Dragon Ball Super [Episode 69] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Alare VS Vegeta! Dr. Mashirito, Gatchan and Senbei are also showing up!

There are comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans!
【with images】Here’s the title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 69!
“Goku VS Alare! The Earth Ends in a Wacky Battle!?”

Air Date: December 4 2016


Story of episode 69










The scene starts from Penguin Village.
Nostalgic characters like Alare and many personas from Penguin Village are showing up!

In the west city, an event is held to commend the person who invented the greatest thing in the world.
Bulma’s family is attending!
Goku is working here as a guard!

The person who won the prize was Mr. Senbei from Penguin Village.
His invention is the Reality Machine #2.
It’s a device to embody imaginary things.

Dr. Mashirito also appears even though he wasn’t invited to the event!
He brainwashed Alare with medicine into acting violently!

Vegeta stopped it.
He was totally powerless against Alare from Comedy manga, and Vegeta was blown off far away.
Alare’s strength is equal to or even stronger than Goku as Super Saiyan Blue!

To ease the fuss, Bluma starts to cook something nice using the Reality Machine #2!
It successfully attracted the God of destruction, Beerus to come.
Beerus destroyed Dr. Mashirito and then tries to destroy Alare, too.
But Beerus got food poisoning and he is dismissed!

The disturbance is stopped and medical effect on Alare was worn off.
Goku and Alare promised to see each other again and exchanged good-byes.
Forgotten Vegeta is far away from them.

Personal reviews and thoughts

It was an “opening“ as if “Dr. Slump Alare” started!
Almost all nostalgic characters were showing up in this episode!
I have fond memories of them and really enjoyed watching this episode.
The voice of Alare has not deteriorated. It was same as before.
Goku and Vegeta in suits.
And that was a precious image of Goku changing his hair style.

I was convinced by Vegeta’s remark that it was Comedy manga VS Battle Manga.
That’s the reason why Goku or Vegeta can’t win!

Vegeta in comedy fashion was quite a character
He was defeated and thrown out of the game in the same way as General Blue!

In the past, there was an episode that Ryotsu from “Kochikame” went to the Namek and met Freeza and Zarbon.
That time also, same as this time to Alare, all attacks were useless to Ryotsu from comedy manga.

And I’ve never expected that I was going to be able to see real “destruction” by Beerus.
It has been since Zamasu.
Beerus would be able to defeat Alare from Comedy manga.
I really liked this heartwarming and nostalgic episode.

Real Alare’s cap hat is on sale.
This is so cute!

Dr.スランプ アラレちゃんキャップ

Comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans

  • Out of blue, it’s Penguin Village!
  • I am crying for nostalgia.
  • Midori sensei is not updated.
  • Are people of Penguin Village never getting older?
  • The voice actor of Senbei must be the second, Mr. Yara.
  • Vegeta in a suit! He looks pretty nice!
  • What’s happened to Goku’s hair style!?
  • This is an invention equal to level Shenron!
  • Dr. Mashirito looks like ex-prime minister Koizumi.
  • I didn’t know Mashirito had fallen into hell.
  • Life risking to play with Alare!
  • Does Vegeta know comedy manga!?
  • Goku has already been to Penguin Village and met Alare before, hasn’t he?
  • Alare repeats breaking the Earth.
  • It’s totally unfair that Alare can fight straight against Saiyan Blue.
  • Dr. Mashirito is destroyed!
  • Beerus is so cool uselessly!
  • Beerus got food poisoning! No way!
  • 2 channel’s live thread (Japanese popular Internet bulletin board) got the busiest in the history!
  • I’ve just traveled to the past of my primary school age when I heard Alare’s voice.
  • Episode ended and the Earth remains broken.
  • I feel that was Dragon Ball of the early days.
  • This episode taught us an Alare’s weak point that her neck comes off easily.
  • A voice actor of Vegeta has already performed in Alare 30 years ago.

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【新品】ドラゴンボール超 (1-2巻 最新刊)

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