Dragon Ball Super 【V Jump Comic version】 [Episode19] summary and impression! Vegeta kicked Black butt! Zamasu is destroyed!

This is a comic version of Dragon Ball Super.
I wrote spoilers and impressions!
Episode19「Another one of Zamasu」

【It will on the V Jump February’s issues!】

Vジャンプ 2017年 02 月号 [雑誌]



Goku called by Zen-oh.
He wants to be friends with Goku, which is why he called Goku.

Goku promised Zen-oh to play with next time.
Goku gets the Zen-oh button so that he can call Zen-oh whenever he wants.
The fact is reveals that Whis is an angel and Grand Priest is the strongest person of the world.

On the other hand, Zamasu threatens Zuno and finds out about Goku and Dragon Ball.

Kibito is suspected by Beerus that he is the identity of Black.
Supreme Kai Shin said that Kibito is the god who becomes leery of humans, which is why Beerus suspects him.
Kibito comes to Capsule Corporation.
He is threatened by Beerus but they finally clear up.

Kibito comes to tell everione that Zamasu met Zuno and asked something.
From that, Goku and everyone determine that the identity of Black is Zamasu.
Also, they predict Gowasu’s life of danger who is Supreme Kai of the Universe 10 from the color of Potara which Black has.
Beerus and Whis go to the Universe 10 and Supreme Kai Shin is asked another thing.

Goku, Vegeta and Trunks go to the future with the Time Machine.
Trunks revives Mai who is moribund with Senzu Beans.
Trunks and Mai stand at far place, so as not to get risk.
And finally Black, Goku and Vegeta confront each others.

Confirm the identity of Black!

Goku and Vegeta confront to Black.
Goku「I know everything! You used Dragon Ball and exchanged the body with me, didn’t you?」
Black can’t hide his surprise that Goku knows such a thing.

Goku asks Black about himself who becomes Zamasu!
Black「Don’t worry. I killed you right away.」

Goku says that he will revenge by himself.
Black asks Goku and Vegeta how to come, because Goku and Vegeta in this world were already dead by long time ago.

Vegeta says there is no reason to tell about that.
Black asks where Trunks is!
Vegeta「We come to here not talk but defeat you!」[
Vegeta says and become Super Saiyan 2.

Vegeta suddenly strikes and begins attacks to Black!
Black guards himself but he loses ground!

It seems that Black’s looks is same as Goku so Vegeta can’t stand begins attacks!
It’s hard for Goku to fight with the person whose face is same as him so he observes.

Black「That’s great. I’m bored to fight with Trunks every time.」
Then Black becomes to Super Saiyan 2!
Vegeta「Huh, your hair is gold.」
Goku「Oh, he can also become Super Saiyan.」

Vegeta VS Black

Vegeta VS Black, two Super Saiyan 2’s battle starts!

Vegeta dodges Black’s attacks easily!
Black blasts off by Vegeta’s counterattack!
It seems that Vegeta’s power and speed is more than Black.
Black puts a grim look on his face.

Trunks and Mai watch that from far place.
Mai notice that Black becomes Super Saiyan.
Trunks seems that he’s been a while since Black becomes Super Saiyan last time.

But he thinks that Black becomes stronger than last time when he fought with Black.
He is worry about that.
“Goku doesn’t fight for keeps yet, so it’s ok” Mai thinks.

Vegeta keeps attacking to Black!
He knocks off Black and consecutive Ki Blast!
Black shields up and barely guard from that.

Vegeta「I see. That is why Trunks can’t stop you with his own power」
Black「That’s more than I thought…Which time did you come form!」

Vegeta seems to no to tell but makes Black think about that.
Black uses not present Goku’s body but future Goku’s body.
Vegeta asks Black that he can become Super Saiyan Blue.
They would show down with each other at the max power.

Goku Black can’t become Super Saiyan Blue!

Vegeta becomes Super Saiyan Blue.
Black is surprised at that.

Vegeta「Hey! Hurry up! Become Super Saiyan Blue or I will kill you!」
Black「I…I can’t become it yet.」

Vegeta「What? You can’t? Ha ha ha! Just as I thought!」
He says and attacks to Black!

Vegeta「Your body is made up by Goku in a long fierce battles side to side and up and down.」
「That body is only borrowed! There are cells of Saiyan that can manage only himself who is unselfish battle idiot!! 」

Vegeta says such things and beaten out of Black.

Black「You can’t ruin my plans by your own at here!」
Vegeta attacks Black one after another but Black strikes back.

Zamasu’s sheme

The scene is changed to the Universe 10 Supreme Kai world.
Supreme Kai Gowasu, Whis and Beerus wait Zamasu to come back.

Zamasu come back.
He was suddenly called from successor of King Kai.

He seems not to know about Whis and Beerus.
Supreme Kai Gowasu introduces Zamasu to them and Zamasu greets.


They ask Zamasu where he has gone.
He tells that there was trouble at the North Universe.
Beerus「You went to meet Zuno didn’t you?」
Zamasu can’t hide his surprise.
Zamasu「It’s just like you the God of Destruction. You know everything…」

Beerus asks him why he asked about Dragon Ball and Goku.
He says that he saw World Martial Arts Tournament at God Tube and became interested in that.

Beerus「Then, what is the purpose of asking such a thing that the human’s body and the god’s body exchange? 」
Zamasu「I simply just said it for the possibility…」

At that time, Supreme Kai Shin comes.
Supreme Kai Shin「It took long time so that I had to travel beyond time and space many times.」
Supreme Kai Shin puts a “Time Ring” on his finger.

Supreme Kai Shin「Zamasu! I saw your future!」
Zamasu is astonished and can’t say anything.

He says that Zamasu will do lots of evil deeds.
Supreme Kai Gowasu seems that it hard to believe!

Now Beerus says that he gets the warrant to destroy Zamasu.
In the case that the God of Destruction destroys something doesn’t need any reasons…

Supreme Kai Gowasu「Zamasu! Say something! It must be something wrong, right?」
Zamasu「Evil deeds? You make mistake that it’s a right thing, isn’t it?」
Zamasu says with mysterious smile.

Vegeta overwhelming strength!

The scene is changed to the battle of Vegeta and Black.
Black is still beaten up by Vegeta.

Black「The world where the humans dominate is completely wrong! Humans always dispute over again and they destroy the planet.」
He charges up Ki to his right hand and rushes Vegeta with it!

But it doesn’t work and his arm is grabbed and knocked off by Vegeta.
Vegeta gets set his hand to finish Black off.
Black looks up.
Black「I beaten all of gods…」
Goku says that Black is coward because he killed Supreme Kai so that defeat the God of Destruction.
But it doesn’t matter for Black even though it is unfair.

“I am the last god of the world” Black says.
Vegeta「So what?」

Black fires consecutive Ki blast.
Vegeta dodges all of that easily.

Vegeta「We don’t need such a god who put a perverse sense of justice like you.」
Black「Sh…Shut up! Human! God is absolute being!」
Black expresses his violent anger and increases Ki.

Zamasu is destroyed!

The scene has changed to the world of Supreme Kai.
Beerus「It is not a justice but your delusion」
“I can’t die at here” Zamasu says.
Even more, his plans executes in the future.

Zamasu charges up Ki to his right hand.
Then he attacks to Beerus and everyone!

Beerus grabs his arm in a moment!
And Zamasu becomes dusts and vanishes.

Supreme Kai Gowasu is so confused.
Supreme Kai Shin will explain details to Supreme Kai Gowasu after Supreme Kai Shin takes Beerus and Whis to the earth.
Whis「Supreme Kai Gowasu. When you choose your disciple next time, not see the power but heart.」
Beerus says that if Supreme Kai Gowasu takes disciple like Zamasu, he will beat up.
Beerus says that he can’t destroy Supreme Kai Gowasu.

According to Supreme Kai Shin, he has to say something to Goku and Vegeta as soon as possible.
He goes back to the earth with Beerus and Whis.

The mystery of Black’s power up

The scene is the future world.
Vegeta and Black still fight.
Trunks and Mai come there too.

Trunks「Listen. His power when he becomes Super Saiyan became stronger than before.」
Goku thinks that Black also did training.
Trunks has bad feelings about that and he think that it’s much better to shown down early.
Goku thinks same as him.

Goku「Hey Vegeta! You don’t need to pass me! Beat Black!」
Vegeta doesn’t mean to pass the turn to Goku from the firat.

He kicks up Black more!
And he is ready to Final Flash!
Vegeta「It’s shame that you can’t realize your dream!」

Vegeta unleashes Final Flash!
Someone protect and save Black before it hits him!
Vegeta「Who the hell are you?」


The strongest supporter for Black

The scene has changed to the earth in present.
Beerus and Whis come back with Supreme Kai Shin.
Beerus asks Supreme Kai Shin what he saw in the future.。

Supreme Kai Shin「Goku Black… No, Zamasu is not only one.」
He says that the strongest supporter for Goku Black at there.
Beerus is surprised.

The scene has changed to the future world again.
The mysterious person who saved Black.
「That was a close call. But we can step closer to ultimate from that can’t we?」
The person puts his hand on the Black’s chest and pump up, and then Black is completely recovered.
Black「You’re big help!」
The mysterious person is another Zamasu.

Zamasu「For the plan “Annihilate Human Plan (Human Zero Plan), we need two ourselves.
Vegeta and everyone are astonished at that
Vegeta and everyone are astonished at that.

Personal impression and thought

To compare the animation and comic, the story is so simplified in the comic.
But I feel the comic is much easier to understand.
The depiction is good that Supreme Kai Shin uses the Time Ring and supports them deeply.
In the animation, we couldn’t know whether he has the Time Ring or not.

And the difference from the animation, Black became Super Saiyan with gold hair in the comic!
There is no doubt because he uses Goku’s body!
Instead, I wonder why his hair became Rose Pink in the animation.
I think Super Saiyan Rose is same form as Super Saiyan Blue.
In the comic, perhaps it will reveal why Black becomes not Super Saiyan Blue but Super Saiyan Rose.

In the animation, Vegeta lose and Black said that he isn’t get nothing on me at the first fight.
In the comic, Vegeta force Black into a corner!

Zamasu is vanished by Beerus so that the world is branched.
In the past, Trunks saved Goku who will be known to die from the heart disease.
This time is opposite from that,
Zamasu who will be known to live was killed and the world branched.
There is not so much complexity than the animation, but we use our brain to understand such kind of things.

Zamasu used same skills as Kibito and recovered Black!
Black recovered from the dead so he seems to power up more and more!

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