Dragon Ball Super [Episode 62] Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion: Off to the past leaving Trunks in a form of Blory! A measure to defeat Black and Zamasu!

【With Images】Here’s the title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 62!
”I Will Protect the World! Trunks’ Angry Super Power Explosion!!

Air Date: October 16 2016



Black’s true identity was present Zamasu.
It’s Zamasu who formerly fought against Goku and lost it.
And it turned out that another Zamasu was a future Zamasu in a world of Trunks.

Present Zamasu killed Gowasu and took Potala and “Time Rings” by force. Then he was promoted to the Supreme Kai.
In the another world, he exchanged his body with Goku and became Black.
After that, he skipped to the future by “Time Ring” and he united with future Zamasu.

In the future Trunks world, he murdered Supreme Kais from all universes.
Because of this influence, all Gods of destruction, who were in the same fate with Supreme Kai, were also exterminated.
And it also turned out that he destroyed Super Dragon Ball.

Goku in the another world was killed by Black who used to be Zamasu.
And Chi-chi and Goten were killed, too.
Goku got very furious to learn that.
But he couldn’t beat power-upped Black.

Black and Zamasu blame Trunks for disturbing history using the Time Machine.
They say that the origin of destroyed present world and “Zero Human Plan” was all caused by Trunks.
They say it’s Trunks’ responsibility that humans on the Earth were murdered.
Then Trunks, who was called murderer, gets angry and be awaken!
He transformed into Super Saiyan with Blue and Yellow aura.

Episode 62 Trailer and Forecast

Power-upped Trunks fights equally against Black.
Trunks asks Vegeta to leave and go back while he’s buying time.
Vegeta has to make a tough decision.!

Trunks got angry and his appearance turns to be like a Broley, the legendary Super Saiyan.
His power got higher to be able to fight equal to Black and Zamasu.
There was a description that his swollen muscle got firmed up, so it looks a defect of Mukinkusu is conquered.

But I’m quite sure Trunks can’t beat them.
What he can do is only gaining time.
Black gets stronger by receiving more damages.
I think Saiyans have constitutions to power up after they recover from dying condition.
Their constitutions have changed because Zamasu entered in.

In a preview, Goku says ”Hold out until we get recovered!”
So, what’s happend with Senzu Beans?
It sounds as if they couldn’t get recovered quickly.
Does it mean they eat Senzu Beans while Trunks are fighting?
It has to be so.

Goku goes back to the past timeline with Bulma who pilots the Time Machine to seek out a measure to defeat Zamasu.
Vegeta thinks he would remain in the future world.
But he will be a burden if he remains, so I suppose he goes back with Goku.
I never expected the strength of Vegeta is replaced with Trunks’.

Goku comes back to the present timeline and seek out a measure to defeat Zamasu.
That measure has been already revealed!
And is it possible to set up time 10 seconds earlier from the time they arrive when they go back to the future timeline?
Then, if Trunks endured for 10 seconds, Goku and Bulma would show up.
Things are not convenient sometimes.

In a preview, there is a scene Beerus, Whis and Gowas are talking.
Beerus’ idea that future world has been restored is proved wrong.
I’ll be delighted if they discuss over matters that Present Zamasu used to be Black and alternative world.
I hope many contradictions here will be solved as much as possible!

The first half of Episode 62

Black “Are you going to beat me? hahaha. Let me see it! You, foolish Saiyan!”
Black provokes him!
Trunks springs on Black but he is drove back by knee strike.
But immediately he fights back and manages to keep up!


Trunks keeps fighting against Black!
Zamasu supports Black, then two together attack Trunks!
Now Trunks can’t compete with them.
Trunks manages to repel their merged energy blast as a fatal blow!

After that, he brings Black to bay!
Vegeta prevents Zamasu from supporting Black.
Trunks knocks Black to the ground and fires energy blast as a fatal blow!
A big column of fire rises!

But Black has got almost no damages.
Black ”It’s perfect for dessart.”

Trunks is inferior to Black who makes full use of momentary teleportation.
Black supports Zamasu who was fighting against Vegeta!
Vegeta is not able to compete with them and he is blown away.
Trunks was distracted.
Then the merged energy blast of Black and Zamasu directly hit Trunks!


Vegeta can’t do anything but just be watching.
Vegeta is the only one who remains now.
Black “Now we got only you left.”
Zamasu “We get rid or Saiyans and then we will kill all remaining humans. Ha-haha!”

Trunks gets up again!
Black and Zamasu can’t hide their surprise by that.
He fights back with Masenko and successive energy blasts!
Meantime, Trunks shouts to Vegeta!

Trunks “Now, Daddy! Take Mr. Goku and go back to the past!”
He tells Vegeta to leave him and go to the past timeline.
And he also asks him to seek out a measure to defeat Zamasu and Black.

Vegeta says he can’t go back leaving Trunks alone.
Goku, being at the point of death, says there is no other way to save the future.
Vegeta commits Senzu Beans to Bulma and asks her to get the Time Machine ready.
Bulma carries Goku under her arm and they get into the Time Machine.
Bulma, Goku and Vegeta go back to the past timeline!

Black notices the Time Machine rising.
He tries to destroy it by energy blast but Trunks stops it and they succeeds in time warp.
Black and Zamasu set them free.
But they are calm and confident because they know they will come back again.

The scene is now at the present world.
Child Trunks and Pilaf gang are staring at night sky.
Then, there, the Time Machine shows up!

Child Trunks is grad that now he knows the future has turned to be better because there isn’t Future Trunks.
By his side, Whis and Beerus are so happy to eat parfait!
Beerus “I told you. Believe in the power of God.”
He is convinced that he was right.

Bulma “You, lier!”
Bulma gets off the Time Machin and shouted at him.
She is angry to see the future world hasn’t changed.

Beerus makes a lame comment that he was actually thinking so.
Bulma “What!? You were actually thinking so!?”
She is so mad at him because he has changed what he was saying.

According to Beerus, the reason was because the story of Trunks was persuasive.
He also tried to follow up Trunks, the son of Bulma.
But according to Whis, he isn’t following him up in that way.

Vegeta stops Bulma who is about to hit Beerus!
A priority now is to seek out a way to defeat Zamasu and Black.
They can’t wast the time gained by Trunks.

They put Goku into the device for treatment.
They tell the truth that in the future world, all Supreme Kais are killed.
And they also tell that Black was present Zamasu who robbed the body of Goku.

Beerus “The all mysteries have been solved. Let’s go, Whis.”
As if fleeing they left.
Beerus destroyed Zamasu of this world.
He has no more intention to be involved in different world.
He left with Whis.

Vegeta says he has something to think about and get into the Capsule Corporation.
And Child Trunks isn’t convinced.
He goes to Goku’s house and wakes up Goten who was sleeping.

In the different place, Chi-Chi is worried about Goku as he doesn’t get home yet!
She has visited to Krillin who works at police box.
Gohan is carrying bento-boxes which were left over on his shoulder.

He succeeded in lying about Black and the place where goku was.
At that time, Chi-Chi finds Goten and Trunks flying in the sky.

The latter half of Episode 62

Vegeta is walking around in the premises of Capsule Corporation groping for a way to defeat Zamasu.
He sees child Trunks is fretful with Bulma saying he wants to go to the future world with Goten.
Of course it won’t be helpful if childen go there.
They are arguing heatedly.
Bulma “Son couldn’t defeat him.”
Let’ leave it to Son.
Son will defeat him.

Vegeta is in a bad mood listening “Son, Son, Son” repeatedly.
Vegeta “Be qui,,,
His voice was lost in the roar of shout. Chi-Chi was calling Bulma from the sky!

She came whit Gohan.
They came to ask where Goku is.

Piccolo and Krillin, too, came to join them.
Piccolo ”He hasn’t been beaten yet?”
Bulma lies that she doesn’t know where Goku is.

But recovered Goku comes in saying he’s hungry.
Everything is spoiled.

He eats bento-box which Chi-Chi brought and makes more recovery.
Bulma explains the present situation to them.
Present Zamasu became Black and he left for the future Trunks’ world.
And he let himself of the future be his companion and they act violently.



Goku also explains that Goten and Chi-Chi were killed.
Chi-Chi looks at Goten and gets panic.
Chi-Chi ”But he’s alive, isn’t he?”
Bulma “I mean things happened in the future world.

Gohan didn’t know what had happened.
He can’t hide his shock.

Goku is blamed by Chi-Chi for having lost twice and came back.
According to Vegeta, the combination of Black and Zamasu is outstanding.
Black heightens his fighting power every time he fights, and Zamasu is immortal.
They can never defeat them if they fight in straight way.

Members are seeking out a measure to defeat Zamasu!
Piccolo suggests that by Evil Containment Wave, they would able to seal him.
In the old days, that was the technique to seal King Piccolo, he explains.
Pilaf gang were listening to that and recollect.


According to Piccolo, if they succeed to seal him, he can never come out.
Now they start to see some hope.

According to Bulma, in a half day, energy of the Time Machine will be restored.
Vegeta wants to pay him back after things happened in the room of spirit and time while he was training.

Goku was thinking who could teach him the Evil Containment Wave.
Piccolo “Ha-ha-ha! Let me show you example.”
But Goku didn’t realized his remark and by momentary teleportation, he left for Master Roshi!

He learns the Evil Containment Wave from Master Roshi.
They both know how dangerous that technique is.

A sparring partner is a sea turtle.
He learns it very quickly!

He was terrible to throw a sea turtle to the wrong direction or drop him into the sea.
Now he has to practise to raise hit rate!
A place to seal him is not in a thermos but a pot.
After daybreak, Goku perfectly mastered the Evil Containment Wave.

On the other hand,, Beerus and Whis are in the Universe 10.
According to Whis, Beerus feels responsibility.
Because his comment was wrong.
He explains details to Gowasu.

It would be easy for Beerus to destroy it if he goes to the future.
But the God of destruction is not able to go beyond time.

Gowasu says he wants to do something.
He will think some measure for it.
Gowasu “It is me who caused it because I chose Zamasu as an apprentice of Supreme Kai.”

My personal review and thoughts

I was expecting Trunks could drive Black and Zamasu in to a corner but he still can not compete them.
What he can do with all his strength is to make enemies stuck.
Even so, he’s stronger than Blue state of Goku or Vegeta.

Never waste Senzu Bean.
I assume Goku goes back to the past timeline and there gets recovered.

Here is the scene Pilaf gang are recollecting.
This scene is very important because Mai shows up.

Mai at this time is younger in her age than adult Mai in the future world where Black is.
Pilaf and Shu haven’t changed a lot from their childhood,

There was a reference to the world where Goku, Goten and Chi-Chi were killed.
According to Bulma, it’s in the future world.
I came across some thoughts on the internet that said it should be in the world when Dragon Ball Super had started, in other word, before he had met Beerus.

Basically, with “Time Ring”, it’s possible to travel only to the future, so it means in the another world of future timeline.
As I considered in the previous page, it’s possible that Universe 6 saga finishes and that’s the world where future Trunks hasn’t come.

He learned the Evil Containment Wave but I guess it can’t be in use.
And I want to know what the measure Gowasu comes up with is.

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