Dragon Ball Super [Episode 68] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: King Kai Revives!? What is the wish for Shenron?

There are reviews from Japanese fun of Dragon Ball!
【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super “ Episode 68 is -!
「Come forth, Shenron! Whose wish will be granted!?」

Air Date: November 27 2016


Story of episode 68









This is the episode of daily life of Goku and others.
Goku tries to revive King Kai who was involved in Cell’s suicidal explosion and dead long time ago.
Goku gathers Dragon Ball.

They’ve wished once before, therefore there are two more wishes available to be granted.
However, Master Roshi, Oolong, and Android 18 come to wish their dream.
Bulma is secretly making time machine. She realizes one of the part is missing to complete time machine and it is hard to get it. So she wants to ask Shenron for the part, too.
Everybody want to wish their desire and start arguing.

Gohan brings Pan (his daughter) and tells that she has a high fever that doctor can’t help. So, they decided to use one wish for Pan to get better.
Beerus and Whis find out that Bulma’s been making time machine.
Her wish doesn’t come true. Time machine is now destroyed by Beerus.

Seems like Shenron only can stay certain time.
While everybody argue over the last wish, the time limit has came and Shenron has gone.
The wish to revive King Kai has end up postponed.

Personal reviews and thoughts

It used to be very hard to collect Dragon Ball, but now is so easy to collect.
And most of wishes are easy things.
There is still Pilaf in the show. Probably as part of the gag….

Goku wears special suits and looks for crystal at the bottom of the ground.
I don’t think Goku needs special suits though.

It is really good to see Android 18 tries to be a good wife.
For her, love is more important than money now.
Not only time machine but also the note from the future Bulma has destroyed, so she is unable to make time machine again.
It won’t show future Trunks again.
It is kind of disappointed.

As a result, Goku couldn’t revive King Kai.
Next episode, Arale will appear.
There is going to be Senbei, too! It will be so exciting!

Comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans

  • Bulma knows the sin! But she still want to make time machine!
  • It’s been long time to see peaceful episode.
  • Andoroid 18 is so cute to try hard for Krillin.
  • Dragon Ball was legendary treasure at the beginning, but now days, it just used as convenient pocket. (There is Japanese animation its character has a pocket. The inside of the pocket is 4-dimention world and he has lots of convenient items in the pocket!)
  • What a peaceful episode.
  • Senzu beans won’t work for disease or sickness.
  • Everybody is horrible in this episode.
  • I feel sorry for Shenron.
  • Pilaf lay his life on the line to wish his desire.
  • Beerus’s drawing was quite good in this episode.
  • Goku wasn’t fooling around in this episode.
  • Krillin has a happy family.
  • Android 18 is cute.
  • Please revive King Kai.
  • There is time limit for Shenron!?
  • Feel sorry for King Kai.
  • Now you can wish 3 desire.
  • Shenron scared of Beerus too much!
  • Now, you can collect Dragon Ball easily.

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