and Bla isn’t born yet.
Child Trunks is 13 years old.
So, it means Future Trunks is 30 years old because he has come from the future which is 17 years later.

I’m also going to think about his age on the basis of Future Trunks.
In the original story, he hands over medicine for a heart disease to Goku. (17 y.o.)

He immediately returned to the future timeline, then taking 1 year, he stored enough energy for the Time Machine and comes back to support.
It’s about the time when Androids appeared in the world where Goku was living.
He and Gohan defeated Cell.
He entered into the room of spirit and time twice, so it means his body age was plus 2 y.o.
Then he returns to the future and destroys Androids.(18 plus 2 y.o.)

3 years later, Cell appeared.
He was beaten off all too easy then world became peaceful.
Story finishes here in the original story.(21 plus 2 y.o.)

Here are lines of Goku and Trunks in the manga version of Dragon Ball Super.
Goku”Amazing, Trunks! You are stronger than Gohan at that time.”
Trunks “It has already past more than 10 years. I trained myself desperately.”

Goku is talking about the time when they defeated Cell together.
At that time, he was 18 and now he is 30 years old.
Definitely, it’s consistent because more than ten years have past.
Considering them, the age of Future Trunks should be 30 years old, I reckon!

Spoiler for extra edicion

Androids appear in the future world.
There is a description Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin and Tien Shinhan are confronting!

And there is a commentary that Goku is already dead because of heart disease.

Gohan barely escaped.
He is thinking to try to collect Dragon Balls before Piccolo is beaten up.
In order to ask Shenron to save the Earth!

At that moment, Bulma came to pick him up by an airship!
A purpose of Bulma seems same as Gohan’s.
She is carrying baby Trunks on her back!

Gohan checks Dragon radar and he sees Dragon Balls are already gathered to one place!
Bulma has a hunch and feels uneasiness.

They head to that place in a big hurry!
Suddenly, the sky turned to be dark!
Someone is summoning a Shenron.

That person was an old Pilaf gang.
Pilaf “Please let us be very very very young!”

Bulma and Gohan arriveed to the spot just when Pilaf prayed for it!
Bulma “Hey, you guys! What are you doing!?”

Pilaf’s wish was granted.
However, they became too young. They turned to be babies.

Shenron”I granted your request. Good b…”
On the way, Shenron disappeared and all Dragon Balls become stones.
Because Piccolo was killed by Android.


Gohan”Mr. Piccolooooo!!”
Gohan shout it at sky.

Baby Pilaf gangs tried to escape.
This is the story how Trunks and Mai first met each other.

Personal impression and thoughts

The question why Future Mai is young is solved.
The author who wrote this extra edition is Mr. Toyotaro. He is writing a manga version of Dragon Ball Super.

In the movie ”Dragon Ball Z, Battle of Gods”, he wished to be young because he thought it didn’’t look cool if he remained elderly after achieving a conquest of the world.
But he wished it in the wrong way and he became a child.
In the Dragon Ball Super of anime version which has started to air, he was also a child.
The reason of this is same as movie’s.

And a reason why she is young in the future world has been revealed in this manga this time.
This might not be revealed in anime version or manga version after this.
That’s the reason why it’s revealed in this extra edition.

Mai has become a baby and looks same age as Trunks.
She may be older than 1 year because she is crawling.
Then it means future Mai’s body age is around 31.
And true age should be older than 60, so she is actually an old lady.

Gohan was trying to save the Earth by Dragon Ball.
But a wish witch is beyond the power of Got can’t be granted, so it was impossible anyway.

Bulma and Gohan couldn’t barely see Pilaf Gangs before their wish was granted.
That’s why they didn’t realise they were Pilaf gangs when they saw three babies.

After that, we don’t know what happened to Pilaf and Shu.
And Mai was going to be a member of resistance.

You can still get the official guide book from”Jump Victory Carnival” which includes this extra edition.
I guess it’s gonna be a second-hand.


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