Dragon Ball Super 【V Jump Comic version】 [Episode 18] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Whis is “Angel”! Black’s identity is revealed!

This is an article about the comic version of Dragon Ball Super,
including a plot and my review!
Episode 18「Identity of Goku Black」

[This episode was published on V Jump January issue.]

Vジャンプ 2017年 01 月号 [雑誌]



Supreme Kai Gowasu and Zamasu were heading for the Planet Babari.
They experienced Babarians’ ferociousness.

Even though they are going to the Planet Babari 1000 years later, Babarians remain ferocious without any signs of evolution.
Zamasu killed one of Babarians who attacked them.
Gowasu scolded Zamasu for this deed.
Zamasu reluctantly admits to the killing, but is still thinks it was justified.

After that, Zamasu was watching a video of “Gokuvs Hit” on God Tube.
He was curious about a man named「Son Goku」, who he heard about through Supreme Kai Shin.
Gowasu was also watching it with him.

Zamasu learns about 「strength of Goku」 and 「Super Dragon Ball」through God Tube,
along with the fact that Zen-Oh was one of the spectators.

On Earth, Whis asks Supreme Kai Shin if there are any「gods who hate human beings」.
Remembering past conversations with gods, Shin answers that the assistant Kibito does.
Goku thinks that it might not be true.

Then Whis’s scepter shines to tell him that it is receiving an incoming call.
The call is from the Grand Priest who tells him that Zen-Oh wishes to meet Goku.

Zen-Oh’s purpose and Whis’s Identity

At Zen-Oh’s castle, the Grand Priest welcomes Goku’s party.
Very casually Goku greets them.
Supreme Kai scolds him for his casual manner.

Goku talks with Whis on the way to Zen-Oh’s room.
He tells Whis that he felt the Grand Priest’s strength.
Whis「As far as I know, the Grand Priest is the strongest in this world.」
Even Whis cannot compete with him.

Goku thinks that the Grand Priest might be able to defeat Goku Black.
Whis「We angels always adopt a neutral stance. We never fight.」

Whis’s true identity is revealed – “Angel.”
We understand from his words that the Grand Priest is also an angel.

Because of their neutral stance, the Angels can give lectures but never fight.
They will not support Goku, either.
According to them, if they fight on behalf of Goku’s party and Zen-Oh finds out about it, Zen-Oh will cause the whole universe to vanish where the problem takes place.

Now that they have arrived in front of Zen-Oh!
Zen-Oh「Hey, yo. I wanted a friend.」
Zen-Oh liked Goku and wanted to make friends with him.

Goku gives Zen-Oh a cold-hearted response asking about the relationship and if he summoned Goku only for that purpose.
Supreme Kai is surprised and a little afraid.
He tries to cover for Goku’s attitude, but Zen-Oh ignores it saying, 「be quiet.」

Called “Goku-kun” by Zen-Oh, Goku responds 「You can call me just ‘Goku.’」
Zen-Oh also asked him for his nickname.
Goku「Well…, how about “Zen-chan”?」

Supreme Kai faints from his fear.
The assistants’ faces are also pale.

Goku「Zen-chan, you invited me because you saw my fight at Universal Martial Arts Tournament, didn’t you?」
Zen-Oh「Yeah, that’s part of the reason why. But I wanna play with you first.」

Goku declines, by telling him he is busy.
Zen-Oh’s assistants are outraged by this response.
Zen-Oh「Shut up! You wanna be vanished?」
The assistants back down.

Goku promises that he will play with Zen-Oh after he finishes his things.
He also promises to introduce his friends to Zen-Oh.
They smile at each other, shaking hands.

Feeling the castle to be a boring place, Goku offers Zen-Oh to visit the earth someday.
Happy about his offer, Zen-Oh gives him a Zen-Oh button, which Goku can use anytime to summon Zen-Oh.

Carrying the fainted Supreme Kai, they leave the castle.
The Grand Priest also seems to like Goku.


Zamasu’s threats over Zuno!

In the world of Supreme Kai, Universe 10, Gowasu enjoys writing calligraphy.
When he asks for a cup of tea, he realizes Zamasu is gone.

At the same time, Zamasu is visiting the planet where Zuno resides.
He tries to fish for information about Super Dragon Ball from Zuno.

Zamasu「I am Supreme Kai…. Anytime I decide, you can easily be made to disappear.」
By threatening Zuno, he gets information that it will take one year until the next available time, and also learns where Super Dragon Balls are scattered.

Who will be introduced to Zen-Oh?

In the cosmic space, Beerus is waiting for Goku’s party to return.
Finally joining with them, they all return together to the earth.

Whis asks Goku who is going to be introduced to Zen-Oh as friends.
Goku tells him that it was not a specific plan but an excuse to leave the castle.

Supreme Kai「How dare you tell a tall tale! If Zen-Oh finds out, the world will end!」
Goku is perplexed.
He asks Beerus to become Zen-Oh’s friend!
Beerus「Holy shit! Hell, no!」
They put this issue on the back-burner, for now.

Investigation of Goku Black’s identity

In order to start investigating Black’s identity, Beerus tries to approach Kibito who is considered most suspicious.
Supreme Kai Shin has no knowledge about Goku Black, so Goku tells Supreme Kai Shin about him.
This is when Supreme Kai Shin also learns that he will be dead in the future world.

Previously when Supreme Kai Shin was asked if there were any「gods who hate human beings」, he answered “Kibito.”
Now he learns about Black, and his answer, from now on, will be different.

Then Bulma comes.
She arrives with guests.
One of them is Kibito!
Vegeta, Trunks, and Old Kai are also with them.

Beerus「You fool! How dare you come in front of us! Prepare yourself! I will make you vanish immediately!」
Supreme Kai stops Beerus, and explains that he is misunderstanding.

They ask Kibito the reason for his visit.
According to Kibito, Zuno contacted the world of Supreme Kai.
Zamasu from Universe 10 pried details about Super Dragon Ball out of Zuno.

Beerus has no knowledge about Zamasu.
Supreme Kai Shin tells Beerus that Zamasu is a disciple of Supreme Kai of Universe 10.

Beerus wonders why Zamasu knows about Dragon Ball.
Whis guesses that he watched a video of the last martial arts tournament.
Beerus「Ah, I remember somebody uploaded that unlicensed video on God Tube…」

Then Kibito speaks.
Zamasu also asked about Goku.
Kibito「I heard that Zamasu asked if he would be able to swap a god’s body for his human body with Dragon Ball.」
All are stunned by hearing this.

The fact is revealed that Black’s identity is Zamasu who swapped his body for Goku’s body.
Kibito is innocent.
This is when Kibito learns for the first time the fact that he has been under suspicion.

Goku「Wow, it is unbelievable that Supreme Kai was the one! Umm, that’s a trouble… Will my body be taken by him?」

Bulma「But that’s only true in this world, yes? Aren’t you a different being from Goku Black in the world where Trunks resides?」
In the world of Trunks, Goku was dead in the past.

According to Beerus, Supreme Kai can travel across parallel universes by using 「Time Ring」.
But Zamasu is not Supreme Kai.

Then Whis asks Trunks
if Goku Black wore Potara.
Trunks answers Black was wearing it on only one side.

Next Whis projects an image of Potara, and asks Trunks to confirm its color.

Previously, Black let Trunks go after he defeated him.
Trunks remembers that he saw the color of Black’s Potara when he escaped.

The color is the same as the one in Whis’s projected image.
Whis thinks Supreme Kai of Universe 10 is in danger.

Goku cannot understand or accept the idea of danger upon Supreme Kai
Bulma explains it to him.

Bulma「In short, Zamasu might have killed his master Supreme Kai and deprived him of the earring to be Supreme Kai himself. And, with the Time Ring, he might have gone to the world where Future Trunks lives, …」
「…after swapping his body with your body by using the Dragon Ball.」

Goku wonders why Zamasu has gone to the world of Trunks.
According to Whis, it is because there are no warriors like Goku or Vegeta in the world.
Beerus also does not exist.

But Zamasu is possibly looking for chances to massacre gods in this present world, so they all have to be cautious.

Right away, Beerus decides to go to Universe 10 and destroy Zamasu!
Supreme Kai Shin「That changes the future, and that might create a new universe…」
Beerus does not care because all might be killed, anyway.

Goku wants to head together to Zamasu’s place, but Beerus and Whis decline.
Zamasu wants Goku’s body, so it is dangerous to go together.

Beerus wants to ask Supreme Kai Shin for several things.
Passing his message of requests to them, Whis and Beerus headed for Universe 10.

Vegeta「I don’t like this. Why did he choose Kakarot instead of me when he needed a strong body after watching the tournament?」
Also it was Monaka who won first prize in the tournament.
Goku guesses that Zamasu did not want to become Monaka because Monaka’s nipples were too big.

The time machine is fully charged of its energy.
Whichever identity Goku Black is now, they definitely must defeat him.
They decide to take measures without waiting for Beerus and Whis.
Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks head for the universe!

To the future world!

At the place of Supreme Kai in Universe 10.
Gowasu welcomes Beerus and Whis.
After they greet him, they ask Gowasu where Zamasu is.

According to Gowasu, Zamasu has been out since the morning and Gowasu has no idea where he went.
It is the first time he has ever gone out without permission.

They decided to wait until Zamasu come back.

At the Capsule Corporation,
Goku, Vegeta and Trunks get onto the time machine.
Vegeta「You sure you all have Senzu Beans?」
Goku makes sure they are ready.
And they leave for the future!

Mai’s revival

Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks arrived at the future world.
Goku gets motion sickness while riding the time machine.

Vegeta「So this is the future of the earth? Fuck this!」
They fly to look for Goku Black.

At an inn deep in the mountain, Black is drinking tea.
Black senses Goku’s party’s “ki” and knows of they are close.

At the same time, Goku’s party also senses Black’s existence.
They understand Black has started to search for them.

Goku「Let’s hide this time machine and leave here.」
Trunks puts the time machine back in the capsule.
Then they notice there is a black cat nearby.

Trunks notices some interesting gestures made by the cat.
Trunks「Goku-san! Please… please hand me theSenzu Beans!!」

The black cat is telling them that Mai is still alive.
In the building, they see Mai on the brink of death.

Trunks gives her Senzu Beans mouth-to-mouth.
Goku「Oh, gee! How surprising he puts his mouth together with hers…」
Vegeta「You… have never done this before?」

Goku clearly answers “No.”
Goku has never kissed a woman even though he is married.

Mai revives after eating the Senzu Beans.
Trunks「Mai! Glad! I’m so glad!」

Seeing Trunks present here, Mai thinks that Trunks was not able to visit the past world.
Trunks answers that he went to the past and came back,
in order to defeat Goku Black with Goku and Vegeta.

Seeing Goku’s presence with them, Mai confuses him with Goku Black.

Goku’s party encounters Black!

They decide that only Goku and Vegeta will fight against Black.
Vegeta tells Trunks to protect the time machine and Mai.
Vegeta「If the situation becomes deadly, you two go back to the past without worrying about us! You got it?」
Trunks is surprised by Vegeta’s words.
Goku「He is able to say those kind of things? Such an evolution!」
Goku and Vegeta leave there to find a proper place to fight.

Mai worries that they may not be able to defeat Black.
Trunks「Only those two can save the world. They have mysterious powersthat make me believe that.」
says Trunks.

Black senses two gigantic “ki” that have moved.
Goku and Vegeta arrive at a location far from the Capsule Corporation.
Black arrives there, too.
Black「You two… Why are you here?」

Finally they encounter Black.
Goku says that it feels weird to see a man with exactly the same face as his.
Vegeta「Kakarot! Let me do this. It’s exciting that I can defeat a guy with a face exactly the same as yours!」

My personal review and thoughts

The anime version of「Future Trunks Arc」was already finished.
We can enjoy some of the differences between the comic version and the anime version.

Whis confessed that he was an angel.
There is also a new fact, which was not mentioned in the anime version, that angels always take a neutral position.
The Grand Priest is the strongest one in this world in comic version,
while he was said “top 5 in this world” in anime version.

And Zamasu swaps his body for Goku’s by using the Dragon Ball.
So Beerus wants to destroy Zamasu before this attempt becomes successful.
This divides this world into a “universe where Zamasu was destroyed” and “one where Zamasu was not.”

There were some extra incidents in the anime version. The time machine was destroyed by Black, and Goku forgot to bring Senzu Beans.
In the comic version, the story flows faster and better without those extra scenes.
The stunning fact that is the same in both the anime version and the comic version is that Goku had never kissed anyone before.
Personally, I would like to see a different ending in the anime version.

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