【Official】The transition of different world and timeline of Goku Black, Zamasu, and Goku and his friends are now revealed!

It was revealed that the true character of Goku Black is Zamasu.
Zamasu who is with Black in the future world where grown up Trunks lives is a future Zamasu.
If you think that way, there are some contradiction about the different world and its timeline.

There is going to be time paradox.
The official website for Dragon Ball Super revealed about different worlds and time travel.
It is now all clear about the all worlds and its time theory.
Now, I concern about all the fact based on the information.

【Additional article】



About different world and time travel!

In the「episode of future Trunks」, there are 4 different worlds based on the chronological table on history.
It shows about the time travel of Goku and Goku Black.

The chronological table on history hasn’t had uploaded for a while.
I personally thought the animation stuff are struggling about this time theory also.
And finally completed!

Here is the actual chronological table!
【Dragon Ball Super Official chronologigal table of history】

I personally organized the timeline based on this chronological table on history.
Here is the 4 worlds described on the table!

  • The world where future Trunks exists.
  • The present world where Goku exists.
  • The world where present Zamasu exists.
  • The future world where Zamasu to be sealed.

「The episode of future Trunks」has created 2 different worlds.
I will explain about the 2 different worlds!

The world where present Zamasu exists.

This world is explained as,

The real time history leads to the history of future Trunks.
But Beerus destroyed Zamasu, so the real history revised and divided into 2 different histories.

Even though present Zamasu was destroyed, the future Zamasu did not dissapear. It shows the reason why.

Because of Beerus destroyed Zamasu, the present history where Goku exists is saved. However, the future Zamasu wasn’t dissapeared.
That, pretty close from present history, but Zamasu who came from the past is from the past that Zamasu successfully murdered Gowasu.

In that time, Zamasu who successfully murdered Gowasu used the「Time Ring」to go to the future where 1 year after.
Then, he used Super Dragon Ball and switched the body with Goku.

Then, he used the「Time Ring 」to go to the different world where future Trunks exists.
It is the time after Trunks defeat Dabura and Babidi.

He killed Gowasu in the time, then teams up with future Zamasu.
Zamasu uses Super Dragon Ball and becomes immortal.

After that, they kill Supreme Kai in all universe, and destroy planets and humans.
Then they come to the earth where future Trunks lives.

The future world where Zamasu to be sealed

After 「the episode of future Trunks」ended, the new chronological table has been added.
It is the new timeline of future where future Trunks and Mai go to start new life.
「17 years after. The history of future where to seal Zamasu.」

The history of future Trunks who prevented Zamasu’s appearance.
There will be two Trunks and two Mai.

Before Zamasu attacks, Whis will ask Beerus to seal Zamasu.
I feel like it is kind of too late to seal him 17 years later.
It is so curious how he seal Zamasu.
Seems like it won’t be shown.

Personal reviews and thoughts

  • Different worlds could be created because of Beerus
  • According to the official chronological table, the new world was created because of Beerus destroyed Zamasu.
    At this time, Whis used 「Time Rewind」

    Whis says that 「Time rewind 」is just a re-do, so the different world won’t be created.

    「The world where present Zamasu exists」 is simply created by Beerus destroyed Zamasu.

  • Zamasu has met Goku
  • Zamasu moved to one year after from「the world where present Zamasu exists 」 and switched his body with Goku.

    If you think as the official chronological table, Goku should recognize Zamasu because he’s fought before.
    In the TV show, it looks like Goku has no idea who he turned into.

  • Time paradox hasn’t resolved yet!
  • The reason of Black’s appearance is because Zamasu has battled with Goku and has known him.
    He bears a grudge against Goku because he was defeated.
    The reason Goku and Zamsu meet is because Black came to the present world where Goku exists.

    Black has been existing before Black and present Goku meet.
    If Black didn’t come, Goku wouldn’t meet Zamasu, and Black wouldn’t appear.
    Looks like even this official chronological table hasn’t solved the time paradox.
    Or he can eventually find out about Goku using 「God Tube」 like comic version?

  • There is undestroyed Super Dragon Ball!?
  • Based on the chronological table, the time Super Dragon Ball were distroyed can be 「the time where future Trunks exists 」 and 「the world where present Zamasu exists」
    「The present world where Goku exists」seems like Super Dragon Ball weren’t destroyed yet.

    But, they just wished 「the resurrection of the earth in Universe 6」, the resurrection of Super Dragon Ball will be a year later.

It’s nothing related to the chronological table, but the future Zamasu wouldn’t know about Goku who is already dead by heart virus.
But in episode 56, future Zamasu stops Black shoot Kamehameha, then he wants finish off Goku by himself.
In episode 57, Zamasu says 「The utterly unrefined Saiyans who would raise their fists against the gods are particulary unneeded in my world.」
He also says.

Future Zamasu speaks the words of present Zamasu who has a grudge against Goku supposed to have.
This is very confusing.

The episode when Black reveals his true figure and its transition!

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