Dragon Ball Super [Episode 64] Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion: Who is the voice actor of Fusion Zamasu with Potara? Gku Black’s New Skill

【with images】The official title of “Dragon Ball Super ” Episode 64 is
「Respect! Praise! Fusion Zmasu Explosive Birth!!」

Air date: October 30 2016


Previous Story

Trunks helped by Mai who got injured at the fight with Black and Zamasu.
Then he recovered with Senzu Beans!
Mai found the Den of Black and Zamasu then she shot at Black!
It grazed Potrara and ended in failure. For that, she was in trouble but Trunks helped her.

Trunks who became stronger and he fought with Black and Zamasu!
Trunks fought well but he became moribund by surprise attack of Black.
At that time, Goku, Vegeta and Bulma came back to future.

Then Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin also came to the future with using the Time Ring.
They tried to stop Zamasu but he didn’t hear that.

Vegeta who gained training at The Room Of Spirit And Time challenges to fight!
Black is left Vegeta who became stronger way behind and beaten by him.
No one can command Goku’s body. Himself only.
Vegeta showed the overwhelming Saiyan power!

Episode 64 Trailer and Forecast

At the fight of Vegeta and Black, Vegeta dominated that, but Black invoked the new skill. On the other hand, Zamasu directs on Mai at away!

Black’s hair changed to pink and his right hands gives an aura which shaped sickle!
He seems that he can convert the sword and sickle into tangible forms.

Also he can make his alter ego and become as smoke.
It’s like a Ninja art isn’t it?
It would be his new skill.

Finally they fused with Potara. From that it can predict that the new skill didn’t work to Vegeta.
And Zamasu who is despicable aim Mai.
Mai helped Goku, Vegeta and Trunks when they were in trouble, so she would be annoying for Zamasu.
It can expect to Trunks to protect Mai.

They will remain to call Zamasu after they fused.
The voice would not be mixed with Black and Zamasu but “Shinichiro Miki” who is a voice actor of Zamasu would be in charge of that.
There is only Fusion Zamasu so it easy to use “Evil Containment Wave”!

They sealed Zamasu Evil Containment Wave once.
But it was fixed with only an adhesive and it’s far from perfect so it will break and he will revive.
Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin appeared at this scene, so there is no doubt that Goku and Vegeta will fuse with Potara and become Vegito.
Furthermore, it said by “Ryo Horikawa” who is the voice actor of Vegeta!

I think this episode will be ended with the scene where Zamasu fused!
“Enemy with Grey Hair” that Mr. Toriyama who is the original author of it said before was Zamasu.

「Next enemy whose hair is gray」The interview reports will be published!

The new story with Future Trunks and Goku Black is coming soon in Dragon Ball Super!

Here who want to see ahead Fuse Zamasu who is move and fight!
We also have the image of Vegeta and trunks that fuse with Potara!

The first half of the episode 64

Black has a strange smile.
Vegeta’s tremendous attacks explode!
Black「You wimp! Don’t get carried away any more!!」
But the counterattack also doesn’t work and beaten up by Vegeta!

Zamasu worries about Black.
Goku「Zamasu. I say I am your match」

Vegeta follows uo with big Ki blast to Black!
Vegeta「You are not that sort of person who dead easily, are you! Come out! Cheating man」

Black said that he found the reason how Vegeta made more powerful rapidly!
He thought it is anger by injured Trunks.
Black「Change the anger into the power. The terrible way that only human conceived.
He seemed to miss it.

Black also thinks to try to change the anger into the power!
Black「Anger for human who dirty the universe. Anger for God who overlook that.」
「And anger for my helpless that I lose by mere human.」

He pierced the chop to his hand.

Then it has changed to aura shaped sickle when he pulled out!
「Ha! You wimp. I changed anger into power so that I could be stronger.」

He brandishes the sickle and unleashes the shock waves!
Vegeta fends off it easily.
But the magenta space appears in the sky which ripped by the shock waves!

Black seems to have no idea about that by himself.
Black「Is it an another universe that I see? Far future or past?」
「Perhaps, it would be unrestricted anger that I beard.」

Black is proves it calmly.
He is becoming to reach the unexplored heights.

Zamasu is glad to see that!
He doesn’t see Goku at all.
Goku attacks to Zamasu who guard down!

Zamasu makes a fool of Goku who fights against to an immortal person.
Zamasu「Do you conspire something with your few brain?」
Goku has a strategy of Evil Containment Wave but he seems to use it later.

The battle is heated of Black VS Vegeta and Goku VS Zamasu!
The shock wave of that reaches to the garage where Bluma and others at!


Trunks seems to finish repaired the pot for Evil Containment Wave.
Mai watches the battle with binoculars.
At that, she sees the surprising scene!
Zamasu comes to towards them.

The latter half of Episode 64

Bulma and Trunks are surprised to hear that!
The Time Machine hasn’t repaired yet.

Trunks goes to outside and tries to buy time.
Bulma tells him to use Evil Containment Wave!
Goku is not here so it can’t help.

On the other hand, Black’s hair becomes pink and alters ego.
Goku and Vegeta are surroundings.
That is why that Goku couldn’t hold down Zamasu and he goes to Bulma, Trunks and Mai.


Black alters ego seems to come out from the magenta space which cleaved with sickle.
They attack without expression and talking
They disappear .like smoke even though they are attacked!
Furthermore the number of them increases more and more!
Because of that, Goku and Vegeta can’t chase Zamasu.


Goku and Vegeta unleash Ki Blast without break and drown out, but alters ego revives at once!
According to Black, Zamasu probably tortures Trunks and others now.
Goku「That’s low! Fight with us!」
Black「I will fight with you who couldn’t save the life even though you could, if you become more strong with power of anger.」

Goku tries Momentum Teleportation and probe Trunks’s Ki but he doesn’t seem to find.
He seems that he can’t probe it because of magenta space.

Trunks tries to do Evil Containment Wave which he has never seen with the pause that Bulma told him.
He tries various pauses but it seems wrong!


At that time, Bulma remembers.
She recorded the scene that Piccolo showed them Evil Containment Wave.
They check with that!
It totally different and Trunks gets angry!
Trunks「It’s totally different!!」

They can’t use that if they know the pause.
Bulma remembers something and goes to outside!
She tells him to learn Evil Containment Wave while she buying the time.

She found by Zamasu deliberately.
Bulma’s strategy was honey trap.


She tries to put on a cute act as honey trap but it doesn’t work.
Zamasu looks down Bulma with a devilish look, because Zamasu hates that he touched by human.

Trunks and Mai came out from the garage and they saw that Bulma is grabbed her lapel and faints.
It’s a similar scene that Bulma killed by Black!
The scene flashback!

Trunks becomes Super Saiyan by the power of anger when he saw that!
Zamasu drops his guard that he assesses Trunks tries to buy the time..
Then Trunks use Devil Containment Wave!

Zamasu applies to that!
Zamasu「What is that!」

Zamasu「What the hell to ended up!」
Zamasu is drawn into the vase which Mai has!

Bulma is alright.
She starts crying with fear!
Then she tells to seal the vase with the amulet!
But there isn’t it.

Goku seems to leave it at Kame House.
Trunks, Bulma and Mai press the vase hardly.
But Zamasu comes out from the vase!
He is out of breath and looks upset.

Black worried about Zamasu that he’s Ki comes and goes.
He goes to Zamasu by Momentum Teleportation!
At the same time alters ego and magenta space disappeared!
Goku and Vegeta chase him by Momentum Teleportation!

Zamasu is out of breath.
Black asked what happened!

According to Zamasu, they misunderstand outrageously.
Zamasu「Human is not only scum. If we down our guard, our ideal will disappear.
Zamasu got fear for Evil Containment Wave.

Black「It can’t help it. Fun is over.」
「It’s time to show the real power of god for human who is blasphemy the god because of ignorance.」

Potara which they wear starts shining.
Then Zamasu replace Potara.

Goku「I didn’t see that coming!?」
Zamasu and Black join and rotate, then they shine!

Fusion Zamasu appears with dazzling light.
Fusion Zamasu「I am the justice. I am the world. Respect. Praise.」
「The strongest god who is nobly, beautiful and an immortal… Zamasu」

Finally Zamasu fused by Potara.

My personal review and thoughts

I didn’t even know where to start.
I felt personally that there were too much unfortunate parts.
Black’s new skill of sickle is cool.

Black alters egos comes from different space.
He seemed to defeat Goku and Vegeta by that only.

Vegeta waged fierce battle with Black but it’s truly regrettable that Vegeta send over the edge by such a skill.
That skill doesn’t make any sense and makes me disappointed.
Evil Containment Wave is effective and depiction was cool.
I was so excited at the scene that Trunks and Mai’s dialogue!

But there was the depiction that Goku leave the amulet following the last time that he leaves Senzu Beans.
It’s impossible personally.
It remains of disspointed.
Goku wasn’t bad but the script was bad.

If the story going on the way that the seal of Evil Containment Wave solved, I think there were some ways that we could consent. For example Black clashed the vase and so on.
It’s kidding that they repaired the vase with an adhesive and there were lack of serious.
It would be the gag for children.

Finally Fusion Zamasu who fuses with Potara appears.
His name remains Zamasu.
Fusion Zamau’s voice is acted by Shinichiro Miki only which applied effects.
I thought he is divine and cool.
For that, Masako Nozawa can have a rest!

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