Dragon Ball Super [Episode 67] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Shocking ending for Episode of Future Trunks!

【with Images】The official title for the Dragon Ball Super episode 67 is
“With the new Hope in heart!! Goodbye Trunks”

Air date November 20 2016



Goku’s Kamehameha and Kaioken hits and drive into Zamasu. After that, Goku run out of power and become moribund. Zamasu unleash the purple thunder himself and transform.

To defeat Zamasu, Goku and Vegeta take senzu beans and recovered. They use Potara and fuse to be Vegito. Then they become Super Saiyan blue Vegito and drive into Zamasu.
But, when they close to deat Zamasu ,the time is up and solvable. Trunks heled them.

He got the power of Ki from friends and change it to his power! He drove into Zamasu and he slash Zamasu into two with his sword!

Episode 67 Trailer and Forecast

Trunks gave a serious blow with power of his friend’s heart!
But Zamasu who has no entity started to cover the sky even though Trunks defeat him!

Goku, Vegeta and Trunks had no way to do with Zamasu and got into desperate situation!!
They thought “It’s all over for us”, but Goku found something from his pocket…

Zamasu doesn’t seem to be dead.
He is dead but his spirit still alive.
But Goku Black isn’t invulnerable, so perhaps he is dead.

Finally Goku will push the button for Zen-oh.
I think Zen-oh will come from the world where the Goku alive.
If Zen-oh comes from this world, he doesn’t know Goku so Goku could be erasured.
I think Zen-oh is only one at all over the world.

I think Zamasu will be erasured by Zen-oh.
In commic edition, Zamasu knew Zen-oh.
But in the annimation, I have no idea because there is no depiction.
I’m so excited what Zen-oh will do next!!

Goku promised Zen-oh to take his friend to his place.
Perhaps, Goku will take Trunks, Mai, and Bulma as his friends.

It seemed be that the Episode of Future Trunks will end in next episode.
I want future Bulma to come back to life.
And I also want Goku who died from heart disease, Vegeta and everyone come back too.
There is a Dragon Ball in Namekku planet, so I believe it’s possible.

There is Spreme Kai Shin so they know where the Namekku planet is.
Including these things I have expectation for next episode!
But I think there is a possibility of another ending that nobody won’t come back and Trunks and Mai will keep on living with new hope in their heart.

The first half of episode 67

Zamasu still talking even though he cut.
Zamasu 「The god must not be defeated by human」
And he starts laughing.
Then his laughter changed to scream and he vanished as he shed the light
Goku and Vegeta come close to Trunks.
Trunks sees the sword and says thanks to everyone to help him in his heart.

Bulma and Mai come with The Time Machine which repaired.
Mai cris with happiness that he defeated Zamasu.
Bulma「I’d like to show it to me who is in this world」
Goku 「By the way the sword looked like Genki-Dama」

But in the peaceful atmosphere, the place where Zamasu belong start to give out red-black light!
And go up to the sky and coverd it.

There are some faces of Zamasu in the sky.

Goku become to Super Saiyan Blue but he return to the normal in a second.
Vegeta「What are you doing Kakarot!」
Vegeta become to Super Saiyan Blue! But he return to the normal too.

Supreme Kai Shin「On the back of shot the Final Kamehameha when you were Vesito」
They don’t have enough power to be Super Saiyan Blue.

Trunks become Super Saiyan!
Also Goku and Vegeta fight as normal state!

Goku’s Kamehameha!
Trunks’s Galick Gun!!
Vegeta’s Final Flash!!!
But it doesn’t work anything.

Supreme Kai Gowasu「Perhaps Zamasu try to be the Universe」
Zamasu throw away the appearance and try to be a justice and orders.
Zamasu covers the earth!

He laugh vulgar.

From the sky, the red-black energy ball attack to Goku and cities!!
The cities are vanished rapidly!!
Goku, Vegeta and Trunks have nothing to do with it and blown away!!
There are depiction that Kame-house and Android 8 vanished too!

It effects to present.
It seems that Zamasu shows up to Capsule Corporation.
At the Beerus’planet Whis seems be feeled bad Ki.The skin tingle.
Beerus also sensed that something bad happened in the future.

Now the future.
When Trunks awake, the world is changed dramatically and surroundings are destroyed.
It seems be that he can’t feel his friend’s Ki.
People are died except Goku, Vegeta and Trunks.

Mai is raging as crying and fire at rondom.
Trunks stops Mai and break down.


Goku「If i had one more senzu beans…」
Goku found something but it isn’t senzu bean but Zen-oh button.
Goku hit on something with it.

Goku「Hey Supreme Kai. Is there Zen-oh in this world?」
Supreme Kai「Of course he is I think. No one can vanish him.」

Goku wonders he can use this button at this world or not. Finally he pushes the button.
Zen-oh showes up in a moment.

The latter half of episode 67

Goku hugs Zen-oh.
Bulma explain to Trunks and Mai about Zen-oh.

Zen-oh「Who are you? Did you call me?」
Goku「Yeah! I’m Goku」

Zen-oh looks around.
Zen-oh「What’s happened? It’s terrible. Nothing around here. Did you do that?」

Goku point at the sky and tells about Zamasu.
In the sky, Zamasu’s laghter sounded.
Zen-oh「So disgusting」

Supreme Kai Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin have no idea how it will be going on.
Goku tells Zen-oh that he should vanish it.
Zen-oh「You’re right. Such a world…」

Zen-oh vanish not Zamasu but this world.
Goku realised it!!

The light gather to both hands of Zen-oh.
Goku tells Bulma to start the Time Machine!
In this second part, Goku realised that he can’t stop Zen-oh.

Bulma and Trunks are amazed but Goku reminds them again!
Goku「Bulma! Trunks! Hurry up! Start the Time Machine! Hurry!!」

Supreme Kai Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin return to their world with using Time Ring!
Bulma, Trunks and Mai get on the Time Machine desperately.
Goku and Vegeta can’t get on so they hold its part of foot.

Zen-oh「Get lost!」
The bright lights comes from Zen-oh and Zamasu vanished.



They can warp in the last minutes, and the future world is vanished!

They rerurn to the present world.
Kid Mai is happy to see Future Trunks again!
And also she realised that there is a Future Mai.


Kid trunks see Future Mai and he blush on his cheek.
He seems to love her.


Trunks「Goku-san, our world is …」
At that time, Whis and Beerus come.
Supreme Kai Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin also come.

Supreme Kai Gowasu apologize to Beerus.
Beerus「From now, you should choose your disciple more carefully.」

Goku asks Bulma to prepare the Time Machine.
Then he go to the future with Trunks.
The world is vanished and nobody is here.
Goku found Zen-oh who float innocently.
Goku「Zen-oh! I will take you a nice place!」


Goku return to present world with Zen-oh.
Beerus astonished to se that!


Goku asks Supreme Kai Shin to take them to the place.
It’s a Zen-oh’s palace in the present world.
Present Zen-oh and Future Zen-oh meet!
Zen-oh「Goku who is he?」

Before that, Goku promised Zen-oh to introduce his friends.
Goku introduces Future Zen-oh as a friend.


They are same person so Present Zen-oh and Future Zen-oh might get on well.
Zen-oh「Hi! Join us!」
They took their hands and looks happy.

Great Priest envy that Whis has many good friends in Universe 7.
Whis「Come and see us whenever you want, Dad」
Great Priest「Yeah. Someday.」

Goku came back to Capsule Corporation.
The day after dark, it’s a night around there.
Everyone have a dinner at the roof top.

Abruptly, Whis said.
Whis「Future Trunks. I think you can go back to the future world before your world vanished.」
Trunks astonished at that. But the on the other hand, Beerus cut it off and said「Don’t say anything」


If do that, the Time rings added again and no apology would be good enough to make amend for what has been done.
But when Beerus vanish Zamasu, Beerus had already added the Time Ring by himself.
Beerus can’t say anything.

They go back to the future world before the world vanished by Zen-oh.
Whis will go to there together and meet Beerus before he dead with Supreme Kai.
Then ask him to vanish Zamasu.
Goku wonders that Future Beerus can defeat Zamasu who is immortal.
And also Vegeta says if he can defeat Zamasu, it’s a repetition of the same things.

Whis said that there is much better thing than the Vace of Mafuba.
Goku and Vegeta said “Why didn’t you tell us about it earlier if you had such a good thing”
“Do not fawn” Beerus told them.

Whis keep on talking.
At the Future world, Trunks and Mai already alive.
It means there are two of each of them if they go there.
Trunks and Mai worried about it.

Finally Mai decided to go because it’s a world where the friends who fight together all alive.

Whis and Beerus finished the dinner and go back.
Beerus「I will let you go for Whis sake. Good luck.」
Trunks got a permission to go to the future.

At the world of Supreme Kai, Supreme Kai Gowasu watches the Green Time Ring which added at this time.
Supreme Kai Gowasu「This is my guilt.」

On the next morning, Trunks and Mai go to the future.
Goten shakes hands with Future Trunks.
Android 18 call out to Mai and praises her new clothes.


Finally, Trunks shakes hands with Goku.
Goku「You can defeat even come any enemy now!」
Trunks gets some capsules which have water, foods and so on from Bulma.
Bulma「Anyway, good luck and I hope you will be happy. Perhaps, I will have a grandson in the future. 」

Trunks and Mai go near the Time Machine and they realise that Vegeta stands at there.
Vegeta springs at Trunks and throws the blow.
Trunks took a punch.
They smiles at each other.
It’s a their farewells.




Everyone send of them and the Time Machine go up.
They realised Gohan and Piccolo at there.

Gohan who is an ultimet version looks sturdy.
It reminds Trunks as Future Gohan.




Trunks is filled with tears.
Trunks「Master Gohan, I …couldn’t… save…」
He seems to regret that he couldn’t save the future world.


Gohan「Trunks! Take care!」
To hear that, Trunks feels cheerful.
Mai「Let’s go to the future!」

Trunks「Thank you very much everyone. See you someday.」
He mutters in his heart and go to the future.



My personal reviews and thoughts

I was surprised at deployment which is unexpected.
The last farewell scene is so impressed.

My expectation that Zen-oh is only one all over the world was off.
I tought that future world will be back by Zen-oh or other ways.
I wanted Future Bulma to return to life.
But in fact, the future world was vanished by Zen-oh. I was surprised at that.
It seemed that the earth including Universe 7 vanished.
Perhaps Zen-oh vanished all of the universe.

It doesn’t mean that Zen-oh remained there alone.
It recovers the foreshadowing of introduce friends by taking Future Zen-oh to present.

There is on more fact that the great priest is father of Whis.
It was great that they can go back to the present by Goku’s decision in second.

I have something on my chest about the item which is more amazing things than Vase of Mafuba told by Whis.
And it doesn’t make sense to me that Trunks and Mai are two by two in the future.
Personally, I think it’s doesn’t matter that they live in present.

It was very emotional that the scene of Gohan and Trunks’s farewell.
It moved tears by effect of BGM.

Trunks remind Future Gohan when he saw Gohan who is ultimet version and looks sturdy.
Future Gohan is only master and also friend.
I really appreciate the staff for drawing this scene at the last.

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