Dragon Ball Super[Episode 60] Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion: Finally finds out who and what Goku Black is!

【with Images】The official title for Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 is-
「To the future again! Goku Blacks true identity is revealed!」

Air Date: October 2 2016



Beerus and the other thinks Zamasu woll kill Supreme Kai Gowasu.
They were watching the situation from the space using Whis’s ability.

As they predicted, Zamasu killed Supreme Kai Gowasu with a chop, and now they have conclusive evidence.
By Whis’s time returning ability, they travel back time.
They stopped Zamasu right before killing Supreme Kai Gowasu.

Beerus destroyed Zamasu
They went back to the Earth and told Trunks that they destroy Zamasu.

Beerus says that Goku Black is gone from future, but Trunks doubt that because when they had beat the Androids, the future didn’t change.

According to Beerus, god killing a god interferes with space-time.
Trunks was concerning what would future world be like now.

Episode 60 Trailer and Forecast


They flew awat to the future world.
As Trunks thought, the destoryed future world hadn’t changed at all.
Of course, both Black and Zamasu still exists.

They are in the same situation as the Android time.
Since it is a parallel world, even if the past is change, that doesn’t change the future.
Is what Beerus said wrong?
Or maybe something is changed.

Not many days have past since they lost against Black an Zamasu.
Even if they went to the future, can they win?
It would be different if they train at the Room Of Spirit And Time.

As we have been talking for a long time, the truth of Goku Black is revealed!
We’ve had a lot of thoughts and predictions.
I wonder what he really is.

【Alert!】 Before being broadcasted, the truth of Goku Black was revealed by the official.
On Jump, there are review of Episode 60 and summary of Episode 61.

For those who wants to know the truth of Goku Black is here!
For those who doesn’t want to know, don’t look before you watch Episode 60
There might be some spoilers on the comment of this page, so please be careful!

The first half of Episode 60

Trunks can’t fully believe what Beerus said, so he decided to go to the future again to check it out.

Bulma tells them to eat well before they go.
Trunks didn’t feel like it, but Goku persuaded him to.

They all have a fiest.
Goku decided to go to the future with Trunks.
Vegeta「It’s dangerous to fight without a plan.」

Vegeta thinks cooly that they can’t lose this time.
Goku says that he won’t forget Senzu Beans this time.
They ask Beerus to come with them but he refuses it because that will change the history.

They are about to departure to the future.
Trunks yells at future Trunks why can’t he trust Beerus.
Now that Zamasu is gone, he thinks that the future will change, future Bulma won’t be killed and everything will go back to normal.

But future Trunks says why is he in this world if the future is changed. He thinks that he wouldn’t be in this world if Zamasu is gone and future is changed

Beerus didn’t feel good for his words being denied, but Whis praises him.

Future Trunks tell the kid Trunks that the two of them are walking in different world.
In future world, Goku is already dead because of his heart disease.
He only saw Vegeta in photos because he was killed by the Androids.
Android 18 who killed future Trunks friends is married to Krillin in kid Trunks’s world.



The world future Trunks is walking on and the world kid Trunks is walking on is totally two different world.
He tells kid Trunks that he only took part in kid Trunks’s world for a bit

Kid Trunks read on the book that if you change the past, then the future will change, but hearing that, he understood that that’s not right.
As Pilaf Gang was surprised, there are a lot of worlds.

Trunks understood why future Trunks can’t believe what Beerus said.
Trunks asks Vegeta to come with him, and Vegeta says yes.
Vegeta tells Trunks never to come back to this world again if the future is changed normal.

Mai is feeling sad because she can’t see future Trunks again, but she was told to take care of kid Trunks.
Embarrased kid Trunks and Mai looks nice.

Looks like Bulma’s going with them.
Goku and the others can’t control the time-machine right.
Trunks give cloth he first wore.

Changed Trunks and the others got on the time-machine, and the machine is really packed.
Packed time-machine departured to the future.


Saying it’s unpleaseant, Beerus tries to go home.
Whis says let’s wait for them.

The latter half of Episode 60

Goku gets “time-machine sick” as usual, and they arrive at the future.

But the future world is destroyed.
Looks like God’s power didn’t change the future.

Black and Zamasu finds out they came back to this world.

Member of the registance came to where Trunks is.
It looks like Mai is got hurt helping people in bad conditions.
Future Trunks give Mai Senzu Beans by mouth.


Goku gets surprised seeing a mouth kissing another mouth.
Vegeta asks Goku if he hadn’t done it, and it looks like Goku hadn’t experienced a kiss.
Vegeta「Aren’t you married?」
Goku「Does that have something to do with this?」

Bulma looks surprised finding Yajirobe, and thanks him for helping out.

Mai wake up!
She finds Bulma, and greets her since its Mai’s first time seeing past Bulma.

There is only 4 Senzu Beans left.
Bulma brought a lot of food to the people in the future.

Vegeta finds out Black is coming toward them.
They go to where Black is!
Vegeta「Well, we came without a plan」
Optimistic Goku says there is always a way.

They came to where Zamasu and Black is.
Zamasu「Welcome back Saiyans!」
Black「You guys make me strong」

Vegeta turns into Super Saiyan Blue and attacks at once.
Black turns into Super Saiyan Rose too.

Black「You want to beat me, right? Because last time you were awful.」
They stops the fight temporarily
Black changes back to normal.

Vegeta doesn’t want to beat Black for himself, but for Trunks and the future world.
Black「You don’t sound like a Saiyan!」

Goku asks Zamasu if he used Super Dragon Ball for a bad thing.
Zamasu「Oh, you found it out.」
But it looks like the prediction that they made a clone of Goku is wrong.

Black 「This is the real Son Goku, your real body, but the soul is me, Zamasu.」
They used first wish of Super Dragon Ball to switch Goku and Zamasu’s body.
Bulma and Mai, who has been watching them far away using telescope hears that too.


Body switched Goku, or Goku in Zamasu’s body was killed by Black.

My personal review and thoughts

We finally found what Goku Black really is.
It was Zamasu in Goku’s body.
Goku is dead killed by Black.

Pilaf’s words pointed out that there are a lot of worlds.
Pilaf’s words allowed Zamasu and Goku’s body switched in different parallel world .
We still don’t know which age Goku and Zamasu is from

Black somehow calls him self “Ore”
Is his personality changing?

We found out that Goku have never kissed before.
There might be a lot thoughts, but it’s Goku, we can’t say anything.
Looks like Vegeta and Bulma has done it, since Bulma is an aggressive type!

Looks like the fight will end on this future world.
They probably won’t go back to the past and go to the future again like last time.

They don’t have a plan but they have to find Zamasu and Black’s weak points.
There might be a change since Beerus destroyed Zamasu in the past.
Will Zen-Oh button be used finally?
Looks like interesting things will happen even after Black’s truth is revealed!

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