Dragon Ball Super [Episode 61] Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion: The truth of Goku Black finally revealed! Zamasu is the true character of the Goku! Team up with future Zamasu!

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super “ Episode 61 is
Zamasu’s Ambition. The terror of the 『Human 0 Plan』spoken!

Air Date: October 9 2016



Future Trunks and present Trunks were talking about different worlds.
Changing past won’t change future.
There are lot more different worlds.

Trunks thinks that even though defeating Zamasu in present, future won’t be changing.
Trunks leaves to the future with Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma.

Future hasn’t changed as Trunks expected.
Mai is critically injured. Trunks gives her a Senzu beans and recover her.
Now, they find out that Goku has never kissed even though he is married.

They are again, trying to face Goku Black and Zamasu
Finally, the mystery of Goku Black is revealed.
Zamasu used Super Dragon Ball to switch the body with Goku.
They also find out that Goku whose body was taken was killed by Black.

Episode 61 Trailer and Forecast

Goku Black thinks as Goku and others are the biggest obstacle to achieve his 「0 Human Plan」!
Black transforms into Super Saiyan Rose and try to kill Goku and others.

The plot of a story of episode 61 says;
「Goku Black was present Zamasu who switched his body with Goku’s! Black team up with future Zamasu to fulfill their ambitions, and start take an action!」

It is specified that Goku Black as a present Zamasu .
Now it clarifies that the Zamasu who was with Black in the future is a future Zamasu.
Now we rule out the idea of Zamasu is elsewhere.

Present Zamasu has destroyed by Beerus.
In the previous air, the scene that Zamasu was asking Zuno about Son Goku and Super Dragon Ball has been eliminated.
He must have some sort of plan at that time.

I feel like when Zamasu was destroyed by Beerus, he was ready and already knew what’s going to happen.

He was already immortal by Dragon Ball in Namek?
He may be revived after Beerus and others left.

….or they were split by two Zamasu. The one destroyed by Beerus could be the one of the other?
I can expand my imagination!

Black come after Trunks, and came to the present. Then he fight with Goku at first time.
That Black was present Zamasu.

Because of this fight, Goku and others go to see present Zamasu in Universe 10.。
There are two present Zamasu.

After experience of meeting Goku, seeing Babarian, present Zamasu now starts distrust human being.
From there, he is turning into Black.

Now, we are not sure when Black is born.
This is defenitely time paradox.

In previous episode talked about 「Existence of different world, which means changing past won’t change the future」
Hopefully, story will well-organized without any contradiction!

The first half of Episode 61

Goku asks Black, if Black is Zamasu, then who is the person looks like Zamasu.
Zamasu asnwers.
That is also Zamasu.

This world’s Zamasu, it means he is a future Zamasu from Goku’s point of view.
Zamasu 「I teamed up with Zamasu who came from the past. For the sake of justice.」

Then Black says.
Black says that he is the god Zamasu who was pitifully defeated by Goku.
He abandoned Zamasu’s body, then his heart became one with Goku’s body to gain further strength.

Goku tells Zamasu that present Zamasu is destroyed by Beerus.
Black 「It was all brought about by this Time Ring.」
Black answers.
Black says whatever happened in the past, it won’t affect on himself.

According to Trunks, Black has killed Supreme Kai Gowasu.
Black killed Gowasu. Taking away his Potara and accede to the Supreme Kai
Then he got the Time Ring.


Black 「Shall we? Zamasu?」
Zamasu 「Very well, Zamasu.」

Then two Zamasu launch Ki blast!
The Ki blast merge into one giant Ki blast!


Goku and Vegeta transform into Blue and protect Trunks.
Trunks was Super Saiyan, He is safe.

Goku avenges to Zamasu. Goku blows his head off, but his head goes right back to normal.
Bulma watches them with binoculars. There are Main and Yajirobe near her also.

Black blow Goku off. The battle is posed.
Black start talking.
He says that he needed one who understand him completely in order to achieve his justice.

Future Zamasu was also suffered by the foolishness of humans, in the same way as present Zamasu.
For that reason, Black used the Time Ring and came to the future Zamasu.

Black and future Zamasu meet in the scene of flashback.
Zamasu serves Gowasu tea as usual.
What Zamasu has seen was the murder scene of Gowasu killed by Black.
Zamasu runs to Gowasu.

Black 「You wanted to do this too, right? Now you are a Supreme Kai.」
Black says. Then gives other side of Potara to Zamasu.
Zamasu 「Who….are you?」

Black tells Zamasu that he is a Zamasu from the past.
Zamasu accepts him quickly.

Let us bring justice together!
They hold each other.

After Zamasu obtained Goku’s body, he became Goku Black. Black used the Time Ring and went to the future which 1 year ahead from where he was!
Black made Zamasu immortal.
They didn’t want their wish to be reverted, so they destroyed Super Dragon Ball.

They killed all the gods in all the universes.
There is a scene inserted that mohawk-hair silhouettes are killed one after another.
They killed all the Spreme Kai.

Black and Zamasu are the strongest in this future world where future Trunks exists.
But, this is for, to complete 「 Human 0 Plan」

Zamasu says the world is beautiful, but the human defile its beauty.
They’ve been killing lots of human.
Zamasu 「Earthlings has the knowledge of time-travel and the violently repeat the endless war. We will destroy the earthlings who are the most disgusting in this entire universe. 」

Black and Zamasu try to attack!
Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks fight back, but they are no match for Black and Zamasu.
Black dodge the attacks easily!
Zamasu joins the fight.

Vegeta and Trunks are pushed to the wall, then the Ki blast launched from Black and Zamasu hit them.
Goku sees it, and worries.

Goku is pushed to the wall.
Zamasu 「Don’t you want to know what happened to your family?」

The latter half of Episode 61

Zamasu 「Tell him what you did to his family.」
Zamasu tells Black.

The scene of flashback. Starts from when they use Super Dragon Ball.
Zamasu wishes to switch body with Goku.

The scene Goku and Goten are working at their field in the earth.
Goku’s appearance suddenly turned into Zamasu. Goku and Goten are in panic.
Surprised Goten brings Chi-Chi.


Goku, Goten, and Chi-Chi, they are all confused.
Voice has been changed also.

Black who obtained Goku’s body appears in front of Goku.
Black 「Only his heart is Son Goku.」

Come back from flashback.
Zamasu 「And he ended your life.」

Black stab through Zamasu and Goku with his sword-shaped hand!
Black 「Like this」

Goku 「You! What did you do to Chi-Chi and Goten……..」
Black 「You know what I did?」

Black’s flashback.
Black killed Goku in front of Chi-Chi and Goten!
Chi-Chi and Goten tries to run away, but they are killed.


Goku 「no….., no…..」
Goku feels bitter and furious.

Black and Zamasu smile and look at Goku.

Goku 「I am seriously mad!」
He is very furious like he is about to be awaken to next stage of Super Saiyan!

Goku beats down Black and Zamasu.
Looks like Goku’s main focus is Black. Goku attacks Black first, then Zamasu.
Goku hunts them down.


Black is pushed to the wall, and stopped moving!
Goku looks down Black. He clenches his teeth in anger.
Black is not moving, so Goku tries to end his life.

Suddenly, Black blocks Goku’s attack.
He was pretending to be fainted.

Black gained more power by receiving more damage.
Black throw Ki blast through the Goku’s body!
Black 「Son Goku…Your anger make me feel good!」
His sword-shaped hand powered up also.

Many of blades pierce into Goku’s body and explode!
Goku turns back to normal and collapses.

Black 「The body of Saiyan is the ultimate blessing from the gods!」
The more it gets beaten up, the more its power elevates!

Vegeta and Trunks watch what has been going on, then they try to stand up for fight.
Zamasu interupts.

Trunks tells Vegeta that he will take on Black.
Trunks says he will do it, even if they end up killing each other.
Trunks asks Vegeta to handle Zamasu.
Black tells that Trunks has committed greater sin than he has.
The one of the reason why Black wants to terminate all human being is Trunks.

Because Trunks went to the past, the new Time Ring was created.
That is the proof of sin.
Black asks Trunks how many times has he traveled between future and past.
Zamasu 「You continued committing a taboo amongst gods, despite being a human.」
Black「You saved Son Goku who was supposed to die due to a hear virus?」

If Trunks didn’t save Goku, Black didn’t need to take over Goku’s body.
Black and Zamasu keep blaming on Trunks saying he is the one who made this world ruined.
Black and Zamasu 「All of this is caused by you, Trunks! Furthermore, you, humans…..」
「There is nothing but human arrogance to create time machine!」


Vegeta 「Don’t listen to them, Trunks!」
Black and Zamasu tell that they are saving this world from the sins of humans!
Zamasu 「Trunks! You are sinner!」

They mention that because of Trunks, the 「Human 0 Plan」has started.
Furthermore, Black tells Trunks that he is the one killed all earthlings.

Trunks 「I……just wanted save everyone!」
Trunks says and resists!
But he is no match for Black!

Vegeta asks Black and Zamasu what is the ideal world.
Zamasu 「A mere human can never understand….」
Black 「The true beauty of this world.」

Trunks knee down. Bulma and Mai try to come close to him.
Trunks anger explodes and hit the ground.
Trunks 「If you wanna call that as sinner, then I don’t care!」
Trunks yells and elevates his Ki!

Trunks gives off the power from inside of him. Bright gold and blue lights glows around him.
His hair stands up, rolls his eyes back.
Trunks 「Black! You… You… I will kill you myself!」



My personal review and thoughts

They find out who the Black is. Now we know Black is present Zamasu.
Even though present Zamasu has destroyed by Beerus, that doesn’t affect Black at all.
That means there is a Zamasu who killed Gowasu, and there is a Zamasu who is destroyed by Beerus without killing Gowasu.

Think about different world in different timeline. There still reminds some contradiction.
There is a time paradox that Black could be exist before Zamasu meets Goku…etc.

But seems like it’s completely done talking about truth of Black in this episode.
I assume the story will focus on how to defeat Black and Zamasu from now on.
I can’t satisfy that they didn’t reveal about Black enough. There are still some mystery about him.

We don’t even know the timeline of when Zamasu switched his body with Goku.
Time Ring only can go to the future.

Future Trunks has come to the past twice since this “Episode of future Trunks” started.
First time was when he escaped from Black.
The other time was when they were defeated by Black and Zamasu.
Because of these time-travel, the two different worlds could have been created.

Goku was working in his field peacefully, so it could be after the episode of Universe 6 which future Trunks hasn’t come yet.

He can use Time Ring and go to the future of different world.
Present Zamasu may go to the different world where Goku don’t know about Zamasu or Black, then he switched his body with Goku.
Then the world that Goku, Chi-Chi, and Goten were killed has created.

Also, you see a「Green Time Ring」which is not sure what that for.

Trunks’s awaken.
Blue and golden light glow around him.
Golden spark around Trunks looks similar to the Ki of the god.
Looks like Trunks is turning into Blue.
If you watch preview of next episode, Trunks seems stronger than Super Saiyan Blue!

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