Dragon Ball Super [Episode 70] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Yamcha and Baseball! Exciting episode with supplementary sound channel!

There are comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans!
【with Images】The title of Dragon Ball Super episode 70 is –
「Champa’s Challenge! This time we fight with baseball!!」

Air Date: December 11 2016


Story of episode 70








Champa suggests to have a baseball match between Universe 7 and Universe 6.
The purpose of this match is to deepen their friendship.
But Champa’s main purpose of this baseball match is to have delicious food from the earth.

They gather members for the match. Now the baseball match has begun!
To even the numbers of player, Vegeta and Goten join to the team Universe 6.
Judges are Vados and Whis.

Universe 7, Beerus is a coach. Yamcha plays as a captain because he has enough experience!
The game is so crazy because nobody know about rules except for Yamcha…

Pitcher is Goku. Because he throw the ball with his full power, the ground has destroyed.
Changed pitcher to Yamcha.

Yamcha has strike-out using combination of Wolf Fang Fist and Spirit Ball!
Changing offense and defense! Now pitcher is Vegeta, and batter is Yamcha!
It is Bulma’s ex-boyfriend vs current husband!

Yamcha’s got hit by pitch.
Vegeta still hasn’t understood the rules of baseball.

Yamcha’s got kicked by Champa, has hit by ball etc…
He barely made it to the third base!

Champa and Beerus start arguing as usual!
If the both god of destruction fight, the universe will be destroyed.

The area where surrounding Champa and Beerus are going to ruin.
Goku and others try to evacuate using Goku’s momentane teleportation.
Then, Whis and Vados stop their fight.

The match is over according to judge.
The Universe 7 where Goku belongs win the victory!

The reason of victory is that Yamcha barely touched the home base even in the ruined condition.
Earned 1 point!

The member of Universe 6 make up their mind to win the baseball match next time!

There is a supplementary sound channel recorded by voice actors of Goku, Yamcha, and Whis.
Masako Nozawa (Goku), Toru Furuya (Yamcha), Masakazu Morita (Whis).
They make comments without script.
This was fun episode!

Selected supplementary sound channel

They watch the story and make comments!
Voice actors talk alternately.

  • When Yamcha first come out, he was very cool.
    Now he is like a riverside lone wolf instead of lone wolf in wilderness…
  • Yamcha used to play baseball as his part-time job.
    He may utilize the skill learned from his part-time job.
  • Whis’s shoulder pad remind me 「double Asano」(old-time popular faschion).
  • Yamcha looks good on uniform.
  • Mr. Furuya didn’t know the rule of baseball until he become junior high.
    His parents liked wrestling. Also, he was working as child-actor so he didn’t have time to play baseball. He says.
  • Not only Mr. Furuya but also Mrs. Nozawa was working as child-actor.
  • I think Goku will ask “ Is baseball food?”
  • Yamcha needs to get attention here. Otherwise he has nowhere to stand out.
  • As Yamcha, it’s got to be feel good to hear Bulma (ex-girlfriend) cheering him.
  • Bubibinman is a character from Arale.
  • Vegeta’s forcibility….Yamcha hit by pitch! Maybe, Yamcha’s taken Bulma from Vegeta because of this ?
  • It was so brutal to Yamcha. He’s thrown out to the off-field, hit by pitch, kicked by Champa….now he is always a pitiful character.
  • I brought the “collapsed Yamcha” figure today. It is very popular item. I can imagine that they made this episode only for the Yamcha’s “this” scene.

Personal reviews and thoughts

Yamcha was the lead in this episode.

In Dragon Ball Z, Yamcha was playing baseball with humans and had a big success.
But this time, he had to struggle with these strong opponents!

There was some homage from Yamcha’s line, said in the past. That, Yamcha got good attention.
「I left Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu behind」 This Yamcha’s line was so funny.
I didn’t expect the revenge against Tien Shinhan here.

「Let me pitch next.」
「Get lost before I smash this!」

This line is also homage of the past one.

We could see his famous pose!
This reminds the bitter memory of when Yamcha’s killed by Saibamen’s suicidal explosion.
The pose of Yamcha was sold as charactor’s figure!

【楽天】ドラゴンボールZ HG ヤムチャ

【Aamazon】ドラゴンボール ヤムチャ フィギュア

We could see the members of Universe 6.
I missed Hit and Frost.
Hit is kind of serious character so I don’t think this episode suit to Hit, but Frost should be ok to be in this episode.
He is too good to be disappeared from the show.

Comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans

  • Goku was holding a bat the other way around.
  • It was so funny because Yamcha was the lead!
  • The characters from Universe 6 was ok.
  • Yamcha was awesome! He made it to the home base in that situation!
  • This episode was so hilarious.
  • It is first time for Beerus and Champa get injured this much.
  • How long has it been since Yamcha gets attention like this?
  • The pose when Yamcha reached to the home base! That is the famous scene of Yamcha.
  • It’s crazy that they aired the episode, focused on Yamcha!
  • It was great that there are many homages of Yamcha!
  • Yamcha never let us down.
  • I prefer funny episode.
  • It’s crazy why the bat doesn’t break?

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