Dragon Ball Super [Episode 65] Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion: Vanish at the wall of the light! The skill of fused Zamasu.

【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super “ Episode 65 is -!
「Is this the final judgement!? The ultimate power of the absolute god」

Air Date: November 6 2016



Vegeta hunts Black down overwhelmingly.
Black’s anger escalate his power as Vegeta!

Black uses his new skill. The red-purple-colored mysterious space appears.
The mysterious space start forming many Copy-Blacks.
Goku and Vegeta are surrounded by those Copy-Blacks, and struggle.

On the other hand, Zamasu goes toward the garage where Trunks, Mai, and Bulma are.
Now, Trunks has to master Evel Containment Wave to seal Zamasu.

Bulma recorded video of Piccolo demonstrates the Evel Containment Wave. Now, Trunks watches the video and masters!

Trunks teams up with Mai. Trunks successfully uses Evel Containment Wave and seals Zamasu.
But Goku forgot to bring the amulets to seal. Therefore, Zamasu’s revived again!

Zamasu experienced the Evel Containment Wave. Now, Zamasu get a fresh remind of him despise human.
Zamasu and Black fused together by Potara.

Episode 65 Trailer and Forecast

Fused Zamasu emits tremendous Ki. Fused Zamasu is intoxicated with his own. Even though Zamasu is wide-open, Goku and Vegeta can neither attack nor come close to him.

Fusion by Potara can escalate tremendous power.
Furthermore, fused Zamasu takes over escalating power of Black and immortal ability of Zamasu.
There is no way that Goku and others will win.

There is a glowing nimbus on the back of fused Zamasu. Zamasu looks divine like a god.
Zamasu uses the skill calls 「Wall of Light」

The skill will wipe out everything it touches.
Is this the skill using the nimbus?

You can see Goku and Vegeta are on the ground, but Trunks is still standing.
Seems like Trunks receives last two Senzu beans and tries to fight against Zamasu.
Looks like Trunks will play an important role again!

There is a rumor that Goku and Vegeta will fuse together using Potara.
It is based on the title of episode 66 「The Last Large Reversal! Vegito Appears!」
But seems like the real title of episode 66 is 「Decisive Battle! The Miraculous Power of the Unwavering Warriors!」
Based on this information, Vegito won’t come out right now yet.

Then, what is the purpose of Supreme Kai and Gowasu to come in future world?
I am looking forward to see how they are going to deal with fused Zamasu.
Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and he may use the Kaio-ken again!

The first half of the episode 65

Members look up fused Zamasu!
Zamasu opens his arms.
He feels two powers melting together in one.
His Ki gets stronger and stronger, then the nimbus appears on back of Zamasu!

Zamasu 「Look! The body that can infinitely increase in strength and its immortal body.」

Zamasu explode purple lightning.
Vegeta is shocked by its awesome Ki.

Vegeta tells Trunks to evacuate Bulma and others!
Zamasu tries to stop Trunks, but Goku and Vegeta block with Ki blast!
While Goku and Vegeta block Zamasu’s attack, Trunks and others store the garage in a capsule and evacuate to somewhere safe!

Blades of judgement 「Blades of judgement」
Around Goku and Vegeta, many red blades pierce on the ground!
Then explode!
Similar to the skill Black used to use.

The explosion vibrate through the underground.
Members of Resistance who are staying underground worry about what is happening on surface.
They try to go outside.
As soon as they go outside of the surface, one of the civilian is involved in Zamasu’s attack and disappears!

People stop their feet and panic.
Next, Yajirobe leads the way. He goes outside and makes sure the safety.
Everybody come up to the surface safely.

Resistances see the Zamasu from far, then notice its nimbus.
They are surprised to see Zamasu who looks like the god.
There is no way to fight against Zamasu. Resistance feel hopeless.

Goku and Vegeta struggle.
Looks like Zamasu is taking his time and having fun.
Gowasu 「What a horrifying Ki. I’ve never seen such a powerful light.」

According to Gowasu, Zamasu’s gained even more power by fusing the most powerful Black and immortal Zamasu.
Goku 「Then we get even stronger than that!」

Supreme Kai Shin 「But he has the two powers of immortality and the strongest. How do you beat that?」
Looks like Vegeta has no clue.
Vegeta 「All I know is that I’m never going to forgive him!」

Bulma and others stay away from Zamasu.
She opens the garage and fixes time machine again.
Trunks decides to go back where Zamasu is.
Mai gives Trunks last two Senzu beans.

At battlefield.
Zamasu 「Listen well. I am the sun that shines on this world. And know that this shine is justice.」
Zamasu looks down on Goku and brags.
Zamasu says, Zero Human Plan will complete today and his ideal world will begin.

Vegeta stands up. So as Goku.
Zamasu shoots purple lightning.
Vegeta dodges and throws him a Ki blast, but doesn’t work.

Zamasu 「Saiyans, unable to admit your own weakness….I’ll show you my great power.」
The purple-colored energy light appears from Zamasu’s back, and it’s shaped like a bird.

Zamasu 「Lightning of Absolution!」
Vegeta receives the purple lightning shoot from the mouth of the bird! Vegeta starts falling!
It shoots to Goku as well.

The latter half of Episode 65

Goku receives the lightning and blows off.
Goku faints and truns to normal.

Zamasu 「Now, I shall pierce the earth and wash everything away.」
Zamasu shoots lightning to the ground!
It cracks the ground and magma erupts!
Sky become stormy. Sea cracks, sucking all water inside.

Kame house and sea turtle are still there in this future world.
There is an Andoroid 8 looking up the stormy sky!



Zamasu 「This filthy world, sullied by the violence of human shall be reborn as the ideal world for gods, by gods.」

Resistances and other people try to evacuate from this natural disaster.
Trunks saves a little child!
Trunks tells Yajirobe to lead everyon to the garage where Bulma and Mai are.

Goku and Vegeta stand up.
Transform into Blue again.
They charge at Zamasu in full power!


Zamasu 「Take this! Lightning of Absolution!」
Goku and Vegeta break the lightning and dash!
They charge at the purple-bird-shaped light stands in front of Zamasu!
Destroying the core, the bird-shaped light disappears!

They make a dash for Zamasu and try to attack from both side!
Zamasu blocks easily!

Zamasu 「Trying to touch a god…the greedy disposition….that’s the sin.」

Zamasu grab their fists and tries to crush them.
Goku and Vegeta scream.
Zamasu says that trying to touch god is sin worthy of death.

Goku and Vegeta are knocked down on the ground again. Zamasu shoots 「Blade of Judgement.」
It gives huge explosion. Goku and Vegeta are now critically injured.



They are in a desperate situation.
Trunks arrives!

Trunks sees Goku and Vegeta, then elevate his Ki!
Trunks is furious seeing Vegeta getting hurt!
His anger elevates his Ki.

Trunks tries to attack Zamasu!
Zamasu 「Foolish creature never able to realize your own mistake!」

Trunks blocks all attacks of the Blades of Judgement by his sword.
Trunks 「I’ll never give up! You are not the one to make a new world! We, humans are!」

Trunks swings his sword down to Zamasu!
Zamasu receives!
The sword has been broken. Trunks is shoot down by Ki blast.

Trunks won’t give up yet.
Zamasu says he admits Trunks his stubbornness.

Zamasu’s critical hit!
Zamasu 「Holy Warth!」

Trunks 「My power! Be a shield to this world…to the humans!」
Trunks put everyone’s wishes and shoots Galick gun!


Trunks and Zamasu, their attack push each other, but Zamasu is slightly superior!
Trunks won’t give up yet. Now Vegeta stands up and joins Trunks. He shoots Galick gun together!
Vegeta 「Zamasu! Don’t underestimate the potential of Saiyans!」
Family Galick gun fire!

Trunks 「This is the power of humans!」
They give all their power!
Power of Trunks and Vegeta win, and make Zamasu upset!

Trunks and Vegeta pant.
Zamasu is too furious to control himself.

Zamasu 「Impudent humans! Disappear!」
Zamasu shoots the purple lightning again!
Vegeta throw himself to protect Trunks. Vegeta is now fatally injured!

Zamasu tries to attack Trunks but notices of Goku.
Goku 「Zamasu! I’m going to erase all your light!」

Zamasu shoots 「Holy Wrath」.Goku shoots Kamehameha!
They both seriously shoot each other.
Both power crash and flash bright light.



My personal review and thoughts

Story didn’t go forward.
Black and Zamasu fused together and powered up.
Admiring Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks who can make their anger and stubbornness into their strength to face Zamasu.
I feel like it will encourage children who watch the show.

This episode has lots of great part for the people who loves this show.
The scene Goku and Vegeta team up and fight, the scene remind the fight with Meta-Coolers.
It was cool to see family Galick gun! Respectfully, it was like the family Kamehameha , shown at the episode of Cell.
The scene that Vegeta protects Trunks reminds Piccolo.
Even this future world, we could see the Kame house and Android 8!
Seems like these scene are killing time for this episode though.

Fused Zamasu had variety of skills.
There are 「Blades of Judgement」, 「Holy Wrath」, 「Purple lightning」, and 「Light of Absolution」.
The Wall of Light wasn’t a name of skill. It was just a circumstance.

Vegito appears in next episode! It was kind of mentioned at the spoiler alert before. Now it is really happening!
There was a rumor about Vegito won’t come out, because the title of spoiler alert and the actual title were different.
But finally, Vegito will appear!
I can’t wait to watch!

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【Official】The transition of different world and timeline of Goku Black, Zamasu, and Goku and his friends are now revealed!

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