Dragon Ball Super [Episode 63] Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion: Vegeta VS Goku Black! No longer an underdog!?

【Image Available】The Official title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 is
「Don’t Disrespect Saiyan Cells! Vegeta’s Heroic Battle Begins!!」

Air Date: October 23 2016


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Trunks is angered by Zamasu calling him a sinner!
He powers up and takes on Black and Zamasu!

He’s strong enough to hold off Black and Zamasu for a while!
He sends Goku, Vegeta and Bulma back to the past to figure out a way to defeat Zamasu.

Back in the present time, Beerus is relaxing. Bulma yells at him, saying that the future hadn’t changed at all.
Feeling responsible, Beerus goes with Whis to Supreme Kai World in Universe 10 to meet with Gowasu.

Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten, Piccolo and Krillin all gather at Capsule Corporation.
The situation is explained and they see if together they can come up with a plan to defeat Zamasu.
Piccolo suggests that Evil Containment Wave may be able to seal Zamasu.
Goku goes over to Master Roshi to learn the move from him.

By Master Roshi’s side, Goku learns the Evil Containment Wave using Turtle for practice.
Meanwhile, Gowasu says he will think of a plan against Zamasu and Black who are tearing up the future.

Episode 63 Trailer and Forecast

Goku and Vegeta both complete their training. In the future, Mai reaches Zamasu’s hideout. Trunks arrives after following Mai and resumes the fierce fight but…!

I wonder what Gowasu’s plan is.
I predict that he will lend the Potara to Goku and Vegeta.
Will he lend it to them before they return to the future?
Or will he use the「Time Ring」to go to the future and lend it to them there?

The place of battle for Trunks changes from a city filled with rubble to a forest.
It must be close to where Zamasu’s hideout is and it’s cool to see a fight scene under the night sky!

Vegeta, who trained in 「The Room of Spirit and Time」 battles against Black.
Black has beaten him badly thus far, so hopefully soon we see Vegeta beat Black, to the point where color is drained from his face.
I look forward to seeing Goku in the future now that he has completed his training!

Will Bulma go back to the future too?
In the previews we see a scene where Bulma is standing in front of her garage.
She may have used the Capsule to transport the entire repair facility to the future.

Further spoilers written below!
Dragon Ball Announcement! The urn of Evil Containment Wave and the time machine destroyed!? What is Trunks’s special attack?

The first half of Episode 63

Bulma charges up the time machine.
Then the scene changes to God’s palace.
The palace crumbles and out comes Vegeta, who has finished training in「The Room of Spirit and Time」. He takes off.
Meanwhile, Goku is given the urn of Evil Containment Wave.

Meanwhile, in the future world Trunks is lying unconscious in the Resistance base.
He opens his eyes after receiving Senzu Beans mouth-to-mouth from Mai.
But as his vision returns, who Trunks thought was Mai, turns out to be Yajirobe.

Trunks 「Was it you who gave me mouth-to-mouth!?」
Trunks is panicked at the thought of Yajirobe giving him mouth-to-mouth.
But it seems the Senzu Beans were ground up to make it easy for Trunks to eat.

Trunks sees that Mai is nowhere to be seen.
She left as soon as she dropped Trunks back here.
She seems to have found Black’s hideout.

Black and Zamasu are having a tea break.
They seem to know that Goku will return to the future, stronger than before.
And if Black beats Goku, he will become even stronger than before.

Mai and two others from the Resistance are nearby, looking at their hideout through binoculars.
Meanwhile, having gained back his strength, Trunks rushes to catch up with Mai.
Trunks hears from Yajirobe that Mai is feeling guilty.
She realizes that Trunks gets hurt because they depend on him so much.

Mai has bullets that Future Bulma made, that is several times stronger than standard bullets.
Mai takes her aim at Black!

She fires at Black!
The bullet brushes against the Potara and Black falls back!
Black 「A sniper…」

Mai’s mission has failed!
Black and Zamasu sees Mai and the two with her!
They fire a Ki Blast towards them!
With a hair’s breadth, they’re saved by Trunks who blocks the blast.

Black 「It’s Trunks. He still has energy left. Maybe he’s immortal too.」

Trunks lets Mai and the others run.
He thinks of a plan of attack for the next battle.
Zamasu is immortal, but drops his guard after getting hit by an attack.
At that moment he has a chance to hit Black with all he’s got.

He transforms in to Super Saiyan and engages in a battle with Black and Zamasu.
First, he blasts Zamasu away with a Ki blast!
Zamasu, is blown away and yet he is enjoying his immortal power!
Just as Trunks thought, he has let his guard down.

With Black’s hand sword and Trunks’s sword, the battle ensues!
Trunks throws his sword at Black and just as he swats it away, Trunks goes in with a powerful punch to Black’s stomach!

After a couple of attacks, he fires a Galick Gun!
Black is blown further and further away, crashing their hideout, smashing through trees!
Black 「Aaaargghhh!!!!」

Trunks is out of breath.
As he picks up his sword, he sees Zamasu grinning in the reflection.
Trunks 「If I can just defeat you…」

The latter half of Episode 63

Now Zamasu and Trunks battle it out!
Mai, who is fleeing, pauses to fire a shot!

Trunks analyses that at this current stage, he only has one more attack left in him!
He must have expended quite a lot of energy in the attack for Black.
He bets all in to the next attack!

He seizes his chance to get around to the back of Zamasu!
Trunks 「There must be a limit to regeneration, even if he is immortal. I’ll blow you in to pieces! 」
He builds up his Ki, but just as he was about to blow up, Black stabs Trunks with his hand sword.

Trunks return to normal form and falls.
Black 「That wasn’t a bad move, I might have bruises.」

And just at that moment, the time machine arrives!
Goku, Vegeta and also Bulma are here!

Vegeta senses that Trunks’s Ki is just about to fade.
Bulma suggests saving him right away, but Vegeta says that Black and Zamasu are here.

Black and Zamasu appear in front of them.
In a split second, Black destroys the time machine with a Ki blast.

Black 「Now you won’t be able to return home.」
Zamasu 「This world will be your grave.」

Vegeta 「Don’t make me laugh. If we can’t get back, it means this place will be your grave. 」

Meanwhile, Mai gets to where Trunks is.
Trunks tells her that his father and the others have arrived.

The scene cuts back to Goku and Vegeta.
Zamasu 「The likes of Gowasu and other foolish gods gave you intelligence. As a result, the privilege of the gods…」

While Zamasu is talking, Vegeta asks Goku what he did with the urn of Evil Containment Wave.
The urn was inside the time machine!
It must have been destroyed along with it.
Vegeta and Goku argue.

Black 「They don’t seem to be listening to you at all.」
Zamasu is so self-involved that he doesn’t seem to mind if nobody listens.

Vegeta says that fighting with their fists is more their style.
And just then, Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin arrive, using the「Time Ring」.
Zamasu 「It’s you… Gowasu!」

Gowasu says he is ashamed of Zamasu.
Goku interrupts as Gowasu lectures Future Zamasu.
Goku 「The one that was your student is… this one.」
He points to Black.

Gowasu asks Black why he would do such a horrific thing.
Black claims that beauty will return to the world if mortals are eliminated.

Gowasu asks why then, did he also attack the gods?
Black explains it was because the gods don’t understand his ideals and get in the way of his plan.

Next, Goku has a question.
He wants to know what happened to Whis, who was so much more reliable than Beerus.
Supreme Kai answers this one.
Supreme Kai 「Goku, Unfortunately when a god dies, the angel serving him ceases to function until the next god appears.」
Goku 「Angel? Was Whis-san an Angel? 」
Goku seems to be imagining a different kind of angel, one with wings and an exposed butt.

Black 「Gowasu, I didn’t think I would have to kill you three times. 」
Black and Zamsu fires a Ki blast!
But Goku and Vegeta blocked the attack. They have transformed in to Super Saiyan Blue!

Gowasu tells Black to use the Dragon Balls of this world to resurrect all who he’s killed.
Gowasu says it’s not too late.
But he is astonished to hear that the Super Dragon Balls have been destroyed!

Vegeta and Goku tell Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin to return home, as they will get in the way of their fight.
However, Gowasu says he wants to see the end of his student.
Supreme Kai Shin will also stay behind.

Goku sees that Supreme Kai Shin wants to go home!
Supreme Kai Shin 「Goku-san, it’s not good to have that sort of impression of me.」

Vegeta wants to take on Black!
Vegeta 「I’m superior to you Goku, so a fake has no chance of beating me!」

Vegeta seems to have the upper hand!
He dodges all of Black’s attacks and gets in a right hook!


Zamasu sees this and rushes to Black.
But Goku is right there, pursuing Zamasu.

Vegeta is able to withstand Zamasu’s attacks.
He fires at Black!

Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin go to where the fight is happening!
Bulma had predicted that the time machine would get destroyed.
She throws a capsule and out comes the garage so she can make repairs.

Trunks and Mai arrives at Bulma’s side!
Bulma cried tears of joy to see that Trunks was okay.

She pulls out the urn of Evil Containment Wave, now in pieces.
She hands a super glue to Trunks.
Trunks 「You want me to fix the urn?」
Bulma 「That’s right Trunks, You used to be great at jigsaw puzzles, right? 」
It seems Trunks will have to fix the urn. Using super glue.

We cut to the scene of Vegeta VS Black.
Vegeta blocks Black’s hand sword with his arm.
Black is surprised!
Vegeta 「Shall I tell you where you have miscalculated?」
He builds up Ki for an attack!

Vegeta 「Every cell in that body you have, was made by Kakarot’s long, fierce history of combat. For you, it’s just a borrowed vessel…」
And with that, Vegeta repeatedly punches Black!

Vegeta 「These Saiyan cells can only be used by a pure and simple idiot like him!」
More repeated punches go in!
And then the final blow!
Surrounded in a blue light, the area around them is destroyed!


Black wonders how there could be such a difference in their powers.
Vegeta 「That’s because you’re a fake and I’m the Saiyan prince, Vegeta!」

My personal review and thoughts

The story was well paced and the first half felt like is was over really quickly.
We gain new information in the latter half, making this a satisfying episode.

The shot Mai fired scraped Black’s Potara.
There might be a tiny scratch on it, that may impact it later somehow, like causing it to crumble.

The time machine landed in the middle of the battleground.
It’s no surprise that it was destroyed.
And the method to repair the urn of Evil Containment Wave was shockingly, super glue!
It was such a surprise! I thought there’d be no way that the urn could be glued back together!
That Trunks used to be great at jigsaw puzzles is also a fun fact!

I don’t know whether the repaired urn could seal anyone in.
The whole thing with the Evil Containment Wave might end as a joke.

I was spot on about the garage being brought along in a capsule.
The last time the time machine was destroyed it was impossible to repair.
Will it be repairable this time as it was extinguished quickly?

And it was revealed that attendants like Whis and Vados are angels!
And also that without gods to serve their functions are ceased.
It must be Zen-Oh who nominates which god they will serve.

We also find out why Black killed not only humans but the gods too!
At this point, the reason why Zamasu has split hasn’t been mentioned.
We may get to the end without ever finding out.

And the battle of Vegeta VS Black was quite the highlight!
Vegeta returned to Black what he owed!
Just as I hoped, he beat Black to the point where color drained from his face.

Vegeta’s line about Goku’s body was so impressive!
But Black could still power-up after so much damage.

The use of Potara will likely happen with Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin present.
There’s a good chance that Goku and Vegeta combine again to create Vegito.

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