The man who transmigrated to Yamcha aim for the strongest person of the earth!? The side story of Dragon Ball is so interesting!

Dragon Ball which protagonist is Yamcha is published serially officially.
He also played major role in Dragon Ball Super Episode 70!
The word “Yamcha” was popular enough to become trend.
Then Yamcha plays an active role in different way!
There is no doubt that the most of fans think and want to experience the world of Dragon Ball.
It was reproduced the way to become Yamcha!


The description of the story of Yamcha

You can see it in the 「SHONEN JUMP+」 on the PC and smart phone.
The title is 「The side story of Dragon Ball, I became Yamcha when I transmigrated」
Story by Akira Toriyama
Art by Garow Lee
It’s clearly written that is story by Akira Toriyama.
It seems to treat officially.

The boy who loves Dragon Ball died in an accident.
Then he became Yamcha when he woke up! It’s the very amazing story!

The boy who transmigrated knows the story of Dragon Ball.
He knows what is going on happened, so first, he tried not to die by Saibaiman’s detonation!

I’m personally into this story so much!
I want to see the next episode soon!

The story and Spoilers caution!

The two high school boys talk about Dragon Ball passionately.
The boy became distracted by the lady who wears the miniskirt. Then he fell from the footbridge and died.

When he woke up he became Yamcha!
He gets confusing.
But he might be clever and he got the picture.

Why did he become not Goku and Vegeta but Yamcha?
The boy feels it too!

The time is overnight into the following morning that Goku became Giant monkey and out of control at the Pilaf Castle.
He is delighted by meeting Bulma and Ooling in person!
Bulma seems so cute for him

He knows that he become lovers with Bulma.
Yamcha boy fidgeted and blushed.

Yamcha boy feels relaxed but he remembered the shocking admission.
He will dead by Saibaiman’s detonation in the future.

Yamcha boy decided not to go to the West City with Bulma.
He goes to the training journey with Goku.

Then years passed and Saiyan descend on the earth.
Yamcha boy was there confidently!
Yamcha boy says aggressively that he will defeat six Saibaimans all by himself!

He defeats one Saibaiman very easily!
The others descend on him all together!
They detonated themselves all together.


Yamcha boy doesn’t get any damage from that!
Everyone is so surprised at that!
What kind of training did he do?
Yamcha boy’s relaxed expression is so cool!

The last frame was the flashback of meeting with Grand Elder Guru!
“It became the great advantage for me that I know the story”
If anyone knows the story, it’s sure that he will be most powerful of that!

Personal impression

That is good idea of the story that the person experiences the world of Dragon Ball.
The more good point is the setting that Yamcha is the protagonist.
If it was Goku or Vegeta, it goes stale.
It’s interesting that the boy aim the strongest person of the earth.

If I can stand in his place, I really want to be Saiyan.
I want to experience such a thing.

By the way, it will reveal what kind of training Yamcha did in next episode.
The flashback was the last scene that Yamcha at the Grand Elder Guru.

He seems to go to Namek before Saiyan come.
It’s clear that he was exploited his potential!
Perhaps he use The Room Of Spirit And Time.

Search 「SHONEN JUMP +」, and you can see this episode.
The next episode will be published in 2017! I’m so excited!

The legend episode whose protagonist is Yamcha! There is the content of second sounds!
Dragon Ball Super [Episode 70] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Yamcha and Baseball! Exciting episode with supplementary sound channel!

The scene that Yamcha dead by Saibaiman’s detonation is replicated!
The pose of this scene is popular that it is made into figures!

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