Dragon Ball Super [Episode 66] Spoiler Alert! Review and Discussion: Vegito Blue VS Zamasu! What are their weaknesses?

【with Images】 The official title for Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 is:
「The Climactic Battle! The Miraculous Power of a Relentless Warrior!」

Air date: November 13 2016


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Black and Zamasu used the Potara to fuse together. Fusion Zamasu appears with a god-like ring of light behind him.

With attacks like「Lightening of Absolution」and「Blades of Judgement」Goku and Vegeta are unable to even get close to Zamasu.
Using their full power in Super Saiyan Blue mode, they manage to get close to Zamasu, but struggle against his overwhelming power.

Seeing that Vegeta is hurt, Trunks is angered. They fire a father and son Galick Gun attack!
They manage to tear through Zamasu’s attack but are not able to cause him any damage and instead, aggravates Zamasu further.
Vegeta protects Trunks and gets injured badly.

Fusion Zamasu prepares for a final attack to Trunks, but notices Goku!
Goku’s Kamehameha and Fusion Zamasu’s Holy Wrath collides!

Episode 66 Trailer and Forecast

A fierce battle with Fusion Zamasu continues. Goku, Vegita, and Trunks, while wounded badly, refuses to give up. Is victory possible for these three warriors!?

Just as I hoped, Goku and Vegita fuse together to create Vegito!
Vegito turns Super Saiyan Blue!
The Potara is yellow, which means they borrowed Supreme Kai Shin’s and not Gowasu’s.

It appears as though half of Zamasu’s body is melting.
I remember reading an explanation that Goku gives his all to smash Zamasu’s ring of light.
Could that have caused the disfiguration?
When Mai shot at Black, she scraped his Potara.
This could have impacted the fusion too.

There were predictions written of the December issue of Animedia.
The fact that Fusion Zamasu is originally one person could be his weakness.
Furthermore, by 「obtaining Son Goku’s human body to defeat humans」, he may have made a mistake that will lead to his downfall.
Are their side effects to the fusion of god and human, or fusing the same person?

It is also said that Vegito’s 「Potara fusion has an unusual weakness」.
I wonder what that could be.
We know that separation is impossible, but perhaps like other means of fusing, there is a time limit?

There is no doubt that we will see a magnificent battle in this episode!
It’s also said that we’ll see Vegito’s Final Kamehameha !
Vegito won easily in the Majin Buu fight, I wonder how he will go against Zamasu!

The first half of the episode 66

The two attacks「Kamehameha」and「Holy Wrath」collide!
There is so much force!
Zamasu 「You god-defying simpleton!」

Goku 「I’m not going to lose! Here’s my full power!」
Goku’s Kamehameha tears through Zamasu’s「Holy Wrath」attack!
Zamasu 直撃

Having expended so much energy, Goku is out of breath.
Zamasu survived the bast, but the right side of his face is purple and dripping.
Zamasu 変貌

Without taking any note of this, Goku beats Zamasu.
Goku’s arms seem to be useless now, he’s only using his legs.

Goku screams in agony as Zamasu grabs Goku’s leg, crushing it.
Goku 「Kaio-ken!」
Zamasu 「What!?」

Still in Super Saiyan Blue form, he uses Kaio-ken to kick Zamasu down!
Knocked to the ground, Zamasu’s light ring disappears.

Having expended all of his energy, Goku returns to normal form and falls to the ground.
While carrying the injured Vegeta, Trunks runs to Goku’s side.
Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin, also join them.

Zamasu 「Son Goku!!!!!」
A loud voice echoes. Surrounded in a blinding light, Zamasu rises!
He is out of breath and is furious.

Zamasu 「Light of Justice! Strike me! A weak god who cannot destroy evil is worthless!」
Zamasu のピンチ

From the sky, multiple purple lightening strikes Zamasu!
It’s as though his right arm is drawing in the energy.
And like the side of his face, his right arm also becomes purple and drippy.

Vegeta wonders why Zamasu isn’t healing.
Gowasu says even though Zamasu is immortal, this phenomenon is caused by the fact that Black’s body was mortal.
There may be a chance to beat him if they strike now, but they’ll need even stronger force than before.

And with the transfiguration complete, Zamasu stands.
The right side of his body has enlarged.
Zamasu 筋肉質

Meanwhile, Bulma is making repairs to the time machine.
The children worry about Trunks.
A little girl holds a sword.
She prays that Trunks won’t lose.

We cut back to Goku.
Goku 「Vegeta! Lend me your strength!」
Goku suggests they use the Potara to fuse!
Supreme Kai Shin 「Of course! There is that option!」
Vegita 「D..don’t be ridiculous! I don’t ever want to fuse with you again!」

Vegeta knows that fusing is the only way.
Goku recovers with Senzu Beans!
He receives the Potara from Supreme Kai Shin.
Vegita 勧誘

Goku asks Gowasu why they were able to un-fuse last time, as it shouldn’t be possible.

Gowasu explains that the fusion only lasts for an hour for those who aren’t Supreme Kai.
Despite the limited time, Vegeta is still against the idea.
Taking the Potara and Senzu Beans, he agrees to endure it for an hour.

When the two put the Potara on, a great light begins to shine.
They fuse together and become Vegito!
Vegito 「Alright!」
Vegito 登場

Seeing Vegito, Zamasu asks who they are.
Vegito explains that they used the Potara to fuse.
And now he transforms in to Vegito Blue!
Vegito 誕生


Zamasu 「Don’t think such a transformation will allow you to stand up against a god!」
Vegito Blue easily catches Zamasu’s Ki blast!
Vegito 「Now, Let’s settle this!」

The latter half of Episode 66

Trunks is amazed by Vegito’s unbelievable energy!
Zamasu 「Hahaha. You mortals, imitating gods again. Why? Is it because gods are great? 」
Zamasu goes on and on…
Zamasu のうんちく

Vegito interrupts with an attack!
A forceful left-handed punch!
Vegito ふいうち

Vegito 「Hmph! Sorry about that, but you were wide open!」
「Come on mighty god, I’m tired of listening to your nonsense logic.」

A fierce battle begins between Vegito and Zamasu!
They are pretty much on par!
Vegito pins down Zamasu with some hits!
Zamasu 「Don’t get such a big head!」
Zamasu fires multiple blasts!
Vegito 圧倒

Their fists collide with great force!
Another punch from Zamasu, and Vegito is hurt!
Vegito VSZamasu

Zamasu looks down at the fallen Vegito.
One final move with his hand sword to finish him off!

But just at that moment, Vegito’s hand sword pierces through Zamasu’s heart!
Vegito was pretending to be down, and was waiting for a chance to use the Spirit Sword.
Vegito notices that the attack is affecting Zamasu.

Zamasu 不死身でない

Zamasu still seems to believe he is immortal.
Vegito 「You’re no longer immortal and you won’t be able to erase all mortals. 」
Vegito explains to him that now that he’s fused, a part of his body is 「Son Goku 」.

Zamasu laughs, saying mortals are foolish.
Zamasu wanted Goku to remain a part of his body.
As Goku has gained power that surpasses gods, he is the personification of the failure of the gods who created this universe.
Zamasu 「By becoming one with Son Goku, I have taken in the sins of mortals and the failure of gods in this body!」
This is the duty of god.
Vegito 「Sigh, you have to have the last word don’t you?」
Feeling so impressed with himself, Zamasu begins to cry.
Zamasu 泣く

And claims that with his tears, the world will be purified.
He builds up his power and becomes enormous!
Zamasu 巨大化

Supreme Kai Shin 「Zamasu isn’t repairing, he’s falling apart. 」
Gowasu says Zamasu’s complex emotions are showing in this ugly form.

The time machine has been repaired!
Bulma and Mai make a landing.
Mai hands Trunks his broken sword!

Seeing the broken sword, he realizes there’s something he has to do himself.
His mind is set!
The Aura Sword is born!
He goes to Zamasu!

Zamasu is now slow in his enlarged form!
Vegito gets in multiple punches.
He fires a Final Kamehameha!

Zamasu 「You see! This is god!」
He flies high in the air! He’s still as energetic as ever!

Vegito uses Momentane Teleportation to prepare for a forceful punch but right at that moment they un-fuse!
It hasn’t yet been an hour.
Gowasu 「They may have used up the power to sustain the fusion!」

Suddenly the tables are turned. Goku and Vegita are blasted away.
Trunks saves them just in time!

Zamasu and Trunks ensue their fierce battle.
With great agility, Trunks cuts in to Zamasu!
Zamasu 不死身?

But the cut heals over.
Zamasu 「I am immortal!」
Zamasu is overwhelming.
Zamasu 「Who will you ask for help next? The past? The future?」
Zamasu points out the weakness of mortals.
Trunks claims that he isn’t ashamed of his weakness.
Trunks 「Us mortals, we live on the help of others. That’s what it means to be human!」
And from Trunks a white light beams.

Bulma, and the people of the Resistance look on from a distance.
Yajirobe notices Trunks’s white light.
Then white light starts to beam out of Yajirobe and others!

We cut to Android No.8, Kame House and Turtle!
White light is emanating from everyone!

The white light reaches Trunks.
Trunks 「This is… the light from the energy of the people who live on this planet!」
It is literally a Genki-Dama.

Trunks’s sword absorbs the light and turns from yellow to blue!
Goku and Vegita also transfer their energy to Trunks.

Zamasu 「No matter how much human power is gathered, it will never stand up to a god!」

Trunks fires the accumulated energy!
Surrounded in a blue aura, the sword grows big!


Zamasu is cornered!
Trunks 「I won’t lose to someone who can’t believe in anyone else but himself!」
The sword cuts through Zamasu’s aura and pierces Zamasu!

Zamasu 「What!? What is this power? So many energies are mixed together and cutting to me!」
Trunks 「We’ll never let you crush our will to live! You wallow in your own justice. 」

Zamasu pulls out the sword!
Zamasu asks how they can defy justice!
Trunks 「No one cares about your justice!」
Trunks raises his sword and splits Zamasu in two!
Zamasu 死亡

Zamasu 真っ二つ

My personal review and thoughts

What an exciting and satisfying story.
We hadn’t seen a Blue Kaio-ken since the battle with Hit.

We find out that the Potara fusion only lasts for an hour for humans.
When they split up inside Majin Buu’s body, that must have been because an hour had passed.

It was great to see Vegito, appearing with the line「Alright!」as well as his move, the Spirits Sword!
He didn’t show a lot of struggle, which must have been great for the fans!
Black and Zamasu looked so cool, so seeing their fusion turn so ugly was quite something.
There were some strange points like Zamasu healing after being cut by Trunks, even though he is no longer immortal.

My heart was struck a little by the tearful Zamasu. He is trying so hard to make his ideal world.

Seeing Trunks go through a mysterious power-up was great.
It’s as though he feels the godly powers of Blue Vegito.

While Trunks is surrounded in blue light, looking like a Blue Saiyan, the Aura Sword is created!
He’s powered up to a similar level to Zamasu, who is on par with Vegito!
And without even realizing, he has collected Ki from all the humans and created a Genki Dama!

Drawing in the power of Genki Dama, he gets even stronger!
There was a scene in the movie where Goku inhales a Genki Dama in Super Saiyan form.
Could this be an homage?
I am so satisfied that Trunks was the one to give Zamasu the final blow.
But Zamasu shouldn’t be dead yet.

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