Breaking News from Dragon Ball Super! Original story and a new series!

Here’s the latest information aboutDragon Ball Super.
It´s a spoiler to the story after ”Future Trunks Saga”
It has been made public in “V-Jump”.
The titles of episode 68, 69, 70 and 71 are also announced.
Let´s have a look!


The titles revealed

These are the titles announced.
These stories are to be filled in until the next series start.

  • Aired on November 27, 2016
    Episode 68 ”Come Forth, Shenron! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted?”

  • Aired on December 4, 2016
    Episode 69 ”Goku VS Arale! The Earth Ends in a Wacky Battle!?”

  • Aired on December 11, 2016
    Episode 70 ”Challenge from Champa! This Time We Face Off in Baseball!!”

  • Aired on December 18, 2016
    Episode 72 ”Goku Dies! A Request For Assassination That Must Be Performed ”

These 4 titles above have been announced.
By looking at air-date schedule, there can’t be cancellation.

Expectations and Thoughts on Each Episode

I see various interesting titles lining up.
I am going to reveal and consider the story one by one.

Episode 68 “Come Forth Shenron! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted?”

This must be about Shenron of Dragon ball on the Earth in the present timeline.
Does it mean poor Shenron who has been harsh with by Beers is making an appearance again?
It doesn’t seem to me that his wish is about revival of Trunks’ Future world.

There is a talk about revival of King Kai who was dead in a self-explosion of Cell.
There is also a wish for parts of the Time Machine.
And it’s mentioned Master Roshi’s and Android 18’s wishes are to be granted as well.

How is this story going to be?
I am personally interested in those parts of the Time Machine.
As a result, non of these wishes may be granted.

Episode 69 “Goku VS Arale! The Earth Ends in a Wacky Battle!?”

I can not expect anything at all.
I guess Goku and Arale are going to fight as a comedy.
I am expecting to see appearance of characters from Penguin village.

Arale has made an appearance In Dragon Ball Super before even though that was only for an instant.
There was no conversation at all between Goku and Arale which Disappointed fan’s expectations,

This is the episode Arale appeared!
Dragon Ball Super【Episode 43】Review and Spoiler! Appearance of Arale and those other Nostalgic Characters!

Episode 70 ”Challenge from Champa! This Time We Face Off in Baseball!”

Champa makes an appearance after a long time.
Besides, he is proposing to face off in baseball after a combative match!

There is also a description saying Yamcha may play an active part.
There was a time Yamcha was successful baseball player in Dragon Ball Z.
It’s only in the animation story not in the original manga story.

In the ”Revival of Freeza Saga”, Yamcha didn’t appear because Ten Shinhan left her behind.
But we are going to see her good performance in this episode after a long time.

Members of Dragon Ball can fly, so a home run is very unlikely.
I guess Champa will make new rules!

Episode 71”Goku Dies! A Request For Assassination That Must Be Performed

Considering the title, Goku is supposed to die.
And of course, the assassin must be Hit the killer who is the strongest in Universe 6.

Is it going to be a story run by members without Goku?
We can expect good performance of members like Gohan and Piccolo.


Is the new story going to be “Hit in Universe 6 Saga”?

It’s unclear if Hit’s story ends in one episode or continues to several episodes.
There is a possibility that this story may continue for several episodes as “Hit Saga” later on.

An easy outline is described in commentary.
Here it is!

Requested by unknown man, the strongest assassin goes to Universe 7!
The target is our Son Goku!
How does he confront the art of real assassination!?


By the way, in “Champa Saga”, at the time of match of Universe 6 VS Universe 7, a fight of Goku VS Hit was held.
The conclusion was a defeat of Goku. He dropped out of battle area on his purpose.

In the anime version, Hit is stronger than Goku in ability.
His ability was almost equal to Kaio-ken by Goku as Super Saiyan Blue.

As Goku was suffering from side effect of Kaio-ken, he would have lost if he had continued.
In addition, Hit has the skill for murder which he couldn’t use at the match.

Version of Anime! The outcome of the fight, Goku VS Hit
ドラゴンボール超【Episode 40】Review and Spoiler! Universe combat match finished! The appearance of Zen-oh brings a new progress!

In the version of Manga, Goku is stronger in ability.
It’s mentioned that “Time Blowing” can be used only against high-skilled opponent.
“Time Blow” by Hit was beaten by Goku who was in the Blue state.

But Hit still has a secret skill for murder which hasn’t been shown yet as anime version.
Considering that, we could say his ability is higher than Goku’s.

Version of Manga! The out come of the fight, Goku VS Hit
Dragon Ball Super【Manga】episode 13 Review and Outline! The end of Champa Saga! Strength of Hit is very different from Anime version!

Experienced “Future Trunks Saga”, Goku’s ability has got much higher than that time.
If the next level after Super Saiyan Blue is Rose, Goku may transform into Rose.

And I’m anticipating the appearance of Cabba who is a Saiyan in Universe 6.
He might be training until he is able to become Super Saiyan Blue.
I’m also looking forward to the appearance of evil Frost.

Introcuction of the members of Universe 6!
Names and colour scheme of characters in Dragon Ball Super! Vados, Champa, Monaka, Cabba, Frost, Botamo, Magenta and so on!

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